Female Desperation With Ineed2pee

Today from Ineed2pee we start off with Whitney Morgan she is standing in the bath tub and desperate to pee. You can see her bulging bladder and as she pulls her pants up we get a wonderful camel toe. She is getting more and more desperate to pee and during all this she is talking to the camera about how desperate she is. She grabs her crotch to hold on but she is just to desperate she cant hold on, her bladder is bursting and then it happens, she she starts to pee. The first drips come out and as they do her tight pants start to go see through, you can see the outline of her panties tight against her crotch. What starts as little drips turns into a flood she is soaking her pants and pee is splashing into the bath tub. The more she pees the more seethrough her pants go. She finishes peeing, turns around and you can see her pissed in panties through the fabric. She pulls down her piss soaked pants to show her blue piss soaked knickers too. A very sexy female desperation and wetting from Ineed2pee. See Whitney desperate and peeing Here

Next up from Ineed2pee we have the very sexy Lucky. Lucky is in her yoga pants and has been jogging, she has to stop as she is so desperate to pee and the jogging was placing to much pressure on her bladder. She starts to look for a place when she can squat, she is getting more and more desperate and then it happens she is just to desperate to hold on and she starts to pee in her yoga pants. The pee is running down her legs and splashing on the ground. She finishes peeing in her yoga pants and she has a great big pee patch in her pants, this is great outdoor yoga pants peeing, she is going to have to walk home soaked in pee. A great wetting from Ineed2pee. See Lucky peeing in her yoga pants Here.

Last up we have the Brookelynne Briar female desperation movie that was posted a while back. I was watching it again and felt it had to go to the top again this is such a sexy female desperation with such a sexy Ineed2pee wetting model. I just love watching as she gets more and more desperate as she shows the gym equipment I keep waiting to see her pee but she manages to just hold on each time it is so erotic. See Brookelynne Briar desperate to pee at the gym Here.

Visit ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.28.13
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Jeans And Panty Peeing From HD Wetting

Today at PissBlog we have three sets of screen captures from HD Wetting. HD Wetting is a wonderful pissing website and if you haven’t heard they are now running a weekly live webcam show for their members it’s every Friday night and last for 90 minutes. Today we start with the lovely Alisha and Sosha they seem to have taken over at HD Wetting as the lesbian make out couple. I still miss seeing Sammy and Mikki and there wetting antics but Sosha and Alisha are really getting into there lesbian wetting. We start with them making out in the lounge. They are really going for it and then Alisha starts to pee in her jeans this just turns them both on more and they keep on kissing while Alisha is peeing in her jeans. Her pee is running down her legs and soaking her feet. She finishes peeing and they break there embrace for Sosha to get on her knees and starts to undo Alisha’s pissed in jeans. She undoes the button, then the zip  and pulls the peed in jeans down we get to see Alisha’s pissy pussy and in the movie Sosha licks pee off Alisha’s Legs, a hot jeans wetting movie . See Alisha peeing in her jeans here.

The next set from HD Wetting stars Sosha, she is in her green panties and desperate to pee. She has been waiting and waiting and her bladder is nearly bursting she starts to pose for the camera but she has been waiting to long, she is to desperate she stands still and starts top pee in her panties. Her piss is splashing on the floor and running down her legs, her panties are soaked and when she finishes peeing she poses in her piss soaked knickers and then pulls them down and wrings the piss out. A lovely female desperation scene from Sosha, see it here.

Last up from HD Wetting we have Sosha and Alisha again Sosha is watching a scary movie and is fully engrossed. Alisha sneaks up on her and scares her, the shock makes her starts to pee in her jeans. She is sitting and peeing and her pee puddle is growing bigger and bigger she really is not happy she stands up and we get to see her piss soaked jeans and a wonderful pee patch around her bottom. See the pictures of Sosha peeing her jeans here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 05.17.13
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Female Desperation And Wetting Pictures

Today at PissBlog we have some great photos from Ineed2pee. Ineed2pee are the masters of female desperation they really do get there models so desperate that they are about to pop. Today we start off with a beautiful female desperation and jeans wetting staring Brookelynne Briar we have had a great female desperation movie with her before in Female Desperation Movie And Pictures. The story from Ineed2pee goes like this.   Brookelynne Briar stumbles home on the brink of pissing her super skin tight jeans! She gets home and finds you and starts to teases you with crotch grabbing & a sexy pee pee dance until she loses all control and starts to pee in her jeans. She soaked her jeans fully and is so relived when her bladder is empty. She doesn’t stop there though and starts teasing you more and encourage you to play with yourself as she tells you desperation stories. This is a super hot female desperation scene from Ineed2pee and Brookelynne Briar is one hot lady. See Brookelynne Briar desperate and jeans peeing here.

The next set of female desperation and wetting pictures stars Tori Bell. The story at Ineed2pee goes like this “Tori Bell is about to piss her tight panties while lost on the road & she does not think it’s funny. She can barely drive & she pulls over in desperation, but she stumbles & starts wetting her panties! It’s hissing out & spraying everywhere down her bare legs. She shows her soaking wet panties and we get to see her legs dripping in pee too.” A hot desperation wetting from Ineed2pee. See Tori peeing her panties here.

Last up from Ineed2pee we have Kimberly Marvel. Kimberly Marvel wakes up with a bursting bladder & rushes to the toilet only to see it occupied by her roomate! She grabs her crotch in desperation as she tries to figure out what she can do! She feels her pee starting to come out so she hops on the sink & just lets loose a torrent of hot pee! in her shorts It’s splashing everywhere & loud too! This is a wonderful female desperation movie I love seeing Kimberly desperate to pee. See Kimberly peeing in her shorts here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 05.13.13
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Panty Peeing Movies With Harmony

From Wetting Her Panties we have two great knicker wetting movies. These are older movies but they are great and there is a whole series of them with Harmony at Wetting Her Panties. the first movie has the four of them in the bushes  they are having a great laugh and then Harmony lifts up her skirt and while she is being encouraged by her friends she starts to pee in her panties. She stops and turns around and with more panty peeing encouragement starts to knicker wet again her pee is flowing through the fabric and splashing on the leaves. See Harmony peeing in her panties here.

The next Knicker wetting movie stars Harmony again she is now in purple panties and sitting on a fence she starts to pee and her pee is flowing through her panties making the crotch dark and then running down her legs. Her friends are having such a great time as she is peeing in her panties outdoors. She finishes peeing and then her friend sitting beside her lifts her skirt and starts to pee in her pink panties too. this is a lovely panty pee  her panties are getting the lovely pee scene and are clinging to her pissy pussy she finishes peeing  gets off the fence and they walk off in there pee soaked panties. See the double panty pee here.

Last up is the latest wetting her Panties trailer movie. This is a great way to see all the latest wetting her panties movie that are on the website. Wetting her panties really is the best knicker wetting website out there. They still have their live webcam and the new design is great. See the Wetting Her Panties trailer here.

Visit Wetting Her Panties Here

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Posted on 05.05.13
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Public Jeans And Leggings Wetting

From Wet In Public we have three great public wetting movies. The first Wet In Public movie stars Kate we have had her before in Three Wet In Public Movies and Wet In Public Peeing Movies. Today she is in the street in her leopard print leggings. She is walking down the street and is desperate to pee she really does look like she enjoys doing these movies. She walks in to a park and has her hand in her crotch she is desperate to pee, she stops and then starts to pee her pee is flowing down her legs and splashing on the ground and she has a big pee stain on her bottom. She finishes peeing in her leggings and starts to walk off she is such a natural public wetter and just look at her lovely pee soaked leggings as she is walking. See Kate peeing in her leggings here.

The Next Wet In Public Movie we have is a jeans peeing. She is in her jeans and walking around she needs to pee but there are no toilets around. This lady from Wet In Public looks so shy she is not a great public pisser. She walks around and she is getting more and more desperate to pee there are just too many people around for her to relive herself though. She finds a playground and she needs to go bad she stands with her bottom towards us and starts to pee in her jeans she really is trying to hide so no one can see her peeing in her jeans in public. See the public jeans peeing movie here.

The last Wet In Public movie stars a red head in red tights, she is in the park and needs to pee she goes over to the toilets but finds them locked. She hobbles over to a wall stands so no one can see her and starts to pee in her tights. As she is peeing we can see her panties underneath and as her pee flows through them it is running down her legs and must be soaking into her boots too. It is a lovely flood of pee and there are people behind her that don’t know that she is peeing herself. She finishes peeing in her tights and walks away with no one the wiser a great sneaky public wetting. See the tights peeing movie here.

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Posted on 02.25.13
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Desperate Pants Peeing From Ineed2pee

Ineed2pee has been having some great female desperation updates in the last couple of months and the latest 3 movies are just upping that standard more and more. We start off with Sinn Sage, we have had one of her sets here before in Ineed2pee Desperate Peeing Pictures and she is looking just as sexy now as she did then. She is desperate in the room and holding on just for us you, can see her panty line under her pants and she has a lovely camel toe as she holds on and on. She is talking dirty to us as she gets more and more desperate and then starts to pee in her pants, her pee trickles down her legs and puddles on the floor. When she finishes peeing in her pants she takes them down and we get to see her wet panties and she starts to masturbate through the piss soaked fabric. A truly hot female desperation and pants peeing. See the peeing pants photos here.

The next Ineed2pee female desperation we have stars Lucky, she is new at Ineed2pee and this is her first female desperation and wetting g on the site. She gets locked out while in her business slacks and high heels you cans see her panty line from her tight pants and she is so desperate to pee. Over at Ineed2pee this has been written about the scene “She was SUPER desperate at this point, because by the time she told me she needed to go… she REALLY HAD TO GO! Then I had her trying on a few different pants before giving her the scenario & she was already doing the pee pee dance at that point (before we even started filming). She couldn’t even stand up straight for the scene, which gives it all the more realism. She looks super cute in her glasses & definitely peed a lot so look out for her in the future!” this is a really hot female desperation scene, when the desperation is real and Ineed2pee are the masters at real female desperation you don’t always know when they will lose control. See Lucky desperate and wetting here.

Last up from Ineed2pee we have the very sexy Brookelynn Briar, we have had two wonderful female desperation movies from her in the past in Female Desperation Movie And Pictures and Female Desperation Movie And Wetting Pictures. Today she is in the car park and has locked herself out of the car. She is waiting for the automobile association to unlock it for her and is really desperate to pee. She keeps waiting and her desperation gets more and more, she starts to grab her crotch and do the pee pee dance her pants are tight and pushing in to her bladder and it all gets to much, she can’t hold on and starts to pee. She is peeing in her pants and the pee is running down her legs and into her shoes. A great pants wetting outdoors, she finishes peeing and pulls down her pants and we get to see her pissed in panties too. A great female desperation movie form Brookelynn Briar. See her peeing in her pants here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 01.25.13
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Sara Peeing In Her Pants

From Real Wetting we have Sara. She is in the park and playing on a swing in her blue pants. We have had Sara playing on a swing before in Sara Peeing In Her Jeans From Real Wetting, there must be something about her and swings. Today she is on the swing in her blue pants she looks like she is having a great time and you can even male out her full bladder. She stands up and turns around and starts to pee in her pants.

Sara is standing in the park and peeing in her pants. She starts off peeing slowly and you can see the first pee drips and then as she starts to pee more and more and her pants go dark blue. They are getting more and more soaked in pee and they are going shiny and are sticking to her legs. They have a similar look as jeans and they are being peed in. Her pee is soaking her pants and running into her shoes this really is a great pants pee.

Sara has soaked her pants in pee she stands there and you can see the piss wet fabric shimming it is clinging tightly to her legs and she looks so happy. She sits down on the swing in her piss soaked pants and starts to swing. What a sight pissed in pants and swinging in public. Real wetting really is one of the best wetting websites out there.

See Sara Peeing In Her Pants

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.14.12
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