Kadie Peeing In Her Yoga Pants

From Ineed2pee we have the lovely Kadie. Kadie is a wonderful ineed2pee model we have had her in the past in Kadie Peeing In Her Pants Female Desperation Movie And Pictures And Jeans Leggings And Uniform Peeing From Ineed2pee. She has lost some weight recently and now looks very hot.

Kadie is in her yoga pants and desperate to pee we can see that her bladder is bulging. The story goes “Kadie is doing a new yoga routine with an instructor & she’s trying to hide the fact that her bladder is about to burst, she’s been holding it that long. She wants to finish but once she needs to spread her legs she feels her pent up hot piss just pouring out through her thin panties & gushing through the denim Lycra material in pure shame!”

See Kadie Peeing Her Leggings Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 07.21.14
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Naughty Schoolgirls Pissing

From Sindrive we have some pissing pictures and trailer movie. This is the first time that we have featured Sindrive. It is a new website and covers a lot of fetishes peeing include. Today’s pictures have some panty peeing it also has some lesbian pissing so a mix for all. We starts off with three school girls outside and smoking they are having a great time till there teacher catches them and then the lesbian peeing fun begins

The story from Sin Drive goes like this “Cutie babe schoolgirls Nathaly Cherie, Bella Baby, and Cayla Lyons thought they could just sneak out o class and smoke some cigs out in the schoolyard, but when high class hottie of a teacher Lena Love catches them in the act she has to do her teacherly duty and punish these naughty girls! Of course, with her tits already practically hanging out of her satin blouse you have to know she’s up to something, some way to make this blatant breaking of the rules right, and as soon as she has them in her private quarters the lesbo golden shower power is on! These schoolgirls are getting pissed on and trained in all things golden shower, and by the time they’re done everyone is soaked, clothes are ripped, pussies are satisfied, and they’ve learned the most valuable lesson they ever will – that piss action rules!”

These are wonderful school girl peeing photos and trailer movie is great, not only do we have a wonderful panty pee we get some great lesbian pissing too. I just love how sexy these pissing ladies are and there is something wonderful about seeing their clothes wet with pee and clinging to their bodies.

See The Naughty School Girls Peeing

Visit Sin Drive Click Here

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Posted on 07.18.14
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Blonde MILF Caught Pissing outdoors

From Pisshunters we have a great outdoor voyeur pee. Pisshunters really do have some wonderful hidden camera pissing and we have been lucky enough to have had lots of lovely ladies caught here at PissBlog. If you have missed some of these wonderful voyeur pissing movies from the past check out Blonde Caught Pissing Outdoors, Brunette Caught Peeing Again, Voyeur Outdoor Peeing From Pisshunters, Redhead Peeing In The Piss Pit, Outdoor Voyeur Peeing Movie and Nerdy Looking Lady Caught Pissing. Today we have a Blonde Lady who is looking a little desperate to pee. She has tight pants on and seems to have a little difficulty to get them undone. she finally does and then she pulls her pantyhose down too.

She Squats down and it is a shame to see that she has some toilet paper in her hand, it is always nice to see the Pisshunters ladies pulling there panties up over the wet pissy pussy. She squats down and starts to piss she has that relieved look as the first squirt of piss sprays out. This is a powerful stream, her piss hits her boot and she has to move it and then her piss stream gets even stronger.

She is pissing in the dirt and her piss stream is getting stronger and stronger she keeps on pissing this is a great long pee. Her stream stops and then it starts again. How full she must have been before she started she really is pissing like a racehorse. She finishes pissing and  bounces a couple of times she wipes her piss drips off her pussy. She pulls her pants up and she is off . Another wonderful voyeur pissing from Pisshunters.

See The Blond MILF Pissing Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 07.15.14
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Peeing Around The House

From Wet And Pissy we have Xenia aka Zena Little. Wet and Pissy have brought us some great pissing pictures and movies and todays is no different. If you have missed some of the past Wet And Pissy posts check out Pissing Movie With Shione From Wet and Pissy Carla Cox From Wet And Pissy Victoria Daniels Peeing and Wet And Pissy Hairy Pussy Pissing. Today’s peeing movie from Wet and pissy has Xenia in her home and pissing in all sorts of places.

The story from Wet And Pissy goes like this “We hope you enjoy this compilation of pissing scenes from Xenia…Xenia is at home reading a book when she feels in the mood for something a little kinkier. She spreads her legs and pisses through the crotch of her pink shorts, soaking them with her warm nectar. Making a huge puddle of piss on the floor, Xenia looks very satisfied with herself! She takes off her shorts and wrings them out over her tank top, using them to soak up even more piss off the floor. Her tank top goes see-through and shows off her sexy pee soaked nipples while she rubs herself all over. Other clips include Xenia pissing in her kitchen sink and in a glass, pouring the golden goodness over herself!”

This is a great pissing movie Xenia is just so cute and having her in her home and pissing for us is juat wonderful.

See Xenia Peeing Here

Visit Wet And Pissy Click Here

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Posted on 07.12.14
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Pissing And Kissing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have the wonderful Alisha and Sosha. We have had some great posts from these two in the past and if you have missed them you can check out some of their wonderful wettings with Sexy Lesbian Peeing From HD Wetting, HD Wetting Movie Preview And Jeans Wetting, Alisha From HD Wetting Peeing and Lesbian Peeing And Shorts Pissing In The Sand. Today we join in when Sosha is on the toilet having a pee. Alisha comes in desperate to pee and when she sees Sosha on the toilet she is not impressed.

Alisha is desperate to pee but Sosha is in her way. Instead of waiting till Sosha has finished she straddles Sosha’s naked legs, sits down she starts to kiss her. As she is kissing Sosha she releases her bladder and starts to pee in her pants. Not only is she peeing in her pants she is also pissing all over Sosha. Just look at the piss that is flowing out of Alisha’s pants.

Alisha is pissing in her pants and it is soaking Sosha legs and pussy she is getting wetter and wetter and Alisha’s piss keeps running down her legs and splashing on the floor this is a wonderful lesbian pants wetting. Alisha’s bladder turns into a trickle and then stops and as she is still dripping piss. She kisses Sosha they kiss while they are soaked in pee. They finish there embrace and then get up, we can see Sosha’s piss soaked pissy and Alisha has a wonderful piss patch in her pants. Super sexy pants pissing.

See Alisha Pissing On Sosha Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 07.08.14
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Wetting Her Panties With Charlotte

From Wetting Her Panties we have my favourite panty peeing model Charlotte. There is something so sexy about her as she pees. We have had her before and if you have missed out check out all her wonderful wettings with her Here. Today we start off with her desperate to pee while in her panties. She is holding her crotch and her face tells a wonderful story, she is even bitting her lip. With the cold and her bursting bladder she can’t hold on, she turns around and starts to pee in her panties.

Charlotte turns around and squats down a little and starts to pee in her panties. Her pee floods out and starts to splash on the ground, she has pee running down her legs. She touches the crotch of her panties while she is still peeing and this makes her piss create even more rivers flowing down her legs.

Charlotte has fully soaked her panties they are dripping piss. She pulls her panties down and we can see that her feet are soaked in pee too she squeezes her panties to dry them and we get a wonderful shot of her cute vagina . This is once again a wonderful wetting with Charlotte.

See Charlotte Panty Peeing Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 07.05.14
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Dominika Peeing in her Green Jeans

From Real Wetting we have the wonderful Dominika. We have had her before in Dominika Peeing In Her Jeans and Peeing In Her Bikini From Real wetting. Today she is in green jeans and doing a pedicure. She is sitting on the floor and her legs are open as she is painting her toes, this is such a wonderful position for her to pee in her crotch is in the perfect position and her waist band is pressing into her bladder.

As Dominika is sitting she leans back and starts to pee the first drips of pee soak into her pants and then more and more pee gushes out. She lifts her bottom up a little and now as she is pissing in her pants her pee is running down to her bottom. It is as if she is presenting her crotch covered in denim to be sucked as she is peeing.

Dominika keeps on peeing in her pants and as she does she stands up and turns around. We can see her wonderful tight jeans as they are clinging to her bottom and the wonderful piss stain has made rivers down her kegs and the contrast in color is wonderful, her freshly pained toes are now getting soaked in her piss too. She pulls her piss soaked pants down to show her wet G-string. A truly wonderful pants peeing from Real Wetting.

See Dominika Peeing Her Pants Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 07.02.14
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Vipissy Pissing Movies

From VIPissy we have some more great pissing movies. We have had the pictures and short pissing trailers of a couple of them but now we have longer, bigger and better. We start off with Whitney Conroy and Paula Shy aka Christy Charming. We have had the pictures in Sexy Lesbian Peeing From Vipissy but today we get to see more. This has to be one of my favourite lesbian pissing movies, these two love piss they drink it suck it and well just get soaked. Wet hot nude lesbians what more could you ask for in a lesbian pissing movie. See Whitney and Paula in the lesbian pee movie here.

Next up we have Zena Little. We haven’t had the photos or movie here before and it is a shame, this is one hot couple piss. Zena is one sexy lady and this is a great piss movie Zena starts out reading a book, her boyfriend comes over and starts to pee on her. He soaks her top and then she starts to drink his piss. After finishing her piss, he licks her out while she pisses on herself and then well it turns into a very wet hardcore pissing movie. She loves piss and has such a good time in this couple piss movie. See Zena Little’s Pissing Movie Here

Last up we have hairy lesbian piss. We had the pictures and trailer in Lesbians Peeing from Vipissy and now we have the lesbian pissing movie. Once again this is one hot lesbian pee with the added bonus of a hairy pussy. There is something wonderful about seeing pee drops caught in the bush and in this pissing movie Loreen is all to happy to lick them off. Once again these two love piss and the movie is one wet and hot experience. See the hairy lesbian pee movie here.

Visit Vipissy Click Here

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Posted on 06.28.14
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Female Desperation And Pissing From Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have some wonderful female desperation and wetting. Ineed2pee has to be the best female desperation website around, not only are the models super sexy they get truly desperate before they lose control. Today we starts off with Christina. The story from Ineed2pee goes like this “She is an older milf in her 40’s but she still looks good, especially for the older ineed2pee fans. She’s got a great way of talking & doing the pee pee desperation dance. So you may notice she’s holding cup of water in one of the edits. She actually got pee shy right after the first teeny dribble. So we waited and she decided that drinking more water would help the situation. Well while in mid-drink she started peeing her pants & still holding this cup of water! This is a first; peeing while in the middle of drinking more water. This one may not have been a HUGE gusher but I can promise that her next one will be a BIG ONE!” It is a wonderful sight to see her dark pee stain in her spandex pants. See Christina pissing her leggings here.

Next up we have Briella, the story goes “Briella was late for her ineed2pee shoot and I kept giving her different outfits to try on but I wasn’t happy with most of them, little did she know that I was delaying it on purpose to watch her grow more & more desperate! She was grabbing her crotch so tightly at times & BEGGING me to hurry up and let her pee. Apparently she’s been holding it for quite some time & drank so much water to get ready for our shoot just now! She’s begging & doing the pee pee dance so sexily when she gasps & stops in her tracks as she loses bladder control and pisses her pants all the way down, soaking them totally. Her pee shows up very well on the light denim material. Very cute behind the scenes bit as well.” See Briella topless and peeing in her pants here.

Last up we have Sinn Sage, and what a wonderful female desperation and wetting it is. I love seeing chicks in leotards desperate and peeing. They always have such a struggle to get them off in time, it’s just a pity that there are not many leotard peeing movies around. Today Sinn sage is desperate to pee she makes it to the toilet hobbling but she can’t get undressed fast enough .She gets her shorts down but she is just to desperate and has to pee in her leotards over the toilet. What a wonderful sight, she is soaked in piss with her lovely breast showing. See Sinn Sage Peeing In Her leotards here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.24.14
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Carly Masturbating And Panty Peeing

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Carly. She is in her panties and lying on the bed and horny. Carly really gets into the scenes that she is in, if you can remember Lesbian Panty Peeing on The Bed I just loved how after Sosha finished peeing Carly got in there fingering and licking Sosha there was no messing about. Today she is on her own, Carly starts out rubbing her pussy through her white panties, she is getting more and more turned on and starts to finger herself.

Carly is fingering herself under her panties, she is getting quicker and quicker she stops she then rubs her pussy a couple of times and starts to pee. Her pee starts to soak into her panties and we can see as her pee patch grows until her panties are glistening and her pee stream seems to be pushing them out. Just look at the wonderful soaked crotch.

Carly keeps on peeing, her pee streams are exploding out the sides of her panties and soaking into the bed. The warm pee puddle in her bed that she is lying in is getting bigger and bigger. She rubs her piss soaked panties as she is finishing peeing, just imagine the wonderful warm dampness that her piss soaked panties would give off. She finishes peeing and as she lies in her pee soaked bed starts to rub her pussy through her wet panties till she cums. A super sexy scene from HD Wetting.

See Carly Peeing And Masturbating Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.18.14
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