I do love a good jeans wetting and here we have Sylence from ineed2pee in some female desperation and jeans wetting. Sylence Is on the phone and desperate to pee you can see her uncomfortableness as she is grabbing her crotch trying to hold it in. If she can just get the person off the phone she will be able to relieve herself. She is getting more and more desperate the hand is in her crotch harder she is literately holding her pee in with her hand she won’t be able to last much longer her desperation is just getting to much.

It’s to late, she is peeing in her jeans while still on the phone. What a mess, you can see the dark piss patch as pee soaks the denim and creates a river, she really is a soaking mess and she is still on the phone how shameful. If the person on the phone finds out she is peeing in her jeans how embarrassing. She really has given her jeans a good soaking no wonder she was holding her bladder so hard she was truly desperate to pee. Now she has pissed in her jeans and soaked the carpet.

Sylence takes her piss soaked jeans off to show her white panties soaked in pee too. Her pissed in panties are so soaked too and if you look closely they are nearly see through you can just make out her pussy. What a mess but how sexy. A good jeans wetting is lovely to watch especially when it starts with some great female desperation. Ineed2pee have done it again with their great female desperation and wettings.

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