From Ineed2pee we have this great shorts peeing movie Starring Kenna. She is with Arianna and they are  waiting to use the bathroom and both are so desperate to pee. They have been waiting and waiting and getting more and more desperate to pee. Ineed2pee does female desperation so well and while we don’t see Kenna’s female desperation dilemmas in this movie, trust me, in the full ineed2pee movie of this scene there is desperate crotch grabbing fidgeting and lots of leg crossing. Kenna is such a great ineed2pee star we have had a photo set of her before in Female Desperation And Leggings Pee.

We have joined the action and Kenna is desperate to pee she is so desperate that her bladder is hurting, She doesn’t look happy at all. She looks so sexy so desperate especially as she has such big boobs I wish they were bouncing free like Arianna’s are. Female desperation and bouncing breasts is so great you just have to watch Female Desperation With Tabitha to see that. Kenna is just to desperate to hold on any longer and the first squirts of pee start to flow out. When pee starts slow like this you know it is going to be good. Her bladder manages to clamp shut again. She has made just a little damp patch in her shorts no one will notice that she has peed in her shorts.

Kenna has managed to clamp her bladder shut but I bet its not to happy it still must be bursting. How right we were, she loses control again and this time she is flooding her shorts in warm pee, its going everywhere. There are rivers of her pee flowing down her legs and it is splashing on the carpet. Her shorts are a great fabric too they are thick so they are soaking up her warm pee and giving her a great big damp patch. There is no mistaking now that she has peed in her shorts. Just check out her lovely full bottom with the shorts pulled tightly and her wonderful piss patch. Shorts peeing like this is great and Ineed2pee really does have some wonderful peeing in shorts movie. Kenna may not be desperate to pee anymore and she has peed in her shorts but poor Arianna she is still desperate to pee…..

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Anonymous April 14, 2011 - 12:31 am

i really have to go to the bathroom… it really hurts…


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