New Lesbian Peeing Model Lyra HD Wetting

Panty Pissing Over Sosha

From HD Wetting we have new model Lyra. It’s been a while since HD Wetting had a new model on the scene and Lyra looks like she is going to be fun. We start off with her and Sosha in the bed. Lyra is topless and in panties while Sosha is fully clothed. Lyra straddles Sosha and then she starts to pee in her panties. The pee explodes through the panties and starts to pool on Sosha’s lap. The golden liquid grows and her panties are sopping, they kiss and when she finishes peeing her panties and they both look so turned on. See The Lesbian Panty Pee In Bed Here

Cheerleader Pissing In Panties

Next up Lyra is in a cheerleader uniform and desperate to pee. She has been holding for ages and then when her bladder is nearly bursting she lifts up her skirt and starts to pee. Her panties are instantly flooded and there is a great dark pee patch growing. Her pee stream gets stronger and piss is spraying everywhere. Her finishes peeing she stands there holding her skirt with her panties dripping. See Lyra Peeing In Her cheerleader Outfit Here

Topless In Piss Soaked Shorts

Last up we have Lyra and Sosha in the bathroom. Sosha is on the toilet when Lyra walks in. She needs to pee and is not going to wait, she straddles Sosha sitting on her lap and starts top pee in her shorts. She is soaking herself and also Sosha who is under her. The piss is splashing everywhere. When she finishes Sosha is so horny that she rips Lyras clothes off and they both starts to finger each other. See Lyra And Sosha Peeing Here

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Posted on 02.26.18
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Locked Out Peeing In Cheerleader Uniform

From Ineed2pee we have Terra Mizu she is dressed in a cheerleader uniform and being from Ineed2pee she is really desperate to pee. I do love seeing ladies desperate to pee in cheerleading outfits and we are lucky as Ineed2pee has  provided us with lots. Some of the previous cheerleader wettings that you may have missed are Brookelynn Briar Female Desperation and WettingBlonde Cheerleader panty pissing and Ineed2pee Female Desperation Fun Today Terra has got home and found that the gate is locked. This is not good, she is already desperate she starts to cross her legs and grab her crotch. The pee pee dance is beginning and as she jiggles her breasts are bouncing around. She has an idea and tries to climb the fence she gets a little up and we can see up her dress and see her white panties and then she loses control and her panties get damp.

She is to desperate to climb the fence, she has already peed in her panties and now back on the ground she clasps her hands in her crotch. Her bladder has had the taste of relief and it wants more. As she has her legs clasped together she starts to pee again she is pissing in her panties and has pee running down her legs. There are streams of piss, her panties are soaked and even her cheerleading uniform is getting wet with piss

The story from Ineed2pee about the desperate cheerleader wetting goes like this “Terra Mizu got locked out by her cheerleading squad as a joke so she tries her best to practice some of the new cheers but there’s one small issue.. she really needs to pee!! It’s so hard trying to jump around with a full bursting bladder so she’s doing the desperate pee pee dance instead while begging her teammates to let her out so she can use the bathroom. Some nice upskirts of her white cotton fullback panties before she tries climbing the fence and she wets her panties just a little bit! It dribbles down her bare legs in streaks. She manages to stop it for half a minute before she starts flooding her white panties with pee again!  This time is loudly streaming down her legs & splashing on her pretty bare feet and she is just mortified and embaressed on a whole other level!  She surveys the damage & tries to frantically dry her pissy wet panties with waving her hands around but it’s totally not working. Then a cute behind the scenes bit where you get to know Terra and her close calls!  cute cheerleader upskirts and white panty wetting from a wetting first timer ” A super sexy female desperation and wetting

See The Desperate Cheerleader Wetting Here


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Posted on 03.24.17
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Lesbian Cheerleaders Peeing in Bed

From HD Wetting we have a great lesbian cheerleader wetting movie starring Sosha and Alisha. They have come home from cheerleading practice and are horny. They get in bed still in their uniforms and start to make out. They are kissing passionately and then Alisha needs to pee, she has been holding on all through practice waiting for this moment. She lifts her skirt to expose her grey panties and we can see her bladder is bulging she really needs to pee.

She has lifted her skirt and with her panties on show she moves so she is above Sosha. They are both so horny and then Alisha starts to pee into her panties all over Sosha. The grey of her panties goes dark and the warm pee soaks into the fabric. Sosha’s cheerleading skirt is getting soaked. Alisha moves so she is now kneeling over Sosha and she is still pissing what a wonderful sight.

Alisha finishes peeing on Sosha and is so turned on. Sosha is pissy wet and the bed under her is damp too. They starts to inspect their wet uniforms and then strip them off showing us there pissy bodies. Now there is no stopping them, they are so horny after their piss play that they start to kiss and make out again. A super lesbian cheerleader panty peeing movie.

See Alisha And Sosha Cheerleader Panty Pee


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Posted on 10.19.16
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Ineed2pee Female Desperation Fun

From Ineed2pee we have three great female desperation and wetting scenes Ineed2pee really is the master of desperation and today is no different. We start of with new model Lil Mina. The story from Ineed2pee goes like this. Lil Mina definitely had no pee shyness or issues wetting through her super tight orange pants while tied up! It’s not the easiest first scene to do but she really really had to pee as you can see, and her tiny 95lb body can only hold so much. It can actually hold quite a lot from what we can see as we watch it! there’s so much pee coming out & dripping off her pants cuffs and it just keeps coming & coming, It’s even funnier when I start tickling her and found out she’s really ticklish!! Great female desperation and wetting. See Lil Mina Desperate and Wetting here

Next up we have the wonderful Nikki Next. She is dressed as a cheerleader and desperate to pee. She is on the balcony and is locked out. She gets more and more desperate to pee and we get to see her squirming and doing the pee pee dance. She grabs her crotch trying to hold on but she is to desperate to pee and pees in her white panties. She finishes of with white panties soaked in piss. See Nikki Next panty peeing here

Last up we have the lovely Sunny. If you have missed some of her previous female desperation and wetting scenes check out Female Desperation And Wetting with Sunny Desperation And Wetting Ineed2pee and Desperation And Wetting From Ineed2pee. Today she is late for a interview. She is desperate to pee but there was no time to relieve herself. She is so desperate that everything she is doing is making her want to pee and she just can’t hold on and pees in her leggings soaking herself and also the floor. See Sunny Desperate and peeing here

See Set 1, 2, 3




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Posted on 02.15.16
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Lesbian Bondage Peeing HD Wetting

HD Wetting has moved to a bondage room for their latest movies starring Nikko and Alisha and we get to share the fun with these three sets of pictures. We start off with a Cheerleader handcuffed and wetting. The story goes Alisha has handcuffed Nikko to the bed when she needs to pee. Nikko is now in trouble, she struggles to free herself but she has no chance of getting out of this situation. As she struggles more and more she gets more and more desperate to pee. She can’t hold on and starts to pee in her panties and the bed. As Nikko is peeing in her panties Alisha looks on having a great time when Nikko finishes peeing herself Alisha lets her go. A fun cheerleader wetting. See the photos here.

Next up we have Nikko caged and desperate to pee. Alisha has locked Nikko in the cage, she is in her jeans and is desperate to pee and begging Alisha to let her go. Alisha is having to much fun seeing Nikko squirming with desperation and Nikko has no choice but to pee in her jeans. She soaks her jeans and also the floor. Even when she has finished peeing there is no escape for Nikko.  Alisha leaved her locked in the cage in her piss soaked jeans. See Nikko pissing her jeans in the cage Here.

Last up we have Nikko tied up, she is topless in her panties and is desperate to pee. She has no choice and she starts to pee in her panties. We get a great view of her crotch as she is pissing in her panties and there is pee splashing all over the floor. She finishes pissing herself and then Alisha positions herself above Nikko and pees on her through her thong soaking Nikko completely. See Nikko and Alisha peeing Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 05.26.15
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Female Desperation And Wetting Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have three great female desperation and wetting sets. We starts off with the lovely Tori Bell. The story goes “Tori Bell is your curvy hot webcam girl of choice but she doesn’t know about your wetting fetish until now! You see her squirming to use the bathroom & subtly grabbing her crotch so you decide to offer her more “tip” money to NOT use the bathroom. Well she likes the tips but she’s getting more & more desperate to pee as the minutes go on. You enjoy seeing her grabbing her crotch tightly & pulling up her thin spandex legging pants into her crotch area. She’s wearing sexy pink panties that you can see through her leggings, visible panty line! You can’t wait til she loses bladder control so you finally offer her a nice big tip for her to just let go and pee in her pants! She makes a huge pee puddle on her bare feet & the white tiles. The urine shows up really nicely on the spandex material” It is a great wetting scene. See Tori Bell peeing her spandex here.

Next up we have Lauren Kiley. Lauren is desperate to pee and dressed in her cheerleader uniform. She lives next door and has locked herself out she asks to use the bathroom bit it is occupied. She stands in your kitchen squirming and grabbing her crotch till she just can’t hold on and starts to pee in her panties. Her pee flows down her legs and even soaks into her shoes this is a wonderful panty pee. See Lauren Kiley Knicker Wetting Here

Last up we have Envii she is dam desperate to pee but is holding on as long as she can she is squirming and holding her crotch it is a wonderful sight to see her desperate in her skin tight jeans. She just can’t hold on and starts to pee. Her pee stream flows down her legs and the skin tight denim shows off what a wet mess she has made of herself. See Envii Desperate and jeans peeing here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 01.20.15
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HD Wetting Sosha And Alisha

From HD wetting we have three sets with Sosha and Alisha. These two HD wetting models have done some great lesbian peeing scenes together but today they are on their own and bursting full for our pleasure. We start off with the lovely Sosha on the bed topless, she is in sexy knickers and looking good. I love how full her breasts are and a topless knicker wetting is always fun. She kneels on the bed looking lovely and then starts to pee in her panties. It is a pity her panties are not white as we would have had a better view as the piss flowed through the fabric and soaked into the quilt. She keeps peeing her knickers on the bed and is having a great time. She finishes panty peeing and then gets on her knees top show us her piss soaked bottom. A nice topless panty peeing with Sosha. See Sosha pissing Her Panties Here

Next up we have Alisha, she is outdoors in her cheerleader uniform and is desperate to pee. She lifts up her cheerleading uniform to reveal her green panties tightly encasing her pussy and then squats down and starts to pee in the grass. She is pissing in her green panties and the damp pee patch is standing out wonderfully. She keeps pissing till her bladder is empty and then stands up and pulls off her pissed in knickers. It is a shame we don’t get a shot of her pissy pussy but maybe we will be lucky next time. See Alisha Peeing in her green panties here.

Last up we have Sosha again, this time she is outdoors in the woods in mauve panties. She has a bulging bladder and rubs her crotch a couple of times before starting to pee in her panties. Her crotch instantly goes dark and then piss starts to splash on the ground. As she is peeing in her panties she is rubbing her crotch, she has golden pee all over her hands, she keeps on peeing getting  turned on and as she stops panty pissing she starts to masturbate through her wet panties till she cums. A great outdoor panty pee. See Sosha pissing in her panties Click Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.10.14
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