Blonde Peeing From Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have another great voyeur peeing movie. Today have a blond chick she looks like she is discussing people that are looking over at her and I guess that like us they are waiting to watch her pee. She looks around and then a couple of ladies walk past, she movies a bit to the side and pulls her leggings down as she squats. I just love the great quality of voyeur peeing movies that Pisshunters have been making lately. The pussy peeing shots have been so great.

She is squatting down and we can see her shaved vagina, the Pisshunters camera zooms in and she starts to pee, what is really sexy is she is looking directly at us. This has to be the perfect view and she even smiles a little. She keeps on peeing and her piss stream gets stronger and stronger.

She really must have been full as she started peeing in the bushes her stream started off slowly but now it is on full force and it is spraying into the ground. The camera zooms in closer and we get a great shot of her pink pussy as it is peeing. She finishes, waits a second and it looks like she is still dribbling pee as she pulls up her leggings.  She  pulls them up tight and gives herself  a lovely camel toe and i bet it is a pissy camel toe and then off she goes smiling.

See The Blonde Peeing From Pisshunters

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Posted on 11.30.12
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Peeing In Her Purple Knickers

From Wetting Her Panties we have the lovely Natalia. We have had some great posts from her in the past, check out Natalia X Peeing In Her Panties she is drunk and pees in her white panties and there is Natalia X Peeing In French Knickers where she is in cute french knickers playing around till she pees. Today she is outdoors and looking cold we have had a similar location with her in Natalia Peeing In Her Panties Outdoors where her panties go see through.

Natalia is outdoors and cold and is all wrapped up in her jacket. She is desperate to pee and in a fun mood and her bladder is feeling tight as the cold penetrates through her dress. She lifts up her dress and shows off her purple knickers tightly encasing her crotch. She then lifts her leg up and we get an even better shot of her knickers, she really is such a playful lady. She puts her legs back down, turns around and showing her purple panties starts to pee. We can see the first warm drops of pee as it soaked into her knickers and then as she releases more her crotch goes dark purple.

Natalia is outdoors knicker wetting, her purple panties are getting soaked and she turns around to face the camera and show us her pissy panties. She stands there and starts to pee in her knickers again, she really is enjoying this and her knickers are getting more and more soaked. She finishes knicker wetting and we get a great shot of her piss soaked panties they have soaked up so much pee that they are dripping. Just imagine feeling the lovely wet cotton and the warmth as her pee runs over your hand. This is a wonderful knicker wetting from one of wetting her panties best panty peeing models.

See Natalia Knicker Wetting Here >>

Visit Wetting Her Panties Here >>

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Posted on 11.26.12
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Alice Peeing In Her Jeans

From Real Wetting we have the very lovely Alice. Today she is in her jeans and sitting on a chair. She is desperate to pee as she has her hand between her crotch. I do love seeing it when Alice is desperate to pee. And we have had some great peeing movies with her. Check out Female Desperation And Wetting With Alice is one great movie where she is holding on and then peeing in her pantyhose and there is Real Wetting Desperation And Peeing In Her Leggings where she is on a chair changing the light bulb and one of my favorites Bed Wetting Movie With Alice.

Alice is sitting on the chair desperate to pee, her jeans are tight and I bet this is putting more pressure on her bladder. We are also getting a great view of her tightly encased breasts. She looks like she is loving her bladder being this full just look at her smile. She grabs her crotch again and then it happens she lets go a small spurt of pee and it quickly soaks the crotch of her jeans.

Alice has started to pee in her jeans, she turns around and we see her from behind. She is peeing in her jeans and she is still holding her crotch just think of the lovely warm feeling of the denim as it gets wetter and wetter with pee. She keeps on peeing and has fully  soaked her jeans and feet. She finishes peeing and then sits back on the chair, you can see her pee stain in the denim. She then leans back and opens her legs as if she is waiting for you to feel her wet crotch. This really is another great jeans peeing from Real Wetting. Alice has to be one of the best jeans peeing hotties around.

See Alice Peeing In Her Jeans Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.22.12
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Jeans, Panty And Pussy Peeing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have three sets of screen captures. The first stars the lovely Sosha. We had a great bondage peeing set with Sosha in the last HD Wetting post HD Wetting Peeing Photos. Today Sosha is in her jeans and walking out on to a foot bridge above a  busy freeway she tells the camera what she is about to do and when she gets to the middle she stands there with her hand in her pockets and starts to pee. She is peeing in her jeans with cars racing by underneath. As she starts to pee the denim gets the lovely shiny look. Her jeans are soaked in pee, this has the perfect piss spread as her jeans are nice and tight. She keeps on peeing in her jeans and there is pee running down her legs and even into her shoes. For a public jeans pee this is great, she finishes peeing and stands there. All of a sudden a group of people starts to cross the bridge. Being in her pissed in jeans Sosha is not going to be caught in such a state and makes a run for it. A wonderful jeans wetting movie with the always lovely Sosha. See Sosha peeing in her jeans here.

The next HD Wetting pictures we have star a new HD Wetting model Siren. Siren takes off her clothes till she is in her bra and black panties and climbs onto the sink. As this is her first wetting on camera we couldn’t expect her to be peeing in public yet. She climbs on to the sink with her panties on and starts to pee. Her pee soaks through her panties and they start to glisten and then we get the lovely stream flowing through. Siren really does seem to be enjoying peeing in her panties and when she finishes she pulls her piss soaked panties to the side to show us her pissy pussy. A good start with this panty pee for a new HD Wetting model. See Siren peeing her panties here.

The last HD Wetting set we have stars two more new HD Wetting models Kiva and Echo. The story goes. Kiva thinks she may have a problem with her bladder as she has to pee all the time so she goes to the doctor to get herself checked out. When she arrives she has a discussion with the doctor and then is told to get undressed and lie on the table with her legs in the stirrups. Things are going well so far and then Echo starts to examine her, she pushes around an her breasts and belly and then makes it to her bladder. After a few more pushes and opening her pussy lips Kiva’s bladder has had to much and she starts peeing. With her legs in stirrups while she is peeing we get such a great view, you can see her piss spurting out of her pussy and running down her bum crack till it is splashing on the floor. Peeing in the doctors is so embarrassing for Kiva and she is peeing the doctor is watching her as she makes a big piss puddle. A great HD Wetting movie that is something completely different. I do hope that we see more of this sort of peeing from them. HD Wetting really are evolving into on great all round peeing website. See Kiva peeing in stirrups here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.19.12
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Wet And Pissy Shorts And Pussy Pissing

From Wet and Pissy we have three more peeing movies. The first movie is a shorts peeing with Bailey. This is one of the hottest shorts pissing movies that I have seen in a long time. Bailey is in her tight shorts and we focus on her crotch. One of her pussy lips is nearly popping out she starts peeing and as her piss explodes through the denim it starts running down her leg this really is a wonderful sight. As she is peeing Bailey starts to rub the wet denim she really has soaked her shorts in pee and her leg is shiny too. She turns around and pulls down her shorts and shows her pissy wet vagina. She was wearing no underwear in this movie and this is the only downfall to the hot shorts wetting. She finishes off by rubbing her pissy wet pussy. See Baileys peeing movie here.

The next Wet and Pissy movie that we have is another shorts peeing movie starring Avril Sun. She is in her tight shorts and you can see that her bladder is bulging. She starts playing with her nipples till they are hard and rubs her breasts. She then starts to rub her crotch through her denim shorts. As she is rubbing herself she starts to pee. She is peeing in her shorts and piss is splashing down her legs and soaking into the denim, she stops, turns around and starts peeing again. This time her pee explodes out running down her legs and soaking her socks, she rubs the tight pissed in denim encasing her crotch she really does seem to be enjoying feeling herself through her pissed in shorts. See Avril Sun’s shorts peeing movie here.

The last Wet and Pissy movie we have stars Gitti. She is in her stockings with her knickers pulled to the side playing with her pussy. She stops stands and then pulls her knickers down and sits back on the chair and starts to play with her pussy again. She lifts her leg and starts pissing. Her piss stream starts off so powerful and it is splashing everywhere. We zoom in on her pussy and see her pee hole and then she starts to finger herself again. See Gitti’s peeing movie click here.

Visit Wet And Pissy Click Here

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Posted on 11.16.12
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Nerdy Looking Lady Caught Pissing

From Pisshunters we have this great caught pissing movie. This is a familiar location where the hidden piss cam is and we have had some great peeing shots caught in the voyeur location. The chick walks into shot she is in jeans and has glasses on. She looks like she is not that desperate and she slowly pulls her jeans down and as she squats she seems a little embarrassed to be peeing in front of the others in this public pissing location.

She has squatted down and is waiting for her pee to start, you can see that she is really trying to start her stream and as soon as she does she starts to look over at the others peeing and smiles. She doesn’t look shy any more maybe embarrassed as she is peeing in the dirt. This lady caught on the voyeur camera really is hot and her piss puddle is getting bigger and bigger.

She is peeing in the dirt  and even though she seemed that she was having to push in the beginning  she really has a powerful stream going now. Her bladder finishes emptying and she waits a second for a couple of drips to fall and then she quickly pulls her panties and jeans up. She didn’t wipe and I bet her pink panties are a little moist now. One great hottie caught peeing on the Pisshunter hidden camera.

See The Nerdy Lady Peeing Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 11.13.12
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Peeing In Panties Till See Through

From Wetting Her Panties we have Aston. The last post we had with Aston was Aston Peeing In Blue Panties and it was wonderful. Today’s  is just as goon in my opinion. Aston is in the bathroom she is in her white panties and you can see her bulging bladder. She turns around and stands over the toilet still in her panties, looks back at us and starts to pee. The first drops from her swollen bladder soak into her knickers, making her panties wet.

Aston is peeing in her panties over the toilet, she is soaking her panties. She stops peeing, turns around and now we get a wonderful view Aston standing in her pissed in panties that have gone see through. You can make out the outline of her pussy through the soaked fabric she stands there and starts to pee in her panties again you can see her piss running down her legs and the fabric is getting more and more soaked.

She is knicker wetting and her knickers have gone see through, there are little rivers of pee running down her legs, this is such a wonderful look. She finishes peeing in her knickers and then she pulls down the piss soaked panties to reveal her pissy wet pussy. We got a look at it through her panties but now it is fully exposed. Aston pulls her wet panties half way down and turns around. In this position she looks like she needs a little spanking for peeing in her panties. A wonderful Wetting her panties picture set.

See Aston Peeing In Her Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 11.08.12
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Jeans Leggings And Uniform Peeing From Ineed2pee

To start the Ineed2pee pictures today we have Kenna.I have always enjoyed watching Kenna desperate to pee as she juggles around and if you have missed the female desperation movies that have been posted with her check out  Kenna Female Desperation From Ineed2pee and Shorts Peeing From Desperation. Today Kenna is in tight leggings and you can see her panty line underneath. She knows you love watching ladies in tight leggings desperate to pee and she holds on getting more and more desperate doing the pee pee dance just for you. When she can’t hold on any longer she starts to pee ion her leggings and panties her pee splashes down her legs soaking her. A very sexy leggings pee, see it here.

Next up from Ineed2pee we have Kadie she is in her jeans and desperate to pee the story goes that she has been pulled over by the cops and has had to get out of her car,  she is accused of being over the limit and every second she is getting more and more desperate to pee. She is made to the balance exercises and walk the line it is all to much and she starts to pee in her jeans. She is peeing in her jeans and her pee is splashing down her legs and into her sandals. A wonderful jeans peeing from Ineed2pee. See the pictures here.

The last offering we have from Ineed2pee stars a new female desperation model Chloe, she is in her Hooters uniform and is desperate to pee. Ineed2pee have provided us with some great Hooters uniform female desperation in the past see Female Desperation Movie With Crash and Female Desperation And Peeing In Her Shorts. Chloe is desperate and struggling to get up the stairs she has her hand jammed into her crotch and is holding on with all her might but she just can’t stop her bladder giving in and she starts to pee . She is in the stairwell and her pee is splashing sown her legs and onto the stairs what a mess. See The pictures here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 11.05.12
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Jeans Peeing With Antonia And Sara

From Real Wetting we have Antonia and Sara together in the forest. They are both in their jeans and desperate to pee. We have had some great jeans peeing with Antonia and Sara before but never peeing together. if you have missed some check out Sara jeans peeing in Sara Peeing In Her Jeans From Real Wetting. For Antonia’s previous jeans wetting we have had Antonia Jeans Peeing In The Forest, Antonia Desperate And Peeing In Jeans and Antonia Peeing In Her Jean Shorts. Today Antonia and Sara are going for a walk in the forest they are of course both in tight jeans and desperate to pee, they look such a lovely couple holding hands.

Antonia and Sara are walking together in the forest, they both are desperate and trying to hold on. Antonia is to desperate to pee. She stops, crouches and starts to pee in her jeans you can see her pee explode through the dark denim and cascade on the ground it is running down her legs and it looks like some pee has run into her boots.

Antonia was to desperate and has peed in her jeans you can see the dark denim all shiny .Sara is looking on as her friend pees herself and can’t hold on either, she starts to pee in her light colored jeans. You can see her piss soaking the denim and being lighter we get the great sight as her jeans go dark with the moisture. Her piss is running down her denim encased legs what a wonderful sight. Sara finishes peeing in her jeans and they both stand there in there peed in jeans and then walk off together. A wonderful double jeans wetting from Real Wetting.

See Antonia and Sara Peeing In Their Jeans Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.01.12
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