Alisha Pissing In A Diaper

From HD Diapers we have the very sexy Alisha. We have had her in diapers with Niko in the past in Wet Diaper Lesbian Piss Play but today she is all alone in the lounge with a full bladder. She has tight leggings over the diapers and stats to pose for us, she plays around a little more and then pulls her leggings down to show her white diapers.

The story from HD Wetting goes like this “Under her dark blue leggings, Alisha has a secret- She is wearing a thick, tabbed, adult diaper.  We join Alisha in her living room.  She is wearing a long sleeved shirt and dark blue leggings.  Under her leggings, she tells us, she is wearing a diaper.  The camera zooms in for a close up as she pushes on the diaper, showing how thick the padding is under her tight leggings. To prove that she is actually wearing a diaper, she takes off the leggings, revealing the tabbed diaper underneath.  Once her leggings are off, she intentionally pees in the diaper.  We can clearly see in the video as the diaper fills up, changing colour as she pees herself. After she is done peeing in her diaper, she shows it off a bit for the camera.  Then, she takes it off, holding up so that we can appreciate just how soaking wet it is.

She stands there and starts to pee, her pee slowly flows into the diaper and as it does it starts to puff out. Her Diaper is filling in warm pee and starting to go yellow. She keeps on peeing and her diaper is getting more and more squishy. When she finishes peeing in her diaper she pushes it against her pussy and I bet the warmth is making her horny. She stands and undoes it and we get to see her pissy pussy too. A nice diaper pee from HD Wetting

See Alisha Pee In Her Diaper Here


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Posted on 07.03.17
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Sosha Pissing In Her Diapers

From HD Diapers we have the wonderful Sosha she is outdoors wearing a diaper and has a very full bladder. If you have missed some of the posts from HD Diapers check out Peeing In Diapers From HD Wetting and Wet Diaper Lesbian Piss Play Today Sosha is standing there and telling us how she likes to wet. She holds on a little longer and then she is busting

Sosha is full and her bladder is ready to explode. She pulls her diaper open a little and we get to see her shaved pussy encased in her warm diaper and she starts to pee. Her piss sprays out and starts to soak into the diaper.

She is pissing in her diaper, her yellow pee stream is looking great and her diaper is getting more and more soggy. There is a wonderful yellow puddle and then when she finishes peeing she pulls the now soaked diaper up again. The warm wet feeling must be great and I bet she is nearly having a orgasm standing there in her piss soaked diaper.

See Sosha Peeing Her Diaper Here

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Posted on 04.17.17
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Peeing In Diapers From HD Wetting

Something a little different today, we have some diaper pissing from HD Diapers. I’m not sure if anyone enjoys this but I think seeing a hot lady with a piss soaked diaper is quite sexy and today we have the lovely Nikko making three pissy messes for us. Let me know if you would like to see more diaper pissing in the future. We start off with Nikko in the forest, she has leggings and a diaper underneath. She looks turned on her nipples are hard and with her leggings pulled up we can’t really make out that she is wearing a diaper. As she is standing in the forest she pulls her leggings down a little and we can see her diapers. She pulls them back up and then as she is standing there she starts to pee. The diaper starts to fill up and then it starts to overflow, not only is she peeing in her diaper but she has pee running down her leggings. The diaper is filling more and we can now see it under her leggings as it starts to sag with the weight but it is overflowing too and she is soaking her leggings too. When she finishes peeing she pulls down her leggings and we can see that her diaper is full of piss and her leggings are soaked. See Nikko Peeing Her Diapers And Leggings Here

Next up we have Nikko still in the forest but naked except for her diaper, she really does look great with her breasts and hard nipples on show with her standing in her diaper. As she stands she starts to pee. Her diaper starts to get damp and fill and she keeps on peeing till it is all warm and squishy. She is so turned on now that still in her piss soaked diaper she sits on the ground and starts to masturbate. She plays with herself till she is cumming and then still sitting there she undoes her diaper and shows us her pissy mess too. See Nikko pissing and masturbating in a diaper here.

Last up Nikko is back at home in orange pants with a diaper on underneath, she really needs to pee and as she hops around she starts to let go. She is peeing in her diaper but her stream is to strong she has piss exploding out of her diaper and it is running down her legs. The piss marks in her orange pants is wonderful and she even has piss pooling at her feet. She finishes pissing herself and pulls her orange pants down to show us her piss soaked diapers too. See Nikko peeing in pants and diapers here

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Posted on 01.03.17
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Wet Diaper Lesbian Piss Play

From HD Diapers we have something a little different some wet diaper spanking.  Staring Alisha and Nikko who we have had from HD Wetting. If you have missed some of their lesbian wetting check out some of these posts, Pissing On Nikko, Alisha And Nikko From HD Wetting, Pants Peeing By The River and Alisha And Nikko Bondage Pee Movie Today HD Diapers has some fun for us Alisha is bent over and bound in her diaper she has pissed in them and we can see the big damp patch. Nikko is not to impressed that she has peed in her diaper.

Alisha starts to make excuses why her diaper is soaked in pee but Nikko doesn’t believe her and starts to undo it. When she has undone the wet diaper she takes it off and shows Alisha the pissy mess. Nikko loves being in the dominant role and is telling Alisha to smell her pee Alisha doesn’t want to of course.

Nikko then throws the piss soaked diaper on Alisha’s back and then wipes her pee all over her. She then starts to spank Alisha on her bare bottom. This is great fun to watch and then Nikko spanks Alisha some more till she has red marks on her bottom. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to see Alisha peeing in the diaper but it is great to see Nikko having so much fun tormenting Alisha.

See The Diaper Spanking Movie Here

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Posted on 02.01.16
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