Alice Dress And Pantyhose Piss

From Real Wetting we have the lovely Alice. We have had some great wetting sets with her in the past and if you have missed them check out Alice Pissing In Shorts And Pantyhose, Female Desperation And Leather Pants Pee, Natalie And Alice Desperate and Wetting, Peeing In Her Bikini and a great jeans peeing with Alice Peeing In Her Jeans. Today Alice is at the beach having a walk. The breeze is blowing and she feels so sexy. She can feel that she needs to pee. She walks a little further away from everyone and as she starts to feel more and more desperate she is getting aroused.

She is on the beach in her stockings and summer dress and now desperate to pee, she grabs her crotch holding on for that little longer and then when she is ready she lets out a little squirt of pee. Her pee soaks into her pantyhose and we can see that there is a little trickle down her nylon encased legs. She is loving the feeling and then she starts to pee properly.

Alice starts to pee, her piss explodes through her panties and soaks into her stockings, there are rivers of pee running down her legs and her pantyhose are going shiny. There is a wonderful dark patch in her crotch and even her feet are wet with piss. She finishes peeing in her pantyhose, drops her dress and walks on, now soaked in her own piss how sexy.

See Alice Peeing Her Pantyhose Here

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Posted on 09.29.15
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Lesbian Peeing from HD Wetting

HD Wetting brings us the lovely Alisha and Nikko. These two are great fun to watch together. We starts off with Nikko the story goes ” She has a problem, she is unable to become sexually aroused, she visits the doctor in the hope of finding a solution after explaing her predicament to the nurse, Alisha, who comes up with an idea. Alisha takes her clothes off, stripping down to just her panties, and starts making out with Nikko. While making out Alisha pees through her white panties and all over Nikko’s lap. This has the desired effect, Nikko is getting extremely turned on. Now that she has succeeded in making Nikko very horny, Alisha pulls off Nikko’s wet pants and goes down on her. It isn’t long before Nikko has a loud orgasm. See Nikko pleasured and pissed on here.

Next up it is time for Nikko’s once a year appointment with the gynaecologist, something she truly despises. Already uncomfortable at the aspect of having her girly bits poked and prodded, she grows even more concerned when the nurse states that this is the first time she has ever done this. Nikko changes her mind about the exam, but the nurse, Alisha, isn’t backing down. With a full bladder, and a nurse making a bee-line straight towards her nether regions, Nikko does the first think she can think of to repel the approaching intrusion. She releases a powerful stream of piss all over, making a mess out of the exam room. See Nikko Pissing Here.

Last up Nikko is tied up and naked with Alisha giving her head from behind. Nikko is getting closer and closer to cumming but she needs to pee. She lets Alisha know that she needs to stop so she can have a pee but Alisha doesn’t stop and Nikko starts to piss she luckily misses Alisha but soaks the chair and floor. See Nikko Peeing Here.

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Posted on 09.26.15
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Kacie Peeing In Her Jeans

From Wetting Her Panties we have the sexy Kacie. It’s been a while since we had a Wetting Her Panties post here so it is nice to have Kacie for us. We have had this wonderful wetter previously in Pissing In Her Denim Shorts Knicker Wetting With Kacie Kacie From Wetting Her Panties Knicker Wetting and Pissing In Blue Panties Today she is in her jeans and of course very desperate to pee. She starts off sitting with her hands between her crotch holding on but the waist of her jeans is cutting into her bulging bladder making her even more desperate. She stands up and starts to do the pee pee dance.

Kacie is so desperate to pee, she looks so sexy with her hands grabbing her crotch desperately trying to hold on. She grabs her crotch again but her bladder is not going to play and she starts to pee in her jeans. Her denim jeans get the first spot of dampness and then they explode in warm piss.

She is pissing in her jeans, her crotch is starting to shin and then the warm pee starts to flow down her denim encased legs the denim is looking so good it is shining and her pee is splashing on the floor. She is fully soaking herself. As she pees in her jeans she keeps her hand there, I bet she is loving the warmth of her nectar. She finishes peeing in her jeans, they are soaked, she pulls them down to show us her piss soaked panties too. They are so soaked in pee that they are nearly see through. This really is a great jeans wetting

See Kacie Peeing In Her Jeans

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Posted on 09.23.15
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Lesbian Peeing Movies And Pictures

From the wonderful Vipissy we have three great lesbian peeing scenes. We start off with Jessica Malone and Lindsey Olsen. The story goes “Jessica and Lindsey are starting to get intimate when Lindsey declares that she needs to pee. Jessica is all for it and positions Lindsey’s leg for a clear shot into a glass. Lindsey, a true enthusiast, showers Jessica with yeses from the start. Down on her knees, she gets pissed on her back by Jessica, taking another piss after Jessica rubs and licks her sweet spot. She pauses several times, allowing Jessica to capture some in her hands. Lindsey’s enthusiasm builds more intensely after she fetches a rubber dildo for Jessica to bestow upon her. She gives the toy a break to pee again, laughing happily as she fires a stream straight at Jessica’s mouth. Jessica is caught off guard, but Lindsey reels her back in with her playful and nurturing manners. Later the girls take take part in peeing simultaneously, with Lindsey standing and Jessica laying on a square seat. The girls are both greatly amused as they proceed to licking up the seat. They wrap things up with a dual-tip toy and Jessica taking an ‘in and out’ and ‘stop and go’ rhythm with Lindsey as amused as ever.” wonderful and wet lesbian pissing these two hotties really do know how to get each other off. See them pissing here.

Next up from Vipissy we have Jasmine Webb and Bailey. The story goes “Miss Webb’s class is in session, and sex education has never been…Well, so sexy. Her curriculum emphasizes on using props to get her students the best hands on experience they can get. With not enough time in her class day, she denies Bailey an opportunity to leave her class to pee. Her desire to teach is pushed to new heights when her sexy student takes a piss – quite appropriately for her – as she demonstrates to Bailey where her pee hole is. Watching Bailey clean up her piss from the floor, Miss Webb is enchanted by Bailey’s good looks. Soon the class jumps into the advanced course, teaching Bailey new words and proper procedures. Bailey is a godsend of a student, and she enjoys her teacher’s energetic personality. She can’t help but smile at Miss Webb’s straightforward approach to teaching. Her encouraging words make it much easier for Bailey to excel at everything that she is asked to do and more. Miss Webb congratulates Bailey with an A+ for her understanding of her material and innate ability to pee.” This is one class that we would all want to be part of. See the wonderful lesbian peeing here

Last up we have Antonia Sainz and Oprah the story from Vipissy goes like this “The peeing action opens up with Oprah pissing through her panties with Antonia licking at them. With her panties partially pulled down, Antonia brings them back up to pee through them too. Both girls pee into a large wine glass and pour it on themselves, over their bodies, and onto their tongues. In the next segment , Oprah stands over Antonia with one foot on the sofa, flaunting her beautiful body, dousing her with a refined stream. Before Oprah fills up the glass one last time, we get a great shot of Antonia on her knees peeing straight back into the glass. Oprah holds the glass below Antonia expecting her to pee downwards and adjusts accordingly.” Some lovely panty passing and lot of warm pee. See this lesbian pee scene click here

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Posted on 09.20.15
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Female Desperation Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have three great female desperation and wetting sets. Ineed2pee is the master of female desperation the girls are always busting before they lose control. If you have missed some of the previous posts check out the Ineed2pee category. Today we start off with Mystick we have had her previously in Mystick From Ineed2pee. Today she is in jeans and very desperate to pee the story from Ineed2pee goes like this “Hippie chick Mystick Moons is always a blast to work with since she’s not afraid to pee outside in public. In this scene, we took so long to get ready for everything that she really couldn’t wait for my cue to start wetting, lol. Technically, she’s partially to blame as well since I tell the girls to let me know when you’re gonna have to pee in about 15 minutes & give me some leeway but by the time she drove over, found parking & all that jazz… she was BURSTING already. She could feel it coming out so she squatted and peed while people were walking by & driving by! She made up for the short scene by walking through a very busy & crowded hotel in her soaking wet jeans though!”. It is a great public jeans pee and she has a wonderful piss patch in her jeans. See Mystick desperate and peeing Here

Next up we have Kenna, Kenna has been desperate at Ineed2pee for quite a while and we have had some wonderful desperate wetting posts with Kenna. Check out all her previous posts here. The story for todays desperation antics goes like this “Let’s pretend that you’re on a nice date with the sexy busty Kenna V. They’ve seated you at a secluded corner of the restaurant & it’s quite apparent now that Kenna needs to use the bathroom facilities but she isn’t going! She confesses to you that she’s been holding it for a while now & judging from your squirming, you need to pee just as badly as she does. Maybe you two can play a holding game together! She looks super sexy in her low cut dress & Victoria’s Secret striped panties with sexy garter belt and stockings. She’s getting so excited with how full her bladder is but she’s gonna lose control real quick here! It’s streaming out of her & she can’t stop it…. I hope no one notices.” A great role play of female desperation and a lovely panty pee to finish. See Kenna desperate to pee here.

Last up we have Natalie Storm. If you have missed her previous wettings you can see them here. Today we are on a date with her we are in the park but she didn’t go to the bathroom earlier so now she is desperate to pee. She is trying to hold on as not to embarrass herself. She is so desperate to pee she is grabbing her crotch and doing the pee pee dance till she just can’t hold on. She sits on a park bench and pisses her pants this is a great outdoor wetting and her pants end up soaked we even get to see her piss panties. See Natalie desperate and peeing here.

See Ineed2pee Pictures 1,2,3

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Posted on 09.17.15
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Japanese Schoolgirls Panty Pissing

From Piss Japan TV we follow on with some more, sexy panty pissing. The last Japanese panty pee we had was Japanese Panty Peeing a cutie pissing her white panties while playing and now we continue with two more. We start with a cutie in her skirt and jumper she is walking the street on the phone, she sits down and we get to see her white panties but she keeps on moving till she finds a quiet place. She has her skirt hitched up and starts to rub her pussy through her panties.

She is rubbing herself through her satin panties and getting close to cuming. She sticks her hand into her panties and keeps on going and then she starts to pee. She is peeing in her panties and is still playing with her pussy, she stands up and she has piss splashing on the ground the crotch of her panties has hone dark and her legs are dripping in pee. See the Japanese Schoolgirl peeing her panties here

Next we have another schoolgirl in her uniform with her panties on show. She is masturbating and feeling her breasts she lifts her skirt up and starts to rub harder as she gets close to cuming. She then starts to piss. Her panties go a little see through as she is peeing and she keeps on playing till she has a empty bladder and piss soaked panties. See the panty peeing here.

See Set 1 , See Set 2

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Posted on 09.13.15
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Natalie Peeing In her Long Skirt

From Real Wetting aka Audrey’s Wetting Site we have the wonderful Natalie. She is wearing a long dress with thick green pantyhose. We have had some great posts with Natalie in the past and if you have missed them check out Peeing In Bikini With Natalie Shorts And Pantyhose Peeing and Natalie Peeing In Her Leotards. Today she is in her long dress and green pantyhose, she is about to go out but is desperate to pee. She thought that she would be able to hold on till she made it to her destination but now she has her hands between her legs holding on desperately.

Natalie has bunched her skirt between her legs desperately trying to hold on. She really should make a dash to the toilet but it is to late. She loses control and the first drips of pee start to soak into her cotton dress. The pee patch gets bigger and bigger as she pisses and her dress is going a lovely dark colour. What a mess of her dress she is making.

She lifts her piss soaked skirt up and keeps on pissing. Her pee is flowing through her panties and splashing onto the floor the pee rivers running down her legs look wonderful. We can see that she is not wearing panties so she must be getting a wonderful feeling and the pantyhose graze her pissy pussy she finishes pissing herself and stands there as a pissy mess. Super wetting from Natalie and Real wetting

See Natalie Peeing Her Skirt Here

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Posted on 09.10.15
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Sammy From HD Wetting Jeans Pee

From HD Wetting we have the wonderful Sammy. We have had some great peeing movies with this hottie in the past and if you have missed some of them check out Sammy Desperate And Pissing Her Panties, Lesbian Peeing With Sammy And Mikki, Sammy Tickled Till She Pees, Peeing In Her Bed while Playing and Sammy Peeing In Her Panties. Today she is with Mikki who is filming her. We start off with Sammy desperate and walking down the street, she gets to the corner and Mikki asks her to hold on. We can see that she is desperate to pee as she is doing the pee pee bounce.

Sammy is out in public in her jeans she really needs to pee and Mikki is making her wait that little longer. She is told that she can now pee, Sammy stands by the street and starts to pee in her jeans. A car turns up and stops and they must be getting a great view as she is pissing in her jeans. She has pee streaks down her legs and her shoes will have pee in them too.

She finishes pissing in her pants and then walks off down the street with Mikki following her. She is such a confidant wetter and she doesn’t care that there are people around to see her in her piss soaked jeans. We have had a previous jeans wetting with her in Public Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting. She really must get off at the thought of being caught in her piss soaked jeans.

See Sammy Jeans Peeing In Public Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 09.07.15
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Wet And Pissy Pissing Pictures

Wet and Pissy brings us three great picture sets of hot peeing ladies. We start off with Maggy. The story from Wet And Pissy goes like this “Sexy brunette Maggy is in the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her tight body. She teases as she lets is slip under her perky tits and once fully naked, she teases her trimmed pussy and stretches her pussy lips wide. Gaping them even wider apart, Maggy fires a stream of piss into a padding pool which has been strategically placed in the bathroom along with a ride-on inflatable sex toy! This horny brunette shows her blowjob skills before pissing on her toy and sliding her pussy onto the long shaft. Once she is finished, she bends over and pees again in the pool before using a pink toy on her tight ass and rolling around in puddles of her golden pee. Now soaking wet, Maggie pisses into a glass and drinks up her own juices!” See Maggy Pissing Here.

Next up we have Milana.”Cute blonde Milana poses in a tight tank top and leggings and once she starts to strip, she pees through the crotch of her leggings, making them soaking wet. This naughty blonde also lets another stream of piss spray onto the floor. She slides off her wet pants and squeezes her nectar over her body before moving onto a jelly dildo that she uses to pleasure herself. She gets so turned on with her pussy play that she pisses again and then teases herself with a pussy pump. Milana catches her piss in the tube and tastes it, before licking up the droplets of pee from the wooden table below.” See Milana Peeing Here

Last up we have the lovely Ria “Gorgeous brunette Ria looks very innocent but this beauty has always wanted to try out piss play! Dressed in a cute little outfit and spiked sandals, Ria starts to undress and reveals her extremely perky nipples. Gaping her pussy, she pisses over herself and into the air before bending over and releasing another stream. This cutie dives into her pee puddle and licks up her golden juices. Now completely naked, Ria aims her next stream into a wine glass and pours it over her body while tasting it. Finishing herself off with an anal toy, she squeezes another golden stream from her hole and lets us zoom in close to capture it on film!” See Ria Peeing Here

Visit Wet And Pissy Click Here

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Posted on 09.04.15
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