Jeans Peeing On A Public Street

From Wet In Public comes this public jeans wetting movie and this time it really is public. The full wet in public movie lasts for 12 minutes but we join the action as she is walking down the street desperate to pee and about to explode. She has been looking for a place to pee for ages and hasn’t found on so she has no choice but to pee in her jeans. She stands still and is about to release her desperate bladder but someone is coming she has to stop and then it is clear but no she has to stop again I bet this time she already has started wetting in her jeans he walks back and lets him pass you can see how full her bladder is its bulging.

He passes too and now she is ready, she starts to pee in her jeans. Look at how soaked they are getting and just then while she is peeing in her jeans a lady walks by and sees what she is doing how embarrassing peeing in your jeans in the street while being watched. Her shame doesn’t end there as she is still jeans peeing two more people walk past her from behind, they must know what she is doing too there will be a big piss patch down her legs and you can see her pee puddle still growing.

She has finished peeing in her jeans they are soaked the light denim shows of the lovely dark pee stain so well. People keep on walking past her they all know what she has done how embarrassing. This Wet In Public movie really does remind me of the old Public Piss Girl movies where everyone knows what they are doing. She finally decides its time to walk away so many people have seen that she has pissed in her jeans and when she leaves you can see her piss soaked legs. A great public jeans peeing from Wet In Public.

Watch The Public Jeans Peeing Here

Visit Wet In Public Here

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Posted on 11.29.10
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Natalia X Peeing In French Knickers

Here we have Natalia X from Wetting Her Panties she is in her skirt and desperate to pee she has he hands jammed between her legs and her skirt is helping her hold on. I do love Wetting Her Panties they have such great knicker wettings and Natalia X is one hot panty peeing model. We have had Natalia X before at PissBlog you can see her in Knicker Wetting With Wettingherpanties Natalia X and Natalia X Pissing In Her Tight Panties. She looks so cute playing around in her skirt and tight top. I love how she is flashing her panties and look how they are hugging her pussy. This reminds me of a Antonia Stokes post that we had a long time ago Panty Peeing From Wetting Her Panties she was having so much fun flashing her panties before peeing.

Natalia X looks so sexy and as she lifts her skirt for one last time we see her panties and then she starts to pee look at the first drops how sexy and her panties have moved to the side so we can see one of her pussy lips as she is peeing in her panties. She looks so relieved to be peeing in her panties it looks like she really was so desperate to pee she stops peeing in her panties and then starts again. I wonder if she is loving g the feeling of her desperation and bursting bladder before she starts to wet her knickers again?

She really is exploding pee into her panties and her french knickers will be getting wetter and wetter, It’s a pity we don’t get to see if she is standing in her puddle of pee in bare feet enjoying the warmth. I think it is so sexy to watch panty peeing while seeing a pussy lips the best of both worlds, wet panties and a pissing pussy. She finishes peeing in her panties and pulls them down to show her smooth pussy. it’s a pity she is still not dripping pee but a lovely sight of Natalia X’s pussy all smooth and I bet a bit moist too. Another great panty peeing set from Wetting Her Panties

See Natalia X Peeing In French Knickers Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 11.26.10
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Hidden Cam In Toilet

From Pisshunters comes this hidden cam in the toilet movie. I realized we hadn’t had has a Pisshunters hidden toilet cam for a while and I know a lot of you love watching these toilet movies more than the voyeur peeing outdoors. She comes in her jeans and her hand over her mouth I wonder if the toilet smells I would be surprised female toilets are always better than male ones but who knows. She is wearing a G-string too she drops her pants and starts to pee. I really do love watching Pisshunters voyeur peeing movies.

She starts to pee and we get a great shot of her pissing pussy on this hidden toilet camera some of the Pisshunters hidden toilet cam movies seem to be on the wrong angle but this is great. She has such a cute bottom and pissing pussy. She must have been full she starts pissing and then seems to finish quickly but then starts again and stops and starts. It is always great to watch Pisshunters hidden pissing movies as you get to see what chicks really do in the toilet. I really does seem that she is trying to drip dry her pussy it is just great this is one long pee and what a view.

She is finally empty she is even using toilet paper and it looks like a lot. Lots of these hidden toilet cam movies have the chick just shaking and then pulling up their pants at least this chick won’t have a wet g string. Once again another great Pisshunters hidden cam movie.  I really do love watching them and if you haven’t seen the previous hidden toilet cam movies you can see them in the Hidden Cam Category Enjoy this hidden toilet cam movie from Pisshunters.

See The Hidden Toilet Cam Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 11.23.10
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Lesbian Peeing Movie

From House Of Taboo comes this great lesbian peeing movie. We haven’t has a House Of Taboo post for quite a while and hope everyone will enjoy it. We start this pissing movie off and her lesbian mistress is releasing her from her restraints I guess that she doesn’t want them to get wet with piss. Look at how hard the slaves nipples are she really is enjoying this and I bet she knows that she is about to be pissed on too. Her mistress takes her position and is ready.

She starts to pee on her lesbian slave look at how sexy this is as piss is just splashing over the slave, lesbian peeing what more could one want well? I guess you could have lesbian panty peeing and hopefully I can find that another day. She keeps peeing on her lesbian slaves stomach and look at how soaked she is getting she is sitting in the warm pee puddle too.

She finishes pissing and her lesbian slave is just soaked in pee. The slave still looks so turned on her nipples are still hard she has loved being peed on and I bet she is eagerly awaiting her next job. With no toilet paper around her mistress makes her suck her pissy pussy dry such great lesbian peeing and a dirty mess to. I hope you enjoy this House Of Taboo movie and enjoy watching the lesbian being pissed on. House of Taboo really do have some great pissing movies.

See The Lesbian Peeing Movie

Visit House Of Taboo Here

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Posted on 11.20.10
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Antonia From Real Wetting Peeing In Her Panties

Here we have a new model from Real Wetting. While Real Wetting mainly starts off with some great female desperation and then we get to the wetting this time it’s different. We have Antonia standing at the window looking out in her denim skirt. She looks so lovely and what a great find for real wetting with this new hottie. If you look at her bladder side on it looks full maybe she is a little desperate after all.

Antonia turns around lifts her skirt and puts her hand on her panty covered crotch suck sexy knickers too. She starts to piss in her panties, look at that stream it is coming out so powerfully the splashing on the floor must be great and she keeps putting her hand over her pissing pussy she must love the warmth as it floods through her panties. Knicker wetting like this is so sexy I always do enjoy a deliberate panty peeing. Look at her pee drips down her legs too this is great for a new panty wetting model I didn’t expect such a great show.

She keeps on peeing in her panties till she is empty, you can see her bladder even looks smaller. She has her panties so tight against her pussy they are soaked and still dripping too. I think if you look closely at her piss soaked crotch that you can just make out her pussy. Something else about this knicker wetting from Real Wetting is, that usually Real Wetting have pantyhose as well a pure panty pissing just great.

See Antonia Panty Peeing Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.17.10
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Female Desperation And Leggings Peeing

Here we have Galas in the first Ineed2pee female desperation movie she appeared in. We had her recently in this post Female Desperation With Tights & Jeans Wetting. She was the one peeing in her jeans that time. The ineed2pee movie starts off with Galas in her car and she is desperate to pee she knows she can make it home so she is holding on. She gets out of the car and is so desperate you can see her hobbling with her full bladder she gets up the stairs and all the female desperation signs are there, she is holding her crotch and really looking uncomfortable.

We join the female desperation right here, she is desperate in her tights and they are so thin you can see her panties underneath. She has her legs jammed together she must be so desperate now and you can see her eyes are closed. I bet she has just had that last clench of her bladder hoping that she can hold on just that little longer. Female desperation like this is wonderful and ineed2pee does it all so well. She can’t hold on and we see the first of her accident. She is peeing in her leggings and look at how much is flooding out!

Poor Galas from female desperation panic to now be standing outside her door peeing in her leggings, what a mess. She really has soaked her leggings in pee and I bet there will be a neighbor that is watching as she is peeing herself. What a sexy sight it would be to see such a hot blond peeing in her leggings near your door. She really is going to have a great mess to clean up and after watching her pee in her leggings we then get to see her pissed in knickers too. A great ineed2pee female desperation and wetting from Ineed2pee

See Galas Desperate and peeing Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

Read A Ineed2pee Website Review Click Here

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Posted on 11.14.10
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Nicki Desperate And Peeing Her Pants

Here we have Nicki from Wettingherpanties desperate in her tracksuit pants. Nicki is a great Wetting Her Panties model and in this set of pictures we get to see it all. Nicki starts of desperate on the sofa as she is holding her crotch and really needs to pee she jambs her hand further into her crotch she must be loving the feeling of desperation and the pressure she is placing on her pussy. One has to wonder if she is so desperate that she is dribbling little bits of pee already. She really doesn’t look to happy looking at the camera, she is about to pee. I love it when thick tracksuits pants are peed in they always get so soggy.

Nicki from Wetting her panties starts to pee in her  tracksuit pants look at the love stream and you can already see how much pee her pants are soaking up. Such a sexy look, soaked track suit pants and she keeps peeing in them we can see her leg and it is shiny with her warm pee. She is getting soaked I really do love this set of wetting here panties pictures the though of her dripping pee everywhere is wonderful.

She is a pissy mess and we even get to see that she is standing in a puddle of warm piss her feet are dripping in pee too. She then takes down her piss soaked track suit pants to reveal her piss soaked panties too. Nicky even looks like she is getting a camel to over her pussy I bet if we could see closely that she would still be dripping little drops. These really are wonderful wetting her panties pictures. Seeing Nicki starting off desperate to pee and then looking at the end result piss soaked Panties what more could you want.

See Nicki Desperate And Peeing Her Pants

Visit Wetting Her Panties For More Pants Pissing

Wetting Her Panties

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Posted on 11.11.10
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Female Desperation And Shorts Peeing

Here we have the very sexy Alice from Real Wetting aka Audrey’s Wetting Site. She is in shorts with pantyhose underneath and is doing some cleaning. I just love it when Alice is desperate to pee she always waits so long and then we great great crotch grabbing. This time she seems to think she can finish her cleaning tasks before running off to the bathroom.

Poor Alice she is just so desperate to pee I bet she is already dribbling pee into her shorts ads she is frantically trying to stop the flow. She really has waited to long and her desperation just overwhelms her and while she still has her hand jammed in her crotch she starts to pee. Her shorts instantly start to flood with piss and it starts to run down her pantyhose.

Shorts peeing from desperation, Alice from Realwetting seems to make a habit of it and I just love it. This time having pantyhose under her shorts is great as she is peeing they are getting soaked too. Look at the pee running down her pantyhose covered legs. The sound of the pee splashing on the floor in the Real Wetting movie is just great and Alice ends up standing in her large piss puddle while her shorts are still dripping. Real wetting seems to get better and better and I notice that they are adding a new model It will be great to watch her pissing in her panties and desperate to pee while she is in her shorts

See The Pictures Of Alice Desperate And Peeing

Visit Real Wetting click here

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Posted on 11.08.10
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Hottie Caught Pissing By Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have this great caught pissing picture. This chick seems a bit desperate when she enters the camera and it is great the hidden camera from Pisshunters caught her. She quickly pulls her jeans down and then falls backwards she has had to torch the piss soaked ground but her falling has given us a great view of her shaved pussy. We have had a Pisshunter movie in this location before you can see the movie in the Great Pisshunters Voyeur Pissing Movie

She sets herself back into the squat and she is ready to pee she is even looking at her own pussy as she starts to piss for the Pisshunter hidden camera when she starts she really does release a strong piss stream from her shaved pussy. She keeps on pissing she really must have been full and I bet the pee puddle in the dirt is great. I really do love watching these voyeur pissing movies from Pisshunters.

She has finished pissing and it looked like she was going to get a tissue from her bag to wipe her pissy pussy but she was just rearranging it so she can stand up. She grapes her panties and jeans and pulls them up. We don’t get a spurt of piss in her panties like the last Pisshunter movie we had but I bet she is a little damp in the crotch. Another wonderful Pisshunters voyeur pissing movie.

See This Pisshunters Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 11.05.10
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Tiffany Very Desperate And Peeing

Here we have Tiffany from Needapee as you all must know I just love it when Tiffany is staring at Needapee, with Rebekah Dee their pissing antics are just great. If you have missed them you can check out Tiffany And Needapee Back Together and Tiffany From Needapee Pissing In public. This time we have Tiffany very very desperate to pee. Tiffany runs onto the screen desperate holding her crotch she then sits down and starts to piss there is something about watching her pissing pussy that is just great and after she has finished she sits there her legs open with her pissy wet pussy. She must be drying it as Rebekah Dee was in the movie Sneaky Beach Peeing With Rebekah Dee.

Rebekah Dee wrote this about the movie over at Needapee “Recently on holiday Tiffany was staying at a remote villa and found herself involved in a desperate situation. After an enjoyable afternoon at the beach Tiffany was overcome with a pee sensation on her journey back to her accommodation. Upon arrival she was hopping around as her partner fought with the unfamiliar property keys. With no time to spare Tiffany had no option but to seek sweet relief on the step by the villa.”

I just love it that Tiffany is back and let’s hope the future is going to give us pissing duos with Rebekah Dee and Tiffany as when they get together there is so much desperation and pissing fun. This is one great Needapee movie and watching Tiffany piss like this is great she must love pissing on camera, if you look closely after she has finished her vagina is open we wonder what she will be doing after.

Watch Tiffany Desperate And Peeing Here

Visit Needapee Click Here

Visit Needapee Now

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Posted on 11.02.10
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