From HD Wetting we have the lovely Alisha and Sexy Olivia. Olivia is in the forest in her panties looking for a place to pee when Alisha finds her. She grabs her and pushes her against a tree and starts to kiss her Olivia is getting into it but needs to pee. She tells Alisha that she needs to pee but Alisha is having none of it and keeps on kissing the desperate Olivia

Olivia can’t hold on and really needs to pee Alisha has an idea. She gets on her knees in front of Olivia who is still in her panties and starts to lick. Alisha is licking Olivia’s panties and she starts to pee. Alisha licks harder as Olivia is peeing she then licks the pee stream and also the wet panties. Alisha ise getting so turned on and Olivia is having the best time. Alisha is loving tasting the pee and when Olivia finishes Alisha can’t stop.

Alisha still wet Olivia’s pee in her mouth pulls the pissy panties down and starts to lick and suck Olivia’s hairy wet pissy pussy, she is going for it and in no time Olivia is cumming on Alisha mixing her piss and cum together. Alisha gets up and kisses Olivia on the mouth returning a little of her piss and cum. A super lesbian panty wetting from HD Wetting

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Anonymous April 30, 2021 - 10:23 pm

HD wetting has to be the worst video producer out there. Not only are the videos not that great, but the models are not attractive either.

TV guy tries to spin it as the models being more “normal” or “realistic” but I see more attractive people every time I leave the house without them being fake tarted up bimbos.

They have like 4 models and they’re not very pretty at all. They don’t even wear nice underwear! Nikko was alright but she hasn’t been in content for ages. Now it’s Sosha, Alisha, Olivia and Lyra in everything. Alisha has really let herself go over the years.

anon May 1, 2021 - 10:33 am

Give up HD Wetting this is disgusting, the models are fucking putrid and disgusting plus the scenarios don’t suit them. Can we sub out these losers for someone better like bound2burst…. even though i hate the producer of that as well at least the content is better. Agreed with anonymous TV Guy needs to get in the bin

Anonymous May 2, 2021 - 1:12 am

Why do you hate David North?

W1 May 2, 2021 - 4:10 pm

Only reason why i take a look on Hdwetting sometimes is Alisha. I like her and consider her attractive! Wish her appearence on some other production!

Petro May 3, 2021 - 8:29 am

HDwettings producer TVguy is an annoying pretentious fuck who thinks putting in CGI effects and artistic effects make his videos better than anyone else. Now its all lesbian pee with the same 4 ugly models who keep getting uglier and fatter. TVguy should just go make stupid art films since that what he wants to do, or maybe hes fucking all of the models so keeps him on his site

Joe May 8, 2021 - 4:02 pm

Some really harsh comments on here. :( These are people, probably very lovely people that are doing what they appear to genuinely enjoy. Keep your miserable, horrible comments about peoples appearance to yourselves!

Aw Yeah May 13, 2021 - 11:17 am

Gotta agree with Joe here… I don’t know anything about the producer, but as for the models, they’re just doing their job. Other models from other sites might do it better and you also might find them more attractive than HD Wettings’, but they’re all just people. It’s not particularly difficult to avoid those sites whose content you don’t enjoy…
Plus, imo, Alicia and Sasha are both cute af.

Aw Yeah May 13, 2021 - 11:18 am



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