From Ineed2pee we have Galas from ineed2pee we have had photos from this female desperation movie that were in Female Desperation And Leggings Peeing this time we have the movie. We join the female desperation action as Galas is at the door desperate to pee she is getting more and more desperate she looks so hot in her spandex leggings with her hand in her crotch holding her pee just look at bottom jiggling around with her desperation.

Ineed2pee had this little story about the behind the scenes of this female desperation story “Funny little behind the scenes tidbit, well actually you can see it in the video if you look closely. Her huge stream of pee that keeps on coming, kind of rivers on the tile and actually runs right into her purse, totally wetting the bottom of it. We didn’t notice until afterwards, that her purse was all wet at the bottom and smells like pee, lol. She didn’t mind though, it would be another excuse to go shopping! But it was pretty funny since she thought she put it far enough away to avoid the stream.”

Galas is just so desperate to pee she cant hold on, her hand has been jamming into her crotch and she has been doing the female desperation dance but nothing that she can do can stop the first trickles of pee from exploding out of her bulging bladder she is peeing in her leggings and what a great sight as her piss runs down her legs making little rivers of pee. This really is one hot female desperation movie from Ineed2pee

See Galas Desperate To Pee Here

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bob February 14, 2012 - 7:47 pm

upload some NEW shit this is old

IP freely June 27, 2012 - 5:11 am

I wonder if she gets a yeast infection?


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