Female Desperation And Panty Pissing Story Revisited

I haven’t come across any piss stories of late so we haven’t had any posted for a long time. While this is a repost from 2008 there will be many who have not read it before, enjoy.

As I got out of the car, I sprinted to the house. When I reached the front step and extended my hand to turn the knob, I almost ran right into the door. It was locked. I knocked. I pounded. I stood, legs crossed and half doubled over in pain. If I didn’t get to a bathroom soon, I was going to pee my pants. I rummaged around inside my purse trying to find my house key. I felt tears forming as the panic set in. I couldn’t find it. I turned it upside down and dumped everything out right there on the front step. It wasn’t anywhere to be found. I bit my lip as I looked around. No cars were in the neighbors driveways. I looked up and down the street, no cars. No one walking their dog. No kids riding their bicycles. I looked over to the corner of our yard where the big Oak tree was. I couldn’t believe what I was contemplating.

As my bladder overflowed, I felt a small trickle down my leg and knew I didn’t really have a choice. It was either go behind the tree or pee my ppanties. A little wet spot was one thing, but soaking wet panties was quite another. “Ok, here goes,” I thought to myself. I bent over to collect my things and put them back into my backpack. The pressure of bending over caused a little more pee to escape. I clamped my thighs together and began hobbling across the yard. Once I reached the Oak tree, I moved behind it and checked all directions. The coast was clear. I lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side. I squatted down and with watchful eyes, emptied my exploding bladder on to the grass. I could hear the loud hissing sound as I pissed all over the ground. A large puddle was forming, and I could feel some splashing up onto my ankles. The relief was so great that I felt light headed. I couldn’t believe how bad I had to go and wondered when it was going to stop. I actually started to smile a bit when I realized how long I had been squatting there. Once the powerful stream subsided and turned to a trickle, I began to shake my bottom back and forth trying to shake off any last drops. I pulled my panties back over and stood up, smoothing out my skirt. I noticed how wet they were from the first two accidents and adding to it, the wetness left from my pissing behind the tree. I walked across the yard as I thought about what I had just done. At first I felt disgusted by what I had done, but what choice did I have? Pee my pants? As I thought about that, I realized how much I enjoyed the feeling of having wet panties. “What is wrong with me?” I thought. I could feel my face get warm and my heart began to pound a little. “What the hell? Why am I getting turned on now?” I asked myself. Suddenly, I remembered that my roommate had said she was working late tonight, which explains why the door was locked.

“Shit. How am I going to get in now?” I wondered. I looked around and decided to try my neighbor, John, across the street. We had given him a key a few months ago in case of emergency. I quickly walked across the street and knocked on his door. A moment later, he opened the door, smiling. I asked him if he still had our key because I was locked out. He said yes and invited me in while he looked for it. He went into the kitchen and I could hear him rummaging around in one of the drawers. “Would you like something to drink Emma? Your face is all red, you look like you’ve been outside for hours.” “Water would be good, thanks!” I answered, wondering why I was still blushing. When John came in and handed me the glass of water, I noticed he had a big bulge in the front of his pants. He must have seen me looking because he just stood there watching me while I hid behind my glass of water. I didn’t want him to stare at me, so I continued to drink the water so I could hide behind the glass. “You WERE thirsty! Would you like another?” he asked. I cleared my throat and looked down at the floor. I played with my sock so I didn’t have to make eye contact with him and told him yes, I would like more to drink. I was so relieved when he walked out of the room, but that didn’t last long. He returned in what seemed like only seconds with another glass of water. He stood directly in front of me as I sat on the couch and drank my water. I could see through the glass that the bulge I thought I had seen was not only there, but was now very prominent.

“Like what you see?” he asked. I almost choked and water came spewing out of my mouth. “Hmmm, that’s the second time in five minutes I’ve seen you squirt water out of your body like that.” My heart pounded in my chest and my head spun. “Oh my God. Did he just say what I think he said? Oh my GOD. Did he see me?” My mind raced with these thoughts and I began to panic. I looked up at him and he was grinning from ear to ear. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” I felt a wave of relief wash over me. It was short lived, however, because John dropped his hand down to the bulge in his pants. My heart started pounding again. “I won’t tell anyone, IF you do something for me,” he grinned, rubbing his cock through his shorts. I figured he was hinting at a blow job. I was not normally one to shy away from an opportunity like this, but it just seemed strange. He was my neighbor! Instead, he said “I want to watch you piss, Emma.” “WHAT?” I croaked out. “That’s right. I want to watch you squat down and piss for me. And as you piss noisily, I am going to stroke my big fat cock.” While contemplating the situation, my mind wandered to my pee soaked panties and I noticed a new dampness that wasn’t there before. I realized that the thought of pissing in front of someone was making my pussy wet. “OK. I’ll do it,” I said. He held out his hand and I took it. Instead of leading me into the bathroom, he brought me into his kitchen. He patted the counter and said “Up”. I jumped up and sat on the counter. “No, no, no. I want you to squat for me. Up on your feet, my little pee girl,” he instructed. I did what I was told and he brought over a martini glass, placing it directly under my pussy. He stood back and pulled his cock out of his pants. It was purple and dripping wet. I could see how turned on this was making him, so I decided to enjoy it. I pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down just a bit. I felt my face burn as he saw the wet panties. He let out a soft groan and began fucking his cock into his hand. I opened up my cunt lips and bit my lip. I began to push and within a few seconds, I was pissing for him. I was squatting on my neighbors counter pissing into a martini glass and he was masturbating his monster cock to the sight of it.

“How did I get here?” I asked myself. Then, I realized that I didn’t care. I actually liked pissing for him. In fact, I LOVED it. I loved that he was watching me urinate. I love that he called me his little pee girl, and I wanted to do it more. When I noticed that the martini glass was overflowing on to the counter, I stopped short and decided to take the lead with this new game. I hopped off the counter and squatted right there on his kitchen floor. A yellow puddle began to form on the floor. Again, I stopped. His eyes were as big as saucers now as he realized what my plan was. I walked into the living room and he followed – cock in hand. I squatted down right in the middle of his living room and pissed on his carpet. When I was satisfied, I stood up and walked down the hall. As I walked, I pissed. I left a tinkle trail down his hall and went into the dining room. I pulled out one of the chairs and sat. I leaned back and spread my legs and pussy open. I pushed hard, and this time, a golden arch sprayed out of my pussy. I looked over at him and he was jacking his cock frantically. I could see giant drops of precum flying from his cock. I stood up, looked at my dining room pee stain and realized I was almost empty. “Any preferences?” I asked him. He lay down under me and said “Yeah, right here,” and pointed to his cock. I stood over him and spread my pussy open. “Ready John? Ready for your little pee girl to piss right onto your cock?” I asked him. He didn’t reply, just stared at my pussy and pumped his cock. “One, two…..THREE!” I began pissing all over my neighbours cock. The moment he felt my hot liquid hit his cock, he shot off. Some landed on my leg, some actually reached my pussy and the rest just went up into the air and landed in various spots. “Now it’s my turn,” he said. I found that the thought of getting pissed on was also tremendously exciting and wanted more than anything to be on the receiving end. I got on my knees and knelt before him, arching my back. Within just a few seconds I felt his HOT piss splashing all over my tits. He aimed it at my pussy, my stomach, my tits, my legs, and my hair. By the time he was done, I was absolutely soaked. My clit was pounding and I needed some relief. I brought my hand to my pussy and began rubbing myself. “Up here” John said and pointed to the dining room table. I got on the table and he instructed me to get on my hands and knees and turn around. I did as I was told and without warning, he began ramming his fingers into my sopping wet pussy hole. I looked down and saw that little droplets of his piss were dripping off my body onto the table. I felt my pussy stretch open as he added two more fingers to his assault. “You like that, you little piss slut?” he asked. I couldn’t even talk. My head was spinning. I was covered in piss and begging for my cunt to be pounded. I nearly passed out when I came and collapsed when I was finished. When he finally pulled his hand out of my pussy, I felt empty. But, I loved it. I loved the whole experience.

I gathered my things, thanked John for giving me the key and headed back home. I went into the bedroom to start getting cleaned up, but as I walked past the mirror, the reflection caught my attention. My hair was wet and stringy, my eye makeup was smeared and my lipstick had been all but rubbed off. I looked beautiful. I continued to the bathroom and turned the shower on, smiling to myself, as I began replaying the afternoon’s events in my mind. It’s funny how some days do not end up anything like you had expected them to.

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Hot Lesbian Pissing Story

Its been a while since we have had a story. I came across this lesbian peeing story so here we go.

Katrina relaxed, allowing herself to sink deep into one of the few padded seats on the train. Her legs ached and her mind races from the events of the long tiring day now thankfully behind her. Work had been the usual hell, her boss was a pig unwilling to accept the idea that she wouldn’t be sleeping with him for the raise that was rightfully Hers. All that she could see upon leaving the building was the scowling face of that asshole still stewing over the hot coffee she had “accidentally” poured in his disgusting lap. Now, though, far from that place and that man, she began to finally let the tension of the day subside and began to look forward to the train ride ahead. There was a particular passenger who had captured her fancy and she was very much looking forward to the usual lewd display she was accustomed to seeing, a semi-public show form the no-frills beauty who like clockwork would park herself diagonally across from her and do what Katrina loved best.

Kat lowered her head in silence, thinking of her, getting wetter by the second anticipating the display to which she was privy to seeing every day for 3 weeks straight now. Kat rubbed her legs together almost imperceptibly feeling the wetness of her pussy lips sliding along their edge. She had been watching this woman for weeks now and not once did she make eye contact, but Kat knew she was aware that she was being watched. How could she not? Kat’s eyes burned a hole in the woman’s crotch, barely exposed to her, her lace panties masking ever so slightly the shape of her prominent lips. And when she commenced to wet herself, that mask was nearly torn away. Yes, the woman she watched religiously would come in to the car, sit with her legs slightly apart, and piss herself, just a little at a time, leaking out her yellow nectar until they were the last ones in the car.

Kat’s stop was last, the nameless pissing woman’s stop was just before hers. Although Kat had suspected that she may have gone a few extra stops, just to finish the heady show she had begun after the train began to clear out. Kat remembered vaguely, her head was swimming and her pussy was tingling so much at the time that a strong recollection was not possible, that she may have gotten off a few stops early the first night, holding on a few stops more every time once she had noticed she was performing for an audience.

She was now one stop away from the station where the woman boarded everyday, and she was dripping with anxious anticipation. She had been on the edge of cunning for what felt like an hour now and desperately needed relief. As the train squealed to a halt, she could barely hold back a sigh as the object of her wet desire stepped into the compartment. She was a very average looking woman, whose very normalcy made her and what she regularly did all the more sexy. She was wearing a modest white button down shirt, which barely showed the tops of her white fleshy breasts, a blue business jacket and matching skirt. In her hand, she carried an elegant brown leather oversized purse, which could almost double as a briefcase. She was already fidgeting, walking with her legs tightly together as she strode clumsily into the cabin and took her usual seat diagonally across from Kat.

Kat’s pussy was burning now, the wetness she was producing was threatening to cause a perceptible wet spot on her gray chinos, she had taken the precaution of wearing a panty-shield on this day but the copious amounts of pussy cream were barely held back by the wall that was the absorbent pad. She was ravenous with want for this woman, who’s name she did not even know, but with whom she shared an intimate bond with, the bond of hot golden piss.

Kat was so lost in herself that she didn’t notice the woman surveying the room, it seems the show was about to begin and having snapped back to realty she casually clanked over at her slightly parted legs and her lacey white panties. White? She had never worn whit before, it seems that this increasing feral vixen was upping the ante, she knew what Katrina had in mind and she was now a full and willing participant in this little game of hide and piss. The sudden revelation threw Kat for a loop and the freight train of her orgasm came upon her faster than she could control. She wasn’t sure if she had made any noise, or even if she was flushed, and she simply didn’t care all that she knew at this point is that she had to have this woman, she had to taste her pussy and feel her piss cascading into her mouth and falling over her breasts. She knew that she needed to drink from her and soon.

The woman spread her legs ever so slightly, the train was nearly empty now, with a few passengers dozing and others reading their books, newspapers or simply staring out the windows in that lemming-like ride to the oblivion called home. Kat was convinced that between them there was an unspoken agreement that for all intents and purposes, they were the only two there, fuck what went on or who saw it.

Then, suddenly, the whole world shifted…

The woman took out from her briefcase a pair of tortoise shell glasses and a pen and struck her best librarian pose, looking for the first time directly into Kat’s eyes and…. smiling. Kat was so caught off guard by this, so flustered by the thought that this woman with whom she shared a very intimate bond with, but until this point only in her own mind, had broken the barrier between them, for the first time acknowledging the presence of her watcher, and seemingly appreciating it. Kat was floored, but the most shocking surprise was yet to come.

The woman placed the pen to her lips and slowly drew her lush bottom lip down, exposing her white teeth to Kat as she sat rapt, unable to move. Then the next surprise came, parting her legs now perceptible to anyone who might be paying attention she closed her eyes and smiled a little devilish smile. A small ruvelit of wetness formed in the shape of her pussy as she let out a very controlled pee. It spread so slowly that it would have taken time-lapse photography to capture the spread. But Kat was so intencely watching her crotch that she could swear she could see every little squirt.

A muffled voice came over the speaker announcing the next stop, the woman took her cue and adjusted herself accordingly as to not give her toilet away to those who wearily exited the train, there was only one woman left, and she was curled up in a ball in the last seat near the rear of the car, knocked out, dead to the world.

The wet woman now relaxed and spun herself back in the direction of Kat. Looking her dead in the eye, she ran her finger along her dampened slit and spread the wetness over her crotch, making her trimmed pussy stand out in all its fleshy wonder, she was not only wet with piss, but with excitement as well as evidenced by the extreme puffiness of her labia, seen clearly now through the gauze of her semi translucent panties. Without another moments hesitation she placed her finger along her slit and pissed out a short sharp burst, her finger parting it much like the proverbial red sea, or in this case “yellow river.” Then she did something that shocked even Kat, she quickly brought her dripping finger to her lips, and inverting it, let the clinging yellow tinged piss drip daintily into her open mouth. Then, running her tongue along the edge of her forefinger she licked it clean.

Kat was on the verge of another orgasm when she realized the woman’s usual stop was next, she dreaded the thought of this ending and silently wished for a breakdown to prolong this sweet agony she was feeling. But the bespeckeled woman showed no signs of moving, preparing, as she usually did to de-board, she only casually fingered herself through her soaked panties and continued smiling at Kat. Kat was beside herself with lust and did all that she could not to unfasten the button on her chinos and reach deep within her sopping cunt to finger herself and maybe, just maybe join this mystery woman in pissing her pants. But she stilled herself, afraid of breaking the spell.

The loudspeaker crackled and a disembodied voice announced the second to last stop, the woman to Kats amazement, still did not move. However the groggy rumpled woman to the rear did. Dazed and stumbling she stood to wait at the door for what was her stop. To Kat’s amazement the wet librarian did not change her position. She still sat; legs wide open openly playing with her pussy. She was either convinced that the waking woman either would not notice or she was far beyond caring.

The train came to an abrupt halt and the tired woman exited, either she had not seen or had not cared about the wanton display occurring just feet away from her. Either way, the final curtain had now been raised and they were all alone in the car. Kat had no reason to be shy at this point, and slowly unbuckled her pants, sliding the zipper down with a sexy “ziiiiippppp”. Her panty less crotch and trimmed patch of brown pubic hair now visible to the woman busily frigging herself in the seat across from her.

“Diane,” the woman breathed as she began to piss in earnest, moving her panty aside to push two fingers into her gushing cunt.

“Kat,” Katrina said through a veil of lust, searching out her own sopping tunnel with her middle and index fingers.

“Fuck you’re hot,” was all Kat could say as she watched the woman openly frigging and pissing, leaving a wet line from her pussy to nearly Kat’s feet. Diane only smiled in response and continued pissing herself as her face contorted, ready to cum. Suddenly Diane arched her back and unapologetically sent a shower of piss all over Kat’s legs, which was all it took for either of them.

“Fuck, cum with me!!!” Diane screamed, now far beyond caring. And at the finish of that drawn out E, they both came soaking themselves in cum. Not to be outdone, Kat scooted back on her chair and catching the hem of her pants in her fingers drew out her wet pussy. Pulling back on her lips, she fired a shot of Piss directly at he new friend soaking her in it. Without hesitation Diane fell to her knees and drank in everything Kat had to give her, swallowing lewdly as she did, fucking herself with her fingers until she came again.

Exhausted and disheveled, and covered with piss Diane moved up Kats body to give her a deep tongue kiss.

“Luv, that was wonderful, I’ve been meaning to do that to you ever since I knew you watched me pissing myself the first time,” Diane smiled.

“But now I’m afraid you’ve missed your stop,” Kat said with a mock frown.

“No I haven’t honey, I was hoping to go home with you, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble….maybe get to know each other wetter…I mean better,” she laughed.

“I would Love that hun, I just hope my girlfriend doesn’t mind, but I think we can convince her,” Kat grinned.

The final stop had arrived and the two very wet women walked arm in arm into the cool evening, smelling of piss and cum, and reveling in a fantasy come true.

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Dirty Lesbian Pissing Story

A Quick Lesbian Pee Story

It was Sabrina’s 24th birthday, many years ago, and since she’s my best friend, I’m on board. She broke up with her long-term boyfriend shortly before, and accordingly she was in a bad mood. We went out that night and she drank quite a bit. I didn’t notice that during the evening, but when we finally went to the car late, she almost couldn’t walk anymore. At the time I still thought she may just be tired and sleepy.

I drove us, and didn’t drink a lot myself. I usually don’t drink much, but it was her birthday, so I was a little tipsy. We were in my car, and Sabrina had brought something to drink “for the ride” – champagne, I think. Anyway, I’m driving her home, it’s late, almost no cars on the road. I still know it had rained and the streets were pretty wet and shiny. Strange, the things you remember.

Sabrina’s sitting next to me and I’m driving. She’s rather quiet and I think she might have fallen asleep until I hear a strange noise. I turn to look and almost drive the car off the road. She’s in the passenger seat and masturbates. Okay, I need to phrase this differently, else nobody will understand how crass it was: Sabrina is sitting there, her short skirt pulled up and is shoving the bottle up her cunt. Gotta say it like that.

I’m speechless and need to regain my self-control, and then look for somewhere to park. At first I didn’t know what to say and everything I could think of was that I needed to get somewhere nobody could see us. Sure, at night, in the city, it’s dark anyway, can’t be that hard, can it? So I’m driving down a side street and look for a parking lot while Sabrina’s fucking herself with the bottle and doesn’t seem to notice me anymore.

When we come to a stop, she doesn’t notice that either, that’s how far gone she was. And what do I do? At first I want to yell at her, shake her, try to somehow, well, discretely, get her to stop. But all I’m doing is stare at her. It’s dark, I can barely see anything. Just a streetlight somewhere shining on the bottle, which slides faster and faster into her cunt. I’ve never seen her like this. Actually, I’ve never seen her naked at all. She’s all shaved and I can make out her labia as they wrap themselves around the neck of the bottle. She’s moaning and mumbling something and presses the bottle deeper and harder inside herself. I remember thinking something like that’s gotta hurt, but it didn’t look like it.

I’m like hypnotized and she’s squirming in her seat until she’s sliding further down and pulls the bottle out again. I thought she finally stopped when I heard a faint prattle. At first I think it started raining again, but then I realize: Sabrina’s pissing in my car. She’s spread her legs wide and I can see a thick stream running out of her cunt. And what am I doing? I’m getting all funny like, feeling something I’ve never felt before, like I can now be whatever I want to be, do what I always wanted to do. So I’m reaching between her legs and feel her warm pee on my hand. My friend’s pissing on me, peeing on my hand, and I love it. I’m rubbing her wet pussy as the stream subsides. I’m bending over her crotch where she’s smelling strongly and start rubbing her labia with my hand. She’s moaning and whispers my name. “Anna…”

I freeze. All this time I thought she forgot about me. But she knew I was there, she knew it was me reaching between her legs. “Just you wait,” I thought. “Enjoy it!” Because the time had come for harder measures. I bend far across her and see the bottle laying on the floor. She must’ve let it fall. I reach for it and pick it up, it’s all slippery and wet after being bathed in pussy slime and pee, and seems to be a little full still. I lick across the neck and taste Sabrina, almost as strong as she smells. Then I squeeze the bottle in the dark between her butt cheeks below her pussy and start to push.

No clue why I thought I could get it in like that, but Sabrina seemed relaxed enough and I wanted to show her, after she’s played with me like that. So I pushed harder and harder and Sabrina held her breath, but pressed against it until I felt the tip of the bottle slide inside her. I started fucking her with it slowly and rub her clit along with it and she started moaning louder and louder. I remember being surprised, as I thought having a bottle in her ass would hurt more than it would feel good, but she was really getting into it. So I got harder and faster and fucked with the bottle into her asshole while I rubbed her clit. Then I bent down further and started licking her cunt while I continued to fuck her. It didn’t last long, because soon after that I felt her shake all over her body and scream suddenly, when a warm stream hit my mouth. She had an incredible orgasm and squirted the rest of her pee into my face. I didn’t know something like that was possible.

Sabrina collapsed moaning after that, the bottle still firmly in her anus. I pull it out slowly and sit back up, looking at her. She seemed satisfied. “Happy birthday,” I thought.

When we reached her apartment, I almost had to carry her to the door. Inside, she fell on her pink leather sofa and didn’t move a muscle. Normally I would’ve gone home then, but since the events in the car I wasn’t normal anymore. So I think, since we had already begun to let it all out, I might as well do so myself. I dim the light and take off my panties, before climbing on the sofa with Sabrina and spread my legs across her face. Unlike her I don’t shave “down there” – well, legs and so I do, but not the pussy – and my bush is poised right above her face.

I know she must’ve noticed, or at least smelled that I was there, but she’s not moving. So I grab her long black hair and pull her head closer to my pussy. She’s wimpering a little from pain, but doesn’t struggle. “Lick me,” I whisper and move her mouth to my labia. She starts moving her tongue a little along them and caress the clit, but doesn’t seem to be fully there anymore.

That’s when it got to me for the first time. “You little dirty sow,” I whisper. “You little pig pissed on me while I fucked your arsehole. You like that, yes? You like being dirty?” I pull her hair back and hiss at her. “Open your mouth, cunt sow.” Sabrina opens her eyees surprised and looks up at me, but actually opens her mouth.

I’m still surprised and excited myself when I think about what happened then. As I was typing this, I kept having to play with myself, but before I could continue here, I had to give it to myself first.

So Sabrina was opening her mouth, and as horny and wild as I had become I keep grinning at her sheepishly and suddenly can’t do it right anymore, but suddenly something like electricity ran through my body, and I just let it out. I feel it pressing out of me and close my eyes at first. Then I’m looking down, where a broad stream from my wet piss cunt hits Sabrina straight in the face. It just keeps running out of me and her face, her hair, the sofa, her dress, everything gets soaking wet. And really, she’s swallowing. The little pig swallows what I squirt into her face. It makes me so horny that I kept rubbing my clit like crazy and come almost instantly.

I pull her head into my crotch and press my cunt hard onto her face, so she’ll remember, who treated her like this, so she could soak in my smell, my taste and smear my juice all over her. She doesn’t seem to notice much of that anymore, and as I let go of her, she sinks down onto the sofa and starts snoring. Just fell asleep, wet as she is. I take my panties, leave the apartment quietly and drive home. Whatever was happening to me, I felt my life wouldn’t be as it was before.

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Couple Playing Pee Games

A story of a couple dressing up and roleplaying that I came across. “Lucy looked at the bed, the outfit laid out on it. Could she do this? Was it crossing a line? It was her turn but she still wasn’t sure. Finally she shook herself out of her reverie and picked up the skirt, getting dressed at last.

Dan waited downstairs, nervously awaiting her decision. He’d done what she asked, sleeping with her in the office, the whole time he’d spent on edge wondering if they’d get caught. It was exciting and it meant when she asked what he wanted in return he had a chance to suggest this. Would she think it was too weird? The door to the lounge opened and Lucy was standing there, wearing exactly what he’d asked.

“Wow!” he said, staring hungrily at her.

“I think you mean get to class!” she replied, with a nervous giggle.

Lucy had pulled on her old college uniform, grey skirt, white shirt, blue blazer, white socks. She stood looking at herself in the mirror for a moment before picking up the pint of water he’d left for her. She drank it quickly, wondering once more if this was a good idea. She could hear him downstairs, flicking through the TV channels and walked slowly down the stairs.

In the doorway, Lucy pressed her knees together, wiggling her legs slightly. “I need the toilet first sir. Can I go?”

Dan stood up, a smile forming on his face just as he felt his cock stiffening in his trousers. “No time for that. Take a seat Lucy.”

“Yes sir.”

Lucy sat down at the computer desk in the corner, swivelling the chair round to face her husband. “I really need to go sir. Please, I’ll only be a minute.” As she spoke she let her legs open and close, flashing her white panties for just a second each time.

“Get on with your work Lucy.”

Lucy turned back to face the desk. Despite her desire to pee she felt herself getting more and more turned on. Without glancing behind her to see what Dan was doing, she slowly moved her hand up her skirt, gently stroking her clit through her panties.

“Are you cheating?” Dan snapped, making her jump as he had quietly come to stand behind her. “Turn and face me now!”

His heart was racing as he was finally getting to live out the fantasy he’d dreamt about for such a long time. “What are you doing?”

“I was touching myself sir.”

“Well don’t let me stop you.”

Lucy pretended to look shocked. “But sir, surely that’s not allowed.”

Dan smiled. “Just do it.”

Lucy lifted her bottom off the seat and peeled down her panties, trying to ignore the ever growing desperation. With one hand she pulled the lips of her pussy apart as with the other one she began to gently stroke up and down, gathering up wetness and rubbing it into her clit. Dan stared at her as she leaned back in the chair, closing her eyes as she concentrated on the sensations spreading round her body.

Dan began to undress. “That’s very good Lucy,” he said as he lowered his zipper and pulled out his now rigid cock. He held it in his hand as he moved forward, stroking it gently as he watched her. With some effort he pointed it down towards her, whispering to himself. “Come on, come on.”

With a sigh he began to pee, it splashed over Lucy’s white shirt, making it stick to her skin. She opened her eyes in shock, not expecting this.

“What the hell?” she snapped.

Dan couldn’t stop now, he had to finish. After a few more seconds, the urine stopped flowed and he stood proudly looking at her.

“Sir, what did you just do?”

“Enough,” he replied. “I’ve got to have you.”

He grabbed her and pulled her down on top of him. The two kissed as Lucy pushed Dan’s arms down to his sides, holding them in place.

“We shouldn’t be doing this sir,” she whispered as she allowed his cock to rub between the cheeks of her bottom. She lifted herself slightly and guided it up her pussy, sinking onto it and moaning loudly. Dan pressed against her stomach with his hands, feeling the wetness of her shirt as she rode him gently.

“I’m going to pee,” she said. “Are you ready sir?”

There was a pause as she stared still, raised up so just the tip of his cock was inside her and then she let go of her bladder. A gush of piss splashed out, running over his cock, soaking his balls, his thighs, his stomach.

As she peed she began to slowly ride him again, letting his cock move in and out of her even as his hand began to toy with her clit, hot pee trickling over his fingers. It was all too much for Lucy and with a quiet gasp, she came. Her orgasm made her pussy tense up and she stared into Dan’s eyes as the contractions gripped his cock inside her. She froze for a few moments before beginning to lift her hips again, faster now, wanting his cum inside her.

Dan began thrusting his hips, knowing he was close. He grabbed Lucy’s bottom with both hands and gently toyed with her anus, brushing his finger round her hole as he rammed himself up her one last time. With a cry of satisfaction he came, spunk shooting up and filling her pussy.

Lucy jumped off him then, moving to suck the last of the cum from the end of his cock, licking his shaft and tasting her own wetness and her pee along its length. She stood up then and looked down at him.

“That was very naughty sir,” she said, pulling on her panties.

Dan looked up at her. “I can’t believe you peed on me. I love you so much. Thank you.”

Lucy lowered herself onto his chest and leaned down to kiss him. “Quite all right sir, but I may need some more lessons in learning to control my bladder if you’d like to teach me.”"

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Lesbian Bathroom Peeing Story

For those that have been asking here is a lesbian pissing story I came across

Ellen walked into the bathroom and knew immediately she was running late because all the other girls were almost ready and a queue for the showers had already built up. She did not relish the idea of standing out in the cold waiting for one of the cubicles to become free. She silently thanked herself for wearing her dressing gown today, normally she didn’t bother as she was rather lazy and would get out of bed and walk strait to the bathroom in the nude. Since they all lived and went to school together, shared rooms and small spaces for so long all the girls of the house had gotten comfortable with each other and there was no problem with nudity but today she had put something on because she’s had another one of her dreams.

From time to time Ellen would have vivid dreams of all her dirtiest fantasies and all though she loved having them they posed the delicate problem of waking up in a room shared with 5 other girls with a sopping wet pussy and a burning desire to fill it with anything from her own fingers to her electric toothbrush. So to avoid awkwardness she had thrown on her gown to cover her puffy red excited lips and the beads of her girls cum which were now rolling down her legs. She desperately needed a wank, and to get out of this cold, how long did people take to shower.

Spotting Frankie’s towel hanging out side one of the showers she skipped the small queue pulled back the curtain and stepped in. This was quite common during busy times of the day like mornings when people couldn’t be bothered to wait for their own cubicle. Inside Frankie was stood facing the back wall engrossed in rubbing shampoo into her hair and so didn’t notice Ellen’s quite entrance. Ellen took a the opportunity to have a good look, starting with her legs her eyes traced a line up her long olive skinned legs to her small tight ass. Lingering here she thought to herself how beautiful the creature before her was and all the things she would to that ass if she was allowed. Just then the water slowed to a few drips then stopped all together, in an effort to save water the school’s showers were operated by a button which, when pushed, would give you a few minutes of water before needing to be pushed again. Still focused on her long locks of curly hair Frankie seemed to be quite content to leave the water off for now.

Ellen didn’t mind this either but as she continued checking out Frankie’s adorable backside something strange caught her eye. Along with the rest of the drips that were meandering down Frankie’s body there was a more powerful stream running down the inside of her right leg. Ellen felt a tingle in her pussy as she realised what was happening, the slightly salty smell, the golden pool forming at the drain, she was watching her best friend pee herself.

She could have watched stayed and watch for hours but she was so close, she felt like watching was a waste of this glorious opportunity. Reaching out she gave Frankie a friendly pinch on her butt to announce her presence making sure her index and middle finger went into the golden stream coming from her pussy allowing the warm liquid to coat her finger tips and run down into the palm of her hand.

Surprised Frankie spun round quickly to see who had caught her relieving herself. She could never be bothered to go to the toilet in the morning and quite enjoyed the feeling of warmth flowing down her leg. What she really liked about it was how dirty it made her feel but she felt embarrassed about this and made sure no one found out about her little ‘accidents’. She was now standing face to face with Ellen but was finding it difficult to stop mid flow. In a desperate attempt she clamped her hand down on her pussy to try and block the stream but inevitably it just spurted out of the gaps between her fingers. Eventually the flow died down and Frankie removed her now soaking hand from between her legs. Ellen lifted her eyes up to meet Frankie’s, a panicked expression had spread across her face.
“I’m so sorry you had to see that”
“don’t worry about it , it’s only a bit of wee”
“yeah I know but, I don’t normally go in the showers, it’s just I…”
“listen its mostly water anyway, there’s nothing gross about that, the only difference” she said grinning “is that it came out of that lovely pussy of yours “what’s gross about your pussy, I bet you love it the rest of the time” she said reaching forward and tracing her finger over Frankie’s slit causing giggles.
“well I can see you love yours” Frankie said looking down at Ellen’s swollen and excited lips
“oh yeah, I had another sex dream last night and woke up really horny, I think I’ll have to go for a wank in the toilets after this or I’ll get my panties all soggy”
“oh who has time to go to the toilets these days, you saw me peeing, now it’s time for you to provide some entertainment” she said with a wink. Ellen weighed up the suggestion in her head, on one hand she was already late and Frankie could just be joking, which would be really awkward if she starting fingering herself. On the other hand she really did need some relief and always did like being watched, especially a hot wet naked girl with pee still dripping down her leg. Another tingle from between her legs made the decision for her.
“oh Frankie you know I could never say no to you”
With that Ellen leaned against the corner of the cubicle and spreading her legs in front of her, she bent her knees exposing her now desperate pussy. She started by slowly grabbing her tits, pushing them together, squeezing them in her hands, then pinching and rolling her stiff nipple between her fingers. Her hands worked slowly down her body, her fingertips just touching her body as she moved them down her stomach round over her round ass , along her legs and back down her thighs moaning at the tingling tickily sensation this produced in her skin. Then taking the two fingers still covered in Frankie’s warm piss she gently wiped the beads of girls cum that were forming on her lips before slowly lifting her fingers to her mouth and sucking them dry.

The taste was incredible, the taste of her own excitement that she had come to know and love mixed with the more exotic tanginess of Frankie’s contribution. As she did this she realised what she was doing, as she and Frankie shared a room together they had obviously seen each other masturbating countless times before, they had even had little experiments with each other’s bodies but now here she was legs spread in the shower, performing for her friend while sucking her piss of her cum soaked finger. She was a very dirty girl. And she was loving it.

“Eww, that finger is still covered in my wee, who are you and what have you done with my goodie two shoes of a roommate”
“maybe I’m dirtier than you think, and for all your mouths objections, your pussy doesn’t seem to mind”
She was right, Frankie was enjoying the show and her hand had started to move south to pay some attention to her moistening pussy. Seeing how much Frankie was enjoying it she decided to give her a bit more of a show. Turning round so her stiff nipples were pressed against the cold wall she lifted her ass up high and spread her legs revealing not just her juicy pussy but her tight rosebud asshole as well. Closing her eyes she continued to flick and circle her slit with her left hand while one finger of her right positioned itself in front of her pussy. With a small push and an ecstatic intake of breath the finger was lost into Ellen’s warm wet insides. Ellen was starting to feel the beginning of the end and in desperation slotted another finger into her tight young hole pushing them in faster and harder, a third. She was interrupted from moans behind her.

“Oh yeah you like this” she said breathily “you like watching your friend’s ass in your face, like watching her shove her fingers into her tight hole, you getting off on this you slut”
“I like your cute bumhole” was the husky voices surprising reply and without any time to think about what that last statement meant Ellen was shocked to feel another digit touching her. Already slick from Frankie’s own soaking wet pussy her finger prodded and flicked Ellen’s tight undiscovered hole, rubbing and probing its surface
“Frankie what are you doing back….” Ellen started before she was cut off by a powerful orgasm raging through her body as Frankie shoved her finger into Ellen’s tightest hole. So tight in fact that Frankie found her finger stuck as the powerful contractions clamped down on it, only after the orgasm finally subsided could she slide it out.
“wow, thanks a lot for that, that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had”
“I know its great isn’t it”
“you mean you’ve done this before, put your finger… in your bum” Frankie blushed and look down at the floor, that was as obvious a yes as if she had shouted it.
“don’t you get, you know, smelly fingers”
“I don’t think there smelly” and with that Frankie stuck out her tongue and wiped the index finger she had used down it before sticking in her mouth for a more thorough cleaning. Ellen watched transfixed at her friend licked the finger that had been in her ass, feeling herself get turned on all over again by this dirty deed.
“Wow I never saw that coming”
“well, I’m a lot dirtier than you think” she said with a wink and a wicked smile “and I think you love it”
“oh I do, Frankie, its hot”

She reach out and hit the button for more water, but was met with only a metallic squeak and few drops. Both girls look at each other in horror, finally notice the silence that had surrounded them. Now they were really late and the water for the showers had already been turned off.
“Shit we better go, I’ll have to shower tonight instead” Ellen said leaving
“I can’t, I’ve still got all this shampoo in my hair”
“You can wash it off in the sink…what are you doing?” While she was speaking Frankie had got on her knees and her hands, placed on the inside of Ellen’s thighs, were trying to push her legs open.
“Frankie we don’t have time for this, we need to get that shampoo out of your hair and get to breakfast”
“That’s what I’m doing if you would just open your legs…” Confused Ellen obliged and stood with her legs as wide apart as the cubicle would allow. With a cry of relief Frankie crawled beneath them and knelt on the floor, looking up at Ellen, her forehead inches from her hairless pussy.

“Now you still need to go for your morning pee and I need that to wash my hair” Ellen’s stomach flipped as she realised what her friend was asking, this was a dream come true, she had imagined this a million times over late at night in her bed with her fingers inside her, but now she was scared Frankie would find out about her fetish.
“You want me to wee on your head…Frankie I can’t do that.
“Why not, it’s only water right, come on help me out”
“But it’s gross, you’d have to go around school all with my wee on you”
“Well mines already all over my legs, a little more can’t hurt, come on we’re going to be late”
“Frankie, it’s too weird”
“Don’t lie to me you slut, your pussy is leaking all over my face, I can taste how much you want to”
Frankie was right, this was the sexiest thing she could imagine and though she was trying to hide it with her face her pussy couldn’t lie. It had remoistened the instant Frankie got on her knees and now it was positively dripping on Frankie’s face and hair.
“Okay” Ellen said finally giving in to the sensuality of the moment “if you want it you have to beg for it”
“Please Mrs Johnson can I have some of your wee wee”
“and where do you want it little slut”
“on my hair then all over my face and body”
“And why would I give it to you”
“because I’m your dirty little slut”
“Okay now put it all together”
“Please Mrs Ellen Johnson, can you piss all over my hair and face so I can be you dirty little slut”

A golden stream leapt from Ellen’s urethra hitting Frankie square in the forehead. Frankie who was not anticipating the power or pace of the gushing torrent yelped slightly and closed her eyes but managed not to flinch or move backwards. Adjusting her pelvis, Ellen managed to redirect the stream moving it up Frankie’s forehead and onto her curly mass of hair. The hair darkened as the golden liquid flowed around it and soaked into it, trickles still coming over Frankie’s forehead and forming thin rivulets which arced down her face, over her eyelid, round her nostril and over her deep red smirking mouth a bright pink tongue occasionally darting out to taste the precious liquid. Looking down Ellen saw the last of the white lather mixing with her piss and flowing down Frankie’s back, knowing her job was done she shifted her hips again, it was time to have some fun.

“lie down on your back” Ellen commanded. Frankie was quick to comply, swiftly lying down in the newly formed puddle whilst never letting her head come out of the warm stream.
“Now open your mouth”. Frankie’s lips split into a massive grin as she saw Ellen walking towards her one foot either side of her head, slowly squatting down. As soon as the first splashes touched her lips she opened them as wide as she could to get as much of Ellen’s nectar as she could. She swallowed as fast as she could but the torrent was too fast for her and inevitably Ellen’s pee filled her mouth to the brim and bubbled down her soft cheeks.

Seeing this Ellen stood up again and one foot either side of her body walk down towards Frankie’s legs. As she walked the stream splattered over her chin, down her neck onto her pert round C cups, the liquid running of these stunning hills flowing down through the gap between the twin peaks and washing out on Frankie’s tight flat stomach which in turn got hit by the seemingly never ending stream. Happy that Frankie was suitably drenched in her piss she squatted again, this time over Frankie’s erect clit. In a last final push Ellen tensed her whole body and the was rewarded with a waterfall of piss raining down on Frankie’s clit, some splashing up and onto her own pussy with the impact the rest running between the fold of Frankie’s pussy. This was to much for Frankie who had been in ecstasy since the first drop, a wave of pleasure spread from her soaking clit raced up her body and reaching her head came racing back down meeting another oncoming wave. The collision made every hair on Frankie’s body stand on end, and closing her eyes she let out a bestial roar of delight. Hearing this Ellen turned to see Frankie, her hand racing down to work her desperate clit but before it even got there she saw her naked best friend, lying in a puddle of her piss utterly drenched in it from head to foot, eyes rolling back in ecstasy and she too closed her eyes and collapsed in a fit of pleasure.

After a few second of recovery and heavy breathing both girls clumsily started to stand up and walk out. Frankie bent over to pick up her products and seeing her perfect ass in her face, Ellen couldn’t resist winding back her arms and smacking it with all her force leaving a large red handprint across the left cheek. “Owww, what was that for” Frankie said instantly standing up and staring her in the face. “For being a good little slut” and they both burst into a fit of giggles.
“well you better watch out, maybe next time I won’t be the slut” Frankie said with a wink and walked out of the cubicle.

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Threesome Piss Story

A pissing story that I came across

Sophie snuggled further into the duvet. Next to her Emma was cradling a mug of hot chocolate as if it was a newborn child. They could hear Paul snoring upstairs. This wasn’t quite the raucous recreation of a childhood sleepover they’d planned.

Sophie had suggested it the week before. A chance to have a giggle and pretend to be young again. Wear their old nighties, gossip about the people they fancied, watch bad movies. It meant Emma’s partner being booted out of the way of course but that wasn’t the end of the world.

Emma had finished work and come home quite excited. She’d sent Paul upstairs, promising him a reward if he left them to it for the night, like a well trained dog he did as he was told. She’d opened a bottle of wine, filled a bowl with the sweets from their childhood, sherbet, dolly mixture, cola bottles, that kind of thing. Finally she dug out the nightie she’d last worn a fair few years before. It was shimmery, with some kind of sewn in sparkly glitter of the type she’d thought so cool as a teenager. She’d grown taller since then though as when she put it on it barely skimmed her bottom. When she thought about it she wasn’t sure it had covered much more when she last wore it.

Emma had agreed after their last sleepover before college that they’d keep their nighties locked away until the next sleepover. Neither of them knew it would be such a long time, nearly ten years later. But better late than never she supposed.

Emma decided against wearing underwear, maybe she’d flash Sophie, just for a laugh. A spark inside her of a distant memory almost came to the surface but it disappeared when the doorbell rang.


They exchanged hugs and Sophie came inside, wearing a long dressing gown. “I got a few looks driving over here,” she laughed as they made their way through to the living room.

The sofa bed had been pulled out and piled high with cushions and blankets. Emma popped the wine cork and they settled in to watch the first of several incredibly cheesy films. As the second bottle dropped empty onto the carpet Sophie sighed happily. She was enjoying herself. This was exactly like the old days.

“Let’s play the game we used to play,” Emma suggested.

“Which one?”

“See which of us can go the longest without going to the bathroom.”

“That’s not fair. You always won that, and anyway I need to go now.”

“Me too, that should make it more even. I’m going to make a hot chocolate. To keep it fair I think you should have one too.”

She stood up and Sophie was able to take a long look at her friend’s legs. She raised her eyebrows when she realised Emma was wearing nothing under her nightie. She was all for recreating their youth but didn’t she have any shame? Although she couldn’t talk really, under her dressing gown she was naked, still nervous about revealing this in case Emma didn’t feel the same as she did about the two of them, the years in between yearning for her friend, never knowing if she remembered the drunken things they did together as teenagers.

Sophie sipped her hot chocolate, feeling the aching in her tummy grow stronger. She wouldn’t last much longer before she’d have to go pee. Emma sat beside her staring at the TV, wriggling in her seat.

By the time the credits rolled Sophie felt enormous, her tummy bloated and her legs clamped together, she knew she had to go.

Standing up, she looked at Emma who seemed just as uncomfortable. “You win,” she began. “I have to pee.”

“Can’t you last any longer?” Emma sounded smug, as if she’d known things would turn out this way.

“Don’t sound so pleased with yourself. I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Sorry, I meant to say, the toilet’s being fixed. I’ve been going outside.”

Sophie was shocked. “What? I’m not weeing in your garden. What if the neighbours see?”

“Fine, you’ll have to wet yourself then.”

“Don’t tempt me, I’ll do it on your carpet.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Watch me.”

Sophie tugged at her dressing gown cord, it fell away to reveal her nudity. Emma gawped at her friend, her huge breasts, the nipples erect in the sudden cold, her slightly bulging tummy, the tiny strip of pubic hair and her long slender legs. She hadn’t seen her naked in years and here she was standing there with no shame at all.

Sophie squatted down on the carpet, daring Emma to stop her. Emma just watched, calling her bluff, knowing she’d never go through with this. Her eyes opened wider as Sophie actually began pissing on her floor. She couldn’t believe it.

“That feels so much better,” Sophie sighed, feeling the relief immediately as strong smelling piss gushed from her down into the thick carpet at her feet. She could feel the warmth on her toes and splashing her thighs as it poured from her. Emma was gobsmacked but at the same time it was making her all the more desperate to go.

“You filthy bitch,” she laughed. “This’ll teach you.”

She walked over to where Sophie was crouching down and lifted her nightie, pointing her shaved pussy straight at Emma’s face.

“What are you do…?” Sophie began but stopped as a jet of piss flew from Emma and hit her straight in the mouth. She gagged at the heat of it but swallowed involuntarily, feeling the spark inside her growing stronger. A steady flow splashed down her chin, trickling over her boobs and falling to the floor. For some reason she laughed, enjoying their stupid drunken moment together.

Sophie finished peeing first and leant forward, angling her face to catch the last spurts coming out of her friend. She swallowed hard and blinked the sting of urine out of her eyes. For a moment they looked at each other, then Sophie grabbed Emma’s hips and pulled her down to the floor. They lay together, oblivious to the squelching of the carpet under them as frantically they kissed, tongues probing each other’s mouths, hands sliding over each other’s bodies.

Sophie broke the kiss off first, laying Emma on her back and diving between her legs. With no warning she suddenly pushed two fingers straight up inside her friend, amazed at how wet she was already, wanting nothing but to make her friend come, memories of their friendship bubbling up inside her and suddenly completely in love.

Emma spread her legs wider, feeling a tongue on her clit and grinding her hips to help the movement, moaning loudly as she lay there, shocked at the suddenness of it all but feeling this was just right somehow. She looked up and was shocked to see Paul standing in the doorway, he must have heard her moaning. He was naked, holding his erect penis in his hand and slowly stroking it up and down.

Paul put a finger to his lips and tiptoed to behind Sophie, kneeling behind her, staring at her pert bottom sticking up into the air as, oblivious to his presence, she continued playing with Emma’s soaking wet pussy. Paul watched for a moment more, then unable to contain himself, he pushed his hard cock straight up Sophie’s pussy. She went rigid for a second, trying to work out what the hell was happening, then realised who it was and calmed down once more. He’d heard them then, lucky he didn’t seem to mind what could technically count as an affair.

Paul began to fuck Sophie, each thrust pushing his cock further inside her, feeling her tight moistness against the head of his cock with each shove of his hips. Sophie’s face was being banged back and forth into Emma’s pussy, harder and faster, making her groan loudly into Emma’s crotch.

Emma was too far gone to care about him staring at her as she felt her clit begin to tingle uncontrollably. She knew her orgasm wasn’t far away now and all she wanted was for it to take control of her body. Sophie seemed to know what was happening as she began to finger fuck her harder, gently biting her clit one last time before sucking it into her mouth.

Emma screamed. “You’re making me come, fucking hell, it feels so good…” She drifted off as the orgasm she’d yearned for took over, making her jerk and shake on the floor, her pussy twitching like made round Sophie’s fingers.

Paul nearly lost it at that point but slowed down just enough to keep from orgasming. He began to pick up speed when Sophie slid forwards suddenly, off the end of his cock. She turned and with a single swift movement, pushed him onto his back.

Paul lay back, wondering why the carpet was damp under his body. He was distracted by Sophie lowering herself onto his cock, letting him slide all the way up inside her in less than a second. She moaned and began riding him as Emma watched, her breathing still some way from returning to normal. She wanted to move, wanted to kiss Sophie, to thank her, to cuddle up to her, but instead she could only watch as Sophie rode her partner, her boobs bouncing wildly up and down as she fucked his cock, using him to bring herself to climax. She had a hand between her legs, rubbing it against her clit, masturbating herself to get there quicker.

Paul couldn’t hold it in any longer, he grabbed Sophie’s hips and ground her down onto him as he thrust his hips upwards, spunk shooting up into Sophie’s pussy, filling her up as his cock jerked spontaneously. He collapsed back, panting as Sophie continued to ride his still hard cock, chasing her own orgasm. At last she too screamed out loud, a climax stronger than any she’d felt before raced through her as she turned to glance at Emma, their eyes locking as she came.

The three of them lay still for some time, drifting off to sleep, naked on the carpet. Paul awoke first, sliding out from under Sophie and tiptoeing back to the bedroom.

Emma awoke next and climbed into the sofa bed, half coaxing, half dragging Sophie in alongside her. They fell asleep again, this time in each other’s arms, not waking until long after the sun had risen the next day.

Sophie was up first, wondering just what had happened the night before. She was naked, had she taken her nightie off? Why was she aching so much between the legs? Had she had a naughty dream? She glanced at Emma, still fast asleep beside her and wondered.

A minute later Emma stretched and yawning, blinking her eyes open and seeing Sophie staring back at her.

“Good morning,” she muttered, her mouth feeling dry and rough after the wine filled evening they’d had.

“Good morning,” Sophie relied, “though I’m not sure what happened last night. Can you remember any of it?”

Emma just smiled, then got up and walked away to the bathroom, Sophie staring at her naked bottom as she left the room, wondering if maybe her dream had happened after all.

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A Female Desperation And Peeing Story

Its been a long time since we had a story so here we go..

It was almost noon and I was heading down to the soda machine in the basement to get a Diet Pepsi to go with the brown bag lunch my wife had packed for me. I work for a small not-for-profit in a mid-sized city and our office is staffed mainly with women, so I was enjoying the view of the many different shapes and sizes of my coworkers as I walked to the elevator.

It’s been summer for a few weeks now, but the weather has only recently started to realize that, and we were enjoying our third straight day of temperatures in the 90s. An added benefit of the weather turning nice was the increase in exposed skin around the office, as the shorter skirts and sleeveless tops have come out along with the sun. Waiting for the elevator I was peering out the window looking at the bright sun beating down on a cloudless day, and thanking the inventor of central air conditioning!


My daydream was interrupted by the sound of the elevator arriving. As I was stepping in to the empty car, I glanced back down the hall to see Stephanie coming toward me in a near jog.

“Here!” I called to her, “I’ll hold the elevator for you.”

“It’s okay, I’ll take the stairs,” she called back, “I’m only going down one floor.”

“You can’t,” I reminded her, “they’re painting the stairwell this week, remember?”

There was an odd look of panic on her face when she peered through the window in the stairwell door at the scaffolding and tarps, and then stepped into the small elevator car with me with a heavy sigh. I punched the “B” button, which was my destination, and then the “9″ button just as Stephanie was saying “nine please.”

She was staring at the elevator door intently, biting her lower lip, almost trying to will it to close faster. (The elevators in this old building are notoriously slow.) Meanwhile, I was taking the opportunity to drink in her lovely form from head to toe.

I originally hired Stephanie about 5 years ago as a clerk in my department. During the interview process, I learned that she was very involved with her church, and was actually studying to be a deacon. While only 22 at the time, exactly half my age, she impressed me with her quiet, serious demeanor, and turned out to be an excellent worker.

Who am I kidding? I hired her because she was statuesque!

Stephanie is 5-foot, 10-inches tall, and in heels, is well over six foot. She played basketball and swam in high school, so she has a very athletic build, with broad shoulders, a modest chest, and long, well-defined legs. She has long, sandy-brown hair that she always wears pulled back tightly or in a bun. And the sparkle in her hazel eyes belies her stoic, pious demeanor.


Again, I was snapped out of another daydream, this time by Stephanie’s words, which were directed at the elevator as the door slowly closed. Normally a very patient person, I was surprised at her exasperation, and noticed she was bouncing back and forth on her feet. The elevator began its slow decent, and Stephanie turned to me with a sheepish smile and a bit of a blush, obviously embarrassed at her impatience.


There was a loud noise as the elevator car stopped in a lurch, and then the lights went out. Stephanie and I both said “OH” at the same time, but she followed hers with “NO!” and mine was followed by “SHIT!” just as the emergency lighting in the elevator started to glow. She had an expression of fear on her face.

“Are you claustrophobic?” I asked, trying to put her at ease.

“Ummm, no, it’s not that,” she replied, trying to choose her words carefully, “it’s just that I was in a bit of a hurry…ummm…to get someplace.”

“Don’t worry” I tried to console her, “Don will have us out of here in a jiffy,” although the wishful tone in my voice may not have provided much comfort.

I looked across the small elevator car at Stephanie, who was still fidgeting, with her arms wrapped tightly across her chest. She was wearing a long sleeved lime green blouse, with only the top button undone, a pair of tan pants, and open-toe shoes with about a three inch heel.

I reached for the emergency phone and punched in Don’s number. After a brief conversation, which consisted mainly of me saying “uh-huh, uh-hun” a lot, I hung up.

Stephanie said “What’s going on?” with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Don said that the power is out all over the city, probably due to over consumption from all the air conditioning.”

“OH DEAR GOD!” came Stephanie’s reply, “How long until we’re out of her?” she asked.

“He said he has a call into the elevator company, but they’re swamped…probably an hour or two.”

“BUT I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!” Stephanie almost yelled.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Never mind,” she said, and let her back slide down the wall until she was sitting on the elevator floor, her knees bent up and pressed tightly together.

Stephanie didn’t have to explain what her hurry was. It was obvious that she was doing ‘the pee-pee dance’ which secretly excited me. She took out her little Daily Meditation book and started to leaf through it, so I took out my blackberry to check my emails, sneaking glances over at Stephanie as often as possible.

The elevator was only about 4-foot by 6-foot, and it started to get very warm in there, the small emergency fan no match for the blistering heat outside.

I watched as tiny beads of sweat built up on her forehead and temple, and then ran down the length of her long neck, disappearing under the collar of her blouse. As she was reading her book, she reached up to release two more buttons on her blouse, to try to keep cool. This allowed me to follow her sweat beads as they raced down over the tops of her breasts and in between the her cleavage, a view I’m sure he had no idea she was providing me as I stood on the other side of the elevator car.

“GOOD GOD NO!” she cried, as she dropped her book and instinctively pushed both hands into her crotch, burying her face between her knees.

“What’s wrong Steph?” I asked as I stepped closer to her.

She looked up at me like a school-girl, her eyes red with her tears, and softly said “I’ve got to pee really bad.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get out of her soon,” I offered, trying to sound convincing.

“But I’ve got to go NOW!” she said, opening her knees and moving her hands, showing me the small dark spot on the crotch of her pants where she obviously just had a small accident. “I was trying to get to the bathroom before I got on the elevator,” she continued to explain, “but the ones on our floor were all occupied. I just wanted to get to the 9th floor!”

She pushed her head back between her knees and started to sob.

The uncharacteristic vulnerability she was showing, coupled with my secret pee fetish, started a familiar stirring in my own trousers, and I decided to be bold.

“I can help if you want me to,” I offered.

“How?” she snapped back at me snidely, convinced that her only two options were to make a mess in her clothes, and/or make a mess on the elevator floor.

“Do you want my help or not?” I asked, knowing that her desperation was the reason for her sudden lack of decorum and respect.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t see how you can help me John,” she sheepishly replied. Her casual use of my name made my heart flutter.

“Can I trust you Stephanie?” I asked.

“Of course you can.” she automatically replied.

“Then I’m going to tell you something that not even my wife knows.” I continued.

She looked up at me with a confused yet interested look.

“I like to drink pee.”

“WHAT?” was her instictive reply.

“I like to drink pee.” I repeated, matter-of-factly. “A girlfriend in college turned me onto to what they call ‘water sports’, and if you pardon the pun, I developed quite a taste for it.”

I couldn’t believe that I was sharing my deepest darkest secret fetish with the most religious person in the building, and a member of my staff. From the look of astonishment on her face, I knew she couldn’t believe what she was hearing either.

“Wouldn’t that make you sick?” she asked, trying to wrap her brain around what I was saying.

“No, actually,” I continued, “what most people don’t know is that fresh urine is very sanitary, as long as the person does not have a disease.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” she replied, still not putting two and two together.

I just looked deep into her eyes without responding. And then it dawned on her.


I just smiled.

“REALLY?” she asked, still stunned by the revelation of what I was proposing, “Oh John, I don’t know…” she trailed off.

“I won’t tell if you won’t tell!” I quipped with a wink, trying to break the tension, which it did.

She giggled, then gasped, as the stain on her crotch grew slightly, the laugh letting out another involuntary burst in her pants.

“HOW?” is all she said, averting her eyes down to the floor, resigned to the fact that my offer was the only thing that was going to save her a lifetime sentence on the office rumor mill should she be found by our rescuers in a large puddle of piss.

My cock was hard as a rock knowing that she had just agreed to use me as her personal toilet. Thankfully she was so wrapped up in her shame that she didn’t notice the large tent in the front of my trousers.

“I’ll lie on my back and you just kneel over me.” I replied, trying to make it sound as simple and non-sexual as possible. “You will have to remove your pants however to be sure you don’t soil them any more than they already are.”

“And you promise you won’t tell a soul about this?” she asked, now completely bought into the plan.

“Of course not Steph,” I replied, offering my hand to her to stand back up “you think I want everyone to know what I just told you?”

She stood up, letting out another tell-tale gasp, indicating she had to move quickly. Her modesty long gone, I watched as she unbuckled her pants and carefully stepped out of them, trying not to release any more pee in her clothing. She carefully folded them and bent over to lay them in the corner of the elevator.

I watched as the thin material of her simple white cotton panties pulled into the cleft of her well-toned ass when she bent over, the pale yellow stain on the crotch visible between her legs. She stood and placed her thumbs in the waste band of her panties, about to take them off, and then froze.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

She started to turn about 7 different shades of red, as she was trying to figure out how to respond.

“Ummmm….I guess I have my own little college secret too,” she said, in almost a whisper, as she slowly peeled her damp panties down her long, long legs.

As she stepped out of her panties, I couldn’t help but stare at the wispy light brown hair that covered her mound, and then I noticed the small images on the insides of each of her thighs, right below her crotch. She brought her hands down to cover her pussy, in an attempt to salvage her last shred of dignity, as well as hold back the pending flood, but her hands couldn’t cover the little tattoos, one of an angle, and one of a devil, that bordered the entrance to her womanhood.

Her eyes still glued to the floor, she continued, “My freshman year I got into a lot of trouble,” she admitted in a steady, measured tone, “it was my first time away from home, and I allowed myself to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh.”

My cock grew even harder, knowing that there was a closet slut bottle up under all that repression. As she was telling her story, like it was some bad dream, I removed my shirt and tie, and got into position on the floor.

“That’s when I knew I had to devote myself to the Lord, who saved me from my wicked ways,” her admission continued, the memories however not being totally unpleasant, as I now saw her nipples starting to poke through the thin material of her blouse. She stepped over me, and I was looking up at her like she was an Amazon warrior princess.

“These are a reminder of the depths to which I sank during that time,” she explained, allowing her hands to drop to her sides, exposing her tattoos like she was entering evidence in a courtroom. What my eyes also noticed was how inflamed her labia were, as her pussy lips hung down lewdly between her legs, her engorged clit clearly visible.

She knelt down over me, a knee by each of my ears, her pussy about a foot from my mouth, lowering it slowly as she continued her story, almost in a trance. I could smell the delicious combination of Ivory soap and fresh piss coming from her crotch.

“One Friday night I went out with a couple guys from one of my classes. We were drinking and partying pretty hard at one of the downtown dance clubs. I don’t remember many more details of that weekend, just waking up in their fraternity house on Sunday, in a king sized bed with them and two of their frat brothers, all of us naked, and these new tattoos on my thighs.”

Her pussy now resting on my open mouth, her story seemed to distract her from her need for urgent release. I laid there patiently waiting for her to start her stream.

Then I felt it, ever so slightly, she started to rock her hips, rubbing her clit on the roughness of the 5 o’clock shadow starting on my upper lip. Her story, and our current situation, seemed to have transported her back in time, releasing her inner slut.

I looked up at her through her sparse pubic hair and noticed she had her eyes closed and was rubbing her breasts through her shirt, squeezing and pinching her nipples. I took this as an invitation and pushed my tongue in between her meaty labia and deep within her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” came the moan from above, as she increased the movements of her hips to get my probing tongue to hit just the right places. I brought my hands up to caress the firm globes of her naked ass as I reveled in the pungent taste of her sex. Looking up again, I saw that she had pulled off her shirt was removing her bra.

My hands followed her smooth skin from her glorious ass, up her sides, until I found her firm breasts. Another loud moan came from above as I took over pinching her rock hard nipples while my tongue started an assault on her clit. Shifting her weight a little, she reached behind her and started rubbing my cock through my pants, lost in the pleasures my hands and tongue were providing.

Her moans were getting louder and her breathing more rapid, as she leaned forward and grabbed my head with both hands, pulling my face deeply into her crotch as she started to shudder in orgasm. My mouth filled with the flavor of sweet girl cum as I struggled to breath through my nose with her full weight pushing her pussy onto my mouth.

And then the flood started.

My mouth immediately filled with the hot salty brine of her piss, and I started to swallow rapidly to try to keep up with the flow. Her piss started to leak from the corners of my mouth, down my face and neck, so I gently slapped her ass to bring her back to reality and try to keep her from drowning me. She looked down at me with a smile, and pinched off her flow just a bit to allow me to catch up with the volume.

“You ARE enjoying this, aren’t you, you wicked man?” she said as her hazel eyes stared into my soul.

“More than you can imagine, Steph,” was my beaming reply.

With that she knelt up off my face and started working herself further down my body, rubbing her dripping cunt over my bare chest, resting it directly over my throbbing member trapped in my navy blue suit pants.

Leaning down, she placed her face close to mine, but quickly pulled back when I went to kiss her. Stretching forward, she repeated this tease, letting each nipple fall almost to within the grasp of my lips, pulling them away before I could get a taste. Giggling down at me, she seemed to be really enjoying this dominant position.

Timing it just right, I watched intently as her left nipple came back into range, and proudly caught it between my front teeth just as she was pulling away. Simultaneously, she let out a yelp, along with a short blast of piss, which leaked through the material of my suit pants, dousing my cock.

“MMMmmmmmmm” I hummed over her nipple as the warmth of her hot piss soaked into my pants and around my balls.

“You want more, sinner?” she asked with a wicked smile, then released her bladder again, an obvious sign that her question was rhetorical. Sucking on her nipple I grabbed her ass and started humping up into her spraying pussy as she drenched me from the waist down in her hot piss.

We continued to grind together as I alternated my sucking between her breasts and squeezed her firm ass, until her piss stream subsided. After a few more minutes of grinding, I pulled her close and blew a huge load of cum into my piss soaked pants. She continued to rub her clit on my cock through my pants, milking every last drop of cum out of me, until she shudder again in her second orgasm.

She then stood up without a word, returned to her pile of clothes and starting getting dressed.

Standing up, I looked down at myself, looking as though I just lost a fight with a fire hose…which I did. Putting my shirt back on, I felt the elevator car lurch again, the main lighting flashed back on, and we restarted our descent.

As the car slowed to a stop at the 9th floor, Stephanie leaned in close, gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered “Thank you, your secret is safe with me,” as she shoved something into my pants pocket.


The elevator door slowly slid open, and we were greeted by the elevator technicians and half the staff of our office, who all started to laugh, staring at my piss soaked crotch.

“Looks like someone couldn’t make it to the bathroom!” Stephanie said with a smirk and a twinkle in her eyes, as she stepped off the elevator looking as conservatively clean and pressed as she did when she stepped on.

Standing there dumbfounded, I reached into my pocket and felt a ball of damp material and broke into a huge smile as I exited the elevator after her.

My reward for assistance above and beyond the call of duty were those plain white piss soaked panties of hers.

My day just kept getting wetter….I mean better!

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Female Desperation And Diaper Peeing Story

A female desperation and diaper peeing story I came across

Two hours in a meeting and still one and a half hours before she would be home.

The meeting was too important to be excused. She was mentally hitting her on the head for drinking half a gallon of soda an hour before the meeting started and now she had to pee so badly, she feared her bladder might explode.

She wouldn’t have this problem now if the toilets on the subway were open, but some idiot locked them. No matter what she tried or who she asked, there was no way in there.

So there she was, standing on the platform, waiting for the subway, wobling on her toes.

She prayed it would get here fast and that she could sit, but with the amount of people waiting, she would be lucky to even get on.

It took less than five minutes before the subway arrived, but it seemed an eternity.

She tried to be the first one to get in but, as the door opened, it was already packed. And since she was in front of the door, everyone behind her pushed her in and ended up against one of the metal poles. There was no way for her to move, she was trapped on all sides.

As soon as the subway started going, she felt her bladder being pressed against the pole. She let out a small squeal from the pressure on her bladder and quickly pressed her hand between her legs to keep from losing control.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it in much longer and her brain was storming for a solution.

Suddenly the subway hit the break and people were bumping against her. Almost losing balance, she held a tight grip on the pole but, for just a second, she lost control over her bladder. The bit of pee she lost was mostly absorbed by her red cotton panties, but she could feel some drops tickle down her thighs. She used her hand to wipe the drips of pee off her legs and pressed her fingers harder on her pee hole.

As the subway was getting near the next station, she remembered a small mall nearby.

She hoped for dear life there would be restroom nearby.

When the subway stopped, she frantically pushed her way through the crowd towards the door. With all the pushing and getting out of the subway, another few small squirts of pee came out. Most of it was absorbed by the red cotton panties, but she could still feel the pee going down her legs, into her black leather boots.

While forcing her bladder to hold on, she rushed as fast as she could to the nearest store and asked for a restroom, but they wouldn’t offer it.

She stood outside the door of the store, hands between her legs, looking around in panic for a way of relief.

Then she saw a small grocery store and hoped for any compassion there. She ran over there, feeling more little drips of pee dripping down her legs and filling her boots.

In there, she asked the woman behind the cash register, but she was unable to help.

There was no way out. She had one final solution, but she had to act fast.

She rushed to the diaper section and grabbed the first young teenage diaper she could find. Luckily there was no one else in the store so she rushed to the cash register and, with the diapers in a paper bag, went out of the store as quickly as she could.

She ran across from the grosery store, into a clothing store. As calm as she could be, she snatched the first shirt she could lay her hands on and walked to the fitting rooms. Once in there, she tore the diaper bag open and frantically struggled to unfold the diaper. Her bladder was pulsing and pushing, ready to explode.

As she raised her short black skirt, she saw the wet pee stain on her red cotton panties. Quickly, she put the diaper on over her already wet and pee stained panties and made sure it sat right.

She wasn’t sure if the amount of pee would be entirely absorbed, so she grabbed another diaper to be sure there was no leaking.

As she was unfolding the second diaper and getting ready to put it on, she tried to gently release the hold on her bladder, but every time she relaxed her muscles, the pee started squirting out like a waterfall.

As soon as she had the second diaper on, she just let go. She stood there, in the fitting room of a clothing store, watching herself in the mirror, as the daiper started growing. She could feel the hot pee against her clit and making its way to her butt crack. She felt like peeing forever and feared those two diapers weren’t enough to hold all that pee. She checked the diapers and felt her thighs, but aside from the pee she lost before, there was nothing dripping down her legs.

Finally her bladder was empty and sighed in relief.

She pressed the pee filled diaper and checked if there were any leaks, but the diapers seemed to have absorbed all of it. She pulled down her short black skirt and made sure the diaper was hidden underneath the skirt.

After fixing herself, she left the fitting room and headed for the subway to get home.

When she arrived at the station, the subway just arrived. She pushed herself through the crowd and towards the door. She wasn’t planning on sitting because, with a pee filled diaper, she would surely leak and sit in a puddle of pee for all to see. Instead she wanted to stand between the crowd, so no one would notice her wearing a diaper.

She stepped inside and waited by a metal pole for the crowd to surround her.

As the subway was moving, she looked around to see if anyone was looking her way, but no one was paying her any attention.

She slid her hand under her skirt and felt the thick diaper. She caressed it and pressed it gently against her clit.

Slowly the subway started to empty and after an hour, most people were gone. Even though there were plenty of seats, she still stood close by the door.

She looked out the window, playing back the last few hours and felt her clit throbbing against the thick diaper.

Then the subway stopped at the final station. She stepped out and walked towards her house.

When she came to her apartment, her keys slipped out of her hands as she tried to open the door. As soon as she went through her knees to pick it up, she felt some pee dripping off of her butt and on the floor. She stood back up and went inside.

Once inside, she took off her coat and went into the bedroom. She stood in front of her dressing mirror and raised her skirt to admire the bulky diaper.

She rubbed it against her and caressed the front and back. Her hand moved up, passed her skirt and under her top, feeling up her breasts. Watching herself squirm, she slowly removed her top, revealing her red bra. Her nipples were hard and looked like they might tear through the fabric. Her hands moved back down, from her breasts to her skirt and hooked her skirt on her fingers, pulling it down. The skirt fell on her boots. She kicked the skirt aside and looked at herself wearing nothing but her bra, her pee soaked panties underneat two pee filled diapers and her long black boots.

She decided to drink some more soda, hoping she would have to pee soon again.

Walking to the kitchen, she made sure the door was locked and no one was able to peek through the windows. She still had a gallon of soda in the fridge, so she took the bottle, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and sat on the couch.

During a movie, her mind went back to her desperation earlier that day.

She looked at the bottle and noticed it half empty. She decided to run over to an ATM to get some cash for when she had to take the subway the next morning.

She went to her bedroom, got dressed and figured she better get rid of the filled diapers and her wet panties and wear a fresh diaper.

She stood in front of her mirror and gently tore the diapers lose. They were still moist and felt heavy. After the diapers were off, she checked her panties. There was not a single thread of fabric dry. After removing her panties, she moved a finger between her lips and spread her juice over her clit. After sucking her finger clean, she put on a clean diaper and her coat and went out the door.

There was an ATM just around the corner from her apartment, but it was a nice night so she went for a walk to another ATM, which took about fifteen minutes to reach.

After a few minutes, she felt the first sign from her bladder filling up. The thought of her needing to pee was hardening her nipples. By the time she reached the ATM, she was dancing in front of it while trying to retrieve her money.

On the way back, the desperation became stronger. She had to stop a few times to catch her breath and to control her bladder.

By the time she arrived at her front door, she was frantic. She quickly went inside, threw off her coat and decided to take a last big swig of soda. Then she took her towel and went to the bedroom, laying the towel in front of the mirror.

Her bladder was about to explode while she took off her top, skirt and boots.

Then she stood on the towel with nothing on but her bra and her diaper.

Her nipples were totally erect and her pussy was soaking in her diaper. Her clit was throbbing and her bladder was aching for relief. She took off her bra and caressed her breasts and nipples. Then she took one hand an moved it under the diaper to feel her wetness. She positioned her hand over her pussy and, while looking in the mirror, started to pee.

The warm gush of pee flowed between her fingers into the fresh diaper. She could see the yellow stain of pee growing on the outside of the diaper. Her hand was emerged in a sea of pee and seeped into her butt crack. She felt the outside of the diaper and felt tense and warm.

After the last drops of pee left her pee hole, she removed her hand from within the diaper and played with her breasts and nipples, while letting the pee settle and giving the diaper time to absorb the most of it. She was so horny and her clit was throbbing so hard, it wouldn’t take much to come violently. She pushed the filled diaper with one hand against her throbbing clit and the other against her butt, putting so much preasure on the diaper, it started leaking. Pee was running down her thighs, down her legs and ending under the soles of her feet on the towel. She kept pressing and pressing, squeezing the pee out of the diaper and onto her naked body.

She rubbed the wet diaper against her pussy and then came multiple times with hard, violent shocks. In the mirror, she saw herself shaking with pleasure and shimmering with pee.

After she calmed down, she ripped open the diaper and carressed her naked body with the inside and pushing her breasts in it. Then she lay the diaper on the towel, sat on the mushy diaper and, facing the mirror, spread her legs and fingered herself while forcing herself to pee more and more. After an hour of being in extacy, she lay exhausted and sweating on her diaper in a puddle of pee and come.

She stood up, looked at herself, smiled in satisfaction and head for the shower.

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Threesome Piss Story Revisited

I know some of you hate when I revisit posts here but I was reading through this threesome pissing story again the other day and felt it needed to go back to the front page. For those that have not read it before enjoy.

“Fuck!” I said, stomping on the brakes and bringing us down from 80 mph to 15 real quick. “Of course, why wouldn’t there be a fucking traffic jam on a Sunday night?” Neither Katie nor Gina replied as I slammed my fist on the steering wheel and brought us to a complete stop. All four lanes were backed up for as far as the eye could see, and I knew that we weren’t going to be moving anytime soon.

Resigning myself to the fact that it would probably take us an hour to move the four miles to our exit, I shifted in my seat and tried to relax. The girls were gabbing about something, and I took a couple moments to recall the day. We had gotten up early, swung by to pick up Gina, and then headed up to visit our friend Lorri for the day. We had spent most of the afternoon drinking beers and floating in her pool, and it had been all I could do to hide my everlasting hard-on while looking at the three of them in their tiny bikinis. Now all I wanted to do was drop Gina off and get home so I could fuck Katie silly.

So, as we’re moving ahead a foot at a time, and I’m thinking about the girls in the pool, Gina suddenly announces, “Oh shit, I gotta pee.”

“Well,” I tell her, “You’re gonna have to hold it, ‘cuz I’m going as fast as I can.”

“This sucks! I really gotta go bad,” she replied, “If we don’t start moving soon, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it.”

I hadn’t really noticed it, but now that she was talking about it, I suddenly realized that I had to piss pretty badly too. And the more I tried not to think about it, the worse it got. I looked ahead, but we had barely moved, and I saw no sign of any immediate improvement either. We had a definite problem on our hands.

Ten minutes passed and nothing changed except for the increasing pressure on our full bladders. “Oh man, I really really really have to piss,” Gina practically whined, and I could feel her pain.

“Yeah, me too,” I told her, “But there’s nothing I can do. You’re going to have to hold it or find something to go in. See if there’s any cups or anything back there you can use.”

“Ohhh,” she groaned, “This really sucks.” But she bent down and started rummaging under the seats.

“Katie, how are you doing?” I asked, looking across at her. I wasn’t that surprised to see that her nipples were hard and sticking out prominently against her thin tank-top.

She caught me looking, and started to blush a deep red. “I’m okay right now, but I don’t know for how much longer. I can feel it starting to build.”

I grinned at her, and she blushed even more. I knew that pee really turned her on, and it looked like just the mention of it had her excited already. If things continued the way they were heading, she was going to be in heaven.

“Well, why don’t you reach under your seat and grab me that empty beer bottle I handed you earlier?” As she bent to do that, I glanced back at Gina. She had her legs crossed tightly (which made her shorts ride up nicely on those firm thighs), and was squirming around in her seat. “Gina, how ya doing sweetie? Find anything?”

“No. And if I don’t do something soon, I’m going to piss my damn pants right here in the car.”

I heard Katie’s slight intake of breath as she handed me over the bottle, and knew that she would like nothing more than for Gina to do just that. That she would probably like to be back there with Gina, watching, or even touching her as she wet herself. Gina, I was sure, had no clue as to Katie’s interest, and I thought that somehow made it that much more interesting.

Katie wasn’t the only one aroused though. The more I thought about it, the more I found myself liking the situation, and looking forward to what would happen. I kind of hoped that Gina would piss all over herself, and that then maybe Katie would to; or better yet, maybe somehow they would end up pissing together. My cock was now almost fully hard, making the urge to piss that much more demanding. But I also realized that it was going to make it more difficult as well.

“Well girls, it looks we’re going to have to throw modesty out the fucking window, and take turns pissing in this bottle, ‘cause we’re not going anywhere,” I told them. “Think anyone will notice?”

“I don’t care if they do,” Gina replied, “I’m about ready to get out and squat right in the fucking road.”

“Wouldn’t that be a sight?” I laughed, “A free pee show for all these Sunday drivers. What do ya think would happen to traffic then?”

We all started laughing uncontrollably, more at the situation than anything else, and each time we’d almost stop, one of us would laugh once more and we’d all start over again. Finally, Gina was panting, “Stop! No more. Oh god, I’m going to explode if I laugh anymore.”

“All right, all right,” I said, “Let’s get this over with.” I had the bottle in one hand, and was fumbling with my shorts with the other, trying to get my semi-hard cock free of its confines. Katie was watching me intently and leaned over to help, not that she proved to be much better than I. Glancing at her, I quickly realized why. She was using this opportunity to stare back at Gina, rather than actually get my cock free. I looked over my shoulder to get a peek for myself. Gina’s head was thrown back, her whole body twitching, and I could see that she actually had one hand pressed against her crotch now, trying to physically hold it in.

I realized that the gentlemanly thing to do would have been to give her the bottle and let her go first, but . . . well, I had to admit that I wanted her to piss her shorts right there in the back seat. I didn’t care whether she pissed all over the seat or not; I just wanted to watch that wet spot blossom and grow all across the crotch of her shorts, and think about it flowing down her buttocks until she was sitting in a nice warm puddle of her own urine, her panties clinging stickily to her pussy lips. I could almost see Katie climbing back over the seat to bury her face in Gina’s damp, fragrant crotch, her pink tongue . . .

‘Whoa! Hold on there,’ I thought, pushing the image from my mind. ‘If something happens, it happens – watch and enjoy. But in the meantime, take care of matters at hand.’ A gap had opened up between me and the car in front of me as traffic had moved slightly ahead, and I eased the car forward until we were even once again. Then, hoping that no one in the cars around us was looking, I pushed Katie’s inept hands away and pulled out my semi-erect cock.

Holding the bottle against the tip, I tried to relax and just let the piss flow. It took a few seconds, but finally I managed to relax enough so a couple drops spilt forth. Then, once the seal was broken, I began to piss loudly and forcefully into the bottle.

As soon as Gina heard the sound of my flowing piss, that was the last straw. “Oh fuck,” she cried, and I knew right away that she had lost it.

I glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw that she had her head thrown back and her eyes closed. Taking the opportunity, I quickly reached up and adjusted the mirror so that it reflected her lower half. Already a dark spot was beginning to bloom in the crotch of her cut-off jean shorts, and a long, continuous moan was escaping her throat.

“Oooohhhh Godddddd,” she groaned, “sssooooo waaarrrmmm.”

Her moans were suddenly joined by whimpers – Katie’s whimpers – and I turned my head slightly to see what she was up to. She was turned around in her seat, on her knees facing the back, and staring intently at Gina’s crotch.

“Yesss, yesss, yesss,” she hissed quietly over and over, as she watched the front of Gina’s shorts become completely soaked through with her piss. One hand was down the front of her shorts, and I knew that she was masturbating, each word accompanied by a hiss of pleasure as she rubbed her clit, “oh god, yes, yes, so beautiful.”

It was beautiful I thought, flicking my gaze back to Gina. The stain had spread all across the front of her shorts and down the legs of them, and it was obvious that she was now sitting in a puddle of her own hot piss. And she still wasn’t done. She continued to moan as her piss continued to flow, but now her eyes popped open and she saw Katie staring down at her with lust-filled eyes, and heard Katie’s words and the sound of her masturbating.

Gina’s eyes widened with surprise, but she found that she couldn’t look away any more than she could force herself to stop pissing. She stared Katie in the eyes, and continued to moan softly as Katie urged her on.

Suddenly, beside me, knowing that Gina was watching her, Katie picked up her pace. Her fingers were now making wet slurping sounds, and a moment later I realized why, as I spotted the wet spot at the crotch of her shorts and the yellow stream that was flowing down the inside of her thighs. She was pissing too, and it was driving her wild, “Yes, oh yeah, piss, piss for me baby, oh, yesss, oh fuck, fuck, YESSSSS!” The last was almost a howl, and there was no doubt that she had just came.

She thrashed wildly about as her orgasm spasmed through her, her eyes never leaving Gina’s piss-stained crotch, until finally she collapsed against the seat, totally spent, her urine now slowing to a trickle as it dripped down her thighs.

I wanted to lean over and run my tongue up her leg, lick up those savory droplets as they coursed slowly down her smooth skin, and then bury my face in her wet fragrant crotch. I wanted to suck the piss from her pussy lips and bring her to orgasm again with my mouth, but traffic was starting to open up finally, and I had to refocus my attention on the road.

Not that I didn’t continue to glance at my two piss-soaked beauties here and there. Katie remained facing backward in her seat, eyeing Gina, slight tremors still running through her body, aftershocks of her orgasm. While Gina (who had finally finished peeing as well), now sat in a kind of slumped, exhausted sprawl, her shorts completely soaked through and the seat squishing beneath her at her every movement; which was every few seconds considering the texture of the roads in Detroit. The two of them seemed to be communicating without saying a word, and I was waiting to see what would happen next.

As if answering my thoughts, Katie reached over and plucked the beer bottle, which I was still holding unconsciously, from my hand. I had filled it nearly three-quarters of the way with my piss, and Katie glanced at it admiringly. Then with a wicked, little smile she raised it to her lips and took a drink. Immediately, a deep moan sounded from her throat as her mouth filled with my warm urine. She swallowed, let her mouth fill again, swallowed again, and repeated this once more, the last time letting the salty beverage overflow her lips and run down her chin and neck to course between her heaving breasts and soak into her thin tanktop.

“Mmmmmmm, so warm,” Katie moaned, crudely tonguing the neck of the bottle as if it were a cock.

All this time Gina remained silent, watching closely, and I wondered what she thought of the lascivious display. I couldn’t tell from her expression if she was disgusted or aroused, and I was amazed at how brazenly Katie was revealing her secret fetish.

Katie, having already started though, wasn’t about to stop. She pulled the lever and pushed the back of the seat down so that it was flat, causing Gina to have to scoot over to the middle of the backseat. Then, she eased herself towards Gina and raised the bottle to her lips. To my surprise, Gina didn’t pull away, and as the first couple drops of piss dripped onto her lips, her tongue snaked out and licked them up. Obviously enjoying it, and quickly sinking into Katie’s depravity, her mouth parted and she allowed Katie to pour the warm fluid into her mouth.

She almost gagged as her mouth rapidly filled, but then she managed to swallow and accept another mouthful, and then another. Katie was moaning and mewling with delight as she watched the perverted scene that she was directing. She began to slide the bottle from side to side, coating all of Gina’s face, causing it to pour from her chin and run down her neck to her tits. Seeing Gina’s hard nipples outlined against the now damp fabric of her top, Katie reached out and pulled it over her head; then untied her bikini top and pulled it down, fully revealing her big, bouncy tits. Katie now directed the dwindling flow from the bottle across those full breasts and hard nipples, eliciting groans of approval from Gina’s piss-coated throat.

The bottle finally empty, Katie leaned her head down and buried her face between Gina’s boobs, lapping at the wetness that covered them. She licked and sucked them dry, getting every last drop, savoring the salty tang of my piss and Gina’s sweat, ending up with Gina’s rigid nipple locked firmly between her lips.

Gina’s head was thrown back again, her pussy on fire. She couldn’t believe the feelings that were coursing through her body. Her diamond-hard nipples were searing points of pleasure as Katie continued to suck and nibble on them. The rest of her body was covered with piss, and she was thoroughly enjoying every second of it, the warmth, the depravity, and especially the taste of it coating her mouth and throat. Now all she needed was her aching pussy to be filled.

I jerked my attention briefly back to the road, where I swerved in time to just avoid running right up the back of the old fart in front of me. Damn people, driving 55 in the left lane. I went around him, switched back to the left lane and sped up to 80. I needed to hurry up and get home, so I could get in on some of the action that was taking place in the backseat. My cock was so hard that it hurt, and it was everything that I could do not to jerk off as I continued to watch the events taking place back there, but I didn’t want to waste it on my hand when I could bury my cock in one or both of those tight pussies. But, oh man, they were driving me crazy!

Katie was still on her hands and knees on the reclined seat, her ass waving invitingly just to the right of me, her shorts riding up exposing the bottom of her ass-cheeks and the large wet stain covering her crotch. Again, how I wanted to lean over and bury my face in that wetness. Instead, I glanced in the mirror again to see what they were up to now.

As I looked, Katie was lowering her head farther, licking her way down Gina’s stomach towards her soaked crotch, until she pushed her face firmly into that damp valley. Both girls were moaning loudly as Katie ground her face against the crotch of Gina’s saturated jean shorts, covering herself with Gina’s spent fluids. All I could see was the back of her head, but I could hear her sucking lewdly on the fabric of Gina’s shorts, trying to draw Gina’s piss from them and into her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Gina squealed, “Oh yes. That’s it. Suck up my piss you dirty, little slut! Yeah, lick it up. Lick it! Can you taste it? Can you taste my hot, dirty piss? Huh? Do you like it? Oh god, oh god yessss!”

Katie didn’t bother to answer, just continued to grind her face into Gina’s crotch, sucking and slurping what she could. Then after a few more moments, she pulled Gina up and maneuvered her until she was on all fours next to her, facing forward, her head now up by me. Katie began tugging on Gina’s shorts, and finally, after a little struggle, managed to push them down off her hips.

So she was going in for the real thing, I thought, still juggling watching the road and watching the two of them. So did Gina, begging, “Oh yes… oh Katie. Katie, lick my pussy. Lick my pissy little pussy. Make me cum, oh… I need to cum! Lick meeee!” The last was almost a plaintive wail, as Katie slid down Gina’s bikini bottom, fully exposing her pussy and ass.

But before she dove in, she had a couple other things planned. She leaned over and stuffed Gina’s piss-soaked bikini in my mouth!

“Suck on these!” she hissed, and I opened up submissively, allowing her to force-feed that warm, wet fabric into my mouth, almost gagging she pushed so much of it in. “Suck the piss from this slut’s dirty panties! Suck them clean!”

I started sucking as commanded. Pulling the tangy fluid from the fabric, feeling it trickle down the back of my throat. Oh god, I loved it! Loved every second, every humiliating moment.

Gina was watching me as I sucked on her soiled bottoms, obviously loving the perversion of it. “How does it taste?” she asked, and I shuddered with pleasure at the crudeness of the question. “Oh Katie, you’re so dirty! I love it,” she continued.

“No,” Katie replied, burying a hand in Gina’s hair and pushing her face towards my crotch, where my rock-hard cock was begging for some much needed attention, “Dirty is when I fuck you in the ass with this bottle, while you deep-throat my boyfriend’s big cock.”

Gina let out a little squeal, and even I glanced over at Katie in surprise at this unexpected comment, but then Gina’s mouth was on my cock, and all both of us could answer with was grunts and groans. Katie smiled at me mischievously. “Don’t forget to keep an eye on the road,” she said and then disappeared into the back seat.

Keep an eye on the road? Yeah right! How the hell was I supposed to do that? What, with Gina slobbering hungrily over my cock, and knowing that Katie was about to get really naughty in the backseat, it didn’t seem likely. Still, I tried; alternating glances between the road in front of me and Katie in the rear-view mirror.

As I looked back, I found Katie waiting to catch my gaze. Then with a wink and a smile, she lowered her face towards Gina’s raised ass. I looked forward then back. Her face now buried in Gina’s crack, her eyes still visible above, watching me, savoring my reaction, I got the distinct impression that she was tonguing Gina’s ass. Which was confirmed a moment later.

“Gina, do you like that baby? Do you like the feel of my tongue in your ass?” Katie purred. Gina must have, because she began to moan louder, while continuing to rocket her mouth up and down on my huge erection. “Good, because you’re about to get a whole lot more,” Katie promised.

I glanced back and watched as Katie brought the beer bottle up to Gina’s ass. She began to work it around that saliva-soaked entrance, all the while smiling at me naughtily. I couldn’t believe she was actually going to go through with it. But a moment later, when Gina squealed and began sucking me even more ferociously, I realized that she had actually penetrated the tight ring of Gina’s ass. All the while, she had a huge smile on her face, and I could tell that she was enjoying her domination of Gina immensely.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you, you little slut?” Katie panted, beginning to thrust the bottle deeper and deeper into Gina’s asshole. “You like it up the ass, huh?”

“I knew you would,” Katie continued, working the bottle faster and faster as Gina began to grunt and groan like a pig, thrusting her ass back to meet each push, never losing her grip on my cock. “I knew you’d like it in the ass. You’re such a dirty whore! First, you drink my piss, then you take it up the ass. My god, what a slut. What a dirty, naughty slut you are Gina!”

Gina must have like being called a slut even more, because her grunts rose to a crescendo and she began to buck her body viciously against Katie’s driving hand, her mouth sucking down firmly on my hard shaft. I could feel my orgasm begin to build, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was spraying her throat with my pearly cum.

Katie was still fucking her hard. I could see her pull the bottle almost all the way out each time before plunging it back deeply as she could into Gina’s ass. “I can’t wait to get you home and see what other kind of naughty things we can get you to do. Maybe I’ll sit on your face while Jack fucks you in the ass, what do you think of that? You can suck me clean, while he pumps his cum deep into this juicy little asshole. Oh yeah!”
The pure depravity of her Katie’s last statement threw me over the edge, and I began coming in Gina’s mouth. Spurt after spurt, shooting out of me so forcefully I could barely keep my hands on the wheel. I came like I never came before, filling Gina’s mouth and then some. It was all I could do to stay on the road as my body clenched and I emptied my balls into her sucking mouth.

Gina let out a loud, muffled scream as my sperm coated her tongue and shot down her throat, and I knew she was coming also. Her back arched violently, and her whole body shook, as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her, until finally she collapsed in my lap, a sweaty, piss-soaked, exhausted heap.

As my eyes finally uncrossed, I saw that we were approaching our exit and I got over onto the off-ramp. As we exited, I glanced back at Katie. She was grinning happily, obviously pleased with herself and what she had caused, but I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t yet finished. I thought about her last comments, and as the last of my cum dripped out onto Gina’s lips, I pushed down on the accelerator, eager to get home.

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Diaper Peeing Story

Its been a long time since we have had a peeing story, I came across this and though you may all enjoy a it.

It was a late night in May as Chelsea lay in bed illuminated by the screen of her lap top. At the moment Chelsea was indulging in one of her most kinky and secret pleasures; she was a wetter.

She loved the feeling of the instant when her bladder was unable to hold back the flood of pee any longer; first resisting the impending flood, but then allowing it to escape in full force into whatever, if anything, she was wearing. She not only loved pissing in her panties but she had recently become interested in diapers.

Chelsea was petite 18 year old girl just finishing up her final month of high school. She had bright green eyes and long wavy blond hair that fell just short of her round shapely ass. She was quite slender and had long toned legs, but was actually quite busty on top. She normally wore a 36C bra but on this current night she did not.

Her gorgeous supple body lay on her bed completely exposed except for the partial cover given by her hair as it lay draped across her luscious tits allowing only one fully aroused nipple to penetrate her golden locks. She was quite the sight as she lay illuminated by the light from her laptop wearing nothing but a pull-up diaper which was quite snug and tightly cupped her rapidly moistening hairless pussy.

She was feeling particularly kinky this evening and decided to try on one of the pull-ups she had bought last week and had hidden in her panty drawer which was also home to her numerous sex toys and a bag of pot which she had just finished smoking a joint from thinking that it may help to lower her inhibitions from the act she was planning to perform.

She watched with lust as the scene unfolded before her on her laptop. She watched as two young girls, naked except for the diapers they were wearing, slowly caressed in a lustful embrace. A man then entered the scene and the girls pulled his stiffening rod from his underwear and began to hungrily slobber over his cock.

One of the girls let the man’s cock drop from her mouth and laid flat on her back, while the other proceeded to straddle her face in a 69 position while still sucking on the throbbing cock in front of her; her body tensed briefly and then relaxed allowing her golden flood to fill her diaper which began to sag. She was grinding her soaking wet diaper covered pussy into the face of the girl below her who then pulled her diaper aside. She continued to lap at the golden nectar while she pressed her middle finger all the way into the pissing girl’s tight puckered ass. The girl on the bottom then let out a moan accompanied by an enormous flood that leaked around the sides of her diaper soaking the bed below.

As the girl on bottom continued to finger the others ass while licking her pussy, the man pulled his cock from the top girls mouth. He directed his attention to the girl on the bottom; he pushed the diaper against her pussy unleashing an even greater flood that was added to the already substantial puddle forming on the mattress.

He forcefully ripped the diaper to the side causing one of the side clasps to release revealing her bare, swollen pussy, still dripping with piss and her cum that dripped into the crack of her ass. He drove his saliva coated cock into the eagerly awaiting pussy and pumped in and out until he shot his cum into her pulsating pussy.

As he pulled out cum began to ooze out of her gaping hole which trickled down over her puckered ass and finally reached the soaked diaper where it mixed with her piss and cum.

The video continued but Chelsea could take no more; she had drunk over a gallon of water in the last hour purposely pushing her bladder to its limit. Her lower stomach was swollen with all of the water she had drank and the diaper was squeezing her bladder causing her pussy to release a few quick bursts of piss into her diaper before she clenched it back with all her might. She then delivered a steady push on her bladder; she couldn’t hold back the flood gates any longer and piss began to fill her diaper.

She felt the most amazing warmth that first started where the opening of her cunt was held firmly by the diaper but it quickly began to spread below into the crack of her ass and finally the warmth accumulated around the leg holes of her diaper and a small trickle escaped dripping onto her mattress.

At this moment she decided to prolong this orgasmic experience and stopped the flow of pee into her diaper. From under her pillow she pulled one of her favorite toys a thick seven inch bright purple vibrating dildo, which she eyed with lust. She unfastened the two sides of her pull-up allowing her to pull the front down while the rest of the soaked material remained beneath her dew covered ass. She was more wet than she had ever been in her life so she skipped the lube, cranked the dial on the bottom of the dildo to max power, and thrust it deep into her pussy.

Within seconds she could feel the approach of an orgasm; her first arrived seconds later sending the most intense wave of pleasure through her quivering body as another gush of pee shot from her soaking lips, some of which missed the diaper and soaked her sheets.

As she basked in the pleasure from the most intense orgasm she had experienced she slowly rubbed her middle finger around her asshole and allowing only her first digit to slip inside as it tightly clenched down in response to her probing and from the aftershock of her orgasm. Chelsea with a naughty grin released a few more squirts into her nearly satiated diaper.

Removing her finger from her ass she crammed the still vibrating dildo as far into her pussy as it would allow, pulled the diaper back over her pussy and refastened it. She squirmed with pleasure as the vibration encompassed her wet pussy, relishing in the feeling provided by her tightly fitting soaked diaper. As she felt her next orgasm approach she let go a surprisingly enormous amount of piss that was begging to escape her bladder.

As the urine flooded around her ass it began to pool within the diaper and gushed out of the seam between her fair skinned thigh and the diaper, completely soaking her bed beneath her. The kinkiness of filling her diaper with piss that it was unable to contain combined with the intense vibration within it pushed her over the edge.

Her hips bucked into the air allowing a streaming trail of urine to escape from her diaper which landed with a soft patter into the wetness below her. A long intense moan escaped through her clenched teeth reverberating around the room of the completely silent house in which her parents slept.

She collapsed with a sigh into the puddle of her piss, switched the vibrator off through the sodden material of her diaper, and passed into a deep content sleep.

In the morning she gently woke as a ray of the early morning sun fell upon the subtle freckles of her young face. She awoke feeling amazing, the events of last night not yet having penetrated the fog of her early morning slumber.

Her hand slowly dipped to her naked breast where it continued on its path to her pussy. As her hand brushed across the saggy wet lump of her diapered pussy she woke with a start. She lay completely naked without a blanket or sheet in the middle of her soaked mattress and her mother would be in to wake her any moment for school.

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