Female Desperation Movie And Wetting Pictures

From Ineed2pee we have a female desperation movie and two sets of female desperation and wetting pictures. The female desperation movie stars Brooklynne Briar. We have had one with her before in Female Desperation Movie And Pictures she really is one hot female desperation star and this movie is no different. She is in her jeans and walking to work she is really desperate and she keeps grabbing her crotch and crossing her legs, for female desperation lovers this is great. She keeps walking and the more steps she takes the more desperate she gets. It is wonderful watching her this desperate to pee and we leave her at this point. If you want to see her wet her jeans this clip doesn’t show it this is just female desperation but the full movie at Ineed2pee does. See Brooklynne Briar desperate to pee here.

The next Ineed2pee set is pictures and stars Kimberly Marvel. She is going to a convention at the convention center from her hotel but she had to leave in a hurry and had no time to go to the bathroom. She is lost and desperate to pee grabbing her crotch and not happy at all she just cant hold on and starts to pee in her dark leggings. She soaks them and then has to walk back to her hotel room in her pee soaked leggings. See Kimberly Marvel peeing in her leggings here.

The last Ineed2pee offering we have stars Galas she is coming home and is in her tight work slacks she is crossing her legs and showing off her lovely curvy ass. The elevator is broken so she has to struggle up the stairs but her bladder is to full to hold on and she leans over and starts to pee in her pants, she really does soak them and her shoes are wet too. We then see her in her blue pissed in panties. See Galas desperate and panty peeing here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Pissing Sex Story

I was in my office quietly working when I heard a female voice say “Oh shit!”, over the cubicle wall.  My surprise turned to astonishment when I realized the voice belonged to Niki.  She usually said things like “Darn it!”, or “Gee!”, I had never heard her swear.  I had to go and see what the problem was.  I got there about the same time Joan did.  A coffee cup had overturned on Niki’s desk.  The runoff had landed in her lap, causing a dark stain in her khaki skirt that looked liked she had wet herself.  The thought of Niki wetting herself caused my cock to harden, which I hoped nobody would notice. “Are you OK?”, Joan and I asked in unison.  Niki’s face was nearly as red as her short hair, which caused her freckles to really stand out.  “Yeah, the cup’s been on my desk a while, so the coffee isn’t real hot.”, she said.  Joan giggled as she stated the obvious, “It looks like you wet yourself.”  Niki blushed even more as Joan said this.  Joan and I took turns kidding Niki about her foul language, then drifted off, but not before Niki stole a quick glance and my erection.  I thought about how her white hose, brown pumps, khaki skirt, and white cotton blouse with turquoise stripes would look soaked with piss as I went back to my desk.

I heard a knock on my cubicle wall and looked up to see Niki, standing so her wet skirt was hidden.  My hard cock was still obvious, and Niki sneaked a few looks at it as she asked if she could borrow my coat to hide her skirt on the way out.  I readily agreed and Niki said she was ready to leave now. “I know it’s a little early, but I don’t want to sit around in my wet skirt.”, she said.  She waited while I locked up and she put on my coat and buttoned it up.  I escorted her to the parking lot and when we got to her car she removed my coat, giving me a good view of her wet skirt.  My half hard cock got fully erect as I looked at her skirt.  Niki was obviously checking out my cock as she thanked me for letting her use my coat.  “The real reason I left early is that I thought you might like this…”, Niki said.  My heart pounded as Niki spread her legs slightly and stuck her hand into her crotch.  The dark spot in her skirt got shiny again and started to expand as Niki started to pee. My cock was just about tearing a hole in my lightweight cotton dress slacks as the stain made it’s way down the front of Niki’s skirt.  Yellow trails started to appear in her white stockings as piss made its way down her legs. I couldn’t believe Niki was wetting herself in the parking lot!  Niki’s pee reached the hem of her skirt and started dripping off the hem and onto her brown pumps.  The trails of piss in her stockings got wider as she pissed. The yellow flood reached her feet and started to fill her pumps, dripping over the side of her pumps and squishing through the seams. “You like?”, Niki asked coyly.  I forgot where I was and pulled Niki to me. I kissed her deeply as I grabbed her ass with two hands and felt my pants get wet as her skirt rubbed against me.  “I guess you do!”, she said, as she stepped back to break the kiss and my embrace.  She smiled at me and gave my cock a quick feel through the wet front of my pants.  “I’d love to continue this at my place.”, Niki said.  Niki got in the car as I stared at the puddle of piss she’d left on the pavement.  I quickly went around to the passenger side when I remembered where I was and the condition of my pants.  There is a time and a place for everything, and this wasn’t the time nor place for a wet pair of pants!  Niki and I confessed our love of piss soaked clothing to each other as we drove.  I told her she had caused me a real problem at work when I saw her looking like she’d pissed herself.  “I saw that.”, she said, licking her lips slightly.  “You’re lucky I spilled my coffee!”, she continued.  “And how!”, I said, visions of just how Niki would look in about 10 minutes filling my head.

The ride home was having its usual effect on my kidneys and by the time we got to Niki’s I really had to piss.  We went inside and Niki got a bottle of wine and two glasses.  We sat at the kitchen table in our damp clothing and had a few glasses of wine.  “Will you wet  your pants for me?”, Niki asked. Niki led me onto her back porch.  She turned around and stared at my cock as she said “Go for it!”.  I relaxed and let my urine flow.  My gray dress slacks showed a dark circle around the head of my cock that grew slowly.  When the dark stain reached my crotch it proceeded down my thighs and along the inseam of my pants, leaving shiny darkness behind it.  The  stain expanded upward almost reaching my belt loops before Niki knelt in front of me.  I heard and felt her unzip my fly as I felt my shoes and socks fill with warm piss. She pulled my cock through my underwear and fly while I was still peeing, soaking her hand and the arm of her blouse in the process.  My piss arced towards her, splattering all over her breasts.  Her striped blouse started to grow transparent as it stuck to Niki, revealing a lacy white bra.  Before my piss reached her skirt she devoured my cock with her mouth.  Niki kept up with my flow, drinking rapidly as I pissed.  I stopped peeing, but Niki didn’t stop slurping at my cock until I was spurting cum down her throat and over her face and blouse.

I was pretty wet from the waist down and the front of Niki’s blouse and skirt were just as soaked.  I assisted Niki to her feet, then kissed her, making an effort to keep my shirt and tie dry.  I kissed my way down Niki’s chin tasting my piss on the way.  I worked my way down her shoulder to her left breast.  I sucked my own piss off of Niki’s breast,  then moved to her other breast after her nipple hardened.  When both nipples were hard I kissed my way down to the front of her skirt, finally tasting her pee.  I lifted her skirt to find a wet garter belt and stockings and ran my tongue along the top of her stockings and along her thigh, then to her pussy, sucking piss through her lacy white panties.  Niki’s panties bulged as she started to piss.  I lapped at flow, locking my mouth over her pussy as she pissed. I kept up for a while, but Niki increased her flow and I was forced to  let piss run out of my mouth.  I felt my collar getting soaked with Niki’s warm fluid.  Piss was running down the front of tie and over my shoulders as she pushed my face into her crotch.  I felt the front and back of my shirt get wet as I sucked her wet panties into my mouth.  Her warm piss was washing over my belt and down my pants and I chewed on her lacy panties. I came close to orgasm as her piss reached my cock and balls.  I shivered as her piss ran down my back and over the crack of my ass. Niki stopped peeing and I nearly ripped her panties to shreds as I pulled them away from her fragrant pussy.  I could tell the wetness was from more than piss as I spread her labia and kissed her clit.  I fingered her asshole as I steadily licked her clit.  Niki mashed my face into her pussy as she came, coating my face with her juices.  She rinsed my face with a few quick spurts of piss, losing control of her bladder a bit as she came. Niki smiled weakly at me as she dropped to her knees.  She sat down, then laid back on the piss wet outdoor carpet.  I spread her legs and hiked up her skirt, then dropped my pants.  I knelt between her legs, then lowered myself onto her.  Niki guided my cock into  her soaked pussy as I lay down. I didn’t do anything at first, enjoying the feel of my cock as her wet pussy caressed it as well as the feel of her piss soaked body against me.  Niki moved first, grinding her pelvis against me and sighing as my cock fully penetrated her.  She ground up slowly at me and I picked up her rhythm, driving my cock deeply into her at the top of her stroke.  We slowly picked up speed and Niki wrapped her legs around me.  I could feel her heels dig me slightly as we humped ever faster.  I kissed Niki  and squeezed her breasts through her wet blouse as I enjoyed the feel of her piss soaked stockings on my ass and legs.  We found a comfortable speed and drove our bodies together.  I grunted slightly at the bottom of each stroke, and Niki moaned lightly just after wards.  My grunts got louder and Niki’s moans turned to a loud “OHHH YESSSSSS!” as we came.  I almost passed out as Niki’s legs and vagina locked tightly around me.  We laid together quietly for a while as my cock softened and our body fluids mingled.  Niki moaned softly as I let some piss escape my half hard cock, which was still in her vagina. Niki suggested we clean each other off so I got off of her and laid down on the carpet.  Niki got to her knees and straddled me.  She bent over to lick my cock and she lowered her pussy over me.  I licked piss and cum from her pussy, getting it nice and clean as she started to bob up and down over my cock.  I kissed and nibbled around her labia a while then started to lick her clit as she kept bobbing away.  I picked up my pace as I felt my orgasm building.  I exploded into Niki’s mouth, and she tried to suck every drop of my cum up as I gushed away.  I could feel some of cum land in my pubic hair as she swallowed.  Niki looked at me, cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth as she came, dousing my face with her juices.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as Niki let loose with piss.  Niki held my cock and licked her pussy as she peed.  I let loose a few squirts of pee which Niki hungrily lapped up. I stopped peeing way before Niki did.  Niki got off me and looked at me. My face, hair, shirt, and tie were soaked.  Niki played with my nipples through my transparent shirt as she said “Sorry about the tie.”  Niki was pretty wet too.  Her blouse was transparently plastered to her chest, the front of her skirt was soaked from her waist to the hem.  Her stockings and pumps were also drenched with piss.  Niki sat down and spread her legs.  I got to my knees and Niki grabbed my cock with two hands and pulled me to her.  I walked on my knees until my cock was nestled between her breasts.  She slid my cock into her shirt and squeezed it between her breasts.  I started to fuck her breasts, enjoying the feel of her wet bra, blouse and her soft skin against my cock.  It didn’t take long for me to orgasm, gobs of white cum all over her blouse, bra and breasts.  I washed the mess away with a warm piss, resoaking her bra and blouse.  The stream reached her chin and my piss ran down to rewet the front of her skirt.  Niki pushed me away and turned, a trail of piss running along the dry side of her skirt to her ass.  Niki wiggled her ass in front of me as I wet down the ass of her khaki skirt.  When I ran dry, she lifted her skirt up to expose her pussy.  I took her from behind, sliding my cock into her pussy.  Our doggie style fuck lasted a long time since I was pretty tired.  Niki came before I did and she drove her ass at me as I humped her until I had a small orgasm.  We relaxed a while, then stripped off our wet things.  We went inside and cleaned up in the shower, then got all piss covered again in the tub.  Somehow I managed to get hard and we fucked, our naked piss covered bodies grinding together.  I couldn’t cum again but Niki did.  We showered again and headed off to bed.  We snuggled up together and pulled the covers up high, drifting off to a relaxing sleep.

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Blue Panty Peeing While Seated

From Wetting Her Panties we have Candie. Candi is in her blue panties and sitting in a chair she has started to pee in them and you can see the small dark patch where her pee is turning the crotch dark. We have had a couple of great posts from Wetting Her Panties where we have had a seated panty pee check out Panty Peeing From Wetting Her Panties and Panty Peeing Movie From Wetting Her Panties. There is something so sexy seeing a chick peeing in her panties while seated.

Candie is sitting on a plastic chair and she is peeing in her panties. She is slowing soaking the fabric and her piss is overflowing and splashing on the ground. For you lovers of golden pee this is one for you can see the golden color against the white of the chair. She keeps peeing in her panties and her knickers are soaked. Just look at how lovely she looks with her panties clinging to her pussy.

Candie finishes peeing in her panties and we can see her yellow puddle of pee on the ground she lifts herself up on the chair and opens her kegs to reveal her piss soaked crotch such a wonderful mess. Its a pity she doesn’t start to pee in her panties again now, this would be a wonderful sight seeing her peeing in her knickers with the piss splashing all over the chair. Another wonderful panty peeing set from the knicker wetting masters Wetting Her Panties.

See Candie Peeing In Her Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Here

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Peeing In Her Overalls

From Real Wetting we have and older wetting set from Alice. Alice is in her denim overalls and desperate to pee she is one of the great female desperation and wetting models that Real Wetting have and today is no different. She is in the bathroom and desperate to pee but today is different she isn’t going to quickly go to the toilet she is going to hold on and then pee in her overalls, she is fulfilling a request from one of the members of Real Wetting.

Alice is desperate to pee and is in her overalls, she puts a hand between the denim fabric to help her hold on. She is getting so desperate that that she just can’t hold on. Alice starts to pee in her overalls with her hands between her legs. Just look at her denim overalls changing color as they get soaked in pee. She pees and pees her overalls get the lovely shine that pee soaked denim seems to always go. This is a great big wetting from Alice and she finishes peeing but the request hasn’t been fully fulfilled

Alice has finished peeing in her denim overalls she has soaked them and also her thick tight knee-high socks are soaked in pee. She has a bath that is full of water and gets in, in her piss soaked overalls, she sits down and gets even more soaked, not in pee this time but warm water. Alice stands up in the bath and her denim overalls and knee-high socks are totally wet she really does look a pretty picture fully clothed and soaked a wonderful Real Wetting set. The full movie of this members request is on the Real Wetting website

See Alice Peeing In her Overalls


Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Mikki Peeing In Her Pants Outdoors

From HD Wetting we have Mikki. She is in the back yard and desperate too pee. I do love seeing Mikki and when she is desperate to pee its wonderful if you missed Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting check it out Mikki is so desperate in that movie. Back to today’s HD Wetting pictures Mikki is in the backyard and desperate to pee she has some nice tight pants on and she has a hand pressing in her crotch she really needs to pee.

Mikki is desperate to pee here hand is in her crotch and she is holding on. She must be loving the feeling of a full bladder and then she removes her hand and starts to pee in her pants. As soon as she releases the floodgates her pee explodes into her pants, her crotch goes dark and then you can see her pee rivers as the pee is running down her legs. She really is soaking her pants and the warm urine must be making her feel all tingly.

Mikki finishes peeing in her pants and she turns around we get to see her piss soaked pants from behind I love it how one of her legs is wet with pee and the other only has a few dark pee patches. She turns back around and pulled her peed in pants down to show her wet panties. You can see that she has a little pissy camel toe as her panties are clinging to her pussy. Imagine walking into the back yard and seeing Mikki modeling in her pissed in knickers. A great set of pants peeing and wet knickers photos from HD Wetting.

See Mikki Peeing In Her Panties Here

Read A HD Wetting Website Review

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Hot Peeing Movies From Wet And Pissy

From Wet And Pissy we have three peeing movies. The first movie has a lovely brunette she dances around and then we have her peeing. When she starts peeing her stream is so strong it is just firing out of her pussy. As she is peeing there is little bits of piss splashing into her panties and covering her legs and bottom. She finishes pissing and then sits back and starts to masturbate she really does get into it and nearly gets her fist into her pussy. A great peeing movie see it here.

The next pissing movie from Wet And Pissy has a lovely blonde, she really is one hot lady she is squatting over a watering can and starts to piss. She has a lovely pussy and this close up shot as she is spraying pee and rubbing her pussy is just wonderful. She finishes peeing in her watering can and pours her pee over her body. See this peeing movie here.

The last Wet And Pissy peeing movie has another brunette, she really is one hot lady she starts to pee in her red leggings. She then spreads her pussy and we can see her pee hole she starts to pee again the view is perfect as her pee hole opens and starts to spray piss. Not content with just peeing she then uses a dildo till she is cuming. See the last peeing movie here.

See Peeing Movie 1, 2, 3

Visit wet And Pissy Click Here

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Panty Peeing Pictures From Wetting Her Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have the lovely panty wetter Faye. Fay has has some great panty peeing sets at Wetting Her Panties and we have posted a few here before, check out Faye X Skirt And Panty Peeing, Fay X Peeing In Her Panties and one of my favorites Pantyhose And Panty Peeing With Fay X. Today Faye is in boy shorts panties she has her skirt pulled up showing them , you can see that they are pulled tightly over her pussy. She really does have a lovely camel toe, she squats down spreads her legs and she is ready to pee in her panties.

Faye X has squatted down and has her legs spread wide, she starts to pee in her shorts and we see the first drips of pee as the fabric in her crotch goes damp. Wetting her panties really does have some great panty peeing and their models are just so sexy. Faye keeps on peeing in her panties and the crotch goes darker and darker. As Faye is peeing in her panties it is making her feel playful and she gets on her knees. She is on her knees and you can see the wonderful damp cotton and it is encasing her bum, she starts to pee again and you can see her piss cascading through the fabric and splashing on the floor.

Faye x is peeing her panties while on her knees, she is nearly finished and she stands ups she can’t stop though and she pees the last drops into her already piss soaked panties.  She has finished peeing but to make it all the more fun she sits in her piss puddle in her wet knickers. Piss soaked panties and a big piss mess all around her this really is on hot panty pee set of pictures and Faye looks so sexy and happy in her pee puddle what a great time she is had.

See The Panty Peeing Pictures Here

Visit Wetting  Her Panties Click Here

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