HD Wetting Peeing Photos

From HD Wetting we have three picture sets, once again these are captures from their high definition peeing movies. The first HD wetting set stars Sosha. Sosha has bound to the chair and needs to pee really badly. She is wearing pink panties and a tight top and how she is sitting is making her panties stretch tightly across her pussy. She really doesn’t look happy and she is getting more and more desperate to pee, there is no way she is going to get out of this predicament. She just cant hold on and she starts to pee in her panties. Her pee explodes into her knickers and splashes on the floor this is a wonderful panty pee and when she finishes peeing she has to sit there still bound in her piss soaked panties. See Sosha peeing in her panties here.

The Next HD Wetting set of pictures stars a new comer to HD wetting Roxanne. Roxanne is in the kitchen doing the dishes she is desperate to pee and keeps crossing her legs and holding herself. She is holding on and on just wanting to finis before she runs off to the bathroom. She is just to desperate to pee and pees in her jeans. She finishes peeing in her jeans pulls them down till she is standing in her piss soaked panties, she gets on the bench and is so horny that she masturbates for us. See Roxanne peeing in her jeans here.

The last HD Wetting picture sets starts the lovely Mary Jane and Sosha they are making out in the bathroom and getting all hot Mary Jane pulls down Sosha’s panties and then Sosha has to stop she needs to pee pad she gets ion the sink and pees this is a great sink pissing from Sosha. See Sosha peeing here.

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Hot Lesbian Pissing Story

Hi, My name is Andrea, and I would like to tell you about an actual experience that opened my eyes to a whole new world of pleasure.

Last year, in the height of summer, I spent a weekend with my friend Elaine on her father’s farm. One of our favourite spots was a small lake in the hills where the sheep graze, where we sunbathe and swim, naked. The lake is miles from any road, and is only accessible by farm tracks across several fields, which are all private to the general public. So we have no  chance of being seen.

We took the 4WD up to the lake, and stopped on the track at its closest point to the lake, which is about 100 yards. We got out and stripped off all our clothes. Elaine is a 5′ 8″ blonde with shoulder length hair, firm 36″ breasts with pert pink nipples, and a completely shaven pussy. I am 5′ 7″, brunette with shoulder length hair, 34″ breasts (also firm) with pink nipples, and neatly trimmed pubes.

We then gathered what we would take down to the lake with us; rugs, lotions, and, towels, and put them in a shoulder bag. I took the bag while Elaine closed the back of the 4WD, and started towards the lake when Elaine said “Wait a mo…”. I turned to face her while she spoke “I must have a pee. I should have gone before I left but I didn’t need then.”

Instead of going behind the 4WD, as I expected, she stood facing me with parted legs and started to pee. I was stunned. I had never seen anything like that before, and I stood watching her, totally transfixed by the stream of piss gushing from her bare slit between her legs and splashing onto the packed dried earth of the track, forming rivulets that meandered and met each other on the uneven surface. Something funny was happening to me as I watched. A tension formed in my lower abdomen, my breathing faltered, my heart beat faster, and I felt a tingle start in my cunt. I couldn’t explain this, and tried to fight it, as I had often seen Elaine naked, and been naked with her, and not felt anything like this before. Her pee seemed to last for ages, then it died down until it dripped from her plump lips. Then she said, “That’s better, let’s get going”, as if nothing had happened.

As we walked the hundred yards towards the lake, my mind was going over what had happened, trying to analyse it, while trying to keep a conversation going with Elaine. As we spread the rugs on the ground I sneaked a quick touch to my cunt and found it wet with juices. I got worried in case Elaine noticed, and endeavoured to keep my cunt lips hidden from Elaine.

We took turns to spread lotion on each other to protect ourselves from the sun. As I spread lotion on Elaine, my situation became worse. To keep her  from noticing my wet pussy, I kneeled beside her, keeping my knees together. When I was putting lotion on her breasts, I felt her nipples stiffen under my hands. I then felt a flood of juices from my cunt cover the backs of my legs. Worse was to come when Elaine insisted that I rub lotion into her mons and between her legs. I couldn’t avoid brushing my hands against her lips, and when I did, they slid with a fluid that was not sun lotion. Elaine was also wet.

This was getting to much for me and I had to do something to end my aroused state. So when it was my turn to have lotion rubbed on me, I went into the bag and pretended that I had left it in the 4WD. I said I would be back in a jiffy, and ran up to the 4WD, and went round to the blind side of the vehicle and sat on the door step with my legs apart and proceeded to wank myself vigorously. I was rapidly building up to a climax, when I heard Elaine’s voice saying, “So this is what you are up to, and I came up to tell you I found your lotion in the bag after all.”

I blushed, then Elaine said, “Why do that on your own, it’s much more fun with someone else.” and with that, she proceeded to insert one, and  then two fingers into her cunt as she stood in front of me. “C’mon, let’s have a quick one here to relieve ourselves, and then go down to the lake and have a nice long relaxing wank. Watch me, and I’ll watch you, we’ll learn from each other that way.” So, with her bare cunt barely a foot from my face, she pushed her fingers in and out vigorously, and I started wanking again, becoming even more turned on by seeing her wank, and how the folds of her cunt moved with her fingers.

Then Elaine leaned forward and supported herself on the side of the 4WD with her other arm as her torso convulsed in what appeared to be a massive orgasm. Juices covered her cunt and her fingers, and then she removed her fingers and stood up straight. As she did so, I could clearly see her clit protrude, which looked so sexy that my orgasm quickly followed. I felt so  dirty having wanked in front of someone, something I had never done before, and despite having come, still felt as randy as hell. Elaine took the hand that I had been wanking with and raised it to her mouth and licked my juices. At the same time she placed her wanking hand to my mouth. Gingerly, I extended my tongue and touched her juice soaked fingers. She tasted delicious, and I immediately wanted to taste her cunt, but did not dare at that point in time.

We walked back to the lake, where I let Elaine apply my lotion, but now I was glad to let her as I lay on my back with my legs apart so she could see every part of my hairy cunt. I resolved to shave my pussy bare so that nothing about me was hidden. I also resolved to piss in front of her, but only when I was full to bursting point, and whilst my wank had  emphasized my need of a piss, I was determined to hold back.

Elaine’s application of the lotion was amazing, she teased my breasts with gentle touches before rubbing in the lotion harder, and she left my pussy till last. When she eventually got down there, I felt gentle touches over my lips, and then she brushed my clit. I squirmed, and trapped her hand between my legs hard against my cunt. I lay back once more and parted my
legs, then I felt a finger slide inside me. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t resisting another woman playing with me, I’m not a lesbian, but what I was experiencing is indescribable. After a minute or two of this, Elaine’s head slowly sank on to my pussy and her finger was removed only to be replaced by a warm, moist, tounge. I began to gasp, and arch my body as her tongue probed between my lips and into my hole. I had been tongue-fucked before by many a man, but nothing to compare with this.

“Just you wait”, I gasped, “I’m gonna suck your cunt dry when you’re finished down there”, hardly believing I had just said such a thing. I had never talked so dirty in my life.

She stopped and said, “No need for me to wait”, and she swung herself around, straddled my face so that her dripping cunt was over my mouth, and she resumed her licking of my cunt. The aroma of her cunt caressed my nostrils and I needed no further bidding to plunge my tongue between her sopping lips. There was a resistance until I slid my tongue along her crack and found her hole, and it slid in. “I wonder if this is what it feels like to a man when he sticks his dick in?” I thought. Elaine tasted delicious. Her hot juices running over my face felt gorgeous.

As we proceeded to lick each other’s cunts out, it seemed more like a race to see who could make the other come first, rather than who would come first. Had it been the latter, then I would have won, for I came with a vengeance, writhing and bucking, and almost throwing Elaine off. I lost my rythm with my tongue on Elaine’s cunt, so she proceeded to finger herself to climax, still straddling my face, while I got over my orgasm. Seeing her finger herself at such close quarters was an education, especially when she came, and the thick creamy  uices flowed out over her fingers.

Elaine rolled off me and we lay on the rug gathering ourselves together for several minutes, our cunts still inches away from each others faces. Then we both went into the lake and washed each other, and then dried each other.

Having done that, we decided we should have lunch, so we went back to the 4WD and sat on the back step eating luch while we discussed the morning’s happenings. Once I admitted that it was Elaine pissing that had got me started, Elaine admitted that in warm weather she gets exceedingly randy, and had set out to shock me by being a pure brazen, filthy, exhibitionist, slut (her own words). She then went on to tell me how pissing had intrigued her after seeing it in a porno video, and how she had privately pissed out of, and in, doors in various positions. She had even laid towels on the floor so she could stand in front of a full-length mirror and watch herself. Until that day, she had never exhibited herself pissing before,
but doing it in front of me had amplified her randiness.

I said that I needed a piss and was going to do it now while she watched, but she said “Not yet, let’s go back down to the lake side and you can do it there.” So off we went back down.

I was really very eager to piss for her so I asked her if she would prefer me standing or squatting. “Kneeling astride me!” was her answer, and once more I stuttered with surprise. What?” I said. “I want you to piss on me.” she said. “Kneel astride me and piss on my tits and finish off on my pussy”, and she lay back on the grass. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes, now come on and do it.”

So I kneeled astride her torso and squeezed, but nothing came out, even though I was very full. I squeezed harder, and a few drips came out and landed on her tummy directly below my cunt. I squeezed even harder, but all I could manage were drips. Elaine was getting impatient and asked what was wrong. I told her I couldn’t manage, and she said I should cease squeezing and relax, and then apply gentle pressure, gradually building up. This I did, and although nothing came out, I neither increased nor relaxed the pressure, and eventally piss  started to trickle out of me onto her stomach. The trickle became a flow, and I moved up her body slightly so that it landed on her tits. When the flow was steady, I applied more pessure and it started to gush, missing her tits, and splashing on her throat. I moved back down her body and splashed my gushing piss over her tits. “Ooh, your hot piss feels lovely on me. Piss on my cunt now”, she ordered.

I manoeuvred into a squat over her cunt, never once ceasing the flow of piss, and feeling my own hot piss run down my thighs as I changed position. I pissed over her cunt with all the force I could muster, aiming for her plump lips and clit. She came, and I finished my piss in my own hands, splashing it all over her.

“Now it’s your turn.” she said as she pushed me onto my back on the grass. She kneeled astride me and once again I had a wonderful view of her beautiful cunt. No sooner had she got into position, piss started to gush from her cunt all over my tits. It felt wonderful, her hot piss splashing on my sensitive nipples and then running over my tits, tickling me as it ran down my stomach and over my sides. She arched backwards slightly and then her piss hit me full in my face. “Drink it,” she laughed, “It tastes marvellous.” I had little choice, as my mouth had been open and some had got in. It didn’t taste as bad as I expected, but the initial saltiness made me splutter. Then she squatted over my cunt, pissing into my pubic hair, and forming bubbles, before directing her full gush on my cunt lips. Then I came, and Elaine finished off her piss by standing up and walking up my body until she stood astride my head to let me catch the last drops in my mouth.

Then she started to wank herself and so did I. The rest of the afternoon was spent wanking; ourselves, each other. I’ve never spent such an enjoyable day, and I’ve never been so sexed up in my life before, nor enjoyed sex so much.

We had one last dip in the lake to wash each other, and after towelling off, we returned to the 4WD. We started to get dressed, and Elaine pulled one more surprise on me. Standing in only her panties, she started to piss. A darker wet patch formed in the crotch and piss started to flow through the gusset. Then she began to walk towards me, still pissing, and her thighs and inside legs glistened with flowing piss. A trail of wet footprints and splashes showed where she had been. She stopped a couple of feet from me and squatted to finish off her piss. Her panties were soaking. Then she rubbed her cunt through her wet panties and brought herself off quickly to a climax.

“That was amazing, why don’t you try it? The feeling of hot wet material clinging to my cunt really sends me wild”, she said. “Besides, I want to see you wet yourself…. I’ve never watched anyone other than myself wet themselves before.”

So I thought “What the hell…”, slipped into my panties and walked a few yards away from Elaine. Then I stood facing her with my legs apart and started pissing. Sure enough, when I felt my hot piss soak into the material and spread over my cunt lips, I got the most amazing sensation. I walked slowly and steadily towards Elaine, and the piss flowed through my panties and down my legs. I cannot adequately describe the sensations I was receiving. Then I squatted a few feet from Elaine. The piss flowed down to my bum, caressing my arsehole, and soaking the material covering my buttocks. When I had finished pissing, I rubbed my cunt through the wet material and came almost immediately. Wow, it was a really amazing wank. I
couldn’t believe it.

Elaine slipped on her short summer skirt and button-up top, leaving her midriff bare, and kept her wet panties on, so I did the same, then we got into the 4WD and drove back to the farmhouse. When she got out, I noticed a wet patch on the seat of her skirt. My heart skipped a beat, and I checked mine, and found it also to be wet. We checked the seat fabric in the 4WD and found that to be damp also. We hoped it would dry out before the 4WD was used again.

That was only the beginning. That weekend with Elaine produced more wet experiences, and has led to me creating my own experiences, and in doing so, finding more pissing companions who are more outrageous than Elaine and I were

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Chubby Caught Peeing In the Dirt

From Pisshunters we have a chubby chick pissing. We have had this hidden camera location before with Pisshunters Voyeur Peeing Movie unfortunately  this time the chick is not as hot. She walks into shot and is looking for a place to squat. I have noticed with Pisshunters that we don’t always get a perfect shot it all depends where the pissing lady ends up. Today we are lucky and as she undoes her pants and pulls them and her panties down she squats directly center with the Pisshunters camera this is a perfect view of her pussy.

She has squatted down and her pussy is now on show as she is ready to pee, she moves a little and then starts peeing. This really is a wonderful front on from Pisshunters and as she is pissing you can see little splashes from the dirt. She lifts herself up a little and then she seems to starts to pee harder this is one powerful piss stream today. She keeps peeing and peeing what a full bladder she must have had she looks around and then quickly stops her flow.

She is peeing in the dirt and then she looks around and quickly stops peeing but she can’t fully stop and has to go back down to let out the last dribbles. Its a pity she hadn’t pulled her pants straight up and this pee would have ended in her panties. She stands up and pulls her panties up; we are still getting great shots of her pussy. She has her panties on and a guy walks into shot I guess this is why she was in such a hurry to stop pissing, she didn’t want to be caught peeing in the dirt. She pulls her pants up and then walks over and smacks the man in the head. This is a great Pisshunters movie we have had such a great front on shot.

See The Pisshunters Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Outdoor Peeing With Rebekah Dee

From Needapee we have the wonderful Rebekah Dee. We have had some great peeing movies with her in the past check out Rebekah Dee Peeing In The Sun she lies back in the sun longer and sprays a great arc of pee then there is Rebekah Dee Peeing On A Mountain she is exposed and pees on the mountain splashing pee all over the rocks, Rebekah Dee From Needapee Pissing Outdoors out on the jetty and peeing. One of my favorites has to be Sneaky Beach Peeing With Rebekah Dee It is so hot watching her sneaky peeing on the sand. Today she is outdoors by a checkpoint and so desperate to pee.

Rebekah Dee is desperate to pee she walks down the road and she already has her hand jammed into her crotch holding in her pee in. I always have enjoyed how she gets herself so desperate to pee I bet she enjoys the feeling of a bulging bladder and the potential that she will just loose control and soak herself. She keeps walking and you can see that she really needs to pee she looks around and there is no one watching her she hurries to the door and there is no one there.

Rebekah Dee is desperate to pee she has her hand in her crotch and is looking desperate ally for a place to go. She stops crouches down trying to hold on, she is to desperate she has to pee now. She lifts up her mini skirt and pulls her white pantyhose and panties down. She squats and starts to pee you can see that she starts off slowly her bladder was so full that it must hurt, she then releases her great big pee, it is splashing in the dirt and her pussy lips are glistening. Looking at her face she looks so relieved. Rebekah Dee pulls up her panties and they get to soak up the last drops her pantyhose come up next and off she walks. This is a great outdoor peeing movie from Needapee.

See Rebekah Dee Peeing Here

Visit Needapee Click Here

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Wetting Her Panties Movies

From Wetting Her Panties we have some peeing movies. The first Wetting Her Panties movie we has stars Rose Wood. Rose is in her short skirt and is desperate to pee she is holding  and grabbing her crotch in pure desperation. The door to the bathroom is locked and she needs to go bad she holds her hands between her legs really trying to hold on. She gets more and more desperate to pee till she has no choice and lifts up her skirt and starts to pee in her panties. Her pee explodes in her knickers and splashes on the ground she really has soaked her panties just look at how wet the back of her panties are a wonderful knicker wetting with Rose Wood, See the movie here.

The next Wetting Her Panties movie stars Natalia, she is in the kitchen in tight jeans, she is desperate to pee and her bladder looks like it is bulging over her jeans. We have had some great wettings from Natalia in the past, If you have missed them check out Natalia X Peeing In Her Panties, Natalia X Peeing In French Knickers and my favorite Natalia Peeing In Her Panties Outdoors. Natalia is desperate to pee in her jeans she grabs her crotch and wow just look at her desperation she stands opens her legs and then starts to pee in her jeans as soon as she starts to pee her jeans are soaked.  She keeps on peeing in her jeans and then she spins around and we see her piss soaked jeans encasing her bottom. I do love how shiny jeans go when they are being peed in. This is a wonderful jeans wetting With Natalia watch it here.

The last wetting her panties movie is their latest trailer it covers the latest wetting movies and gives you an idea what they have on offer. Watch the trailer here.

Read A Wetting Her Panties Website Review Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Shorts Peeing Photos from Real Wetting

From Real Wetting we have Antonia, we have had some great sets in the past with her if you have missed them check out Antonia Peeing In Her Short Dress, Antonia Jeans Peeing In The Forest, Real Wetting Antonia Shorts And Pantyhose Peeing, and one of my favorites Antonia Peeing In Her Jean Shorts. Today Antonia is in her shot shorts and walking in the park. By now we know that Antonia is a great wetting and seems to really enjoy holding on as long as she can until she is so desperate and can’t hold on, today is no different.

Antonia is in her shorts, she has been holding on all day and now is walking home down the path between two football fields. She is desperate to pee and finds that there is no one around, she stops and with her legs still tightly clenched starts to pee in her shorts. She is peeing in her shorts and you can see the lovely dark patch in her shorts as it grows, her piss is splashing on the ground and must be making a wonderful sound.

Antonia is peeing in her shorts, you can see that her pee has soaked the material and is running down her legs into her shoes this is a wonderful public shorts peeing just look at her as she finishes, she is standing there soaked in pee. Her shorts are saturated and her legs are glistening. She looks at the back of her shorts and you can see she has peed in them and starts walking home. Just look at her pissed in shorts there is no hiding what she has done. Another wonderful wetting from Real Wetting.

See Antonia Peeing In Her Shorts Here


Visit Real Wetting Click here

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Wet And Pissy Peeing Movies

From Wet And Pissy we have some more peeing movies. The first peeing movie we has stars the lovely Foxy Amber she really is one hot read head and we join the action as she is squeezing her piss soaked panties over her body soaking herself in her piss. She squeezes all the pee out of her panties and starts to rub her pussy, just look at her full pussy lips they would be great to suck. She has a orgasm and then stands up and holds her pussy wide open. You can see how full her bladder is and then she starts to pee. She is peeing and the camera zooms in and you can see her pee hole as it opens and closes as her pee sprays out. Not content with standing and pissing she then leans back and pees more. A great Wet and Pissy Peeing Movies, see Foxy Amber peeing here.

The next Wet and Pissy Movie stars Gaby. We join the action as she is playing with a dildo, she pushes it in and out and then starts to pee as she still has the dildo in her. She is really having a great time and as she pees she starts to pump her pussy more and more, her pussy is soaked in pee. She finishes peeing but doesn’t stop playing with her dildo and really goes for it pushing it deeper and deeper. She finishes herself off and then gets a towel and wipes up all her piss of the floor. See the peeing movie with Gaby here.

The last Wet And Pissy movie we have stars Diana. Diana starts off sucking a plastic cock she really is a beautiful blond. She finishes with the plastic cock and she is ready to show us some golden fun, she leans back with her legs open and starts to rub her pussy she plays with her lips and then starts to finger herself. Diana opens her pussy wide and starts to pee what a lovely pee arch she has and once again you can make out her pee hole as she is peeing. What a great Wet And Pissy movie to finish off with, you can see it Diana peeing here.

Visit Wet And Pissy Click Here

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