Peeing In Her See Through Leggings

Here we have Jess West from Wetting Her Panties she has just come home and is busting to pee, she is so desperate to pee what is a girl to do? She runs up the stairs and has nearly made it to the toilet bt she is just so desperate, she gets a wave of desperation and has no choice she squats down and she she is starting to pee in her panties and it is flowing through her leggings.

Poor Jess West from Wettingherpanties but lucky for us. Jess is now peeing in her knickers and leggings and it is really is making a mess on the floor. You can see her knickers through her leggings and they are getting darker and darker as they get more and more soaked in her pee. She really must have been desperate she just keeps on peeing and peeing in her knickers and now see-through leggings.

She really has made a pissy mess her leggings are soaked and more see through thanks to being peed in. Her knickers under her pissed in leggings are soaked too they are dripping pee. What a great leggings pee I always love it when tight leggings go see through when they are peed in. It’s a pity we don’t get a good shot of her big piss puddle I bet that will take a while to clean up and is also bet she is feeling lovely and warm how great would it to be to feel her pee soaked bottom and wet crotch?  This really is one great desperate leggings pee and Jess West is one sexy wetting her panties star

Watch this Wetting Her Panties Movie With Jess West Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 08.27.10
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Dominika Peeing In Pantyhose

From Real Wetting comes this pantyhose peeing set. This pantyhose peeing set stars the lovely Dominika from Real Wetting and while we haven’t seen much of this real wetting star she really does look sexy in wet pantyhose. She is in the kitchen and desperate to pee, she is cleaning and thinks she can just finish and run off to the toilet, she bends down and oh no she has spurt a little pee in her pantyhose and then it happens her bladder gives in.

She is standing in her short skirt bent over and she is peeing in her pantyhose what a mess she is soaking her pantyhose and the carpet, there is one big pee puddle at her feet and her pantyhose are dripping in piss you can see the pee streams as they are running down this is very sexy pantyhose peeing and what a great big mess.

Dominika has soaked her pantyhose in pee she has big piss puddle on the floor her socks are soaked in pee too what a great and messy pantyhose peeing and how embarrassing she pulls down her pissed in pantyhose and we see her soaked panties not only has there been pantyhose peeing she has been knicker wetting too. Well done Real Wetting

You can see Dominika Peeing In Pantyhose
Click Here

See More Pantyhose Peeing
Visit Real Wetting Click Here

See More Of real wetting

Filed under: Audrey’s Wetting Site and Desperation and Knicker Wetting and Panty Pee and Pantyhose Pissing and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing In Skirt and Pissing In Tights and Real Wetting
Posted on 08.23.10
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Shorts Peeing In Public Movie

From Wet In Public we have this very public shorts peeing movie. Olga is desperate as she is walking around the park there, really is nowhere to pee all the toilets are to far away. She is lucky that she is wearing dark shorts she is going to have to pee in them and this way people won’t see that she has pissed in her shorts. She sits down on a plaque no one knows that she is about to pee in her shorts she has found quite a hidden place even though it is in public

She is sitting on the plaque and there are people behind her but as she starts to pee her shorts in public no one is noticing she looks relieved and that is one big pee puddle that she has made. She is one sexy shorts wetter and in public how daring. Wet In Public really is getting better and better

We have had this lovely blond public peeing before here at Piss Blog she has starred in the Skirt And Panty Peeing Movie From Wet In Public post where she is just so desperate that she squats down in her mini skirt on a public street and pees in her panties. There are a few more public wetting movies with Olga at Wet In Public too. She really does look like she is having fun as she is peeing in public.

Watch The Shorts Peeing In Public Movie Here

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Posted on 08.19.10
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Rebekah Dee Female desperation And Peeing

Here we have the lovely Rebekah Dee from Needapee. She really is one sexy peeing amateur and these Needapee pee photos are great. At Needapee there are 72 hi rez photos and today we get to see a small selection. Check out her yellow pee from her pissing pussy if you love it golden pee this is one set of Needapee pictures you can’t miss

Rebekah Dee from Needapee wrote this about the female desperation and golden pee pictures “It has been far too long since the last photo gallery and since my photographer bought a new camera it seemed like a good excuse to get posing. Out and about I stumbled upon a piece of street art that caught my eye. I felt as if the work was incomplete and… well you can guess the rest. Lots of desperation and despair and high quality close up in amazing detail! “I have to say that Needapee has waited to long to have some great peeing pictures. We have had some wonderful Needapee movies but Needapee pictures are always great too.

These Needapee peeing photos really are sexy Rebekah Dee is one of my favorite amateur peeing models and she always is having a great time when she is desperate and peeing and these pictiures are no different. We have some wonderful female desperation poses and look at her hand jammed in her crotch. She then slowly strips off till she is nude and desperate. Rebekah Dee really does have greet close-up pictures and look at her spread pussy as she is squirting her yellow piss out . So sexy Rebekah Dee

See These Needapee Photos Here

Visit Needapee Here

Visit Needapee Now

Filed under: Babes Peeing and Desperation and Hairy Pussy Pissing and Needapee and Outdoor Pissing and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing Outdoor and Rebekah Dee
Posted on 08.15.10
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Ineed2pee Crash Peeing In Her Hooters Uniform

To follow on from the ineed2pee movie with Siren Female Desperation And Peeing In Her Shorts, dressed in a hooters uniform we have Crash dressed in her hooters uniform. We have had the very sexy Crash from ineed2pee before at Pissblog you can see her previous female desperation and wetting post titled Desperation And Jeans Peeing In The Street and her Female Desperation And Jeans Peeing post. In these ineed2pee pictures we start with Crash showing off her hooters uniform and who wouldn’t want to be served by her? So sweet, innocent and with red hair too. The ineed2pee movie that these shorts peeing pictures come from follows crash in her car as she gets more and more desperate. The female desperation movie lasts for 7.56 minutes and during this time we get it all the female desperation action.

We join the action in these short peeing pictures just as crash has jumped out of the car in desperation, she really needs to pee and as soon as she is out she is peeing in her shorts. She is also wearing pantyhose and panties and these are getting soaked too her big wet pee patch is just great and imagine if she came and served you a drink in her wet pissed in shorts from hooters how sexy would that be. If you love tattoos you will love these shorts peeing pictures too.

Crash pulls down her pissed in shorts to show off her wet knickers. I am just sorry that she is not dripping, knicker wetting is just great when you can see the little drops of pee dripping like you can see in the Female Desperation Movie With Arianna. I can’t be too choosey as these pissed in knickers are great you can see that they are soaked and I bet if she squeezed her pissed in knickers they would be dripping. These are great short peeing pictures from ineed2pee and if you are a ineed2pee member you can watch the full female desperation and shorts peeing movie in the ineed2pee members area

See Crash Peeing In Her Hooters Uniform

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

Filed under: Babes Peeing and Desperation and Female Desperation and Ineed2pee and Knicker Wetting and Panty Pee and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing In Shorts
Posted on 08.11.10
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Female Desperation And Pants Peeing On The Beach

Alice from Realwetting is at the beach drinking and having a great time in the sand. She has been drinking in the sun and is feeling nice light. She needs to pee but doesn’t want to get up and we have seen before Real Wetting Alice loves to be desperate and this is no different. She is drinking and getting more and more desperate to pee, female desperation with Alice is always great and here she is on the beach desperate to pee. She pushes her hands into her crotch to help her hold on.

After peeing in her pants with a little desperate squirt she is now on her knees and still desperate to pee. She can’t hold on though and starts to pee in her pants while on her on her knees look how desperate she was her pants are getting soaked in pee and it doesn’t stop she keeps peeing and peeing in her pants how embarrassing. She has pissed her pants at the beach and the sand is sticking to her pissed in pants too what a mess everyone will know it’s not water. A wonderful female desperation and pants peeing scene again from real wetting

See Alice Peeing Her Pants On The Beach
Click Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 08.07.10
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Female Desperation And Peeing In Her Shorts

Siren from Ineed2pee is desperate to pee and ends up peeing in her hooters outfit in this Ineed2pee movie, what more could you want? Siren is one sexy ineed2pee model and in this ineed2pee movie we get it all. We start and Siren is desperate to pee. You scan see her desperate fidgeting, in her hooters uniform female desperation fidgeting is great. Short shorts and tight top female desperation at its best. Siren is bouncing in desperation and really, really needs to pee. Her short shorts have even given her a little female desperation camel toe. I just love watching her when she is desperate to pee she grabs her crotch and hops in real desperation its great.

Siren tries and tries to hold on, if she can just wait till the bathroom is free she will be fine but her desperation is getting worse and worse she really won’t be able to hold on much longer Siren jambs her hand into her crotch trying to hold her bursting bladder from letting the first desperate drops of pee escape. I bet she is dribbling pee into her short shorts now she is to desperate not to.

Siren is just to desperate to pee she has tried all the tricks but she is one desperate girl and then it’s to late, she starts to pee in her shorts. Siren is peeing in her pants and her shorts are getting soaked they are flooded in her hot pee and it is running down her legs too ,what a mess. She pees in her shorts and down her legs she is peeing on the carpet too how embarrassing what will she say when she is seen soaked in her own pee…. Another wonderful ineed2pee female desperation and wetting movie. Ineed2pee really are the masters of female desperation.

Watch The Female Desperation And Peeing In Her Shorts
Click Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here


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Posted on 08.03.10
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Peeing Her Pants In Public

This Wet In Public Movie, peeing her pants in public is a great one from Wet In Public. I have to say Wet In Public is getting better and better with each movie. This Wet In Public movie stars Elizabeth and she is out doors and desperate to pee the full movie at wet in public runs for 9 minutes. We join the action when she is so desperate that she has to pee now, she has been walking the streets in need of a toilet and there are none around she is going to have to pee in her pants.

How great would it be to be walking down the street and see a hot chick like Elizabeth from Wet In Public peeing in her pants. The problem would be what to do? Stop and watch, or keep walking and pretend you haven’t seen her peeing her pants. If the public wetting movies from Wet In Public movies are a good judge, people keep on walking and pretend that the haven’t see the public pants peeing. Another great Wet In Public pants peeing movie.

See The Public Pants Peeing Movie Here

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

Filed under: Desperation and Female Desperation and Movies and Outdoor Pissing and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing In Pants and Pissing Movies and Pissing Outdoor and Public Pissing and Wet In Public
Posted on 07.30.10
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Knicker Wetting Movie With Fay X

A great Knicker wetting movie from Wettingherpanties staring Fay X. Fay X from Wettingherpanties is one sexy knicker wetter and in this knicker wetting movie we even get a golden stream. Fay is on the phone and desperate to pee she is in her panties and looks so hot sitting on the floor with her legs open she squirms and then has to squat a little her pee is coming and she cannot hold it in any longer.

Fay x starts to pee in her knickers. It starts off slowly and we get to see the little damp patch on her panties she then squats and the panties start to get soaked it is on hot knicker wetting scene and if you love golden pee this is on knicker wetting movie for you. As Fay pees in her knickers she starts to rub her piss soaked panties too.

She really moist be enjoying this knicker wetting she is rubbing her crotch as she is peeing in her panties. Fay then lifts her piss soaked panties aside and you get to see her strong golden stream shoot out till she covers her pussy with her pee soaked panties again. What a great panty wetting movie from Wettingherpanties. Knicker wetting and Wettingherpanties go so well and this knicker wetting movie is no different.

Pissed in knickers

Watch This Knicker Wetting Movie Here

See More Knicker Wetting Visit Wetting Her Panties
Click Here

Wetting Her Panties

Filed under: Babes Peeing and Knicker Wetting and Movies and Panty Pee and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing Movies and wettingherpanties
Posted on 07.26.10
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Peeing In Her Swimsuit At The Beach

Audrey from Real Wetting peeing her swimsuit at the beach. This is a great wetting picture and movie set from Realwetting. Audrey is at the beach and enjoying the sun she needs to pee but is so relaxed that she doesn’t want to get up to pee. What is a girl to do? After some squirming and some crotch grabbing she makes up her mind. Audrey looks around to see if anyone can see her and finds that no one is watching, she really needs to pee now. She gets up on her knees and starts to pee in her swimsuit and how sexy peeing in her swim suit at the beach. There are not many bikini peeing movies around, I am glad Audrey from real wetting has given us the pleasure of this swimsuit peeing.

Audrey releases her bulging bladder and what a great look as her piss explodes through the crotch of her bikini, she is even peeing on her beach mat. The crotch of her swim suit is soaked and dripping and I bet it would feel so great. She then lies down again with her piss soaked mat under her and her wet peed in bikini. What a sexy Real Wetting movie this is we have the bikini peeing pictures and if you want to see the swimsuit peeing movie visit real wetting.

See The Swimsuit Peeing Pictures Here

Visit Real Wetting Here

Filed under: Audrey’s Wetting Site and Outdoor Pissing and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing Outdoor and Real Wetting and Swimsuit Peeing
Posted on 07.22.10
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