Rebekah Dee Pissing Her Panties @ The Station

Female Desperation At The Train Station

I was looking through the Needapee category here at Pissblog and I found this gem of a Needapee movie. I know it is a repost but I figure a lot may not have seen it.  Rebekah Dee is at the train station in her skirt there are no other passengers around so she lifts up her skirt and pees in her panties and it is a nice long pee she also manages to get some of her piss on her dress. It is a great risky movie from Needapee This is what the lovely Rebekah Dee wrote about it  “Already running late for an appointment, my day went from bad to worse when I arrived at the train station busting. British trains are notoriously late and so in painful desperation I pissed myself before tossing my soiled panties to the side and leaving them on the platform!”

Peeing Her Panties In Public

See the Train Station Panty Pissing Movie From Rebekah Dee
Click Here

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Posted on 07.10.09
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Pink Pissed In Panties From Wetting Her Panties

Here we have the lovely Antonia Stokes from wetting her panties she is out in the garden no bra under her top and some lovely pink panties under her dress. Antonia always looks so sexy when you see her in anything from wettingherpanties and these wetting her panties are no different I love when she is dancing around and flashing her pink panties what is great is we know that she will be peeing in the panties too. Pink pissed in panties from wetting her panties.

Outdoors Playing Around

After playing for the camera she lets go of her bladder and pee starts to flow into the panties making a nice darker stain in the fabric and then pee starts to run out and down her legs. I just love the wet panty photo of her bottom the fabric is nearly see-through and the pee is everywhere.

pissed in pink panties

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Posted on 07.06.09
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Wet In Public Skirt And Panty Pissing

desperate To P{ee In public

Here we have another public panty and skirt peeing movie from wet in public we watch as this hottie is walking down the street  she looks desperate to pee and we all know what is going to happen and it does she stops in the street and we see the pee flowing onto the pavement. She is lucky no one is walking down the street at this time as her pee puddle would give her away the pee flows down her legs and to her shoes too. She then squats down so that we can see her wet peed in panties. She then she gets up and this has given her a wonderful wet camel toe the pee stain is so lovely.

Skirt And Panty Peeing In The Street

Wet In Public Skirt And Panty Pissing Movie Click Here

Visit Wet in Public Click Here

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Posted on 07.03.09
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Pissed In Jeans From Ineed2pee

Here we have some wonderful pissed in jeans from female desperation central ineed2pee. Louise is wetting in her jeans. Poor Louise is locked out and very very desperate to pee in her tight jeans. Not only is the female desperation in this movie so sexy Louise is too so it is a double whammy. A sexy girl in tight jeans wetting i don’t know if it can get better or should I say wetter than this

Louise Wet Her Jeans

Here is what is written at female desperation central ineed2pe about this female desperation and jeans pissing movie.
“Classic locked out scenario with lots of pee pee dancing, crossed legs, a cute blonde girl and very very tight form fitting jeans! Can you ask for anything more? Oh, and a beautiful sunny Florida day! I actually filmed this scene a couple of years ago and thought I had lost it forever since I couldn’t find the original mini DV tape it was on. But I had just misplaced it so here it is for you! There have been a couple of older videos with Louise in the past, one of her locked out on a balcony and wetting her jeans and one in a jean mini skirt and wetting her panties. Enjoy!”

She Peed In Her Jeans

I do love seeing Louise desperate and peeing not as much as ineed2pee Candi if you missed it you can see a female desperation and spandex leggings wetting movie with Candi HERE. Louise has only stared at ineed2pee a couple of times before but hopefully in the future we will see more of her female desperation dance.
See these jeans peeing Pictures Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.30.09
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Rebekah Dee From Needapee Pissing Outdoors

Here we have the very sexy Rebekah Dee from Needapee pissing in public. this really is a great sneaky pee video from Needapee.  The whole movie goes for 6.35 but what we have here is the sneaky pissing in public part.

Rebekah Dee Desperate To Pee

Rebekah is desperate doing this and she looks so sexy in her shorts I would have loved her to piss in them but that is not this movie. The way Needapee Rebekah waits and looks so nervous as she is desperate but wanting no one to see here spraying her piss when she sneakily gets her shorts off and then slips her panties to the side. Here pink pussy is ready to sprat the piss I do wonder if anyone saw her in this sneaky pissing scene. Needapee and Rebekah Dee have had some wonderful sneaky pissing scenes and while this is not as sneaky as the arsenal stadium pissing or the train piss this is a great sneaky pee move and I just love watching Rebekah Dee pissing

Needapee Desperation In Public

See this Needapee pissing movie from Rebekah Dee Here

Visit Needapee Here

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Sites4Pee Needapee Review Here

Sites For Pee

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Posted on 06.27.09
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Wet In Public Skirt And Panty Peeing

How hot is this skirt and panty peeing movie from wet in public i know the last post I made was wetinpublic too but this new public wetting site is great and after the jeans peeing in public movie I found this hot skirt and panty peeing movie This is only a section and the actual quality is a lot better but wow.

Skirt Wetting In Public

I just love seeing panty peeing in public and when the pee makes here white skirt a little see through that is just great. The guy that walks past here as she is wetting in her panties must have had a good look she stops peeing rather quickly but I bet he saw that she was peeing in her panties and skirt. I just love how she holds up her wet skirt to show her damp panties they have a lovely pee stain in the crotch its great. Wet in public a public wetting site just great

Public Panty Peeing

See This movie Click here

Read A Review Of Wet In Public
Sites4pee Click Here Now

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Posted on 06.21.09
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Wetting Her Jeans From Wet In Public

Wetting Jeans In public

Here we have a public jeans wetting movie from a new website wetinpublic. Wet In Public focuses on public wettings. In this wetinpublic movie we have Tanya she is in the street in her jeans and desperate to pee she needs to find a toilet but there are none around. She is on the pavement and all of a sudden stops her hand goes between her legs and her pee starts to flow into her jeans. Jeans peeing in public wonderful and she is pants peeing in a busy street as she is peeing in her jeans cars are driving, by poor thing how embarrassing. Look at the big pee patch in her jeans everyone will know she has wet her jeans there is no hiding that. This movie in some ways reminds me of the old Japanese Giga movies where Japanese chicks would pee there pants in the street. Now we have wetinpublic where European women are peeing there pants in the street

wetinpublic jeans wetting

See this Wetinpublic Movie Here

Read a review of wet in public @ Sites4Pee
Click here

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Posted on 06.18.09
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Natalie Wetting The Bed Wearing Jean

Pissing In Her Bed

We haven’t had much bedwetting on piss blog so I found these bedwetting photos from real wetting. What makes bedwetting photos great is that she is wetting her jeans and the bed. There is something so sexy about bedwetting and these photos from a real wetting movie are wonderful. Natalie is a newer addition at real wetting and here she is having an afternoon nap in her jeans. She is sleeping away and the pee starts to flow into her jeans and starts to make a puddle in the bed she rolls over and her bottom is soaked in pee and she cant stop the pee keeps flowing she really has made a mess of herself and the bed

Wetting Her Bed

See These Bed Wetting Photos Click Here

More From Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.15.09
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Bouncing Breasts And Desperate To Pee Movie From Pisshunters

desperation from pisshunters

Here we have a lovely hidden voyeur pissing movie from Pisshunters I just love the tits on this desperate pisser as she walks in, her breasts are bouncing around and she looks like she is also holding her crotch I bet she is quite desperate. When she drops her pants and squats the piss starts to flow straight away I wonder if she has leaked pee into her panties, it looks like it is a powerful stream and it is sad her breasts dont fall out of her top as she is about to piss. I love seeing chicks peeing with their breasts showing. I find it amazing that she didn’t squirt pee into her jeans and panties at the end the speed that she gets up it looks like pee is still flowing from her pussy and she really does make a mess of herself getting up it is as if some one was coming and she didn’t want them to see her piss dripping pussy

Caught pissing by pisshunters

Enjoy This Pisshunter Movie Click Here

Pisshunters See More Click Here

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Posted on 06.12.09
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Michelle Drunk And Pissing In Her Tights

I know I have posted this female desperation and tights pissing movie of Michelle peeing in her tights before but I was watching it again and I have to say that this is one of my favourite ineed2pee movies. I just love how the piss flows out and makes her tights see through and we can see her wet panty underneath.
Female Desperation In Her Tights

There is something about seeing a hot chick drunk and desperate to pee watching how she is desperate to pee but not getting up until the moment that the piss starts to flow and how she then realises what is happening and then holds her wet crotch hoping that this will stop her bladder from flowing but it doesn’t and she gives up trying to stop her bladder and the pee really does flow what a lovely dripping mess drunk Michelle becomes

Pissing In Leggings

Enjoy Michelle Drunk And Pissing In Her Tights
Click Here

Filed under: Desperation and Female Desperation and Ineed2pee and Knicker Wetting and Movies and Peeing and Pissing In Leggings and Pissing Movies
Posted on 06.08.09
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