Wettingherpanties Panty Peeing Movie

Kaz B Panty Peeing

I do love a good panty wetting movie and this panty wetting movie from wetting her panties staring the lovely Kaz B is just that, wonderful. Kaz B is playing with her pussy through her panties and every now and then peeing a little to make them even wetter, she then releases a bigger flow of pee her panties and they become soaked. Kaz B then plays with her pussy even more till her piss sodden panties are sticking to her pussy it is such a great sight and a very sexy panty peeing movie. Kaz B in this panty peeing movie is just so sexy she is one of my favorite models at wettingherpanties
Kaz B Panty Pee

See the panty peeing movie with Kaz B Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 09.15.09
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Pisshunters Hidden Cam Toilet Voyeur Movie

Pisshunters Hidden Cam

Voyeur pissing with a hidden camera in the toilet doesn’t get more interesting than this Pisshunters movie. In the last Pisshunters post HERE we had the chick pissing scratching her vagina and then smelling her hand. In this hidden camera pissing from Pisshunters we have a chick come into the toilet and get ready to piss, she then gets some toilet paper and it looks like she will be covering the seat with it, but no, she is just getting ready for when she finishes she drops her pants and then squats but not content with just squatting she spreads her butt cheeks wide I’m not sure if she is doing this to keep pee from running down her legs or what is going on but the Pisshunters hidden camera catches it and it really is great to watch she then finishes of and wipes before leaving  a great Pisshunters movie

Pisshunters Spreading And Peeing

See the movie here

Read a Pisshunter Website Review Here


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Posted on 09.12.09
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Janessa Female Desperation In The Park And Peeing

Skirt And Panty Peeing

From This Ineed2pee Post a long time ago we have Janessa in the park on the way home from work she is in her skirt and pantyhose and very desperate to pee .this really is a great female desperation and pantyhose pissing movie from ineed2pee. I know a lot of people will have missed it so now you can see here at the front of the blog wonderful female desperation and peeing. The story goes “Isn’t it great to have a delightful co-worker like Janessa to walk home with, especially one that is so prone to forgetting to use the toilets before leaving the office! She looks very sexy in her blazer, pumps and long floral skirt today; you notice right away that she is squirming like crazy and admits that she neglected to use the washroom earlier but can probably make it home. She needs to stop frequently to either cross her legs tight or grab her crotch through her skirt. You wonder what type of panties she is wearing underneath but you won’t have to wonder for very long…” It really is one hot female desperation movie and all I can say is poor Janessa how embarrassing

See The Movie Click Here

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Posted on 09.07.09
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Pissing On The Bed And Wetting It

Pissing Panties On The Bed

To continue on from  the Crystal Cameron Pissing In Her Bed Post that you can read HERE ,Crystal Cameron not content with just pissing in her bed and panties while asleep now she is awake she is a little excited from her bedwetting experience she decides to pee in her panties some more so squatting on the bed she releases her bladder more and her hot pee flows through her panties and onto the sheets she really is making one lovely pee puddle in her bed but her pussy is getting a little excited now and she has to release it from her warm panties so she pulls the panties aside and lets her hot wet pussy pee freely onto the bed. It is a pity we can’t see what happens next I bet it is hot

Pissing On The Bed

See These Pissing On The Bed Photos Here

Read A website Review of wetting Her Panties Here

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Posted on 09.04.09
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Panty Peeing Friends Movie From Wetting Her Panties

Lace Panty Peeing

Here we have a lovely panty peeing movie starring Cate and Laurita This is from wettingherpanties and I notice it is the first wettingherpanties movie I have posted here. This is a really sexy panty peeing movie the first panty pee is through lacy panties and wow the stream is so forceful and the sound of her pee splashing on the ground is just so sexy the second panty peeing is lovely also when she starts to pee her panties they start to go see through and you can see her red vagina through them. This is a great wetting her panties movie and I know the quality on the movie is not great here but at wetting her panties it is much better.
Squatting And Panty Pee

You Can watch the wetting her panties movie Click Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 09.01.09
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Pisshunters Toilet Voyeur Pissing Movie

Hidden Camera in The Toilet

As I mentioned in this Piss hunters post 3 Chicks Caught Pissing In The Grass I was going to look for some toilet voyeur footage and while I don’t think this is as sexy as the video in this post Pisshunters Toilet Voyeur Pissing Movieit is a great hidden camera toilet movie we have a chick walk into the toilet and I thought we were in for some very sexy pissing and it is but what amazed me in this hidden camera footage is she pulls s up her skirt and then down come the pantyhose till we can see her pussy and it’s a little hairy bit then she starts feeling it. It doesn’t seem to be for pleasure maybe its a little itchy being cooped up in the pantyhose but what made me laugh is she then looks at and then smells her hand just before she is pissing. It is a great piss hunters movie just for this, the pissing is great but the camera is a little low to see her pussy peeing but well worth watching this hidden camera in the toilet from Pisshunters

Caught pissing On Hidden Camera

See This Pisshunters Movie Click Here


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Posted on 08.29.09
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Pissing Her Jeans In The Street

Pissing In Her Jeans

There is something very sexy seeing a woman peeing in her jeans and this jeans pissing movie from Wet In Public is just so great In the street she looks desperate and then she is pissing in her jeans in the street one wonders how much pee she did have stored up as she has made a big wet mess in her jeans. After pissing in her jeans she then walks around trying not to be seen. Look how embarrassed she seems and how hard is she trying to not be seen. She then sits down and slowly takes her wet jeans and panties off to reveal her pussy she has a little play with it this really is a hot jeans pissing movie from Wet In Public

Pissed In Panties And Jeans

Watch The Jeans Wetting Movie Here

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Posted on 08.26.09
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Alexa From Ineed2pee Pissing In Her Jeans

Alexa Desperate To Pee

I do love seeing Alexa at ineed2pee and to revisit her old female desperation movies is always a lovely experience. I came across her peeing in her jeans and wanted to share them. Here she is desperate to pee as she arrives home her jeans are a little tight around her waist giving added pressure on her bulging bladder she struggles up stairs trying to get to the toilet before her bursting bladder explodes and she has an accident in her jeans. She makes it to the top of the stairs but that is as far as she can get she is just to desperate and her bladder gives way the pee starts to flow into her jeans she really does make a lovely dark pee stain in her light jeans. She really does not look happy.

Alexa Peed In Her Jeans

See Alexa from ineed2pee peeing in her jeans
Click Here

Ineed2pee Website Review Click Here

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Posted on 08.23.09
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3 Chicks Caught Pissing In The Grass

Pisshunters do have some great voyeur pissing movies and i am always surprised at the amount of hot chicks that are caught pissing in this caught pissing movie we have three hotties taking a squat together it is such a shame that we cannot see this being filmed front on so we can see their pissing pussys but as this is real voyeur footage I can’t be to choosey and other Pisshunter voyeur pissing movies do have the front on pissing shots.

Pisshunter Chicks Pissing

I have always felt that these outdoor voyeur peeing movies were better than the indoor ones but after the last Pisshunter movie I posted the Pisshunter Toilet Voyeur Pissing Movie I am a little unsure I do still love these outdoor voyeur pissing movies and when you find a gem like this one Desperate Pissing Outdoors it doesn’t really get better but the toilet voyeur pissing movies have caught my attention so I may have to go off and find some new ones to post

Chicks Pissing togther caught on camera

Enjoy This Voyeur Pissing Movie from Pisshunters
Click Here


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Posted on 08.20.09
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Crystal Cameron Pissing In Her Bed

Full bladder while sleeping

We haven’t had and bedwetting photos for a while here at piss blog so here we have a wetting the bed photo set from wetting her panties. Crystal is asleep but needs to pee she is trying to hold on so she can keep sleeping and manages it she drifts off again but her bulging bladder does not and it releases into her panties and bed she has such a nice pee patch you can see that as she was peeing while sleeping on her side it has soaked the front of her panties and she will be lying in a warm pool of pee she really does look so sexy  when she wakes up to find that she has peed in her bed what a wet pissy mess she is .

Wetting The Bed And Her Panties

See the wetting the bed pictures
Click Here

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Posted on 08.17.09
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