Piss Sex Story

A pissing sex story I came across

I want to tell you a true story between my husband and I.

We are a very sexual couple but I felt as if we were both holding back our deepest, darkest desires from each other.

We would tease each other through out the day by texting while he was at work, I would leave a pair of panties in the pocket of his work pants for him to sniff when ever he desired. Just little sexual teases to tell each other “Look what you have to look forward to tonight!”

One afternoon while he was at work, I was reading fetish stories online and came across one that involved watersports. Now I have thought about it from time to time, but this particular story had my pussy dripping and a strong desire to have my husband piss in, on and around me.

He went on his lunch break and called to see how my afternoon was going. I was trying to act normal on the phone, but he could tell I really wanted to tell him something. He pressed me for a while and I finally made a deal with him that if he would tell me something he has been wanting to do me, I would tell him what’s been on my mind and making me act funny.

He laughed and blurted out that he wanted to taste my pee. I about fell out of my chair with excitement and told him I wanted him to piss on me or in my mouth. He was shocked at my response. I think he was expecting me to say something more “conservative”. The rest of the afternoon we spent expressing what we wanted out of this new experience. I couldn’t wait for him to get home! Id make him his favorite dinner, put on our favorite music, and his favorite thing to see me in. That happened to be white panties (he has a slight fetish for the color white) and one of his long t-shirts.

Finally after a few more hours of teasing, he arrived home. I greeted him in the kitchen and he quickly wraps his arms around me and both hands find their way to my ass. He grabbed a nice handful of my ass cheeks, pulled me close and kissed me hard. A moan slipped between my lips and we both knew dinner was going to wait.

He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his hips and walked me over to the kitchen counter. He got on his knees, lifted up my shirt and started licking my pussy through my cotton panties. It felt amazing and quickly my panties were soaked with my juices and his spit.

I could feel the urge to pee coming on quickly while he was lapping away at my cotton covered pussy and decided there was no time like the present to take this wet journey with him. He looked up at me with those devious eyes and winked and that’s when I let loose.

I could feel the most amazing sensations of my hot piss soaking my panties and my husbands face. My husband pulled his face away from my pussy and I thought I scared him out of this new adventure. I quickly stopped my stream of piss which left me squirming.

He looked up at me with a look of awe and asked me why I stopped. I told him I though it scared him or even grossed him out. He looked up at me and said “That was the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Please don’t stop.”

He put his lips back on my dripping pussy and began to slurp my piss from the cotton. I could feel him probing at the edges of my panties with his tongue so I reached down and pulled them aside to allow him full access to the tap. He opened my pussy lips wide and literally sucked the piss out of me.

While he was sucking the piss out of my pussy he began to probe at my dripping cunt with his fingers slowly pushing them inside my pussy so he wouldn’t interrupt my steady flow of hot piss.

Looking down at him taking every ounce of my fluids, his face dripping wet, his tongue lapping away at my pussy, my piss dripping down onto his clothes. He was in pure ecstasy and that pushed me over the edge.

I could feel myself starting to cum! He knew my signals and lapped away faster while fingering my pussy with the pure intention of making me cum. All while he is pushing me over the edge, I had stopped pissing but he didn’t seem to notice. Finally I came and I came hard! My body was quivering and he wasn’t stopping. I squeezed his head between my thighs trying to get him to stop just for a second so I could regain control of my surroundings. He slowed down and finally pulled away. I put my head back just to enjoy the intense orgasm he had just given me when he lapped at my pussy again. This time I couldn’t control myself and squirted the last bit of piss all over his face. He looked up at me with a devilish smile, licked his lips and said, “It’s my turn.”

He led me toward the master bathroom, where he undressed me while taking extra time to touch and kiss every part of my body that my clothing were touching. His hands while calloused were gentle on my skin yet firm when he grasped my 36 C tits and pulled them into his mouth, sucking on one then over to the other. I was like puddy in his hands. I moved to meet his touch, his mouth, his breath.

When he finally had me completely undressed he picked me up, set me up on the bathroom vanity, spread my legs and devoured my pussy.

I couldn’t take anymore, pushed him away from me, hopped off the vanity and started undressing him. His 8″ cock was suffocating in his jeans, begging to be released. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulled his underwear down and quickly his cock sprung out of its prison and quickly into my mouth. I sucked his cock slowly at first enjoying every inch he had to offer me. My cock sucking quickly became more fierce. I was a cock hungry slut and I couldn’t get enough of him into me. Before long I had the entire 8″ in my mouth and down my throat.

I sucked his cock, playing with his balls, running my finger up his ass crack until he would squirm then I would go back to playing with his balls. I sucked and stroked his cock taking time to pull his cock up with one hand and taking his balls into my mouth. He loves having his balls sucked on and I made sure they weren’t left out.

I went back to sucking his long, extremely hard cock when I felt him tense up. I was giddy! I though he was going to cum (I was thinking it was in record time), when I tasted my first taste of his hot salty piss. I was amazing! He was pissing in my mouth and I was trying my hardest to take every drop. It was kind of unsuccessful and his piss started to leak out of my mouth and on to my tits. I was loving every minute of it and soon I had his cock out of my mouth, spraying my body with his piss and rubbing it in with the other hand. I could feel it making its way down to my pussy and all I could think was how good it has to feel to have him piss inside me.

He had finally stopped pissing after what seemed like the best eternity of my life. We looked around at the bathroom floor and the mess that we had made and decided we should get it cleaned up. I left the room to get some towels and cleaning supplies and when I returned he looked at me and said he had to pee again. I couldn’t believe he had to go again (he later told me he drank about a gallon of water on his long drive home and had to pee since before he got off work). I asked him what he would like to do and the only response I got was him bending me over the bathroom vanity.

I could feel the head of his cock probing at my pussy teasing me with what was about to come. I could feel his fingers pressing on my asshole as well. Only this wasn’t dry fingers! He had them lubed up and the quickly slide into my ass. Two fingers turned into 3 and I was cumming harder and harder with each thrust of his hand. I could feel his cock rubbing on the entrance to my pussy and I had about all the teasing I could take and pushed myself onto his cock. It slid into my pussy with no effort at all and that’s all I needed to have a mind blowing orgasm. My knees gave out on me so he had to put his other arm around my waist to support me until I recovered.

He still had his fingers in my ass and I kept wondering what he was up to. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and his fingers out of my ass and started kissing my back gently rubbing his hands down my sides. It was then I knew where he was going to piss. He always kisses and touches my back to relax me before anal sex. I gave in to his touches and was more than ready to take his cock in my waiting ass.

I reached behind me, grabbed his cock and slowly guided him into my oh so ready asshole. I pushed back onto his cock slowly allowing myself to get adjusted to his size before I gave all control back to him. Finally the full length of his shaft was in my ass, (that’s my signal for him to have at it), but he wasn’t doing anything. He just stood there. I looked up in the mirror and he looked a little confused and was trying hard to concentrate on something.

I then felt a strong force inside me. Unlike one I have ever felt before. I will admit, it hurt a bit, but on the same hand it felt amazing! I couldn’t believe it! My husband was pissing in my ass!!! I could feel my belly getting fuller by the second and it was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my life.

My pussy began to throb and I couldn’t keep from rubbing my clit while he continued his hot stream of piss deep inside me. My husband asked if I was ok, and my reply back to him was pulling my ass off his cock a bit and thrusting it back to where my ass cheeks slapped against his skin. That’s all he needed to know I was ok.

He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass, pulling me harder onto his cock with every thrust. I could feel his piss deep inside me, sloshing around my in my belly. I rubbed my clit faster and faster and he fucked me harder and harder. His cock was abusing my asshole and I was loving every minute of it! He let go of my right hip and slipped his hand down to mine, that was rubbing my clit. He helped me rub my pussy for a bit then continued to my dripping wet cunt. He pushed his finger inside my fuck hole, then two.

He was relentless with my asshole. His cock slamming hard into me and with each thrust piss would splash out onto my back and his stomach. I think he was a bit amused with this because when I would look into the mirror he always had this devilish grin on his face. That face quickly changed into a face of ecstasy and I knew he was about to cum.

I met each thrust harder than the last while my hand reached under me and grabbed his balls. I wanted him to cum and I wanted him to cum hard! He grabbed my hips with such force pulling me and his cock deeper into my piss filled ass. He held onto me and with a final lunge his cock was buried to the hilt in my piss dripping ass and he was cumming hard into me. His hands had a hold on my hips that I will never forget.( I still have the nail shaped scars on my hips from this night. ) I always love this part. His cock is super sensitive from shooting his cum into me, and I take it upon myself to milk every drop from him by flexing my ass muscles. He twitches a little and moans a lot and finally collapses onto my back.

I stay bent over the counter for a bit, letting his cock get soft inside me before finally releasing him. We didn’t make it far that night. We lay together on the bathroom floor, still covered in piss until we could muster up the energy to get cleaned…..

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Posted on 09.19.11
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  1. Nice one! Thats more like it 😀

    Comment by Mercuraz — September 20, 2011 @ 5:15 am

  2. i dont want pictures or dumb boring stories i want videos! where are the damn videos!!!

    Comment by your mom — September 21, 2011 @ 4:36 am

  3. ^ What the last guy said

    Comment by MrAgrees — September 21, 2011 @ 9:46 am

  4. As I said before, there are plenty of other free piss video sites. This is a blog! A blog where the admin guy adds piss pics, stories and videos whenever he feels like! If you dont like this, kindly leave!

    Comment by Mercuraz — September 21, 2011 @ 1:35 pm

  5. True, no need to say it like that though.

    Comment by MrAgrees — September 22, 2011 @ 9:00 am

  6. Cucukold and Sensual Massage For my Wife Istanbul Turkey

    Comment by sex hikayeleri — November 13, 2013 @ 9:15 pm

  7. A few pictures would be good

    Comment by Unnamed — January 21, 2015 @ 9:52 pm

  8. wow that was a great story I can’t believe it I wont to have someone piss in my mouth etc.

    Comment by ed short — July 9, 2016 @ 7:09 am

  9. Great story. Nothing better than a hot Golden Shower or an even hotter Golden Douche. I love drinking piss and love drinking it straight from the tap. Keep up the good work and would love to read more.

    Comment by letupissonme — March 27, 2017 @ 9:34 pm

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