Alisha Peeing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have three great peeing and wetting scenes from Alisha. We start off with Alisha inside with a camera and we can see that we are going to have fun. she places her camera on the floor and then pulls down her panties to expose her shaved pussy as she is standing there she starts to pee. The pee cascades from her pussy and splashes over the camera. It is great to look up at her pussy as she is pissing. She finishes pissing on the camera and then picks up the piss soaked camera it’s a lot of fun and reminds me off when she was panty pissing over the camera in Panty Peeing From Above From HD Wetting. Im not sure if panty peeing or a naked pussy peeing is better in this position. See Alisha Pissing On The Camera Click Here.

Next up we are in the woods and Alisha is out in the woods and playing around she is desperate to pee and has tight leggings on she holds on as long as she can and then starts to pee. She is peeing in her leggings in the woods, her pee starts to run down her legs making a lovely piss stream. The golden colour of her piss is wonderful and she is soaking wet when she finishes pissing herself. Standing there soaked in piss she feels so horny that she masturbates herself till she is cumming. See Alisha Piss Her Leggings Here

Last up we are in the woods again with Alisha. She needs to pee and there is no one around so she pulls her leggings and panties down to expose her pussy to the camera standing there she starts to piss. She is not squatting and she ends up pissing onto her panties. There is a great splashing sound and her panties get soaked. Her golden piss looks great against the leaves. She finishes pissing and then pulls her piss soaked panties and leggings up. Her pussy will be lovey and warm now. See Alisha Pissing On Panties Click Here.

See Set 1, 2, 3

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.14.16
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Alisha Sosha Lesbian Pee Play

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Sosha and sexy Alisha back for some more lesbian pee play. We start off with Sosha dressed as a nurse and Nikko on the bed it is Sosha’s last appointment of the day and she has been busting to pee for ages. As she is listing to Nikko she is getting more and more desperate she crosses her legs trying to hold her pee in but is to desperate and loses control peeing in her white stockings. As she is peeing the piss streams down her stockings making the pee stain so vivid she looks so sexy a pissy wet mess. Nikko is not happy her nurse has pissed herself she tells Sosha that she will tell her superior. Sosha standing in her piss soaked pantyhose and pleads for her not to. Nikko has one demand that Sosha in her piss soaked nurses uniform give her head till she cums. A super stocking wetting and lesbian licking movie. See Sosha Piss Herself Here.

Next up we have Sosha bound and in her underwear Nikko has a spanking implement and proceeds to spank her. Sosha is so desperate that the shock as she is getting spanked is to much and she loses control and pees in her panties. As Sosha is peeing the piss is running down her legs and soaking onto the floor. Nikko pleased with herself and now horny unties Sosha and licks her out till she cums. See Sosha bound and pissing here.

Last up we have Nikko bound naked and desperate to pee we can see her bulging bladder and then Sosha starts to tease her. Sosha is tickling and prodding Sosha’s bladder taking great pleasure in tormenting the desperate Nikko. Nikko is trying as hard as she can to hold on but her bladder is to full and she loses control and starts  pissing. She has pee running down her legs and her feet are getting wetter and wetter .A great bound nude pissing. See Nikko Piss Here

See Set 1,2,3

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Posted on 03.15.16
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Lesbian Peeing From HD Wetting

HD Wetting brings us the Lovely Sosha and Sexy Nikko. It is nice to see Nikko with Sosha as we are going to be in for some fun. We have had Nikko and Alisha before and their lesbian peeing has been fun. If you have missed some of them check out the HD Wetting Category Here. We start off with Nikko bound, she is in shorts and a tight top and Sosha is in her underwear. Nikko is bound and desperate to pee, we all know how Sosha loves to torment. As Nikko is tied, Sosha starts to tickle here. Nikko is getting more and more desperate and then loses control and starts to pee in her shorts. Her golden piss is ruining down her legs and splashing on the floor. Sosha thinks this is great watching Nikko pissing herself. The sight is turning her on. She strips Nikko’s piss soaked shorts off and licks Nikko’s pissy pussy till She cums. See Nikko Pissing Her Shorts Here.

Next Up we have Sosha tied to the chair and Nikko who is in a sexy outfit. Nikko starts to play with Sosha making her horny. Nikko sits over Sosha and starts to pee in  her short shorts her pee soaks into the fabric and there is a nice dark patch as it grows, it then flows onto Sosha soaking into her tights. I bet Sosha is now so horny that she is nearly cumming Nikko finishes pissing and instead of masturbating Sosha she walks away leaving her a horny mess. See Nikko Pee on Sosha Here.

Last up we have Sosha and Nikko ate the doctors Nikko  is telling the nurse Sosha that every time she cums she pees. This is new to Sosha so she has Nikko lie back and starts to rub her through her pants Nikko gets closer and closer to cumming and then she does and she is peeing too. This is a great pants pissing. Nikko is pissing through her pants she has piss splashing on the floor and soaking around her bum she finishes pissing her pants and her pee puddle is huge. Super pants pissing. See Nikko Piss Her Pants Here

See Set 1, 2, 3

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Posted on 02.08.16
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Sosha From HD Wetting Peeing

Happy New Year to All. From HD Wetting we have the wonderful Sosha. We have had so many wonderful wettings with her and you can see them all here in Sosha HD Wetting Today we starts off with a bed wetting and masturbation. I do find that we don’t have enough bed wetting so when one comes along it is great to see. Sosha is on the bed and topless. She is in blue panties and rubbing herself. Her bladder is nice and full and this is turning her on more and more, she keeps on playing with herself and then starts to pee. She is peeing in her panties and her piss is soaking into the bed too. She keeps on pissing and rubbing herself. She is in a wonderful warm piss puddle and then she cums. She finishes relaxed and soaked in her pee. See Sosha Bed Panty Pee Here

Next up we have a forest panty piss, Sosha is hanging out in the forestshe strips till she is in her bra and panties. As she stands in the forest in her underwear she starts to pee her piss flows through her panties and splashes onto the forest floor. She looks so natural panty peeing in the forest. She finishes pissing in her panties and puts her jeans and top back on and walks off. Not only did she piss herself now she has wet panties on and no one knows. See Sosha Panty Pissing In The Forest Here

Last up we have a desperate Sosha in her jeans in the woods. The story goes “Sosha is out for a leisurely afternoon stroll along a secluded forest road. From her behaviour, we can tell that she is desperate to pee. She is walking funny, crossing her legs, and holding herself. There is no bathroom in sight, and she is so desperate that she can’t hold on another minute. We get to watch as she has an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans. First, it is just a little leak, but it quickly becomes a huge flood. The video then cuts back to a full shot and we can see Sosha’s reaction. She is horrified that she just wet her pants. See Sosha Peeing her Jeans Here

See Set 1,2,3

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 01.01.16
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Sosha Peeing Her Jeans From HD Wetting

HD Wetting brings us the lovely Sosha, it’s been a while since we have had her pissing herself at HD Wetting and for those that have missed her peeing antics here check out  Lesbian Bath Pissing HD Wetting Lesbian Panty Pissing Threesome Sosha Pissing on Alisha and Alisha And Sosha In Wet Pee Play. Today we start off with an unplanned jeans pee. Sosha had finished doing some wilderness wetting driving back she needs to pee. She stops by a porta potty not wanting to go in she stands in the middle of the road and starts to pee in her jeans. As she pees her pee starts to run down the inside of her legs and makes it way down till it is in her shoes and splashing on the road. Sosha is such a natural wetter here she is, she has pissed her jeans on a deserted road and looks like she would be comfortable to get into the car and drive off. See Sosha peeing her jeans on the road here.

Next up we have her handcuffed to a tree in the forest. She is bound against a tree and is desperate, she squirms and tries to hold on but her bladder is not cooperating and she has no choice but to pee in her jeans while handcuffed. Her piss explodes into her jeans running down her legs and fully soaking the denim it is even getting the wonderful shiny look. A lovely bound jeans pee with Sosha. See Sosha Bound and Peeing Here

Last up we have Sosha she is in her jeans and on the floor, she kneels and starts to piss. She is soaking her legs and there is a big pee puddle pooling on the floor. When she finishes pissing into her jeans she sits in her warm pee puddle soaking up all her pee. her jeans are fully piss soaked now. She takes off her top and we get to see her wonderful breasts and then she masturbates till she cums. Such a dirty girl. See Sosha Jeans Peeing And Playing Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.14.15
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HD Wetting Jeans Peeing With Nikko

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Nikko in three pissing sets. She really is making a big splash at HD Wetting and it is great to see her desperate and peeing in jeans. If you have missed some of her past pissing adventures check out Lesbian Peeing from HD Wetting, Pants Peeing By The River, Alisha And Nikko Bondage Pee Movie and Lesbian Panty Wetting from HD Wetting. Today we start off with Alisha in her jeans, topless and bound. She is desperate to pee and is being tickled by Alisha. She is squirming as Alisha tickles her and we can see that her bladder is so full that there is a very noticeable bump. She keeps trying to hold on but she is getting just to desperate and then she loses control and starts to pee in her jeans. She is bound topless and peeing in her jeans, the urine is running down her legs soaking into the fabric. When she has finished pissing in her jeans Alisha pulls her piss soaked jeans down and Nikko is in her dripping panties. She puts her hand into the warm panties and starts to masturbate Nikko till she cums. A great lesbian bondage peeing movie. See Nikko bound and desperate here.

Next up we have Nikko doing a Webcam show she is having a great time flashing her wonderful breasts and looking so sweet. She needs to pee and when her chart partner suggests that she pee into her jeans she doesn’t hesitate. She stands on her chair and starts to pee. Her piss explodes from her pussy and soaks into the denim. Her light jeans pick up the pee stain and they instantly go dark. Nikko is a pissy mess, she pulls her jeans down to show her pissy pussy a fun peeing webcam. See Nikko pissing in her jeans here.

Lastly we have Nikko in the bath tub. She is standing in the half full bath and the legs of her jeans are getting soaked. As she stands there she starts to pee. Her pee flows into the denim and then runs down her legs to mix with the bath water. The piss soaked denim is now clinging to her legs. She finishes peeing in her jeans she then lies in the bath in her clothes. Her piss soaked jeans are now fully soaked in water and so is her singlet. She strips her wet clothes off and then bathes naked. See Nikko piss her jeans in the bath here

Visit HD Wetting here

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Posted on 11.19.15
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Nikko Jeans And Shorts Peeing

From HD Wetting we have the wonderful Nikko. We have had this lovely lady peeing for us before and some of my favourite posts are Alisha And Nikko Bondage Pee Movie, HD Wetting Peeing Pictures, Pants Peeing By The River and HD Wetting Lesbian Panty Pee. Today we start off with her in bed in the morning. The story from HD Wetting goes “Imagine waking up next to the lovely Nikko she needs to be, but when she starts to get up to go to the bathroom you ask her to stay and pee on you. She agrees, straddles you, and starts to pee into her shorts her piss explodes through the fabric and splashes all over your stomach. She finishes peeing on you through her shorts and she relishes in the wet, warm sensation. She rubs herself, then, still in her wet shorts, lays back down next to you. You lay together in bed, enjoying the morning together.” A super-hot shorts pee. See Nikko Peeing In Her Shorts Here.

Next up Nikko is in her jeans and desperate to pee. The story goes “Nikko is hanging out, drinking water, and getting desperate to pee. She grows more and more desperate as she continues to drink her water. She is so desperate no that there is nothing she can do she relaxes and lets the contents of her bladder flow freely into her jeans. We can see the wet stain grow across her pants at an explosive rate, her pee running down her legs and soaking her clothes. She finishes peeing in her jeans and then pulls them down and stands there with her pissy wet pussy on show. See Nikko Desperate and peeing here.

Last up we have Nikko in her jeans and making a sandwich. The story goes “Nikko crosses her legs and struggles not to have an accident as she makes her sandwich. Despite crossing her legs, dancing around, and holding herself, she eventually can’t hold it any longer. We get a close up view of her ass as she lets it flow, soaking her jeans. The wetness on her pants glistens as it flows down her legs and makes a puddle on the floor. The camera moves around to her front so we can see the damage from a new angle. Her pants are soaked! In some places the wet stain wraps all the way around her legs. She pulls her piss soaked jeans down and shows her shaved pissy pussy. See Nikko Pissing In Her Jeans Here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.01.15
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