From Ineed2pee we have two great female desperation and jeans and spandex leggings peeing sets. We start off with Kenna she in her spandex leggingss and desperate to pee. Kenna has been driving around and is squirming in desperation she gets the driver to stop and bursts out of her car her bladder aching with desperation she can’t find a place to pee and starts to pee in her spandex leggings. A great Ineed2pee female desperation shoot. This was written about it at Ineed2pee “There’s nothing better than seeing a curvy sexy lady squirming in your car & then losing bladder control in her hot pink skintight spandex leggings. Great cameltoe panties at the end when she peels off the pissy soaking wet leggings after sitting in them on the ride back too! The spandex definitely shows off her curvaceous butt as the dark streaks come streaming out”

The next female desperation set from Ineed2pee we have stars Caroline Pierce. She is in her tight jeans and desperate to pee. we have Caroline Pierce from Ineed2pee on piss blog and I think she does some great jeans wettings. If you have missed it check out Female Desperation And Jeans Wetting.

In this female desperation set from Ineed2pee Caroline Pierce is holding on just for us. I just love this she is holding on and on until you can see that she is so desperate to pee she gets the female desperation shakes. She just can’t hold on any longer and then she is peeing in her jeans and really soaking them. This is on great female desperation and jeans wetting. This is what has been written about the female desperation and jean peeing at Ineed2pee “Caroline Pierce is going to hold on for as long as she can & piss her tight blue jeans just for you. They’re super tight in all the right places & they’re the high rise type as well! She talks about how badly she needs to go & wiggles her curvy hips for you. Then after the big pissy flood, you get a nice closeup of her soaking peed panties”

See Kenna Desperate And Peeing In Her Tights Here

See Caroline Peeing In Her Jeans From Desperation Here

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sausage of thunder December 29, 2011 - 6:23 pm

More !

IP freely December 30, 2011 - 4:55 am

I wonder if Kenna has gotten a yeast infection and her period in her leggings. I would remove her sexy pink leggings

ross davis December 30, 2011 - 1:58 pm



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