Lesbian Cheerleaders Peeing in Bed

From HD Wetting we have a great lesbian cheerleader wetting movie starring Sosha and Alisha. They have come home from cheerleading practice and are horny. They get in bed still in their uniforms and start to make out. They are kissing passionately and then Alisha needs to pee, she has been holding on all through practice waiting for this moment. She lifts her skirt to expose her grey panties and we can see her bladder is bulging she really needs to pee.

She has lifted her skirt and with her panties on show she moves so she is above Sosha. They are both so horny and then Alisha starts to pee into her panties all over Sosha. The grey of her panties goes dark and the warm pee soaks into the fabric. Sosha’s cheerleading skirt is getting soaked. Alisha moves so she is now kneeling over Sosha and she is still pissing what a wonderful sight.

Alisha finishes peeing on Sosha and is so turned on. Sosha is pissy wet and the bed under her is damp too. They starts to inspect their wet uniforms and then strip them off showing us there pissy bodies. Now there is no stopping them, they are so horny after their piss play that they start to kiss and make out again. A super lesbian cheerleader panty peeing movie.

See Alisha And Sosha Cheerleader Panty Pee

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 10.19.16
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Lil Mina Peeing In Hooters Outfit

From Ineed2pee we have and she is one small little hottie. She is dressed in a hooters outfit and desperate to pee. I’m not sure if this is the same uniformed that has been peed in previously at Ineed2pee but she looks great. If you have missed some of the previous Ineed2pee hooter girls peeing check out Nikki Next Desperate And WettingFemale Desperation Movie With CrashJeans Leggings And Uniform Peeing From Ineed2pee and Female Desperation And Peeing In Her Shorts Lil Mina is so desperate to pee she has her legs tightly pressed together and her shorts are riding up what a great sight she is this desperate to pee

Ineed2pee has written this about the movie “Yay! Lil Mina is back at I Need 2 Pee & she is really desperate to go in this one. A lot of pee comes out of her (still have no clue where she stores it!) and pools into both her high heeled shoes. So funny when she kicks her feet up & all the pee pours out onto the floor! It’s nice when it’s concrete and you can see the pee puddles very clearly onto the floor, as opposed to grass or carpet where it doesn’t show as much. She does a great mortified freak out at the end too! ”

She is so desperate that she can’t hold on she has been trying and trying but her bladder says no and as she is standing there she starts to pee in her shorts. Her hooter shorts get a damp patch and then she has pee running down her legs soaking into her pantyhose and finished in her heels. Just look at her face when she finishes pissing herself she is so unhappy. A wonderful female desperation and wetting from Ineed2pee.

See Lil Mina Peeing In Hooters Outfit

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 08.18.16
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Alisha Sosha Lesbian Pee Play

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Sosha and sexy Alisha back for some more lesbian pee play. We start off with Sosha dressed as a nurse and Nikko on the bed it is Sosha’s last appointment of the day and she has been busting to pee for ages. As she is listing to Nikko she is getting more and more desperate she crosses her legs trying to hold her pee in but is to desperate and loses control peeing in her white stockings. As she is peeing the piss streams down her stockings making the pee stain so vivid she looks so sexy a pissy wet mess. Nikko is not happy her nurse has pissed herself she tells Sosha that she will tell her superior. Sosha standing in her piss soaked pantyhose and pleads for her not to. Nikko has one demand that Sosha in her piss soaked nurses uniform give her head till she cums. A super stocking wetting and lesbian licking movie. See Sosha Piss Herself Here.

Next up we have Sosha bound and in her underwear Nikko has a spanking implement and proceeds to spank her. Sosha is so desperate that the shock as she is getting spanked is to much and she loses control and pees in her panties. As Sosha is peeing the piss is running down her legs and soaking onto the floor. Nikko pleased with herself and now horny unties Sosha and licks her out till she cums. See Sosha bound and pissing here.

Last up we have Nikko bound naked and desperate to pee we can see her bulging bladder and then Sosha starts to tease her. Sosha is tickling and prodding Sosha’s bladder taking great pleasure in tormenting the desperate Nikko. Nikko is trying as hard as she can to hold on but her bladder is to full and she loses control and starts  pissing. She has pee running down her legs and her feet are getting wetter and wetter .A great bound nude pissing. See Nikko Piss Here

See Set 1,2,3

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 03.15.16
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Lesbian Peeing from HD Wetting

HD Wetting brings us the lovely Alisha and Nikko. These two are great fun to watch together. We starts off with Nikko the story goes ” She has a problem, she is unable to become sexually aroused, she visits the doctor in the hope of finding a solution after explaing her predicament to the nurse, Alisha, who comes up with an idea. Alisha takes her clothes off, stripping down to just her panties, and starts making out with Nikko. While making out Alisha pees through her white panties and all over Nikko’s lap. This has the desired effect, Nikko is getting extremely turned on. Now that she has succeeded in making Nikko very horny, Alisha pulls off Nikko’s wet pants and goes down on her. It isn’t long before Nikko has a loud orgasm. See Nikko pleasured and pissed on here.

Next up it is time for Nikko’s once a year appointment with the gynaecologist, something she truly despises. Already uncomfortable at the aspect of having her girly bits poked and prodded, she grows even more concerned when the nurse states that this is the first time she has ever done this. Nikko changes her mind about the exam, but the nurse, Alisha, isn’t backing down. With a full bladder, and a nurse making a bee-line straight towards her nether regions, Nikko does the first think she can think of to repel the approaching intrusion. She releases a powerful stream of piss all over, making a mess out of the exam room. See Nikko Pissing Here.

Last up Nikko is tied up and naked with Alisha giving her head from behind. Nikko is getting closer and closer to cumming but she needs to pee. She lets Alisha know that she needs to stop so she can have a pee but Alisha doesn’t stop and Nikko starts to piss she luckily misses Alisha but soaks the chair and floor. See Nikko Peeing Here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 09.26.15
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Nikki Next Desperate And Wetting

From Ineed2pee we have the wonderful Nikki Next. She joined us before in Female Desperation And Wetting Ineedpee and was great, today I think she is even better. Nikki is dressed in a hooters outfit and looking very desperate to pee. Ineed2pee have had some great female desperation and wetting scenes in Hooters uniforms and if you have missed some check out the ineed2pee category here. Nikki Next is desperate to pee she has her hand jammed between her legs trying to hold on. The more desperate she is getting the higher her shorts are riding up.

The story from Ineed2pee about this scene with Nikki Next goes like this “The update you’ve been waiting for! It’s 18 year old cutie Nikki Next, a real amateur brunette with slim legs & the cutest butt bounce as she does her pee pee dance! Awesome crotch & butt grabbing & she’s really holding it the best she can. You can tell how badly she really had to go by how much urine splashes out & all over into her white tennis sneakers too. You can see how much went in when she empties it all out. I will definitely be trying my hardest to cross paths with Nikki again this summer in August at Fetishcon & filling her full of water, tea, coffee, beer, etc “let’s hope that ineed2pee catch up with her again soon.

She is so desperate that her bladder is about to burst you can see the real desperation that ineed2pee is known for. With her legs still crossed she starts to pee in her shorts, her pee is running down her legs making sparkling rivers in her pantyhose and then soaking her shoes. Her hooters shorts are dark at the crotch and just look at her calves they are absolutely soaked. She finishes peeing in her shorts and then empty’s her sneakers and tries to dry her crotch with a hair dryer. Super sexy real female desperation from Ineed2pee.

See Nikki Next Desperate Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.01.15
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Japanese Schoolgirls Pissing

Piss Japan brings us this wonderful pissing school girl set. We have had some great hidden camera pissing from them before in Peeing Asians Caught, Hot Japanese Pissing and Asian Pissing From Piss Japan Tv here are so many Japanese pissing movies but it is so hard to get them out of japan and if we do they are always censored Piss Japan brings us hot pissing and uncensored too.

Todays Japanese is a pissing feast lovely Japanese ladies dressed as schoolgirls. They are out in the park playing. The story from Piss Japan goes “In a nearby park, there are always some school girls who are around. , I know if I follow them long enough, good things will “flow.” Some girls are shy, some are playful, but what they all have in common is a need to pee. One group of girls pulls out a blindfold in order to release; whatever makes them go, works for me.

It is a great pissing set I just love the different pissing scenarios that they get themselves into. Sexy Asian ladies pissing in the park what else could we want?

See The Japanese Schoolgirls Pissing Here

Visit Piss Japan Click Here

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Posted on 01.04.15
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Waitress Desperate And Pissing Herself

From Real Wetting aka Audrey’s wetting site we have the wonderful Dee. Dee has such a sexy body and that she loves pissing herself is even better. If you have missed some of her wonderful past wettings check out Dee Female Desperation And Peeing, Purple Pantyhose Peeing From Real Wetting, Dee Peeing In Shorts And Pantyhose, Dee Female Desperation In Leggings and Dee Peeing In Lycra Pants. Today Dee is dressed as a waitress, her dress is skin tight and she has pantyhose and high heels on. She is cleaning the tables after a long night and is desperate to pee.

Dee is desperate to pee, she wants to finish cleaning the tables before she relieves herself but her bladder is not that strong. As she is leaning over the table she starts to pee in her pantyhose her pee is running down her legs and splashing on the ground, it is a wonderful sight to see a waitress so desperate that she pisses herself.

Dee keeps on peeing it is a pity we can’t lift her skirt up as she is bent over and peeing so we could see the piss flowing through her panties and streaming down her legs. Her shoes are getting full of piss too. She keeps pissing herself her piss puddle is growing she really is lucky that there are no customers around to see the pissy mess she has made. She finishes peeing and then lifts up her dress to look at her dripping panties. Super sexy wetting from Real Wetting.

See Dee The Waitress Peeing Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 01.01.15
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HD Wetting Sosha And Alisha

From HD wetting we have three sets with Sosha and Alisha. These two HD wetting models have done some great lesbian peeing scenes together but today they are on their own and bursting full for our pleasure. We start off with the lovely Sosha on the bed topless, she is in sexy knickers and looking good. I love how full her breasts are and a topless knicker wetting is always fun. She kneels on the bed looking lovely and then starts to pee in her panties. It is a pity her panties are not white as we would have had a better view as the piss flowed through the fabric and soaked into the quilt. She keeps peeing her knickers on the bed and is having a great time. She finishes panty peeing and then gets on her knees top show us her piss soaked bottom. A nice topless panty peeing with Sosha. See Sosha pissing Her Panties Here

Next up we have Alisha, she is outdoors in her cheerleader uniform and is desperate to pee. She lifts up her cheerleading uniform to reveal her green panties tightly encasing her pussy and then squats down and starts to pee in the grass. She is pissing in her green panties and the damp pee patch is standing out wonderfully. She keeps pissing till her bladder is empty and then stands up and pulls off her pissed in knickers. It is a shame we don’t get a shot of her pissy pussy but maybe we will be lucky next time. See Alisha Peeing in her green panties here.

Last up we have Sosha again, this time she is outdoors in the woods in mauve panties. She has a bulging bladder and rubs her crotch a couple of times before starting to pee in her panties. Her crotch instantly goes dark and then piss starts to splash on the ground. As she is peeing in her panties she is rubbing her crotch, she has golden pee all over her hands, she keeps on peeing getting  turned on and as she stops panty pissing she starts to masturbate through her wet panties till she cums. A great outdoor panty pee. See Sosha pissing in her panties Click Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.10.14
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Asian Pissing From Piss Japan Tv

For today we have some great Japanese pissing, these peeing pictures and pissing movies are from Piss Japan Tv. This is the first time we have ad anything from them before so let me know if you would like to see more. The first Asian pissing movie and pictures has 4 Asian hotties pissing the story goes “Out in the city, some girls are in a park or taking a jog, when they need to take a leak. Most try the “squat and go” technique, but are startled by our camera guy and run off. Seeing their furry little muffs “make a splash,” quenches our thirst; them catching him, is an extra bit of fun. Our guy always gets the “after path” of each girl. One gal has to go and cameraman or not, she is going to “hose down the path.” She even has time to wipe up, toss the tissue at him, and calmly walk away. I like this girl; she knows how to “mark her territory.” The last honey likes to stand and aim; hell, she shoots farther than I do. “See the Asian piss movie here.

Next up we have we have another set of pissing pictures and movie and we even get to catch a Japanese lady pissing from above. The story goes “Up the stairs goes a girl, and our guy follows from below. On the “catwalk,” she squats and lets it rain; our cameraman “catches” all the fun. I hope that camera is waterproof. Seeing him, she squeals and takes off, but he gets her every move. The second girl is a bit chubby and finds a secluded stairwell to drain. When she sees him, she pulls up her things and heads off. Needing to still pee, she goes behind some bushes, and goes more, much more. Following a girl with that “certain walk,” this honey slips behind a building and pulls into a parking spot. She starts to flow, but turns and sees our man. Hopping off yelling and spraying, she leap-frogs away; don’t worry, we check out her “lily pad.” Finished for the day, our guy is heading back, when a girl walks past. With his “pee senses” tingling, he turns and trails behind. In an alley, the hottie starts to stream, until she sees he’s filming; spraying what she can, she stands up, pushes past him, and heads off in her wet stilettos.” See the Japanese pee movie here

The last Japanese pissing pictures and video have this story with them “Our cameraman’s checking out some girls in the city. Funny, he can always tell by the way she walks, whether or not she’s got to go. As he films the first gal, what a shooter, she sees him and takes off. For this PissJapanTV.com video, it’s wet outside, but that won’t stop these girls from “making it rain.” Some are subtle in finding a place to pee, but our guy can smell the urine before it even hits the ground. He says it’s in the way they sway their hips; however our guy finds them, and he always films a puddle in their “wake.” Zooming in for all the fun, the women are east to “spots.” And yes, even the occasional school girl, who has left the grounds, needs to find a secluded place to put #1, first. Over the fence she goes, and so do we. As she kneels down and lets it go, she does actually catch the cameraman’s eye, but can’t stop the flow. She pushes onward and outward until the waterworks are done, tissue anyone? See the Japanese peeing movie here.

Visit Pissjapnantv Click Here

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Posted on 08.24.14
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Brookelynn Briar Female Desperation and Wetting

From Ineed2peee we have the wonderful Brookelynn Briar we have had some wonderful female desperation and wetting with her in the past and today we start with her dressed as a cheerleader and desperate to pee. She is wearing the same outfit that some of Ineed2pees female desperation stars have pissed in. Already posted here we have had Cheerleader Peeing In Her Panties with Candle Boxx and Star nine in Skintight Jeans Peeing and Others Today Brookelynn Briar she is desperate to pee. She is struggling to hold on and has her hand jammed in her crotch. She starts to so the pee pee dance, stops and then starts to pee in her cheerleader panties. As she is peeing her piss runs don her legs and soaks into her socks and sneakers. She finishes peeing in her cheerleader uniform and shows us her piss soaked panties and her sneakers soaked in piss. A hot female desperation and wetting dressed as a cheerleader. See Brookelynn Briar Desperate Here.

Next up we have Brookelynn Briar In her overalls and desperate to pee there is something so sexy watching as she is desperate to pee, she does the crotch grabbing so well and then the more desperate that she becomes the more gasping and shrieking we get until she relises that she just can’t hold on and she starts to pee, her overalls get soaked with great pee rivers down her legs a super sexy female desperation and wetting. See Brookelynn Briar Desperate In Overalls Here.

Last up we have a female desperation movie with her. We have had this one before but I really do love watching her desperate in leggings the more and more desperate she gets is wonderful see Brookelynn Briar desperate to pee here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 02.10.14
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