Audrey Wetting Her Skin Tight Jeans

We haven’t seen much wetting from Audrey over at Realwetting lately it seems to have been more Alice peeing but this jeans peeing movie from real wetting Audrey is lovely. We only have some pictures but wow when the ladies at real wetting wet they really do release their bladders and make a great big mess.
Real Wetting Jeans Peeing

This movie staring Audrey starts off with her getting home she is in her skin tight jeans and she is really desperate to pee and does she look hot in her skin tight jeans with her hand in her crotch its just wonderful she tries to hold her bladder and keep her pee in but she is just to desperate and the pee starts to soak into her tight blue jeans one can only imagine the mess she is making in her panties alas we don’t get to see. But the piss patch that is in her jeans is really enough this is just a wonderful wetting video from Audrey over at real wetting
Real Wetting Jeans Peeing 2

See the jeans wetting pictures here

Visit Real Wetting and see what else they have click here

See More Of Audry Peeing

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Posted on 11.14.08
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New Pissing Website Launched

Here we have a brand new website called and wow it really does look hot I have found three pissing movies from for us and wow is all I can say

Ready To Be Pissed On

This first pissing movie from is a really wet and messy one we have it start with this hottie pissing in her panties and she soaks them piss is rubbed all over her body by two lesbians and then this movie moves to piss drinking, lesbian pissing, pissing on panties and it is just awesome she gets so soaked in piss that her singlet and panties go see through I can say is this is very very hot pissing action

Pissing On Panties

Click Here To See The pissing Movie

The second pissing movie we have from has one hot Asian and she loves piss she has a pierced lip so you know she is one that will love the piss and she does it gets wet and very messy and she ends up just dripping in hot pee

Sexy Asian Pissed On From

See This Pissing Movie Here

The last pissing movie is just dirty she really is one horny and dirty chick and she just wants the hot piss on her and when it hits she gets so turned on you have to wonder if she is going to cum on the spot this really is a must see

Spread And Pissing

See This Pissing Movie Here

See All These Movies At Pissing.Com In High Rez


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Posted on 11.12.08
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Pants Pissing From Wetting Her Panties

Pissing In Her Pants

Pants pissing is so sexy I just love the look of pee exploding through the fabric and soaking the floor pissing in pants are just great. Here we have a female desperation and pissed in pants set of pictures from wetting her panties. Mistiq is sitting on the floor and becomes desperate to pee she is holding her bladder as she gets more and more desperate until she loses control and the warm pee starts to soak into her panties and pants unfortunately for mystic her panties are so thin that they are see through so they do nothing to soak up her little pee spurts as her bladder finally gives up and then we can see the pee flooding her pants she really does make a nice pee puddle on the floor she must be glad that it is not carpet as then she would be having to clean her piss out of that. She looks so shocked sad and sweet after she has finished peeing her pants and she takes her pissed in pants off she looks like she may be in trouble for peeing in her pants its great the last shot we have is her with her pissed in panties that are showing her lovely pussy through them

issing In Her Pants


See more wetting her panties and pants at the wetting her panties website Click Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties

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Posted on 11.05.08
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Four Sexy Peeing Movies From InFocusGirls Girls

Pissing On The Slide

Peeing In Swimsuit

The InFocusGirls are just so hot. I know the site is not dedicated to peeing ladies but the peeing stuff they do have is just lovely. I think the movie with the two girls peeing by the pool is so sexy it would have been sexier if they were peeing in swimsuits but that is just my thing I have always loved seeing pee drip from the crotch of a swimsuit there is nothing sexier well these InFocusGirls peeing are pretty sexy

Pissing In The Bath

Pissing Outdoors

How In Focus Girls finds such lovely girls to pee on camera in such alluring ways I would love to know and you can see by the smiles that some of these sexy pissing chicks are loving being so dirty and exposing their pussy’s and spraying their golden liquid

Just click the In Focus Girls peeing pictures to see that peeing movie from InFocusGirls

Enjoy the InFocusGirls pissing movies

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Posted on 11.03.08
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Halloween Female Desperation Movie

Well Halloween is upon us so I thought I would repost this female desperation movie with Alice and Raven I have to say the full version of this is just great I think it is right up there with Alice desperate to pee and pissing in her swimsuit.As we know from now ineed2pee Alice is on spectacular female desperation model and the capacity of her bladder is massive so when she starts to pee you know she really needs to go

desperate to pee in the street

The story for this video went like this Alice and Raven are going to a Halloween party, As a warm up they start drinking at home. The girls walk down the street to find a taxi. Alice the sexy nurse becomes desperate to pee and cant can’t hold back her bladder. Alice lets the pee stream out through her panties right there on the sidewalk! Raven, in a sexy Goth dress is confident she can hold it until they get to the party. She doesn’t want to piss all over her costume and boots. The girls can’t find a taxi in time though and Raven joins Alice as panty pee buddies. Seconds later, they spot a cab and decide to continue on to the party pissy panties and all!

raven desperate to pee

It really is a hot Halloween female desperation movie and it is well worth the one month membership to see this and so much more in the way of female desperation

See the female desperation Movie click here


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Posted on 11.01.08
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Pissing Herself From The House Of Taboo

I just love panty pissing and this little panty peeing movie is just lovely from the house of taboo we have this hottie pissing in her yellow panties she really does make a mess f her panties too they are just soaked in piss when she has finished just superb.

Starting To Piss In Panties

Soaking Her Panties In Piss

Wet Pissy Panties

See the Pissing Panties Movie Click Here

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Posted on 10.29.08
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Public Pissing From Public Nude Sluts

I love seeing pissing pussies and here we have one lovely pissing pussy this is from public nude sluts and as the site name suggests these sluts get nude in public and piss and look at how hot this chick is

Public Pissing rom Public Nude Sluts

She is not wearing any panties under her skirt and she lifts it up and squirts her hot piss in a lovely stream I would love to look around and see how many people are watching her brazen public pissing action . What is great about these public peeing photos is that after she finishes pissing she drops her skirt and it is only as an after thought that she goes and wipes her pussy such a dirty pissing slut

See more of the pictures here

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Posted on 10.25.08
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Pisshunters Pissing Photos With Pussy Shots

From Pisshunters we have another voyeur pissing set of hot piss pictures This set of Pisshunters pictures are just great we have caught this hot chick in the act of pissing and we can see her so well. This time in these Pisshunters pictures we can see her piss stream spraying out of her pussy I love how clear these pictures are and then after she has finished her piss we get to see her lovely pussy in a full frontal. This may be why most Pisshunter chicks don’t wipe as there wet pissy pussy is exposed and we can all see the little pee drops. This is one of the very rare pissing sets that I have seen when the pissing lady wipes after finishing pissing instead of just pulling her panties up and letting the fabric doing the wiping for her

Pisshunters Pissing Photos

Enjoy These Pisshunters Pissing Photos Here

See More From Pisshunters Here

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Posted on 10.22.08
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Female Desperation And Wetting From Realwetting Alice

Here we have the lovely female desperation and wetting model from real wetting or as it is also called Audrey’s wetting site this time she is desperate to pee while on the sofa she really is sexy and you can tell that she loves wetting look at he sitting in the couch in jeans and holding he bladder for as long as she can she really does get desperate to pee so desperate to pee it gets to late for her to get to the toilet.

Alice Desperate

She gets up and then she loses control female desperation and jeans wetting fro Alice look how soaked in pee her jeans are what I love about Alice is that she has a great big bladder and when she gets so desperate that she cant hold any longer and losses control the flood of piss is great she soaks everything

Piss In Jeans

Female desperation wetting and Alice realwetting is just great you can see the photos of female desperation and jeans wetting fro Alice by clicking here I hope you like the flood of piss as much as I have

More Pictures Click Here

See more from Realwetting Click Here

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Posted on 10.18.08
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Panty Peeing Into Her Jeans

She Needs To Pee

It doesn’t get much better from wetting her panties here we have some lovely panty peeing action. The lovely Elle is a little desperate to pee as she stands in her jeans she tries to get them off before she pisses her panties but the poor thing only manages to get them half way down before her hot piss starts flowing into her panties and what a big piss stream it is. It just floods her panties they are so soaked in her piss its wonderful imagine touching her damp pee patch it would be so warm and inviting

Pissing In Her Panties

Wetting her panties has really done it this time look at the last photo that is just so sexy there she is standing with her pissed in panties still on pee soaked jeans around her ankles this is just wonderful

Sexy Pissing In Panties

Don’t Forget that wettingherpanties has a live webcam so if you are sick of just watching movies here is your chance to watch some live panty wetting action in your lounge

See These Panty Peeing Photos Here


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