Pissing In The Snow From Need A Pee

needapee pissing in snow

How hot is this set of pissing pictures from the lovely Rebekaha Dee over at needapee (need a pee) here she is outdoors in winter with snow all around her. What does she do well? She has a big piss she really can spray it and look at the reach here piss spray can get. Rebekah really seems to love pissing and that makes Needapee such a great pissing website. These pissing pictures have the added benefit hat there are close up pissing pussy shots and you can see that there are drips of piss that are running down to her bum crack. The steam from her hot piss is lovely, imagine the great smell the piss steam will be making. I have to say she really is a dirty lady too she has pulled her panties aside and pissed and then she just puts her panties back. You can see that her panties are wet with piss but we already know she likes panty pee so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she wants her panties wet with piss this time.

Pissing In The Snow Pictures Click Here

Rebekah Dee Pissing At Needapee Click Here

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Posted on 05.26.08
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Female desperation & Jeans Pissing Movie

Female Desperation And Wetting

I do love a good jeans wetting and this female desperation and jeans pissing movies from ineed2pee is pretty good it has two lovely ladies locked out and desperate to pee of course the hop around in the true female desperation movements until its to late one was so desperate to pee that she pisses in her jeans. She does piss a lot too it really is like a river of piss she really must have been desperate to pee and her bladder must have been bludging. I really do like seeing female desperation and then the explosion of piss when it’s all to late. What is nice about this jeans pissing movie is that we get to see their pissed in panties. Panty pee and pissed in jeans what more could you ask fore
See the Female desperation & Jeans Pissing Movie Here

Ineed2pee, Wetting, Desperation, Panty Pee See It All Here

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Posted on 05.24.08
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Alya At UK Flashers

alya pissing in public

We have had Alya here before when she was doing here public pissing at needapee here
But this is even more risky public pissing while a train goes by. I think Ayla is so sexy and I wish I had seen more of her pissing antics but here she is out in a field by the railway tracks and naked under her coat. She releases here hot pee stream in the grass. It really is hot how she loves the public pissing and I have always likes seeing a chick piss in the grass there is something so natural about it when the squat down and release their hot piss
Enjoy this picture set from UK Flashers. Alya pissing in nature

See more public pissing at UK Flashers by clicking here

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Posted on 05.23.08
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Russian Lesbians Pissing Outdoors

russian lesbians pissing outdoors

How hot are these two Russian lesbians from pissing outdoors. That they are lesbians is great but what is even better is that they are lesbian that drink each others piss. They look so innocent and then they strip lick and piss on each other. Pissing Outdoors does have some great sets and I do love seeing lesbians pissing on each other. I hope that you enjoy these lesbians as they piss on each other

See The Russian Lesbian Peeing Pictures Clicking Here

pissing outdoor see more

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Posted on 05.21.08
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Female Desperation Movie From Wettingherpanties

wettingherpanties desperation movie

Unfortunately these are only the screen caps of this female desperation and pants pissing from Mandy Moore here she is outdoors and suffering with female desperation she really is desperate to pee and I guess there is the choice to go and pee on the ground or hold on and hope the feeling of desperation to pee will go away. Well the poor thing her female desperation gets to much and she starts to pee in her pants and she does piss quite a lot. Wet pissed in pants well who can ask for more well I can and we get it as we see her showing her blue peed in panties as well. Wetting her panties does have some great pissing action
See the rest of the screen caps from this female desperation movie by clicking here

Visit wetting her panties by clicking here

Visit Wetting Her Panties

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Posted on 05.19.08
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Pisshunters Caught Pissing With A Friend

From Pisshunters the pissing voyeur experts we have caught pissing with a friend. What is better seeing one chick pissing without her knowing we are watching or seeing two caught pissing? Well I have to say two chicks caught pissing is better, these voyeur pissing pictures are from one of the many videos that piss hunters has. The picture quality is not great in these piss hunters pictures as they are screen captures from the voyeur pissing video

Caught Pissing From Pisshunters

This pisshunters set amazes me as the redhead pissing seems to be looking straight at the camera. We know that the Pisshunters voyeur photographers don’t usually get caught when they film chicks pissing so this time he or she must be well hidden but then again maybe she knows she is being filmed while she is peeing. She seems to have a knowing grin so maybe she knows there is a camera and is enjoying the knowledge that we are watching her piss either way enjoy the redhead caught pissing

See more at Pisshunters Click Here


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Posted on 05.16.08
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Pissing In Red Tights From Realwetting

I love seeing pee explode through tights. This update from Alice at real wetting (Audrey’s wetting site) is just that. Poor Alice is so desperate to pee that she really tries to hold her pee in with her hand look how she is jamming her hand between her legs true female desperation.

female desperation from realwetting

In the end the female desperation gets to much for poor Alice and her pee explodes through her tights. Pissing in tights has to be one of my favourite things I still love looking at this pissing in spandex tights movie from ineed2pee .Alice though really does have a big pee in these tights and it is wonderful. The change in colour when they are soaked in piss is just lovely

Pissing In Her Tights

This is what was written at realwetting (audreys wetting site) Alice had a long day doing girl stuff but she forgot that she needed to use the loo. Alice also loves her plants and hates to see them all dusted and sad so she decided to clean their leaves when disaster struck, she felt the warmth of her piss running down her legs wetting her sexy legs and her favourite red tights.

Red tights soaked in hot piss

Watch Alice getting her tights soaked in piss. Also you can really see the pressure released in her pants.
See the female desperation pictures by clicking here

Visit real wetting (Audrey’s Wetting Site) clicking here

See More Of Audry Peeing

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Posted on 05.13.08
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Pissing like a dog from Needapee

Female desperation and pissing like a dog what more can you want from Needapee. The female desperation is great you can tell that Rebekah really needs to pee she is desperate and there I the female desperation crotch grabbing and full on desperation. This is also a real public piss right out in the open I wonder what people thought when she was in her female desperation stance.

needapee desperate to pee

When the time is right she walks over to the beach and kneels like a dog and starts to piss. You can tell Needapee Rebekah was really desperate to pee as her piss stream starts as soon as she removes her panties. The piss stream is a long one too she really does let go. How full was her bladder?

Pissing Like A Dog

This really is a daring piss move Rebekah wrote this about the video at Needapee
Naughty Doggie Pee
Following a request to see me pee doggie style I set off to a spot I know. Located on the sea front, just in front of a car park and with people out and about, I was trembling as I whipped my panties down to d pee like a doggie and then masturbate – relief at not being caught!.

needapee pissing like a dog

See The Desperation & Pissing Like A Dog Movie Click Here

This is only a part of the full movie and the quality has been reduced. You can see this and 102 other pissing movies at Needapee Click Here

Visit Needapee Now

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Posted on 05.09.08
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New Female Desperation Ineed2pee Trailer

desperate and pissed in her jeans

Ineed2pee has just released their new female desperation video trailer see it by clicking here. This female desperation video shows real crotch grabbing and female desperation. I love the screams of desperation. Ineed2pee female desperation video also has pissing pants and shorts I love when female desperation gets to much and the pants get pissed in.

Bed wetting accident

The bed wetting movie will have to be my first to see the pissy wet crotch is just so hot. Check out this ineed2pee female desperation movie not the best out but well worth it here. See more ineed2pee female desperation trailers and wetting movies in the desperation category or of course the female desperation ineed2pee category

Female Desperation In Puclic

I hope you enjoy this female desperation trailer from ineed2pee you can see the desperate to pee and pants peeing Here

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Posted on 05.04.08
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Squatting Outdoors And Pissing From Street Piss

Pissing from streetpiss

From street piss here we have a hot Russian lady stripping to squat and pee. This is not real voyeur peeing this is just hot outdoor pissing, Streetpiss has chicks pissing outdoors in all sorts of places. This streetpiss set really is nice. Her stream of hot piss flowing out of her pussy is lovely. She really is making a big piss puddle. I love how she has her tissue and I would have loved to see her wipe her wet pussy

Enjoy this pissing outdoors from street piss

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Posted on 05.02.08
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