Wetting Pants In Public

From Wet In Public we have these two movies. Public jeans peeing and pants peeing in public. Wet in public is one great site and they have some great jeans peeing movies. We have had a few of them here at Pissblog before, Public Jeans Pissing From Wet In Pubic has to be one of my favorites she is just so brazen in the movie. Jeans Peeing On A Public Street was a great jeans peeing movie too. If you haven’t checked out Wet In Public yet you really should give it a try.

The first Wet In Public movie is a public jeans peeing they are shirt jeans and you can see as she is walking down the path she needs to pee quite badly. She stops and with her legs clenched together she looks around, she is going to pee, she is so desperate but there are just to many people. She walks forward a little till she stops by a pole. She is so desperate now, she needs to pee and then it happens the first drips of pee escape from her bulging bladder and her jeans start to get darker and darker. Now she has started peeing in her jeans she can’t stop her jeans are getting soaked and her pee is running down her legs and into a puddle at her feet. She is lucky that there is no one to see her shame and then someone walks by. What a mess and how embarrassing she has been seen in pissed in jeans.

The next Wet In Public movie is a public pants peeing movie. She is walking down the street in her crop top and her tight pants. These pants are great they are hugging her pussy and you can see that she has a camel toe already. She is desperate to pee and  looks like she is nervous. What is a girl to do when she is desperate to pee and there are no toilets around? She stands behind the truck and then starts to pee a few drips come out and then she squats down and starts to pee in her pants and on the ground. This is such a sexy public pants wetting you can make out her breasts through her top she is not wearing a bra and her pants are showing all her curves. She finishes peeing and people start to walk by, how embarrassing. I wonder if they know what she has just peed in her pants in public?

See Public Jeans Peeing Here

See Public Pants Peeing Movie Here

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Posted on 07.28.11
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Hidden Cam Movie From Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have this hidden toilet cam. A fattish chick in a big jacket walks into the toilet. She seems that she is in a hurry but also a little worried that someone will walk in while she is pissing, she has to check that she has locked the door. Little does she know that we are watching on a Pisshunter hidden cam. She lifts up her coat and pulls down her panties and pantyhose. She is ready to pee.

She is squatting over the toilet and we get a good view of her pussy, she starts peeing and her piss stream is running everywhere this is great she has already dribbled some piss in her panties and you can see that as she is pissing on the hidden toilet cam more and more little dribbles are going in her panties.

She is pissing and then lifts herself up a little more while she is still pissing. It’s as if she thinks she has finished pissing and is about to have a shake and then she pisses some more it’s a little funny to watch. If you look at her panties more and more piss is ending up in them, she finishes peeing and pulls her panties and pantyhose up, you can see she feels the dampness as she wipes her crotch with her hand. Another great hissed toilet cam movie from Pisshunters

Watch The Hidden Cam Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 07.25.11
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Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have this jeans peeing movie starring Sammy. Sammy is in the bathroom filming herself, she is going to pee in her jeans on camera in the public toilets. I love watching HD wetting movies staring Sammy she is always so fun I reckon that she loves being a HD Wetting star. She walks into the cubical and locks the door. This is great she is all by herself filming. She takes off her coat and she is ready to pee in her jeans.

Sammy is holding the camera and we get to see her in her tight jeans. Her crotch looks so sexy being encased in the tonight denim and then we get to see her bum too. She strand there and then we see her first drops of pee. Jeans peeing starts off slowly but then increase in volume and she is peeing her jeans hard now. You can see as her pee is soaking in her jeans and running down her legs. She really is giving her jeans a good soaking.

Sammy stops peeing in her jeans and turns around so we can see her piss soaked crotch and legs. She really does have a wonderful pee stain in her jeans. She is showing off for us we then get to see her feet and her puddle of pee on the floor and then someone walks in. How embarrassing she has been caught in her pissed in jeans and then they notice the pee running out of the stall. Oh no poor Sammy.

See The Jeans Peeing  Movie Here

Visit HD Wetting Here

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Posted on 07.21.11
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Couple Peeing Story

A nice little pissing story.

I met Kelly in college at one of our fraternity parties. She was a Junior and I was a Senior and the minute I saw her, I knew I had to have her. She was a petite blond with an athletic figure, and I found out she was on both the swim and track teams.

What I also learned from chatting her up for over 3 hours is that she was very competitive, which she proved later that night when I took her up to my room. The sex was awesome, and it was the start of a very nice relationship.

She was very eager to please most of my sexual desires, and always wanted to know how she rated based on past girl friends. I once told her about what a great cocksucker Anne was (two girl friends earlier) and for the whole next week Kelly had her lips and tongue all over my cock until I crowned her the best cocksucker ever!

I tried to find a way to tell her about my pee fetish, but I didn’t know how to introduce her to pee play without scaring her off.

Then it hit me – and I began working on the challenge.

The next day, we were sitting around my apartment, watching a little television and having a few beers. Kelly got up to go to the bathroom midway through her second beer, and as she was walking down the hall I said, “man you have a small bladder, I bet I could go drink for drink with you and hold out longer before going to the bathroom.”

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned toward me and said “Is that a challenge?”

“If you think you’re up for it, then yeah!” I replied, my dick already rising in my shorts knowing that she took the bait hook, line and sinker.

“What are the stakes?” Kelly asked, forgetting about relieving herself and returning the couch.

“Twenty bucks and bragging rights” I offered, knowing that as starving college students money was tight, plus it was the bragging rights portion of the challenge that I knew she would go for.

“You’re On!” she said with a small squeal, and took another long sip off her beer.

“Aren’t you interested in the rules?” I asked.

“Doesn’t matter, I’m gonna kick your ass at this and laugh as I watch you dance around wih your legs crossed like a little school girl.” She was not only competitive, but she could talk trash with the best of them!

“OK,” I continued, “since you’re so confident, the first rule is that neither of us can pee until we’re both naked.”

“Ohhhh, I like Rule #1” she said very sarcastically, “what else you got ‘Nancy’?”

“Rule #2 is that win or lose, you have to pee standing up”, I shot back at her. She had a look on her face that said ‘no fair’, but her competitive pride wouldn’t dare give me that satisfaction.

All she said was “You got anything else, or are we going to get this game going?”

“No hands!” I said, enjoying the power of being able to set the challenge.

“Are you crazy?” came her reply, “how the hell do you expect me to hold my water all night, and then pee standing up without using my hands?”

“I’ll help you and you’ll help me!”

“It’s a bet!” she said as we clinked our beer bottles in a toast to consummate the challenge, “but you’re going down!”

Little did she know that that’s exactly what I was hoping for by the time this little challenge played itself out.

We finished our beers and I said “grab your jacket, we’re going out.”

I took her downtown to our favorite Sports Bar, since we needed to eat dinner, and I knew that there would be plenty of cold beer available, and hopefully some interesting games to take my mind off of the men’s room.

Besides, since Rule #1 says we can’t pee unless we’re both naked, I knew I could torment her all through dinner, knowing that the winner wouldn’t be decided until we got back to my place.

The bar was rocking and we enjoyed several beers while eating nachos, chicken wings, and cheese fries. Hey, we were college kids after all!

I caught Kelly looking enviously at the women at the next table, as they casually strolled to and from the ladies room, always in pairs of course, throughout our meal. I could feel the pressure building in my bladder, but I could also see Kelly’s legs wiggling almost non-stop, so I knew she couldn’t last much longer.

However, I still ordered us one more round, just to watch the look of confidence disappear from her face when the waitress clanked the two fresh mugs down in front of us.

“We can go after these beers if you want to.” I teased, and then watched in amazement as Kelly chugged down her draft.

“Take your time”, she chided me, I can wait all night…or at least one more minute than you can.”

Man, that girl was competitive!

Feeling my own urgency building, I did my best to finish my beer as quickly as possible, and then said “Let’s go.”

On the ride home, we were both dancing in the car seat to control our bladders. I was trying to drive with my knees pinned together, and Kelly was sitting in the passenger seat with her hand jammed in her crotch, trying to hold back the pressure.

As soon as the car was parked in front of my apartment, we both ran as fast as we could upstairs to the bathroom, jockeying for position on the way up the stairs.

We both started wildly stripping off our clothes, dancing on one foot, and then the other, trying to hold back, and secretly trying to will the other one to let loose first. As we’re hoping around like a couple of naked kangaroos, a little tipsy from all the beer we drank, we both start to laugh uncontrollably, and then it happened. Kelly laughed so hard she snorted, which caused me to let out a belly laugh, and with it, a little piss shot out of my cock making a small puddle on the floor.

“I win! I win! I win!” Kelly sang as she did a little victory dance around the bathroom. “Now get out of my way ‘school girl’ and let me finally relieve myself” she said as she started to sit on the toilet.

“Not so fast,” I said through gritted teeth, still trying to hold back the torrent that didn’t come out while I was laughing, “don’t forget the other rules or you forfeit!”

“Oh right,” she said standing back up, “well get yourself over here and help out The Undisputed Bladder Champion, because my damn is about ready to burst.” Even under these conditions, she still found time to gloat.

Kelly positioned herself in front of the toilet, and spread her legs a little more than shoulder width, and crouched her knees just a little. I stood behind her, and she jumped a little when she felt my stiff cock touching her ass as I reached around and grab each of her pussy lips with either hand, and pulled them apart slowly. “HURRY” she shouted “before I piss all over the bathroom floor!”

I giggled at her discomfort, which was a small consolation at having gotten beaten at my own game.

She was having a little trouble getting started, in this awkward position, and with me holding her pussy lips, so I reached out my thumb and started stroking her clit. This provided the magic sensation to trigger Kelly’s bladder to release, and her piss started flowing hot and heavy. Like a true champ, she hit the center of the bowl, and the room filled with the sounds of her stream hitting the water.

Of course, the sound of running water is not a good thing to someone who has to pee as badly as I did, and I was struggling to hold back my own stream, while enjoying the dirty pleasure of holding my girlfriend’s cunt open while watching her golden nectar shoot out like a fire hose.

She finish up with a trickle, and I almost pushed her out of the way to get myself into position. By force of habit, my hand went to my cock to aim it at the bowl, and Kelly slapped it way, barely missing my cock in the process. The shock of almost having my painfully erect and piss filled cock nearly slapped forced me to jump, and another short burst of piss shot out hitting the floor.

Kelly looked at me with a face that just said “REALLY?” as she squeezed up behind me and took a hold of my cock. I now understand why she had trouble starting her stream, because it’s just not right having someone else holding your parts in this situation.

Stealing a page from my playbook, she gently massaged the underside of my shaft, and my stream started flowing. Not used to having to aim something, it took a couple seconds for Kelly to center my stream in the bowl, and I let out a huge “AAAAHHHHHHH” as I was letting myself go. I finished up and asked her to shake it a couple times, to knock any remaining drops off the tip. She eagerly obliged.

Kelly walked over and started the shower running, and then returned and started stroking my cock again. “Don’t think about it as coming in second place” she said with a fake tone of empathy, “think about it as being First….First loser that is!”

After watching her piss, and having her hold my cock while I did, not even her trash talk could bother me now. I pulled her closed and kissed her deeply, while reaching my hand down to finger her wet and swollen pussy.

We stepped into the shower together, still locked in our embrace with our hands on each others pissing parts. The steaming water beat down on both of us, and again, the sound of running water triggered a sense of urgency in my bladder, the familiar feeling of desperation returned to my crotch.

We were standing close together, and Kelly was stroking my cock while I continued fingering her pussy. Slowly I started my stream, almost undetected, due to the similarity in temperature between my piss and the shower water. After a couple seconds Kelly looked down and saw what it happening. She was surprised at first, but then relaxed at how natural it felt, as my stream got stronger and started to arc out of the tip of my cock, hitting both of us around our navels.

She kept stroking my cock and moved her other hand into my stream. She then brought that hand to her nose to inhale the intoxicating aroma. She knelt down in front of me and let the last of my piss run out over her face and tits.

As I felt her mouth close around my cock, I smiled confidently at my own personal victory. While Kelly may have won the battle, I knew I won the war, having successfully introduced her to pee play.

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Bound And Desperate To Pee

From Ineed2pee we have Cheyenne Jewel she has been bound and is desperate to pee. We haven’t had a bound female desperation set for a while; the last I can remember was Selena Bound And Desperate To Pee a hot female desperation movie if you ask me. This time its Cheyenne Jewel’s turn she is on the floor and so desperate to pee she is squirming trying to get out of her bounds before her desperate bladder explodes and she pees in her shorts. She finally manages to get into a position that she can stand up of course she now has a problem and has to hop with her desperate bulging bladder.

Cheyenne Jewel is getting more and more desperate to pee she is trying to hop her way to the bathroom but every bounce is putting greater pressure on her now aching bladder. I love female desperation like this Inee2pee has to be the masters of it, real female desperation what more could you ask for. Is Cheyenne Jewel going to make it in time or is she going to lose control in her shorts and make a great big mess.

See Cheyenne Jewel Bound and Desperate

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 07.13.11
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Antonia Jeans Peeing In The Forest

Here we have Antonia from Real wetting. We have had Antonia desperate to pee before two of my favorite is Antonia Peeing in Her Denim Shorts and Real Wetting Antonia Shorts And Pantyhose Peeing. This time Antonia is in the forest desperate to pee she is trying to find a place where she can relieve herself but she is a little scared of going to deep into the woods she is getting more and more desperate to pee and her tight jeans won’t be helping her cause.

Antonia is so desperate that she must go into the woods to pee but her desperation is to great and as she bends over she gets the feeling she is about to pee in her jeans and then with one last wave she starts holding her crotch. She is just to desperate and starts to lose control. Poor Antonia her desperation was to great her bulging bladder just couldn’t hold on and now she is peeing in her jeans in the forest, how embarrassing.

She really is peeing in her jeans now and what started as a trickle is now a river, she is soaking her jeans and her shoes her feet will be wet and warm from her pee. I bet she is loving the warm feeling and her jeans get soaked and encasing her tighter. Female desperation and then jeans wetting is wonderful, look at her soaked jeans just wow I love the site of glistening jeans soaked in pee thank you Real Wetting.

See Antonia Jeans Peeing Click Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 07.10.11
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Natalia X Knicker Wetting Outdoors

Here we have the lovely Natalia X from Wetting Her Panties. She is in her panties and a skirt she has pulled her skirt y up and we can see her knickers. I love watching Natalia X knicker wetting. We have had some great posts here if you have missed any check out Natalia X Peeing In Her Panties and Knicker Wetting With Wettingherpanties Natalia X She is out doors showing off her knickers and then we get to see the first damp patch in her panties. Seeing the first drops of pee soaking panties and making them turn darker is great.

Natalia X has started to pee in her panties we can see her panties getting damper and damper. Her knickers look so thin and they really are soaking her piss up. She starts to pee harder and her pee is soaking her panties and running down her legs. I bet she is enjoying the warm wetness and it runs down her legs to her feet. Imagine the splashing sounds as she starts to pee more and more and it hits the ground. Wetting Her Panties have some great panty peeing ladies.

See Natalia X Knicker Wetting

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 07.07.11
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