Topless Knicker wetting

From Wetting Her Panties we have the sexy Chloe Toy. She is topless and in a pair of tight panties. We have had some great topless panty peeing from Wetting Her Panties in the past. Check out Natalia Desperate And Peeing In Her Panties Topless Panty Peeing With Natalia X Aston Topless Panty Peeing Faye Topless Peeing In Her Panties and Panty Peeing Topless. There is something sexy seeing a hot lady with hard nipples tight panties and peeing. Chloe Toy has all this and we even get a camel toe as she is standing there

She is standing in her panties, they are tight against her pussy and then she starts to pee. Her panties soak up the first drips of piss and then they are soaked. She starts to pee harder her piss is exploding through her panties and wonderful pee streams are running down her legs

As she is pissing her panties we get the wonderful view from below. It is as if she is pissing her panties over us and her golden nature is splashing all around. She finishes pissing and then she starts to pose in her wet panties. We end up with her bent over the bed her piss soaked panties clinging to her crotch waiting for us to ……. A great topless panty pee from Wetting Her Panties

See Chloe Toy Peeing Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 08.01.15
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Alisha And Nikko Bondage Pee Movie

From HD Wetting we have a light lesbian bondage movie starring Alisha and Nikko. These two are great together and are really getting into their lesbian peeing. We have had these two before in Lesbian Bondage Peeing HD Wetting where we had the pictures for this movie but today we get to see the full pee movie from HD Wetting.

The story from HD Wetting goes like this “There is a lot that happens in this video, but ultimately we end up getting to watch both Nikko and Alisha pee in their panties. We start with Nikko tied up topless and in panties. She needs to pee bad but is so thoroughly bound that she is only able to move her head. Her wonderful breasts are pushed out and her panties are just asking for a soaking. Alisha threatens Nikko with a switch trying to get Nikko to piss herself. Nikko finally relents and let’s go. A stream of pee pours through her panties to the floor. Now that she has peed she is sitting there bound in her piss soaked knickers. Alisha hasn’t finished her torment yet though She climbs on top of Nikko. Positioned over Nikko Alisha starts to pee through her thong and all over Nikko’s front. Still tied up Nikko is helpless to resist. A great double lesbian panty piss.

HD wetting really is great the movies go from strength to strength and it is great to see these two shooting together they seem to have as much fun as the old Sammy and Mikki did. If you haven’t joined HD Wetting it is well worth it there are over 650 HD movies to download many lesbian peeing.

See Alisha and Nikko Panty Pee Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 07.01.15
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Aston Wilde Pissing Her Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have the lovely Aston Wilde. We have had her peeing for us in the past you can check her previous posts here. Today Aston is in her brown panties she really needs to pee bad and there is no waiting with her hands between her legs she starts to pee.

Aston starts to pee in her panties she still has her hands in her crotch and as she releases the first spurts of pee her panties and her hands get wet. The brown fabric makes a great contrast where her warm pee is soaking in.

She keeps on peeing in her panties. Her panties are getting more and more soaked and she has piss running down her legs, her hands are glistening with piss too. This is a wonderful panty piss. She finishes pissing and you can make out her pissy pussy lips under the piss soaked fabric of her panties as they are making a camel toe. She stands in her piss soaked panties showing of the mess she has made.

See Aston Panty Peeing Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 06.04.15
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Lesbian Bondage Peeing HD Wetting

HD Wetting has moved to a bondage room for their latest movies starring Nikko and Alisha and we get to share the fun with these three sets of pictures. We start off with a Cheerleader handcuffed and wetting. The story goes Alisha has handcuffed Nikko to the bed when she needs to pee. Nikko is now in trouble, she struggles to free herself but she has no chance of getting out of this situation. As she struggles more and more she gets more and more desperate to pee. She can’t hold on and starts to pee in her panties and the bed. As Nikko is peeing in her panties Alisha looks on having a great time when Nikko finishes peeing herself Alisha lets her go. A fun cheerleader wetting. See the photos here.

Next up we have Nikko caged and desperate to pee. Alisha has locked Nikko in the cage, she is in her jeans and is desperate to pee and begging Alisha to let her go. Alisha is having to much fun seeing Nikko squirming with desperation and Nikko has no choice but to pee in her jeans. She soaks her jeans and also the floor. Even when she has finished peeing there is no escape for Nikko.  Alisha leaved her locked in the cage in her piss soaked jeans. See Nikko pissing her jeans in the cage Here.

Last up we have Nikko tied up, she is topless in her panties and is desperate to pee. She has no choice and she starts to pee in her panties. We get a great view of her crotch as she is pissing in her panties and there is pee splashing all over the floor. She finishes pissing herself and then Alisha positions herself above Nikko and pees on her through her thong soaking Nikko completely. See Nikko and Alisha peeing Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 05.26.15
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Pissing In Blue Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have another wonderful panty wetting with Kacie. The last Wetting Her Panties post we had was with her pissing in her yellow panties in Kacie From Wetting Her Panties Knicker Wetting and we have previously had her making a big piss mess in her shorts in Pissing In Her Denim Shorts. Today she is back in panties today they are blue and we can see that her bladder is bulging as she leans back with her legs spread and her panties tightly encasing her pussy.

She is leaning back and she starts to pee in her panties. We get the wonderful first sight of dampness and then the piss spot grows until her panties are getting flooded and piss is cascading out and splashing on the floor. The wet dark blue is a great contrast to the dry light blue we started with.

Kacie keeps on peeing and I am betting that in this position some of you would love to be licking the wet cotton and tasting the golden warmth. Her panties are fully soaked and her bladder has a few last drips till she has finishes. Just look at her piss soaked panties what a wonderful sight. She stands up and has a pissy camel toe and when she turns around and bends over we get to see that her panties are nearly translucent.

See Kacie Pissing Her Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 05.05.15
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HD Wetting Lesbian Panty Pee

From HD Wetting we have some great panty pissing and lesbian wetting pictures staring the lovely Nikko and Alisha. We have had them before in Bound And Peeing In Jeans and Lesbian Panty Wetting from HD Wetting. Today we start off with the sexy Nikko in her striped panties pissing. The story from HD Wetting goes “This no frills video shows Nikko standing in front of the camera and peeing through her panties. As she pees we get an extreme close up her panties dripping in pee. Afterwards she takes off her wet panties and we get to see her pissy pussy as she holds them up for us to check out. A wonderful panty peeing with Nikko. See her panty peeing here.

Next up we have Alisha peeing in her panties while giving Nikko head. The story goes “We start with Alisha and Nikko undressing each other on the floor. Soon they are making out and Alisha goes down on Nikko. Nikko is naked while Alisha is topless wearing only her white panties. Alisha is desperate to pee so while she is orally pleasuring Nikko she pees through her panties onto the floor. Soon after Nikko has an orgasm. The video ends with Nikko resting and Alisha trying to mop up her puddle with her wet panties. See the lesbian panty pee here.

Last up from HD Wetting we have a bathroom battle with Alisha and Nikko. The story goes “Alisha and Nikko are relaxing in their panties when Nikko gets up to use the bathroom. Alisha decides it will be fun to make Nikko wait, so she gets up and blocks Nikko from going to the bathroom. Standing in front of the bathroom door Alisha is able to prevent Nikko from getting in and using the toilet. Nikko is extremely desperate to pee. She is struggling to get past Alisha, but Alisha won’t move. Holding herself, trying not to pee, Nikko can’t take it anymore. Streams of pee force their way through her panties and flows between her fingers. Alisha is amused that Nikko wet her panties, but Nikko is embarrassed. Alisha finally moves out of the way so Nikko can get into the bathroom and clean herself up. Nikko looks so sexy when she floods her panties. See the pictures here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 05.02.15
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Kacie From Wetting Her Panties Knicker Wetting

From Wetting Her Panties we have the lovely Kacie. We have had her before in Pissing In Her Denim Shorts and Knicker Wetting With Kacie and she is great. Today she is her yellow panties and desperate to pee, she is squatting down showing us her wonderful panty encased crotch she grabs her skirt and tries to pull it down. She is so desperate to pee that she gives up and then we get the first trickles of pee as she starts to pee in her panties.

Kacie is peeing in her panties while squatting down we have a wonderful view of her panty covered crotch as her pee starts to overwhelm the fabric and flow out. As she keeps peeing, her panties start to go a little see through and we can make out her pink pissy pussy.

Kacie Is soaking her panties in piss as her pee flows out her wool socks are even getting wet. She finishes peeing and her piss soaked panties are clinging to her pussy it is a wonderful sight it is as if she is presenting her piss soaked crotch to us just imagine sitting in front of her with her warm piss soaked knickers asking to be touched. Super knicker wetting from Wetting Her Panties.

See Kacie Peeing Her Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 04.10.15
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Lesbian Panty Wetting from HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Alisha and for the first time Sexy Nikko. So far Nikko has stared in a few wetting movies at HD Wetting but this is the first time we have her at Pissblog. Nikko and Alisha are in the hotel room and what a sweet couple they look. They are on the bed making out and they slowly strip off. Alisha is nude on the bed and Nikko is in her blue panties, she really has wonderful breasts too.

Nikko starts to lick Alisha’s shaved vagina but as she does she is getting more and more desperate to pee. She grabs her crotch through her blue panties trying to hold her pee is so she can give Alisha a wonderful orgasm. She is getting to desperate to pee and then while still holding her panties she starts to pee. Her blue knickers go dark and she has pee running over her hand.

Nikko is peeing in her panties but this doesn’t stop her licking Alisha. As Nikko is peeing she is still trying to make Alisha cum. She keeps peeing her panties and piss is soaking into the sheets and running under Alisha this must be making her more turned on. Nikko has pee rivers running down her legs and is looking so sexy. She finishes peeing in her panties, they are soaked and the bed is too. Nikko keeps liking Alisha’s pussy until she cums and then kneels on the bed and we get to see her wet little knickers. Great lesbian panty peeing from HD Wetting

See Nikko Peeing Her Knickers Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 03.16.15
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Peeing In Pantyhose From Real Wetting

Real Wetting brings us this great pantyhose peeing with Beatrice. We have had the sexy Beatrice in the past in Beatrice Peeing In Her Denim Shorts and Peeing In Her Panties From Real Wetting. Today she is dressed in a shirt short skirt and thick pantyhose. She is doing her work and is getting more and more desperate to pee she really doesn’t want to get up and go to the bathroom as she needs to finish what she is doing.

Beatrice is desperate to pee, as she sits there she opens her pantyhose encased legs until they are spread wide and the thick nylon is pulled tight against her crotch. We can see her mauve panties beneath her pantyhose and then she lets out a little squirt of pee her pantyhose go a little darker and then she starts to pee more.

Beatrice is pissing in her pantyhose. Her pee has started out as a slow stream but is now spraying through her pantyhose and panties. It as if a sprinkler has been turned on, it is a wonderful sight. We get such a great view of her peeing crotch and she has pee splashing all around her on the floor. There is something wonderful about thick pantyhose as they are soaked in piss, they soak so much up but the colour today kind of hides her pissy crotch. She finishes peeing and then pulls her piss soaked pantyhose down so we get to see her knickers soaked in piss too. Super sexy pantyhose peeing from Real Wetting.

See Beatrice Pissing Her Pantyhose Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 03.12.15
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Female Desperation And Wetting Ineedpee

From Ineed2pee we have there female desperation and wetting pictures. I do belive that Ineed2pee is the best female desperation website out there and that a lot is real is just wonderful.  Today we starts with Nikki Next a sweet new Ineed2pee model. Here is the story that goes with the pictures “This is indeed Nikki Nexts first ever panty wetting shoot & I was lucky enough to cross paths with her while she’s still brand new to the modelling world. She’s got a cute girl next door look to her yet can get fancied up with some makeup & a sexy dress. At first she was nervous about peeing her pants on camera & did get pee shy at first so we waited & waited while she downed a HUGE thing of water & other liquids. So this huge gusher waterfall of a wetting was REAL. I witnessed her drinking a lot of liquids & at the end of it, she did have fun!. Super real female desperation and wetting. See Nikkii Next Panty Peeing Here

Next up we have Orias Bestat. The ineed2pee story goes. “Orias joins us once again after a couple years hiatus from wetting. She gives it another go but unfortunately it’s not a huge stream even though she had drank a lot of water & we shot other scenes before this one. In the past she’s been traditionally pee shy but this time she started peeing right away although the stream was really small”   A small pee but still a super sexy sight having her in her pissy wet shorts. See Orias Bestat peeing her shorts here.

Last up we have Kymberly Jane we have had her once before in Female Desperation from Ineed2pee today she is dressed in her yoga outfit and is busting to pee she has been holding on waiting to finish but her clothes are just to tight and she finds that her bladder gives in and she starts to pee in her yoga outfit her pee is cascading down her leggings and soaking into her yoga mat this is a wonderful wetting See Kymberly Jane Yoga Peeing Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 03.05.15
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