Female Desperation And Wetting Her Jeans

Desperate To Pee

I never have been a great fan of jeans wetting but these jeans wetting pictures are just hot here we have Claire from wetting her panties the panty peeing experts but in this case jeans wetting poor Clair looks so desperate to pee I love the first picture both hands between her crotch trying to hold her bulging bladder so none of her pee will escape she really does look so hot desperate to pee female desperation like this is great.

Pissed In Her Jeans

Clair tries to hold on but her bladder becomes more and more desperate until pee starts to run through her jeans and down her legs she has made a big puddle at her feet. She really looks sexy bent over and we can see the pee marks where her jeans ave been filled with piss on sexy jeans wetting model all it is missing I think is seeing her bent over with her jeans around her ankles and pissed in panties on show

Wetting her panties has done it again see theses jeans peeing pictures here

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wetting her panties

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Posted on 01.27.09
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Piss Hunters Caught Her pissing

pisshunters pissing

This sexy redhead really is oblivious that she is being watched while she is peeing. These voyeur peeing photos from Pisshunters are from one of the many voyeur peeing movies that are available from the voyeur peeing masters piss hunters. I love this movie as she has a look around to see if any on is looking how she could not see the camera about to watch her pee I don’t know but we get to see her peeing in nature in all her glory once again in a Pisshunter movie we don’t get to see her wipe so im still convinced there are lots of chicks who have been pissing outdoors that have damp crotches panties that have to soak up the last drops of pee I guess I will never know but I will keep on watching Pisshunter peeing movies and make my own judgements

Enjoy piss hunter pissing pictures here

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Posted on 01.24.09
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Janessa From Ineed2pee Desperate To Pee

Janessa Desperate To Pee

Ineed2pee the female desperation experts have given us this wonderful set of female desperation and overall peeing photos this is what ineed2pee says about these female desperation and wetting pictures. The story goes, Poor Janessa! We went up on the garage roof to clean up the moss & leaves but the ladder fell down and she’s too scared of heights to attempt to jump down! To top it off the neighbours are all out in their yards and can see her dilemma! She tries her best to look “not desperate” but it’s quickly a losing battle.

Janessa Peeing In Pants

These are really sexy female desperation pictures from a movie that is available at ineed2pee Janessa is a great female desperation model at ineed2pee and in this female desperation movie she really is desperate to pee she is trying so hard to hold on she has her hands in the crotch pushing and also the little shakes of desperation. Female desperation doesn’t get much better than this an then after all her struggling her bulging bladder beats her and the pee starts to come flowing out and she soaks her white overalls its just great and the mess she makes is wonderful
See These Female Desperation Photos Here

See this female desperation movie and many others at ineed2pee click here

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Posted on 01.19.09
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Glass Table Peeing From Rebekah Dee

glass table peeing

I Know this is a repost from 2 years ago but I saw it again and well it is so wonderful. Its not every day we get to watch a sexy lady peeing over us on a glass table and this peeing movie from Rebekah Dee really does capture it all. From the start you know this pee movie will be something special and it doesn’t disappoint I love how we see the first jet of pee hit the glass and then the ripples follow. What has to be best is when we look directly up at her peeing vagina the pee really is firing out with strength and this view is something special. Rebekah Dee really is a brilliant peeing model and this video of her pissing pussy in such detail has to be one of the best things I have seen in a long time even when she has finished peeing and we are looking up at her wet pussy through the puddle of pee that is on the table its just great

See Rebekah Dee pissing on a glass table by clicking here

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Posted on 01.15.09
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Real Wetting Alice Pees In Her Shorts

real wetting alice peeing in shorts

Now this is one very sexy female desperation and shorts peeing movie from real wetting (Audrey’s Wetting Site), unfortunately I don’t have the actual video but the next best thing female desperation and shorts peeing pictures. these really are great photos of real wetting Alice the look of the pee and it is flowing through the blue shorts is great and Alice has climbed up onto a play set so when she lets go of her hot pee it really does splash down. Real wetting or Audrey’s wetting Site as it is also called really does know there wetting and to have Alice who is so sexy peeing her shorts is wonderful. Real wetting Alice is so risky too out in public and desperate wetting I am surprised that she hasn’t been caught yet imagine walking and seeing Alice desperate on the swing set and then all of a sudden she releases her bladder as she cant hold on any longer …

See These Real Wetting Pictures Here

See More Of real wetting

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Female Desperation And Panty Peeing

Here we have some female desperation and panty peeing pictures from the best panty peeing website ever Wettingherpanties if you like panty peeing you cant go past wetting her pantries they even have a webcam show so you can see all the female desperation and panty peeing live.

female desperation from wettingherpanties

These Female desperation and panty peeing pictures are just lovely we have the sexy Kaz B who is so desperate to pee in her short skirt that she has her hand pushing into her crotch so hard holding her golden pee in unfortunately she is just too desperate to pee and gives up holding it in and lets the hot pee flood her pink panties and what a lovely pee stream it is. I just love how wet her panties get she really has soaked them and it looks like they are going to be dripping piss for a while. Wetting Her Panties really do know what they are doing when they take photos of panty peeing. Don’t miss these female desperation and panty peeing pictures from wetting her panties and be sure to check out all wetting her panties has to offer just click the banner below

peeing in her panties

See These Female Desperation And Panty Peeing Pictures Here

wetting her panties

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Posted on 01.09.09
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Piss Hunters Peeing With Bunny Ears


Now this set of Piss Hunters voyeur peeing pictures is just great . I have always loved to see chicks in bunny ears and to add in some out door pissing from Piss Hunters makes it even better. These peeing photos from Piss Hunters are from one of their videos and the quality of these pee pictures is low as they are just Piss Hunters video stills. She looks so cute as she is squatting and watching her pee run out once again in these Piss Hunters photos there is no pussy wiping. So many Piss Hunter movies show that there seems to be a ban on pussy wiping after peeing so I can only imagine how many ladies are walking around with a slight damp pee patch in their panties that really is a wonderful thought I really do love the Piss Hunter movies and I cant wait to watch this one the pee pictures are just great

See the peeing with bunny ears Pictures here

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Posted on 01.06.09
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Candi Desperate And Peeing From Ineed2pee

I just think ineed2pee Candi is so sexy ever since she started her female desperation and wetting antics at ineed2pee I can never wait to see her desperate to pee and wetting again.

Candi Desperate To Pee

Here we have an older ineed2pee move of Candi and she is desperate as she is driving I just love how she is jamming here hand into her crotch to stop the pee flowing out when Candi gets desperate it is so sweet. I just want her to explode her pee intro her panties. In this ineed2pee movie Candi gets too desperate as she is driving her car and she ends up peeing into her pants it is a lovely little movie and we get the wonderful sight of pee flowing through the fabric of her pants its just great

Candi desperate to pee

See The ineed2pee Candi desperate and peeing movie Click Here


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Posted on 01.03.09
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Needapee Outdoors Desperate And Peeing

Rebekah Dee Desperate To Pee

Rebekah Dee doesn’t get much better than this. Here she is outdoors and desperate to pee, this time we get the pleasure of high quality pictures as we watch her getting more and more desperate to pee until she finally cant hold her pee any longer and it comes spraying out. I just live how Rebekah Dee loves desperation before she pees it is so sexy but in these Needapee photos of Rebekah Dee peeing what is more sexy is how the piss is running down her bum she really is making a big pissy mess of pee its just lovely and I do love the last picture as she is squatting standing and releasing her hot warm pee. It would be so great to be walking around the rocks and stumble upon the lovely Rebekah Dee as she was peeing like this you couldn’t ask for more

Needapee Peeing Outdoors

Here is what Rebekah Dee from Needapee has written about this Another stunning back-drop and another pee! There I was rambling along, taking in another breathtaking vista (and perving on the naked sunbathers below!) when I was struck with an urge to pee. I perform an impressive arc of piss that jets through the air, almost soaking my photographer. When finished I depart but forget to check whether my skirt is tucked in my panties!

Enjoy these outdoor peeing pictures from Rebekah Dee click here

Visit Needapee Now

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Posted on 12.31.08
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Real Wetting Alice Peeing Her Pants Outdoors

Alice Peeing Her Pants

Here we have Alice from Real Wetting or as they also call it Audrey’s Wetting Site outdoors. Real Wetting Alice really does love wetting and she looks so sexy as she released here golden liquid into her pants. These Real Wetting photos have her desperate in her white pants she does look so sexy with her hands jammed into her crotch as she tries to hold her pee in, being Real Wetting we know she is going to wet her pants and she does. Real Wetting Alice really soaks them and I love how white pants go see through when they get wet. We can see the faint outline of a g-string through he soaked in piss pants so sexy. This is the small sentence Real Wetting has said about the wetting movie After gathering fruits from a tree she starts urinating in her white, cute, pants. You can see all the piss gushing out of her pussy, wetting the back of her pants and arse.
Enjoy Alice Wetting Her Pants Click Here

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Posted on 12.28.08
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