Female Desperation And Peeing From Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have two photos sets and a great female desperation and wetting movie. The first female desperation photo set stars Caroline. She is a night club and has stumbled into the bathroom desperate to pee she tries to enter the cubical but someone is already there. She has to wait and you can see how desperate to pee she is. She has her legs crossed and then she even gets her arm to cross her legs making the clamp tighter she really needs to pee bad this is great female desperation. Caroline is just to desperate to pee she, can’t hold on any longer she squats down still in her panties and dress and starts to pee. You can see as she is peeing in her panties the lovely pee puddle on the floor is growing and growing. She finishes peeing in her panties and then stands up. “Oh no she has not only peed in her panties but has soaked the back of her skirt too.” Everyone will know when she goes back to the club that she has peed in her dress. This is a great female desperation and panty and skirt wetting from ineed2pee. See the photos here.

The next Ineed2pee photo set has Kimberly Marvel. She is in her jeans and the story goes that she is in her exes place looking around when he comes home. She scurries off and hides in the bath tub she doesn’t want him to catch her. She tries to keep quiet but is getting more and more desperate, she doesn’t want to make a sound by going to the toilet so she keeps holding on and on. Her jeans are pressing tightly around her waist making her bulging bladder more and more painful, she can’t hold on any longer and starts to pee in her jeans. Look at the wonderful piss patch that she is making. I do love seeing a great jeans peeing where piss goes everywhere. She undoes her pissed in jeans and then shows her pee soaked granny panties. A nice jeans wetting from Kimberley. See The Jeans Peeing photos here.

This last Ineed2pee movie is a repeat I was looking thorough all the ineed2pee posts that we have has and this female desperation movie stood out for a repost. Staring Tabitha she is desperate to pee but what makes it a wonderful movie is the female desperation is real, she gets the goosebumps and of course, her top is see through so every move she makes you can see her lovely breasts bouncing around. If you want to see the original post check out Female Desperation With Tabitha otherwise enjoy Tabitha desperate to pee with her breasts bouncing. Watch the movie here.

See The Full Movies At Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.30.12
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HD Wetting Sammy Peeing Her Panties Up A Ladder

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Sammy, we have had a up skirt peeing movie with her before in Sammy Peeing In Her Panties. This time she is up a ladder about to clean the gutters but once up the ladder she relises that she is scared of heights and to top it off she is desperate to pee. Look at her wonderful face showing fear and desperation. Seeing up her skirt and looking at her panties is even more wonderful.

Sammy is up the ladder she is scared and desperate to pee. She can’t hold her crotch to stop her bladder giving in and climb down as she needs both hands to hold on. She is getting more and more scared by the minute and her desperation is getting to much. Female desperation up a ladder showing panties this is wonderful. Sammy just can’t hold on and she starts to pee in her panties.

Sammy has started to pee in her panties from fear and desperation, you can see her beautiful stream exploding through her panties and running down her legs. She really did need to pee, her panties are soaked and look how lovely and yellow her pee is. This really is a great set of photos and up skirt panty peeing is wonderful, the sound as her piss splashes on the ground would have been wonderful and just look at her wonderful piss puddle at the base of the ladder. Another wonderful panty peeing from HD Wetting. Let’s hope Sammy returns to HD Wetting in the future so we can see more of her desperation and panty peeing movies.

See Sammy Peeing Her Panties Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.26.12
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Peeing In Her Shorts From Desperation

From Wetting Her Panties we have Adreena, We have had her peeing in her panties before in Knicker Wetting From Wetting Her Panties. Today she is in her shorts and is desperate to pee. Adreena has been drinking coffee and this has made her so desperate to pee, just look at her bladder, you can see that it is full and she really needs to pee. There is no time to run to the bathroom, she is just to desperate, she bends over and has her hand in her crotch trying to hold on, boy is she desperate. I just love it when you can see the Wetting Her Panties ladies with bulging bladders you just know that when the explode they will make such a mess.

Adreena is to desperate to pee and can’t hold on any longer, she stands and starts to pee in her shorts, they are so tight and soak up her piss instantly and then it starts to run down her legs she is in bare feet to. As she is peeing in her shorts her piss is splashing on the ground and she is standing in it, her toes are soaked and look at her legs they are shining. She turns around and we get to see her piss soaked shorts from behind, she grabs her wet bum and is still pissing, this is wonderful she was so desperate to pee and now she is soaking her shorts, her legs and her feet.

Adreena has peed in her jeans from desperation, her tight shorts are soaked and she is standing in her mess, wow does she look sexy standing in her pissed in shorts and then she starts to take them own. What a wonderful sight and we get to see her pissed in knickers that are dripping, she then pulls them down too. This really is a wonderful shorts peeing set of photos from Wetting Her Panties and we even get to see piss soaked panties at the end too.

See Adreena Peeing In Her Shorts Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 06.22.12
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Voyeur Peeing Movie From Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have this voyeur peeing video. We have had this location before from the hidden camera masters, check out  Three Ladies Caught Pissing,  Two Chicks Caught Pissing From Pisshunters, Voyeur Peeing With Pisshunters,and Pisshunters Caught Group Pissing I do love it when a group of chicks are caught on the Pisshunters hidden cam. Today we have a blonde we have missed her walking into shot and pulling down her pants it’s a shame as I do enjoy watching where they will choose to squat but never the less she is squatting on camera.

The blond is squatting and has started peeing for a second it looks like she is peeing on her hand but no she is just holding her jeans to stop the piss soaking into them. She pisses in the dirt and looks around she really does look to be enjoying releasing her bladder, she keeps looking around i wonder if it is flies distracting her or other people. You can see that she does not have a perfect piss stream and that there are little rivers of pee on her bum. Her piss stream finishes and she starts to shake

There is something about Pisshunters that I really enjoy and that is seeing what the hidden piss camera will pick up when the ladies have finished peeing. Usually there are some interesting scenes in the cubical and if you look back through the Pisshunter posts here you will find some funny ones. Today it’s the outdoor wiggle she shakes herself and then grabs her butt cheeks and jiggles them and then does another wiggle. This is a novel way to dry her pussy and I guess the bum cheeks where her pee has dribbled. She finishes her drying wiggle and up come her panties and jeans. Another great voyeur peeing movie from Pisshunters

See The Voyeur Peeing Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 06.18.12
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Antonia Peeing In Her Short Dress

From Real Wetting we have Antonia. She is in her short dress and looking wonderful. Antonia from Real Wetting really is a wonderful female desperation and wetting lady. We have had some wonderful sets from her before. If you have missed them check out Desperate White Pants Peeing, Antonia Jeans Peeing In The Forest and one of my favorites Antonia From Real Wetting Peeing In Her Panties. Today she is in her short tight dress and in desperate to pee she looks so hot with her dress tightly encasing her body. She has walked into an abandoned building to find as good place to pee but she really is to desperate to hold on.

Antonia has walked into a abandoned building, she is so desperate that she really walk to well and she just can’t hold on. She still; stands and then she starts to pee in her pantyhose just look at the lovely river of pee as it is running down her legs and into her shoes. This is wonderful but poor Antonia peeing in her dress and pantyhose.

Antonia is peeing in her dress and pantyhose she is soaking her pantyhose but she is lucky her dress is staying relatively dry. She stays standing and her bladder fully gives in and just look at her piss stream shooting out. The sound as the pee soaks through her pantyhose and splashes on the ground would be wonderful and her shoes are so soaked how sexy. She finishes peeing in her pantyhose and lifts up her dress to see the damage wow look at her panties they have a wonderful dark pee patch in them this is one great Real Wetting dress and pantyhose peeing set.

See Antonia Peeing In Her Dress Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.14.12
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Panty Peeing And Masturbating

From HD Wetting we have Sammy. Sammy really is one of HD Wettings great stars she hasn’t been around a while which is a shame but you never know when she may re appear. My favorite posts of her are Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting when Sammy and Mikki were together there really were some great wettings and lesbian action just check out Lesbian Panty Peeing From HD Wetting to see what I mean. Lets not forget Panty Peeing Movies From HD Wetting a game of panty peeing twister and then Sammy dominates Mikki. Today Sammy is on the couch she has on panties and nothing else her lovely breasts are on show and wow does she look sexy.

Sammy is lying on the couch, her hand is in her panties and she is playing with her pussy. She looks like she having a great time just look at her face she has such a lovely smile. She keeps on playing with her pussy and then she starts to pee. Peeing in her panties while playing with herself how wonderful.

Sammy has peed in her panties and she is still playing with herself under her piss soaked her panties she is lying in her piss puddle too, I bet that is making her even more turned on. Just look at her you can see in her eyes that she is fully turned on and you can see that her panties have gone a little see-through just look at her playing with her pussy what a great set from HD Wetting topless panty peeing and masturbation what more could you ask for?

See Sammy Panty Peeing And Playing Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.11.12
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Ineed2pee Female Desperation And Jeans Wetting

Today from Ineed2pee we have some great female desperation and jeans wetting picture sets. The first set stars Candle Box. She is driving and is desperate to pee, the story goes that her roommate has laced her coffee with diuretics. As she is driving she is getting more and more desperate to pee there are no toilets around and no bushes too hide behind either. This situation reminds me of a couple of movies that we have had her in the past there was Kenna Female Desperation From Ineed2pee Kenna is so desperate when driving home that she just can’t hold on long enough to make it to the bathroom and then there was Female Desperation Movie With Crash this is a great movie crash is so desperate to pee its great. Candle Box just can’t hold on she stops the car and gets out and as she does, her bladder gives in. She starts to pee in her jeans and she really is soaking them. Standing in the street as she is peeing in her jeans you can see the lovely shine on the piss soaked denim. In this set we even get to see her pissed in panties and they look so great hugging her crotch. See Candle Box desperate here.

The next female desperation and jeans wetting picture set stars Caroline. She is in the fitting room of a store trying on jeans. She is desperate to pee she thought it was a good idea to get the shopping done before using the bathroom. She puts on a pair of jeans and wow is she desperate to pee she is fidgeting and you know she can hardly hold on. She struggles to get the zipper up and the pressure is just to great, she is just to desperate to pee. Caroline has tried to hold on but now she has started to pee in her jeans in the changing room. She soaks her jeans till they are dripping, she is lucky that the floor is not carpet. Caroline undoes her pissed in jeans and takes them off, we get to see her white pissed in panties they nearly have gone see through. I don’t think she will be buying these jeans today. See Caroline jeans peeing here.

Not to be outdone with the first female desperation while driving set we have a new ineed2pee model Kimberly. She has been driving around with Caroline and they have gotten lost. Caroline tries to find where they are but Kimberly is just to desperate to pee. She is in the car grabbing her crotch madly this is great she really is desperate and is not going to make it. She hold on trying to stop the flow but she is just to desperate, she has the car stop jumps out and starts to look for a place to pee. Kimberly is just to desperate and loses control and starts to pee in her jeans. How embarrassing for Kimberly from Ineed2pee she is in the street peeing in her jeans, just look at the wet denim as she is peeing, it has that wonderful look and imagine touching the warm wet fabric it would be wonderful. I love the look of Caroline in the car, she looks very amused that her friend has peed herself. I wonder if Kimberly will be getting her revenge in a future ineed2pee movie? Kimberly finishes peeing in her jeans and then pulls them down to show her pissed in panties. Ineed2pee frankly are the female desperation masters, the desperation is so real I just love it. See Kimberly desperate here.

Visit Ineed2pee To See The Movies
Click Here


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Posted on 06.07.12
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Rebekah Dee Peeing On The Beach

From Needapee we have the lovely Rebekah Dee. She is on the beach reading a book and desperate to pee. We have has photos from this Needapee movie before in Rebekah Dee From Needapee Pissing and today we have the peeing movie. She seems to have been doing a lot of public beach peeing in this bikini check out Sneaky Beach Peeing With Rebekah Dee and Rebekah Dee Pissing On The Stairs he two movies that we have shown when she has been wearing it. Today we join the action around 5 minutes into the movie. She has been reading her book topless on the beach just look at her nipples they look hard, Rebekah Dee really does get turned on when she is desperate to pee, just watch Rebekah Dee Pissing In The Swamp

She is getting to desperate to pee there is only so long that she can hold on and Rebekah has got to her limit she uncrosses her legs and holds her crotch with her hand, the legs get crossed again she really is taking the desperation to the limit. She opens her legs again and is still holding her crotch tightly, its time she just can’t holds on. She looks around to see there in no one watching and then pulls down her bikini, what a great sight she is on a beach showing her lovely pussy.

Rebekah Dee from Needapee is just to desperate to hold on she has pulled her bikini down and has her pussy on show. She creeps forward and then opens her pussy lips, just look how lovely and pink they are. She lets go of them leans back and you can see her full bladder and then she starts to pee. What a lovely shot her pussy is open and she is shooting pee on to the beach. She finishes peeing and her pussy is all wet and messy, she flicks it a couple of time to get the remaining drips off and then she stands up. A wonderful beach peeing movie starring Rebekah Dee from Needapee.

See Rebekah Dee Peeing On The Beach

Visit Needapee Click Here

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Posted on 06.04.12
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Public Peeing Movies From Wet In Public

From Wet In public we have three outdoor public wetting movies. The first we have has a lovely lady in her tight jeans. I bet they are pressing into her bladder making her even more desperate to pee. She really does look great as she is walking and as we know that she will be peeing in her jeans in public it is even better. She crosses the road and gets to some parked cars there is someone who is playing with their car in the background she stops and starts to pee in her jeans what a lovely piss patch she has made, she then walks a couple of steps away and you can see that she is still peeing in her jeans as there is a piss trail. She finishes peeing and I reckon the guy beside his car has known what she has done. She then walks off down the street in her pissed in pants.

The Next Wet In Public wetting movie has this lovely lady in her yellow shorts. She walks down the street and she is bouncing a little, she must be desperate to pee. She stops and sits on the wall, looks around and then starts to pee in her shorts. Just look at her shorts go dark with piss and you  can see the fabric as it is grabbing her pussy lips what a great public wetting. Just imaging walking past her as she was pissing in her shorts she would be so embarrassed and it would be such a good sight. She stands up and walks off down the street in her pissed in shorts

The last Wet In Public movie we have for today has a lady walking down the street, she needs to pee but there are no toilets around. She finds a quiet place and stands. She is standing holding a pole and then she starts to pee in her pants. This is a perfect pants pee, her pants are so dark with her pee  and then someone walks past her, wow how embarrassing, he doesn’t even stop to have a good look, she is soaked in piss and walking down the street poor thing.

See Wet In Public Movie 123

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Posted on 06.01.12
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