Pissing And Threesome Sex Story

Its been a while since we have a Piss Story so here we go.

Sophie snuggled further into the duvet. Next to her Emma was cradling a mug of hot chocolate as if it was a newborn child. They could hear Paul snoring upstairs. This wasn’t quite the raucous recreation of a childhood sleepover they’d planned.

Sophie had suggested it the week before. A chance to have a giggle and pretend to be young again. Wear their old nighties, gossip about the people they fancied, watch bad movies. It meant Emma’s partner being booted out of the way of course but that wasn’t the end of the world.

Emma had finished work and come home quite excited. She’d sent Paul upstairs, promising him a reward if he left them to it for the night, like a well trained dog he did as he was told. She’d opened a bottle of wine, filled a bowl with the sweets from their childhood, sherbet, dolly mixture, cola bottles, that kind of thing. Finally she dug out the nightie she’d last worn a fair few years before. It was shimmery, with some kind of sewn in sparkly glitter of the type she’d thought so cool as a teenager. She’d grown taller since then though as when she put it on it barely skimmed her bottom. When she thought about it she wasn’t sure it had covered much more when she last wore it.

Emma had agreed after their last sleepover before college that they’d keep their nighties locked away until the next sleepover. Neither of them knew it would be such a long time, nearly ten years later. But better late than never she supposed.

Emma decided against wearing underwear, maybe she’d flash Sophie, just for a laugh. A spark inside her of a distant memory almost came to the surface but it disappeared when the doorbell rang.


They exchanged hugs and Sophie came inside, wearing a long dressing gown. “I got a few looks driving over here,” she laughed as they made their way through to the living room.

The sofa bed had been pulled out and piled high with cushions and blankets. Emma popped the wine cork and they settled in to watch the first of several incredibly cheesy films. As the second bottle dropped empty onto the carpet Sophie sighed happily. She was enjoying herself. This was exactly like the old days.

“Let’s play the game we used to play,” Emma suggested.

“Which one?”

“See which of us can go the longest without going to the bathroom.”

“That’s not fair. You always won that, and anyway I need to go now.”

“Me too, that should make it more even. I’m going to make a hot chocolate. To keep it fair I think you should have one too.”

She stood up and Sophie was able to take a long look at her friend’s legs. She raised her eyebrows when she realised Emma was wearing nothing under her nightie. She was all for recreating their youth but didn’t she have any shame? Although she couldn’t talk really, under her dressing gown she was naked, still nervous about revealing this in case Emma didn’t feel the same as she did about the two of them, the years in between yearning for her friend, never knowing if she remembered the drunken things they did together as teenagers.

Sophie sipped her hot chocolate, feeling the aching in her tummy grow stronger. She wouldn’t last much longer before she’d have to go pee. Emma sat beside her staring at the TV, wriggling in her seat.

By the time the credits rolled Sophie felt enormous, her tummy bloated and her legs clamped together, she knew she had to go.

Standing up, she looked at Emma who seemed just as uncomfortable. “You win,” she began. “I have to pee.”

“Can’t you last any longer?” Emma sounded smug, as if she’d known things would turn out this way.

“Don’t sound so pleased with yourself. I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Sorry, I meant to say, the toilet’s being fixed. I’ve been going outside.”

Sophie was shocked. “What? I’m not weeing in your garden. What if the neighbours see?”

“Fine, you’ll have to wet yourself then.”

“Don’t tempt me, I’ll do it on your carpet.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Watch me.”

Sophie tugged at her dressing gown cord, it fell away to reveal her nudity. Emma gawped at her friend, her huge breasts, the nipples erect in the sudden cold, her slightly bulging tummy, the tiny strip of pubic hair and her long slender legs. She hadn’t seen her naked in years and here she was standing there with no shame at all.

Sophie squatted down on the carpet, daring Emma to stop her. Emma just watched, calling her bluff, knowing she’d never go through with this. Her eyes opened wider as Sophie actually began pissing on her floor. She couldn’t believe it.

“That feels so much better,” Sophie sighed, feeling the relief immediately as strong smelling piss gushed from her down into the thick carpet at her feet. She could feel the warmth on her toes and splashing her thighs as it poured from her. Emma was gobsmacked but at the same time it was making her all the more desperate to go.

“You filthy bitch,” she laughed. “This’ll teach you.”

She walked over to where Sophie was crouching down and lifted her nightie, pointing her shaved pussy straight at Emma’s face.

“What are you do…?” Sophie began but stopped as a jet of piss flew from Emma and hit her straight in the mouth. She gagged at the heat of it but swallowed involuntarily, feeling the spark inside her growing stronger. A steady flow splashed down her chin, trickling over her boobs and falling to the floor. For some reason she laughed, enjoying their stupid drunken moment together.

Sophie finished peeing first and leant forward, angling her face to catch the last spurts coming out of her friend. She swallowed hard and blinked the sting of urine out of her eyes. For a moment they looked at each other, then Sophie grabbed Emma’s hips and pulled her down to the floor. They lay together, oblivious to the squelching of the carpet under them as frantically they kissed, tongues probing each other’s mouths, hands sliding over each other’s bodies.

Sophie broke the kiss off first, laying Emma on her back and diving between her legs. With no warning she suddenly pushed two fingers straight up inside her friend, amazed at how wet she was already, wanting nothing but to make her friend come, memories of their friendship bubbling up inside her and suddenly completely in love.

Emma spread her legs wider, feeling a tongue on her clit and grinding her hips to help the movement, moaning loudly as she lay there, shocked at the suddenness of it all but feeling this was just right somehow. She looked up and was shocked to see Paul standing in the doorway, he must have heard her moaning. He was naked, holding his erect penis in his hand and slowly stroking it up and down.

Paul put a finger to his lips and tiptoed to behind Sophie, kneeling behind her, staring at her pert bottom sticking up into the air as, oblivious to his presence, she continued playing with Emma’s soaking wet pussy. Paul watched for a moment more, then unable to contain himself, he pushed his hard cock straight up Sophie’s pussy. She went rigid for a second, trying to work out what the hell was happening, then realised who it was and calmed down once more. He’d heard them then, lucky he didn’t seem to mind what could technically count as an affair.

Paul began to fuck Sophie, each thrust pushing his cock further inside her, feeling her tight moistness against the head of his cock with each shove of his hips. Sophie’s face was being banged back and forth into Emma’s pussy, harder and faster, making her groan loudly into Emma’s crotch.

Emma was too far gone to care about him staring at her as she felt her clit begin to tingle uncontrollably. She knew her orgasm wasn’t far away now and all she wanted was for it to take control of her body. Sophie seemed to know what was happening as she began to finger fuck her harder, gently biting her clit one last time before sucking it into her mouth.

Emma screamed. “You’re making me come, fucking hell, it feels so good…” She drifted off as the orgasm she’d yearned for took over, making her jerk and shake on the floor, her pussy twitching like made round Sophie’s fingers.

Paul nearly lost it at that point but slowed down just enough to keep from orgasming. He began to pick up speed when Sophie slid forwards suddenly, off the end of his cock. She turned and with a single swift movement, pushed him onto his back.

Paul lay back, wondering why the carpet was damp under his body. He was distracted by Sophie lowering herself onto his cock, letting him slide all the way up inside her in less than a second. She moaned and began riding him as Emma watched, her breathing still some way from returning to normal. She wanted to move, wanted to kiss Sophie, to thank her, to cuddle up to her, but instead she could only watch as Sophie rode her partner, her boobs bouncing wildly up and down as she fucked his cock, using him to bring herself to climax. She had a hand between her legs, rubbing it against her clit, masturbating herself to get there quicker.

Paul couldn’t hold it in any longer, he grabbed Sophie’s hips and ground her down onto him as he thrust his hips upwards, spunk shooting up into Sophie’s pussy, filling her up as his cock jerked spontaneously. He collapsed back, panting as Sophie continued to ride his still hard cock, chasing her own orgasm. At last she too screamed out loud, a climax stronger than any she’d felt before raced through her as she turned to glance at Emma, their eyes locking as she came.

The three of them lay still for some time, drifting off to sleep, naked on the carpet. Paul awoke first, sliding out from under Sophie and tiptoeing back to the bedroom.

Emma awoke next and climbed into the sofa bed, half coaxing, half dragging Sophie in alongside her. They fell asleep again, this time in each other’s arms, not waking until long after the sun had risen the next day.

Sophie was up first, wondering just what had happened the night before. She was naked, had she taken her nightie off? Why was she aching so much between the legs? Had she had a naughty dream? She glanced at Emma, still fast asleep beside her and wondered.

A minute later Emma stretched and yawning, blinking her eyes open and seeing Sophie staring back at her.

“Good morning,” she muttered, her mouth feeling dry and rough after the wine filled evening they’d had.

“Good morning,” Sophie relied, “though I’m not sure what happened last night. Can you remember any of it?”

Emma just smiled, then got up and walked away to the bathroom, Sophie staring at her naked bottom as she left the room, wondering if maybe her dream had happened after all.

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Lesbian Sex Story With A Pee To Finish

A lesbian sex and pissing story for today

When we finally arrived at the resort, it was getting late already. The hotel I had booked stood a little apart from the rest and didn’t have its own beach connected to it, but it looked really nice and was affordable. Plus, not being in an area with lots of drunken tourists was a definite advantage in my book.

The lady at the reception looked a little tired when we walked in, pulling our suitcases behind us, sweating from the heat and the walk. My friend and sub Martina was looking around excited while I checked us in. I gave the receptionist our names and she looked them up. “Okay, that’s… a suite, correct?” she looked at me over the rim of her glasses.

I smiled my sweetest smile and nodded. “Unless you’ve got a dungeon with racks and whips for us, then by all means we’d take that,” I said cheekily.

Martina slapped my butt and looked embarrassed at the clerk. She was very beautiful in that moment, her long dark hair framing her tanned, delicate face, a blush giving her a rosy complexion. Her skin was still shiny from sweat, which made her green dress cling to her body tightly, showing her enormous breasts nicely. The receptionist cleared her throat and turned her attention to the computer again. “Room 221A,” she said finally, handing us our key cards. “Would you like me to show you?”

I smiled again. “Well, that depends on what you’d like to show us.”

Without a word, she motioned us to follow her and led us towards the elevator. From behind, I got a nice view of her figure. She was dressed stylish, in a nice pants suit that was cut just tight enough to show her curves, and just loose enough not to be too sexy. I figured her to be about Martina’s age, around 40, and she had bottle blonde hair which she wore in short curls. Her walk still had some sway in it that showed she liked to be sexy.

When we reached the elevator, she had already called it for us, and we all went inside. Martina took my hand as we went up, kissing me softly on the lips while the woman tried her best to ignore us and stared intensely at the buttons on the wall. I moaned a little from my girlfriend’s touch and leaned back against the wall, grabbing her butt. “Mmmmh, not yet,” I whispered, but loud enough that the woman could still hear us. “You’ll get your taste of pussy soon enough.”

When we arrived at the second floor, she led us down a corridor, all the way down towards the end. 221A was the last room at the right. With a keycard that was hanging from her neck, she unlocked the door for us and swung it open, letting us walk inside. “Is there anything I can do…” she started, clearing her throat again. “…Anything else you need from me?”

We looked around the room. It was spacious, clean, light and smelled nice, with a large, comfortable looking bed on the window side and a nice, large bathroom. “Well,” I said, turning towards her. “That depends on if you want to join us or not.”

She looked at me hesitantly, not sure what to say. “I… I really don’t know… what do you mean?” she stuttered.

I let myself fall on the bed, exhausted from the trip, pulling up a leg. From where she was standing, she might have been able to look up my skirt and see my pubes and sweltering pussy. I lifted my arms under the back of my head and looked at her. “Well, we’ve come here to have as much fun as two girls can possibly have. As soon as you close that door, we’ll be exchanging body fluids left and right. So if you want to join us in that, this is your chance.”

Martina stood by the side, looking at me, then her, holding her breath. She was excited, and embarrassed at the same time, and didn’t quite know what to say. The woman looked at me for a moment, then slowly closed the door behind her, taking a deep breath. I smiled. “I’m Kathrin,” I said, introducing myself again, even though she already knew our names.

She nodded. “Giulia,” she said, still standing with her back against the door.

I motioned Martina to come closer. “Lick me clean, my little girlfriend,” I told her.

Martina smiled, getting into a role that was comfortable and familiar to her. She went to the floor on all fours, slowly crawling up to me. When she had reached the bed, she carefully pushed my skirt up all the way and began to lick up along my thighs. If she minded the woman watching us, she didn’t show it. I moaned, squirming a little when she had reached my pussy, lapping up the sweat and wetness from the trip as her nose rubbed against my damp pubes. “MMmh, you smell soo good today, mistress,” she moaned as she inhaled deeply.

I nodded, running my left hand through her hair, pulling it back. “I hope so,” I said. “Because there’s a lot of me for you to lick. ” She nodded, then pulled herself up, one hand resting on my pelvis as she slowly rubbed my clit while her head wandered up my body, kissing and licking my skin wherever it was exposed. She ran her tongue from my cleavage to my throat, then across my shoulder out to my arm, paying special attention to my armpits, my hair wet and clinging from sweat. Feeling her lick me there turned me on to no end.

I looked up again and saw Giulia still standing by the door, but now with a hand down the front of her pants while the other was playing with her breast under her jacket. I smiled. “Come closer,” I said. “You’ll get a better look from here.”

Hesitantly, she stepped forward, slowly walking to the side of the bed while Martina began kissing me, her fingers probing my pulsing pussy. I turned my head sideways towards her. “Make yourself comfortable,” I said. She smiled nervously, but sat down on a chair besides the bed. As I pulled my dress under my breasts, letting them fall out full and heavy, playing with my nipples as Martina went back to sucking my clit, she opened her pants and her hand went back inside.

Martina knew exactly how to play with me, and with three fingers up my twat she rubbed my insides just as I liked it. I bit my teeth, breathing heavily, watching Giulia play with herself. “Mmmh, you like how my slut eats me out?” I asked her through clenched teeth. “You’re jerking your cunt off watching her eat my soppy pussy, huh?” I pinched my nipples, groaning, as Martina bit my clit.

Giulia nodded, moaning softly. I groaned again, pulling at Martina’s hair. “You want her to eat you out too?” I asked the receptionist. She nodded again, too shy to speak.

Martina looked up at me, her lips and chin shiny from my pussy liquid. I nodded my head towards Giulia. “Go ahead,” I said. Martina nodded and crawled, again on all fours, towards the chair. Her breasts hung saggy down and swung as she moved. When she arrived between Giulia’s legs, she helped her pull her pants down, which the woman reluctantly let her do. Martina purred as she caught her first glimpse of Giulia’s underwear. I was right about her, she liked being sexy after all. She wore a sheer, see-through black thong and dark stockings with a black smooth garter belt. Through the fabric, a small patch of dark pubic hair was visible, but she had shaved most of it along the sides.

My slave pulled the thong aside with her teeth and began licking the receptionist’s labia just as intensely as my own. Her tongue flicked quickly across Giulia’s little clit, which seemed to arouse her like nothing else. She squirmed and held Martina’s head in place, moaning louder and louder. I stepped behind Martina, pulling up her skirt to reveal, once more, her big round butt and the sweet moist area between her legs. Just for good measure, I gave her buttocks a heavy smack, watching them jiggle. She moaned.

“You want it in your ass, slave?” I asked her harshly.

She paused her licking for a moment and moaned: “Yes, goddess. I’m just an ass whore, my worthless cunt is not worthy of your touch.” I smiled, remembering how much she liked anything that had to do with her arse and tits. I pulled out some lube from my suitcase and let it run between her asscrack, rubbing it all over her anus. She munched and moaned further on Giulia’s pussy as I slipped my fingers, pressed tightly, into her big latina ass. “Oh YES!” she moaned, almost screaming. “YES, like that!!” I drilled my right hand harder into her asshole, feeling it stretch and widen, painfully, the closer it came to my knuckles.

“And what do we say to our guest?” I asked her, teasingly, as I forced my hand inside her, moving it in and out as her asshole stretched.

She gulped, looking up at Giulia, then gathered her courage and said sternly. “Please miss, piss on me.”

The receptionist looked stunned, not knowing what to say or do. “I… I don’t know if…”

I slapped Martina’s ass again. “She likes it,” I said to the woman. “Don’t worry, just treat her like a whore and let her have it.”

Giulia’s face grew bright red as she looked down, where Martina had opened her mouth wide right at the base of her pussy, waiting patiently. “Please, give me your piss, milady,” Martina said again, meekly. I heard Giulia moan softly, and something began to trickle, then Martina started slurping quickly and greedily. I bit my teeth and forced the rest of my hand up her asshole, feeling her sphincter tighten around my wrist as it entered. Martina moaned loud and long, but kept her lips firmly around Giulia’s pussy, swallowing her pee down.

After a few moments the receptionist grew bolder, and the trickle became a small stream, gushing into Martina’s slave mouth while my hand was digging down her intestine, fucking her ass hard and deep as she deserved it. She came, hard and violently, inadvertently biting Giulia’s clit, whose piss in turn squirted down on her throat and tits as she came herself. I left my hand lodged inside Martina for a minute, waiting for her to calm while Giulia caressed her face and kissed her gently. When I finally pulled out, she had gotten up and pulled her pants up again, getting back to being prim and proper for her job at the reception desk.

Martina crawled happily onto the bed and closed her eyes while I stood up, my hand greasy from lube. The receptionist smiled at me, then took my slimy fingers and began licking them. “If there is anything I can do for you, just give me a call,” she said as she left, handing me her card. “Day and night.”

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Solo Panty Pissing Story

Its been a while since we had a pissing story and when came across this solo panty peeing story, I thought some may enjoy

I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night, next to my fiancée, her light breathing demonstrating to me that yes, she was asleep. I looked around for the clock, but the bright light always kept us awake, so it was covered with my shirt and too far across the room to read without getting up. I fished under papers on my messy nightstand for my phone and was blinded by the light as I read it: 3:27 in the morning. I recalled the events of last night; we hadn’t partied, but I’d had both alcohol and weed, so obviously I had been parched and downed quite a bit of water. I felt a twinge in my bladder (and in my clit) as I recalled it; in fact, I was parched again. I slowly extracted myself from the covers without waking her. It felt like I was getting out of bed agonizingly slowly, and my need for the bathroom increased as my body became vertical and gravity aided its pressure on my urethra. Putting my phone back on my nightstand, I quickly fumbled on my bathrobe. I stumbled toward the bedroom door with eyes not yet readjusted to the dark. The bathroom was all of the way down the hallway. Arms out in front of me like a zombie, I blinked blindly as I slowly tried to find the door.

Shooting pain suddenly attacked my foot as it found a heavy textbook I had left on the floor the night prior; in my shock, I felt a drop of my pee slide through and out of my urethra, wetting my labia and making a very small damp spot on my grey panties. I immediately clenched up, and no more left me, but in that moment I felt the intense urge to just let go. I wanted so badly to just relax and feel my pee flowing down, coating my pussy and soaking through my underwear. We were on wood floors; the hot piss would make its way down the inside of both legs as I moaned in relief and pleasure, pooling quickly on the floor. I had a large bladder, and the urine would likely stain the book on the floor and possibly ruin the floorboards. I didn’t want to risk it, and held my urges in with clenched teeth and will power.

My desperation suddenly much stronger, I hurriedly made my way through the door, better watching where I was going; my eyes began to adjust to the light. I was almost to the bathroom when I wondered if I was going to make it. The drop of pee that I had released was just the first, and I felt as if some kind of seal had been broken. Before, I only had to pee a little. Now, after standing up and allowing gravity to force urine downwards inside of me, as well as the fact that I had startled myself and relaxed my urethral sphincter slightly (and was apparently unable to completely retighten it,) I was practically dancing my way to the bathroom. I put one hand on my crotch as I felt another drop make its way into my panties. “Oh well,” I muttered to myself. “It’s not as if a few drop of urine are going to stain anything.” My body made me regret my words as a short squirt of piss shot fiercely past my clitoris and into my panties, dripping onto my hand. I clapped my hand tightly against my pussy, willing myself to not do it again. With the hand that was not desperately clasping my vulva, I reached for the door and pushed it open, then frantically sliding along the wall and turning on the light. The brightness shot into my wide open and relaxed eyes and I flinched, raising the hand on my pussy to my eyes to protect them from the light. And with that, I began to leak.

A few drops trickled out at first; my eyes squeezed tightly shut (still hurting,) I fought to reach back and shut the door behind me, and barely succeeded; a few more, larger drops of urine soaked into my underwear and began to run down my leg, followed by more of the same volume. I was squeezing my kegel muscles as tightly as I possibly could, but the piss kept coming. I hastily managed to somehow make it all of the way across the room to the toilet before it started to squirt out. A fair sized squirt began to flow out of my glistening labia and I yanked up the lid and planted my butt perfectly on the toilet seat. There was one small issue. In my haste, I had forgotten to pull down my underwear. I felt warmth spreading across my crotch that would not normally be there when I was pissing into a toilet; the pee inside of me was now forcefully flooding out of my urethra, plashing and spraying through my now-soaked panties, all over my legs, and noisily dripping into the toilet bowl below me. I could feel my piss saturating my underwear entirely; the hot wetness spread across my butt cheeks through the fabric and I felt absolutely, disgustingly, embarrassingly soaked. I was actively pissing myself… and it felt ridiculously good. As the pee flooded quickly through my poor, relaxed little piss-hole and out into the world, it splashed against my clitoris and along my labia, some of it literally dripping into my vagina. The slightly open hole accepted my piss and soon, it was full and the drops were bubbling out. I could also feel drops trapped between my leg and the toilet seat on the side closer to the door; since I had already started peeing before I began to sit down, drops of my urine had landed on the toilet seat and would stay there, forgotten, long after I got up.

My piss trickled into a smaller stream into my underwear now; I put my hand back down and pulled them aside to reveal my sex. With the movement, my pee that had not already fallen from the panties flooded out at once into the toilet bowl, making a louder splash. My pussy lips still emitted a slowly dwindling stream of the faintly yellow liquid. I watched it coming from inside of me as I held my soaked panties to one side. I was wet, and not just with piss. Something about the taboo of pissing myself, of maybe the humiliation, or even just the feel as the liquid forcefully sprayed against the underside of my clit, made me extremely excited. I felt excitement running from my clit to my stomach as the last few drops of pee left my body, dripping rhythmically into the water below.

Astonished by how good it had felt to piss myself like a child, I sat for a moment with my mouth open. Then, even more embarrassingly, I gave into my next urge and my fingers shot to my still-dripping pussy lips and began to massage it. I then took the side of my hand, pressed against my pussy through my panties, and clenched my thighs tightly around it. My body was electric; I grinded against my hand and my sopping-wet underwear that were still soaking up a few more drips. The motion against my hand was intense, and I was horny. I was cumming in seconds, and with it I felt one last, strong but small, vividly pleasurable squirt of piss shooting out of me and covering my hand in more of my own liquids. It might not have been piss; maybe it was female ejaculate- my cum. Maybe it was both. It was most likely both, considering I had just been dribbling the contents of my bladder hurriedly into my own clothing. My orgasm, either way, was centered not on my clit but on my pee-hole, just below my clit. It throbbed as I threw my head forward and bit back a screech of pleasure. As the waves of my orgasm began to subside, my mind cleared and I looked around. I stood up and pulled off my panties and threw them across the room into the shower, where they landed with a wet, resounding “flop!” Drying myself with toilet paper and forgetting my pissy panties where they were, I turned off the light and proceeded to feel my way back to the bedroom, utterly relieved and entirely exhausted. I lazily climbed back in bed, my heavy body falling into place. My head hit the pillow, and I was instantly asleep.

My movements woke up my fiancée; she realized that she, too needed to pee, but much less desperately. She made her way into the bathroom and was faced with my sloppy, naughty, accident.

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Female Desperation In The Car

For today we have a female desperation story that was posted around 6 years ago.  Im sure that many will have missed reading it

I had been driving the lovely Italian woman, Clara, to work for several months. In her mid-thirties, she had thick black hair, a flashing smile, unblemished olive skin, green eyes flecked with brown. Her English was perfect but she had that beautiful Italian way of drawing out her vowels. She was always immaculately and expensively dressed. The car-sharing arrangement had been organised through a company bulletin board. She paid for a share of the petrol and as we worked in different areas of the company, our contact was mainly limited to the rides to and from work – about 45 minutes each way, depending on the traffic.

Our conversation never seemed to drift into the personal, but she was a person of considerable intelligence, well-informed and forthright on a range of topics – social issues, relationships, religion, politics. Few issues had not been covered in the time we had spent driving together.

On this particular evening I waited for Clara as usual in the lobby. She was running late, so I took the lift down to the car park and drove up to the visitor’s parking space in front of the building. We had an arrangement that I would wait fifteen minutes after our scheduled meeting time. She held an important position in the company and was often kept late in meetings or with urgent, last-minute tasks. I was flexible about the arrangement and normally waited half an hour. If she was delayed later than that, the company was usually happy to pay her taxi fare home.

I was about to leave when she came through the glass doors toward me, moving quickly and awkwardly in her heels. She tumbled into the passenger seat out of breath. Her expensive perfume filled the air, not quite masking the sharper, feminine perfume that women exude when tense.

“Sorry,” she gasped. “I’ve been trapped in a meeting with some major clients since one. It was productive, but intense. Being the account manager I was in the middle of it. It was so full on, I didn’t have the opportunity to take a break and call you to tell you not to wait. You’re very sweet to have waited this long.”

Sweet – a slightly personal touch that made my heart beat a little faster. I was more than a little smitten with Carla, but somehow the opportunity never arose, or I was too slow-witted to work out how to make it arise, to take our relationship beyond the purely impersonal.

Carla had settled into her seat for the drive. It was peak-hour and most of our drive was along a multilane freeway with bumper-to-bumper traffic. The congestion was even worse than usual. The traffic crawled, but the air-conditioning kept the car nicely chilled. Normally, I didn’t have music or the radio on. Carla was generally very talkative – I think it was her way of unwinding. Listening to her was one of my pleasures of the day – the time flew while I was with her.

But today she was quiet, and wore a slight frown. She was not relaxed. I thought back to what she had said, about not having time to take a break. Not even time for a toilet break, perhaps.

At the thought of that, my breathing became a little shallower and faster. At this point, I need to make a confession. I have a thing about women and pee – I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. I don’t go in for self-analysis and I’ve never really bothered about the origins of this special interest. It’s never really intruded into my sexual relationships, but it certainly dominates my fantasies, of which I have many.

I glanced over at her legs. Her grey, light wool skirt came half-way down her thighs. She had on grey shaded stockings and under them I could see the muscles clenching. Her feet were making small rocking motions, heel to toe and back again. She was looking ahead at the traffic in a fixed fashion, as if willing it to go faster. I reached over to the controls and turned the air conditioning down. She gave me an embarrassed smile.

“Thanks, I’m afraid I rather badly need the ladies’ room and the cold air doesn’t help. I went through the afternoon without a break. I’ve got a cast-iron bladder and in any case I was too focussed to adjourn the meeting. I should have used the ladies’ in the lobby on the way out, but I could see you getting ready to drive off so I decided to put it off.

“I’m afraid it was a bad miscalculation,” she said ruefully.

The fidgetting was getting worse now, she was visibly rocking her knees and squeezing them together, clenching and unclenching her thighs. I couldn’t believe what was happening; I was driving this beautiful, elegant woman and she was struggling not to piss in her panties. It was like one of my fantasies come to life.

But I had too much liking and admiration for her to want to see her distressed or humiliated.

“There’s a Macdonald’s up ahead. I’ll have to try and get into the left lane and take the turn-off. It’ll take about fifteen minutes – do you think you can wait that long?” “To be honest, I’m very uncomfortable. I’m almost desperate enough to jump out of the car and do it in the road.” That lightened the mood momentarily – she started to laugh at the idea, then she gave a sharp intake of breath and stopped. “Oh God, I nearly lost it then. I’ll just have to hold on and hope for the best.”

She crossed her legs and rocked her top leg up and down, but that only worked temporarily, for then she uncrossed them and sat with one foot under her. A sheen of sweat formed on her forehead and upper lip. Her jaw worked as if her battle to control her bladder needed all her concentration. She would take a deep intake of breath, hold it, then exhale in a quick burst. Watching this performance, I was hardly in better shape. My heart was pounding and I had to hold the wheel tight to stop my hands from trembling.

She began rocking backward and forward, grinding her crotch into her heel. This seemed to work for a time. Then suddenly she cried out, “Oh Bart. I don’t think I can wait any longer. I have to pee. I have to pee right now. I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to flood everything.” She was furiously rocking back and forth, trying to convince her bladder that this was not the time. Her voice was strangled, and so was mine.

“Quick, slide forward in the seat. You can do it on the floor without wetting your clothes or the seat.”

She didn’t hesitate. She had her pantyhose and panties around her ankles in a second and no sooner had she thrust her buttocks forward over the edge of the seat than there was a loud hissing sound and the sharp smell of her urine began to fill the car. I tried valiantly to be a gentleman, but succumbed to temptation and looked sideways. There was not a lot of leg-room in the front of the car and she had to part her knees considerably in order to move far enough forward to clear the seat. On full display was one of the most luxuriant bushes I have ever seen on a woman, black and thick like the hair on her head. But her knees were so far apart that even this did not conceal the rest of her treasures – thick sensual outer lips and even the large, thin, pink and moist inner lips, through which a torrent of urine poured.

Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open and I realised she was softly groaning, a long slow groan of pleasure as the intolerable pressure eased. After what seemed an impossible period of time, the stream slowed and subsided. She squeezed out the remaining contents in spurts then looked at me apologetically.

“God, I’ve made a mess of your car, but I can’t begin to tell you how good that feels – the sheer relief. For a moment there I thought I was going to piss in my clothes like a schoolgirl.”

Her sex was still thrust forward, fully on display, her elegant Italian leather shoes mired in half an inch of urine. In spite of myself, I couldn’t help staring. I had a feeling I was being repaid for the inconvenience she had caused.

We were getting near the turn-off to her apartment now. Finally she sat back in the seat and smoothed down her dress. When we pulled up outside she carefully pulled off her shoes one at a time, handed them to me, and somehow managed to extricate her feet from the sodden panty hose without stepping into the pool of liquid on the floor. She got out of the car and propped herself against it as she deftly pulled on her shoes again. She leant through the window. Her panties and pantyhose were sitting in a sodden heap in a lake of urine on the floor, but that was irrelevant. She was the cool, elegant businesswoman again. She looked me straight in the eye. I had a feeling that she had guessed my little secret and knew exactly what had been going through my mind throughout the whole episode.

“Of course, I’ll pay for the cleaning.”

Slowly a smile spread across my face.

“You’ve paid for it already.”

I considered washing her panties and panty-hose and returning them to her, but thought better of it. I continued to be smitten with Clara, but in spite of the intense intimacy we had briefly experienced, the car-rides resumed as though nothing had happened. Then, after three months, she was promoted to the company’s office in Singapore and they came to an end.

It’s a small world, and I have no doubt I will meet her again. She will be as elegant as ever and rungs higher on the corporate ladder. We will exchange smiles and we will both be thinking of the moment, the for her unaccustomed moment when her control slipped and she struggled not to piss herself in my car.

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Panty Peeing At School Story

It’s been a long time since we had a peeing story, I came across this one the other day and to go along with the story two older school girl peeing posts  Antonia Stokes Dressed As School Girl And Panty Peeing, Bad School Girl Pissing Into Her Panties, and Dressed As School Girls And Pissing so enjoy.

I hated going to new schools. They always intimidated me, and I never seemed to make any good friends. My parents had decided to send me away to a University boarding school. They didn’t like the sounds of community colleges, so they opted to send me away for the entire year. To the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. How pleasant.

The driver of the Lincoln sedan pulled up and came to a stop in front of the two biggest wooden doors I had ever seen. They were enormous! They looked as if they needed a crew of ten men just to get them open. The driver set my bags down beside me and held out his arm, gesturing towards the school.

“St. Luke’s, Miss, we’ve arrived. May I be of assistance with the luggage?”

Staring up at the school I shook my head. This was my new home from now on. It was a school for girls 18 over, kind of like an in between of high school and college.

“No I’m fine. I can handle them myself.”

The driver nodded, and with that he drove away, leaving me in front of what had to be the most sinister looking school on the continent.

I struggled with the giant doors, and after managing to wrestle them open I dashed inside as they began to close very quickly behind me. They shut with a loud echoing boom that resonated throughout the hall. I hoped that the dorms were not nearby as I probably woke everyone up at this ungodly hour. The hallways were decorated in a Victorian style. Real candles burned on golden holders that were lined along the wall down the entire length of the hall. Every ten meters or so there was an arch in the hall way that was decorated exquisitely with dark reddish wood. The designs were very floral looking and very complicated looking. It must have cost an absolute fortune to send me here.

As there was no use standing around gaping at the walls, I began my walk down the long corridor. There were no signs anywhere indicating where the office might be. I decided to knock on the first door I saw. Sharp footsteps echoed in the room before the door opened. Before me stood a girl who was straightening out her school uniform, pressing her plaid skirt down.

“Can I help you?” she asked me rather rudely. I supposed I did look a little out of place, standing in the hall with a suitcase in my hand. I shook my head and apologized.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find the main office? Could you please direct me which way to go?” the girl rolled her eyes, obviously bothered by this simple request. She leaned against the frame of the door and crossed her arms. Lifting one finger she pointed down the hall.

“Go straight until you come to the very end of this hall, make a left and you will see two grand double doors. Behind them is the main office. And next time, I suggest you don’t go knocking on random doors.” And with that she shut the door in my face.

Well! I knew how to make enemies quickly, now to see if I could pass that skill onto making friends.

Once inside the office I was instructed to sit and wait in the lounge chair area. There were a couple magazines lying about, but nothing that captured my interest. Five minutes later a woman emerged from a doorway and indicated to come forth.

I obliged.

“Miss White, I presume?” she took her seat behind the giant desk at the far end of the room. The office was decorated richly. The curtains that were draped on the window fell to the floor, the fabric pooling on the dark red carpet.

Bookshelves lined the entire room, and each shelf was crammed full with books. I’d never seen this many outside of a library before.

“Gabriella White, yes. I’m new.”

Of course I was new, what a stupid thing to say to this woman. She gave me a look and pulled a few papers from her desk. She pushed them towards me and placed a pen on top. I glanced at the papers. Simple forms that had to do with dorm rooms, food and classes.

“Please fill these out here, right now. Once you’re done we will take you to the seamstress. Your school uniform must be worn at all times while on campus. Although, you won’t be going anywhere else during your stay here, so don’t get your hopes up.”

I quickly filled out the forms, passed them back to the woman, and leaned back in the chair. She scanned over the papers and stood up.

“Excellent. Follow me Miss White.”

The seamstress’s office looked like a bomb had gone off in a fabric store. There were bits of fabric, buttons, zippers and white blouse material lying everywhere. I carefully walked about, not wanting to step on anything. The woman herself was a thin lady, about 35. She couldn’t have been doing this job for very long. She eyed me up and down.

“Such a skinny little thing, and we don’t have anything left in your size. You’ll have to make due with something else while I sew you something more suitable.” She quickly took my measurements, jotted them down, and then disappeared amongst the racks of clothes and fabrics to find a temporary outfit.

She came back with a plaid skirt, white blouse, a navy scarf and a black blazer.

“Your shoes will do for now, I will have to order you in a pair. What size do you take, dear?”

“37.” I replied.

She jotted that down quickly as well. I glanced at the uniform lying on the table and took in its dimensions. There was no way that was going to fit me! The skirt itself looked like it was going to fall an inch below my butt! There was no way this was going to pass the school policy. But she soon shooed me out the door, muttering to herself about god knows what.

“Your dorm is located on the seventh floor of this building. Go upstairs, get changed and make your way to the dining hall for lunch. Your classes will be on this sheet” she passed me a piece of paper and quickly added “Do not be late.”

With that she left me. Was this how all new students were treated?

Once in my dorm I stripped out of my day clothes and into my uniform. I was accurate with my observations; the skirt was much too short. It fell just two inches below my ass, and if I bent over I was sure to give anyone an excellent view of my backside. The blouse buttoned just enough to put too much pressure on the buttons. Staring in the mirror I held the scarf. Where in the world was I supposed to put this? I tried to imagine where it could go, and decided on my ponytail. I tied it in a neat little bow. With my blazer buttoned up I looked like a real school girl.

The lunch hall was incredibly hard to find, but after many wrong turns I managed to stumble across it. There were long tables stretched out the length of the room. There was a kitchen along the left side where the food was served. Grabbing a lunch tray I got into line.

“You’re new here, aren’t you?” came a voice behind me. She sounded nice enough. There was nothing in her voice that I could detect that was alarming.

I turned towards the girl. She wore the same outfit as me, only her blazer was white and her skirt was longer. Lucky. I couldn’t help but feeling like the worst dress one there, even though we basically all wore the same thing.

“Yes, I’m new.” I answered in my friendliest tone. Might as well try to make friends the first day. She smiled and held out her hand.

“I’m Chelsea. Pleased to meet you.”

I shook her hand.

“I know it can be slightly daunting to be a brand new student in a school like this, so I am extending an invitation to sit at my – our table.” I was confused.

“Our table?” I asked, pointing to myself like an idiot.

“My friends, over there.”

She pointed to a group of girls at the farthest end of the room. Wow, lucky break. Not having to sit alone first day. This would make the rest of the year much easier.

“Um- sure, I don’t see why not.” I smiled.

I was served my food and making my way to the table when a loud buzzer played overhead. Chelsea’s shoulders sagged as she turned to me. I gave her a confused look.

“What was that about?” I asked as she started to walk towards the doors. I set my tray down on a table nearby and grabbed the apple. I could munch on it on the way to class.

“Lunch is over, class time. You can meet the girls at dinner though. What’s your first class?”

I glanced at my schedule. University calculus, excellent.

“Calculus with Mrs. Peters.” Chelsea looked excited once I said it.

“Wicked, same here! This is going to be much easier.”

I had no clue what she was talking about. I had never had anyone be this interested in being my friend on the first day. Maybe these students were here for a reason..


I was shocked when I entered the class room. Normally, I’d expect a teacher that’s old and dumpy. This teacher had to be maybe ten years my senior. And she was wearing the exact same uniform as us! What the hell? I couldn’t mutter two words out of my mouth before Chelsea dragged me to a desk near the back. I looked at and whispered “Why is she wearing a school uniform? Is she not the teacher?”

Chelsea didn’t say anything and pointed to the front of the class. I turned. The entire class was already seated, staring straight ahead. I quickly followed suit.

“Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for being prompt. A few quick notes before we begin today; we have a new student with us. Her name is Gabriella White. Please welcome her as one of our own.”

A few students turned to smile but most stayed in their seats. It was horribly awkward being put in the spot light, but I’d gone through it so many times already I was used to it. As soon as the lesson began I drifted off. Calculus was my worst subject, and for a good reason too. I could never pay attention to anything. I managed to scrape by every year, but only by a small margin.

I was staring at the blackboard aimlessly when a faint noise caught my ears. It sounded like a TV that has been turned on to an empty station. It was so faint I had to strain to pick up on it. Scanning the room with my eyes I tried to pinpoint its location. I stopped when I reached the front of the classroom. I had to double take to realize what I was seeing. It couldn’t possibly be. Looking around the room, I tried to find someone who wore the same expression I was. But to no avail, there wasn’t a single person who was finding this as bizarre as I was.

She was peeing.

Right through her panties and onto the carpet below. I couldn’t believe my eyes! How could she not notice? How could she not be embarrassed? Then again, how did anyone else not notice? I stared incredulously as she turned around to answer a few questions the students had. She was still peeing, absolutely soaking the carpet below. I simply could not understand what was going on.

After a few seconds she stopped peeing without missing a heartbeat in her lecture. I looked back at the carpet which had apparently absorbed the puddle completely because it was perfectly dry. This was so strange. I glanced at Chelsea, who was staring straight ahead, taking her notes diligently.

This must be an everyday occurrence. That was the only logical option. After a few minutes I calmed myself down and tried to pay attention to the lecture.

I began to hear the hiss again. I stared at Mrs. Peters but it wasn’t her. Now a student was peeing? I looked around and my eyes landed at a girl sitting a few desks away hear the front of the class. From her chair pee was dripping. As soon as it touched the floor, the carpet began absorbing it up again.

Did people here just pee where they stood, no matter what? How was this allowed? Chelsea again gave me no indication whatsoever. This was just too weird. Soon after the bell rang. The girl who had peed herself stood up. I could see plain as day a wet spot on the back of her skirt. A few of her friends came up and began talking with her. None of them pointed out her skirt.

Now was my chance to talk to Chelsea.

“What in the world was that? Did you see Mrs. Peters? She peed herself!” I whisper yelled this, barely able to contain myself. Chelsea nodded, completely at ease.

“This is going to sound really strange, but the headmaster doesn’t allow anyone to use the restrooms to pee. Only for number two. If you have to pee, you must do it wear you are at that very moment. No exceptions. That is why the entire school is lined with this carpet.”

I looked at her, absolutely blown away.

“Those are the rules. You don’t want to break them, trust me.”

What kind of rules were those ones? How did the headmaster get away with this sort of behaviour?

“But, where does it go?” I asked. She gave me a look.

“To the sewers, then the carpets are sanitized automatically from below. I don’t know how to explain it.”

She sounded slightly annoyed by the end. She snatched my schedule away and compared it with her own.

“You witnessing it is a much better way to break it to new kids than by telling them. And you have English Lit with me next, so let’s go.”

Once in the English class I saw we had a male teacher. He resembled Mrs. Peters in her youthfulness. The class seated themselves before he began the lesson.

“We’re going to start off where we ended yesterday, with scene five act 8 of the play.”

Oh my goodness.

I was going to pass out in this class if I had to watch a play. Unless of course someone peed themselves. As the play dragged on, nothing interesting happened. I sat with my head in my hand, my elbow beginning to ache from resting it on the hard surface of my desk. I shifted in my seat and felt a tell-tale sign in my lower abdomen.

Oh no, I needed to go, and there was no way I was peeing in my seat. I raised my hand slowly. Noticing my sudden question, the young teacher held up a hand to pause the play, pointing at me.

“Yes, Miss White?” he asked.

I squirmed in my seat, uncomfortable at everyone staring at me, especially Chelsea.

“I need to – um – go to the bathroom. For.. you know..” I said it quietly, not knowing the reaction I was going to receive. He nodded at me understandingly.

“Of course, go right ahead.”

With that I dashed out of the room, looking for the closest bathroom. Finally finding one at the end of the hall, I rushed in, only to be grabbed from behind and slammed against the wall.

It was Chelsea. She held my shoulders firmly against the wall in the corridor.

“Chelsea, what are you doing?” I asked, trying to push her off me, but she only pressed me harder against the wall. I glanced around, trying to see if there were any cameras. I spotted one in the corner of the hallway to my right. It was pointed directly at us. I tried to mouth the words help to it but Chelsea forced my head to look at her.

“What are you trying to do? I’m not harming you. I just know what you’re about to do, and I am please warning you to not do it. The rules are strictly enforced here; it’s not worth the risk!” Chelsea pleaded with me. She let her grip relax a little, but she was still holding me firmly in place. I shook my head.

“I can’t pee myself, Chelsea, it’s too strange. I’m not used to this kind of thing!”

Chelsea let me go suddenly. She gave me one last pleading look.

“Please, Gabriella. I know you’re new here but the headmistress will not exert any kind of relief.”

I felt my bladder about to burst at that point and dashed into the girls’ washroom. I locked myself into a stall and relieved myself. Oh that felt so much better. Chelsea was probably just playing a trick on me. What a weird rule. It was probably an initiation sort of thing.

I left the bathroom and entered an empty hallway. There was no one coming to punish me, no one would know. I made my way back to class, sat down and played it cool. This was bizarre, having to act non-guilty when I only went to the bathroom.

Sooner than later, it felt, class ended. I left the room only to be pulled aside by Chelsea again. Though she didn’t slam me against the wall this time. She seemed worried.

“Alright, I thought about it, and the least I can do is prepare you for this. You’re going to get punished in some way, but you mustn’t disobey the headmistress. Just do as she says and it will go much smoother for you.

I nodded. Yeah right, I’d just call the cops if she did something crazy. English Lit was the last class of the day. Since I’d arrived late in the school day I’d only attended half of my total classes. I made my way back to my dorm. As I stepped in my room I nearly jumped a foot in the air.

Sitting on my bed was the same lady I met before. She must be the headmistress. I closed my door behind me. What was she doing in my room, sitting on my bed! This school just got stranger and stranger.

“Hello Gabriella. How was your first day at St. Luke’s? Did it exceed your expectations?”

She asked as if she was truly interested, but I detected a hint of wickedness in her voice. I stood at her and simply nodded. She pulled her lips in a smile that resembled a slight smirk.

“I do admit, I hadn’t recited the policies of our institute to you upon your arrival. How horribly unfair of me, Miss White. I apologize.”

I breathed an internal sigh of relief. Thank god, she understood my situation. Chelsea had been lying to me. I let my stance relax a little bit. The headmistress stared at me, examining me from head to toe. She clicked her tongue, shaking her head.

“Your uniform is much too big for you, Gabriella. Don’t you agree with me?”

I stared at her in disbelief. What? My skirt was already way too short. And the blouse was verging on way too tight. I shook my head.

“No, ma’am it’s much too sma-“

“I’ll let the seamstress know that she needs to alter the uniform she is making for you. In fact, I think I have something for you right now.”

She then reached down on the floor, opened up her handbag and pulled out a different uniform. I couldn’t believe I was being asked to wear that! She held a skirt that was probably two and a half inches shorter than mine already. My ass was sure to be showing now!

The blouse looked the same, but I suspected it wasn’t going to do up properly. I gave her my best pleading look, she shook her head at me.

“This will do just fine for you, Miss White. If you could remove your blazer and give it to me, please. You won’t be needing that.”

I slowly unbuttoned it and passed it over to her. Might as well cooperate at least. She smiled and stood up from the bed promptly. As she passed by me she turned and stared me directly in the eyes.

“Tomorrow you are to do exactly as your teachers tell you to. One toe out of line and you will regret the moment you walked onto this campus.”

I think I already did.

She stood up and composed herself. Giving me one last chilly smirk, she left the room. I stood on the spot for a good five minutes before taking a seat on the bed. I grabbed the skirt and held it up in front of me. This was going to be pure humiliation for me tomorrow! Everyone would be staring at me.

I lied down on my bed, closing my eyes for a brief moment. Before I knew it, my alarm was shrieking in my ear beside me.

7:15 flashed at me from my bedside table. I had fifteen minutes to do my hair, makeup and put on that ridiculous uniform.

Once my hygiene routine was completed, I removed my slept in uniform and pulled on the new miniskirt. My ass was visible beneath it, if you stared hard. Any slight bend at the waist and I was going to moon someone. I tried to button up the blouse all the way, but the last three buttons at the top were not going to reach each other. My tits were literally popping out of this shirt. I was never going to live this moment down. I looked like a street walker.

Grabbing my bag I headed out the door, down and the stairs and into the bustling hall way. No one stopped to stare at me, but everyone I passed took glances my way. They knew it, I knew it, I looked like a whore. And this was my second day of classes. I found my first class of the day, Bio Chem, near the rear of the building. I got two steps inside the room, and was grabbed by the arm. It was the prof, and he pulled me towards the front of the class. I stared at him pleadingly. I did not want to be humiliated a second time.

“Students if you would please pay attention, quickly now.”

Slowly a silence took over the room as every head was turned to look at me. I gulped, feeling like a bug under a microscope.

“Gabriella has chosen to forgo the rules of this fine institute. And I know we are all well aware of what happens to such people when they have such disregard for the rules.”

Everyone nodded at this. The prof spun me around, steering me towards his desk. He pointed beneath it.

“Get underneath the desk, Gabriella.” I stared at my teacher in disbelief! This was harassment! I stood perfectly still, and he took a menacing step forward.

“I said get on your knees, under the desk!”

I stared around the room, no one was coming to my aid, but they were all looking at me. I slowly knelt down and got underneath the desk. He then walked forward, sat in his chair pulling himself as close to the desk without hitting me, and began the lesson. Was this the punishment?

My legs were soon becoming numb from sitting on them for so long.

A hand crept underneath the desk and went towards the fly of the pants. I stared as it was unzipped and from in the pants came the most enormous dick I’d even seen. It pointed at me and began to trickle a little.

The teacher was going to pee, with me under the desk! Didn’t he remember I was here? I moved as far as I could to the side when the stream slowly picked up speed. It hit my leg, soaking my shoes. I squirmed, I was getting peed on! The stream crept up my leg and stopped before it got to my skirt. My legs were soaked with pee by the time the stream stopped. He then pushed back from the desk and reached under to pull me out. He stationed me directly in front of the class, who all stared at my wet legs. I was so ashamed by this point.

“Whoever requires her, just grab her. You can do whatever you like, within the rules.”

I stared at the class and watched as a girl near the back raised her hand. The teacher pushed me in her direction. I stood in front of her desk.

“Get on your knees, under my desk. And hurry up I’ve had to go since this morning.”

I mentally prepared myself and got down beneath the desk. I tried to sit as far away as I could. The girl spread her legs and gave me a view of her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties! I looked away instantly. Soon enough a slow stream started and fell in between my legs. She reached down to grab her pussy, aiming the stream higher and higher. Soon it began to wet the front of my tiny skirt. The material in front was no sooner soaked when she aimed higher, aiming for my belly button.

I tried to move backwards when someone shoved me forwards. I turned to look, and the student in front of this girl had reached down to shove me back. As they did the stream fell on my breasts, soaking the material and giving everyone a good show of my black bra. Soon enough the flow stopped. Someone called out my name.

“Gabriella, Thomas needs you.” Called the teacher.

I got up and walked along the back of the class. I reached his desk. Looking me up and down the boy pointed to underneath his desk. I knelt down.

“Lay underneath my desk, on your back. Your head right centre, please.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. As I turned over on my back I closed my eyes. I soon felt a warm stream hit me on the chest, soaking my blouse, the liquid trickling to my neck and falling down the sides. The stream worked its way up my neck, and then slowly around the contours of my face. It hit my hairline only, soaking my hair with his pee.

A weird shock went through my body. It flowed directly to my pussy, which I could feel was getting a little wet. What in the world?! Was this turning me on in some weird way? No sooner had I thought that when the flow stopped when the bell rang suddenly. I was so ashamed, covered with someone else’s pee! My uniform was soaked in the front, the back was still dry. Everyone was sure to notice in the hallways.

I waited for the class to empty before I made my way out. I was grabbed by the arm again, and I nearly let out a sob.

“You can wait an extra five minutes.” The prof said, pulling me back towards the desk again.

This time though, he didn’t make me sit underneath it. He sat down, lacing his fingers together. I watched as he leaned back, almost satisfied with himself. I wanted to punch him.

“I realize that this ordeal has been a little strange for you. But, what can I say.”

He smirked at me. I didn’t return the gesture.

“A dry uniform will be in your dorm by now. Let this serve as a warning to the next time you think you want to break the rules, Miss White.”

He waved his hand at me, dismissing me. I ran out of the class and dashed in the direction of the dorms. This sucked. This just fucking sucked. Two days here and I’d witnessed three people pee themselves, and got peed on by three strangers. I’d never experienced something so foreign. But with that last warning, at least I would never need to go through that ordeal again.

The next morning greeted me with a hot shower and a new uniform hanging on my door. Putting it back on I checked out my reflection in the mirror. My ass still showed beneath the pleated skirt. The top three buttons of the blouse still would not do up. I once again resembled a street walker.

One more quick glance at my schedule and I was out my door.

I took my time walking down the hall, checking the place out a bit more. It was truly something out of a novel. The whole feel was like an old, ancient library with the dark wood work. It must have been an old school, which perhaps explained its strange customs. As I continued down the hall I noticed a girl in front of me, standing at a locker.

I need one of those .

As I approached the girl appeared to be standing with her back arched and her ass out as far as it would go; the skirt lifting up in the process. I took a closer look, and of course, she was peeing herself. But why was she standing in this position? I looked towards where she was standing and saw a group of 3 guys staring openly, watching her piss her panties. One was gripping his cock lightly in his pants. No one seemed to care.

A sharp jolt went straight to my pussy. For some reason, this act of pissing for an audience turned me on. I continued to walk, finding myself hoping I could meet that girl again. Talking to her just after she’d peed herself seemed kind of strange. Hell, wanting to talk to her at all seemed strange.

As the day drew on and I paid closer attention, I noticed that there were a few girls who were doing the exact same thing that girl had done this morning. Whether it was in the cafeteria, peeing in line or peeing at their table with their legs spread. A few of them had even had their skirts shortened to my length, their blouses undone at the top. They all seemed to really enjoy it, and so did their audiences.

I knew then that I wanted to be one of these girls. As dirty and wrong as it was, it turned me on.

The following day was a Saturday. I decided to wander the halls and check out the library, hoping to spot one of them. After a few hours in the library to no success, I decided to head outside to the grounds. Right there, in the center of the grass was a group of girls sitting. I recognized quite a few of them. The girl from the first morning was facing directly at me.

Well, it was now or never. The worst that could happen is that they reject me. As I walked towards the group, their conversation grew quieter and soon they were all silenced as I stood just a few feet away.

“Can we help you?” morning girl spoke first. I was inwardly panicking. I hadn’t gone over this part. What was I going to say?! I stood there for a moment like a complete moron. Morning girl raised her eye brows at me; a few of them took sideways glances at each other. They probably didn’t get this very often.

“I saw you guys peeing in the hallways.” I blurted it out before I could even control it, the words falling out of my mouth like vomit. They glanced at each other, a few of them smirked, a couple even snorted in laughter. Morning girl smiled around the group, and then stared back up at me, although her smile was something more sarcastic than genuine.

“You’re an idiot.” She laughed and turned back to her friend. Their conversation continued. Oh no, I was losing them. If I walked away I’d probably lose my chance completely, so I decided to continue like a stubborn child.

“I want to be like you guys. I … I like it too.” I finished the last part quietly. A few of them laughed again, but morning girl stared straight at me. A few moments of silence passed before she spoke.

“Nothing’s stopping you.” She said. I stared at her, not comprehending this. She must have noticed my facial expression, because she rolled her eyes while sighing an exasperated sigh. I had never felt more like an idiot in my life.

“You can do it whenever you want; it’s when the guys start noticing you. You can be in after that.”

With that she basically shooed me away. I turned around, slightly shocked. What was I doing? I had just approached what appeared to be the popular group of girls and asked to be a part of their group because I liked peeing my panties in front of people.

I had truly gone insane.

The next few periods I sat in class, pondering how I was going to make my move. If I wanted to get anyone’s attention I would need to be daring. Thankfully the class was working on a worksheet. It gave me an excuse to approach the professor at the front of the class. I sat in my desk for a few seconds. I was on the edge of my seat, thinking about every move I was going to have to make. My assignment paper was in my hand, and I could hear the ripple of the paper. My hand was shaking uncontrollably. Why was this so difficult?

As soon as I stood up out of my desk, the end of day bell sounded. So much for this spectacle. I slumped, slightly defeated. I didn’t want to have to wait for the perfect moment; I wanted to be a part of that group right now. Swinging my backpack over my shoulder I exited the class, following behind a group of girls laughing with each other.

I decided to take the long way back to my dorm. Perhaps along my walk I would find an opportunity to go.

My walk proved futile. There was no activity on campus; everyone had things to do apparently. Utterly defeated at this point I made my way up to my dorm room. As I walked down the empty hallway my ears picked up a very faint sound. I stopped dead in my tracks and listened hard. It sounded almost like moaning. Curious, I followed the sound, being extra careful to tread lightly. It led me further down the hall. Soon enough I came to a door that was ajar ever so slightly. The moaning was coming straight from there.

And then it hit me, the all too familiar wave of smell wafted through the door into the hall. And then I heard it, someone was peeing in there. And by the sounds of it there was more than one. I stood in the hall, caught in a social dilemma. It would be wrong to open the door and peek inside. But what if it was one of the girls? They wanted an audience, didn’t they?

I swallowed hard and decided this wasn’t a life or death decision. Placing just my fingertips on the door I pushed it open ever so slightly. From what I could see so far, it looked like there was a girl kneeling on the ground. She was wearing a school uniform, but it looked kind of shiny, almost like it was wet. As I looked around the room I saw three guys, each had their dick out of the fly of their pants, and they were all peeing on this girl.

I nearly fell over realizing this. Three guys, peeing on one girl! My breath caught in my throat as I stared, not daring to blink. One of the guys had his piss stream aimed for the girl’s hair, drenching it completely. The second was pissing on her clothes, soaking her blouse and her skirt. The third was pissing on her face and in her mouth. I watched as the three guys covered her entirely, and I felt my pussy becoming ridiculously wet.

Soon enough though, the show was over. I watched as the guys pulled their pants up, which also bore dark stains from their pee. Wow, this was almost too much. What where the odds of walking by this spectacle at this exact moment? I felt as if I had stuck gold for a few moments.

As I stood there watching still, I failed to realize the guys heading towards the door. Jumping I began a quick walk/sprint down the hall, rounding the corner just as the guys exited the room.

Once back in my room I collapsed back on my bed and played the entire episode back in my head. Just the thought of it was enough to get me over the edge. Being peed on by three guys at once, what an experience that would be. Why did I have to run away? What if they wanted to punish me for watching, or let me join in?

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Hot Lesbian Pissing Story

Hi, My name is Andrea, and I would like to tell you about an actual experience that opened my eyes to a whole new world of pleasure.

Last year, in the height of summer, I spent a weekend with my friend Elaine on her father’s farm. One of our favourite spots was a small lake in the hills where the sheep graze, where we sunbathe and swim, naked. The lake is miles from any road, and is only accessible by farm tracks across several fields, which are all private to the general public. So we have no  chance of being seen.

We took the 4WD up to the lake, and stopped on the track at its closest point to the lake, which is about 100 yards. We got out and stripped off all our clothes. Elaine is a 5′ 8″ blonde with shoulder length hair, firm 36″ breasts with pert pink nipples, and a completely shaven pussy. I am 5′ 7″, brunette with shoulder length hair, 34″ breasts (also firm) with pink nipples, and neatly trimmed pubes.

We then gathered what we would take down to the lake with us; rugs, lotions, and, towels, and put them in a shoulder bag. I took the bag while Elaine closed the back of the 4WD, and started towards the lake when Elaine said “Wait a mo…”. I turned to face her while she spoke “I must have a pee. I should have gone before I left but I didn’t need then.”

Instead of going behind the 4WD, as I expected, she stood facing me with parted legs and started to pee. I was stunned. I had never seen anything like that before, and I stood watching her, totally transfixed by the stream of piss gushing from her bare slit between her legs and splashing onto the packed dried earth of the track, forming rivulets that meandered and met each other on the uneven surface. Something funny was happening to me as I watched. A tension formed in my lower abdomen, my breathing faltered, my heart beat faster, and I felt a tingle start in my cunt. I couldn’t explain this, and tried to fight it, as I had often seen Elaine naked, and been naked with her, and not felt anything like this before. Her pee seemed to last for ages, then it died down until it dripped from her plump lips. Then she said, “That’s better, let’s get going”, as if nothing had happened.

As we walked the hundred yards towards the lake, my mind was going over what had happened, trying to analyse it, while trying to keep a conversation going with Elaine. As we spread the rugs on the ground I sneaked a quick touch to my cunt and found it wet with juices. I got worried in case Elaine noticed, and endeavoured to keep my cunt lips hidden from Elaine.

We took turns to spread lotion on each other to protect ourselves from the sun. As I spread lotion on Elaine, my situation became worse. To keep her  from noticing my wet pussy, I kneeled beside her, keeping my knees together. When I was putting lotion on her breasts, I felt her nipples stiffen under my hands. I then felt a flood of juices from my cunt cover the backs of my legs. Worse was to come when Elaine insisted that I rub lotion into her mons and between her legs. I couldn’t avoid brushing my hands against her lips, and when I did, they slid with a fluid that was not sun lotion. Elaine was also wet.

This was getting to much for me and I had to do something to end my aroused state. So when it was my turn to have lotion rubbed on me, I went into the bag and pretended that I had left it in the 4WD. I said I would be back in a jiffy, and ran up to the 4WD, and went round to the blind side of the vehicle and sat on the door step with my legs apart and proceeded to wank myself vigorously. I was rapidly building up to a climax, when I heard Elaine’s voice saying, “So this is what you are up to, and I came up to tell you I found your lotion in the bag after all.”

I blushed, then Elaine said, “Why do that on your own, it’s much more fun with someone else.” and with that, she proceeded to insert one, and  then two fingers into her cunt as she stood in front of me. “C’mon, let’s have a quick one here to relieve ourselves, and then go down to the lake and have a nice long relaxing wank. Watch me, and I’ll watch you, we’ll learn from each other that way.” So, with her bare cunt barely a foot from my face, she pushed her fingers in and out vigorously, and I started wanking again, becoming even more turned on by seeing her wank, and how the folds of her cunt moved with her fingers.

Then Elaine leaned forward and supported herself on the side of the 4WD with her other arm as her torso convulsed in what appeared to be a massive orgasm. Juices covered her cunt and her fingers, and then she removed her fingers and stood up straight. As she did so, I could clearly see her clit protrude, which looked so sexy that my orgasm quickly followed. I felt so  dirty having wanked in front of someone, something I had never done before, and despite having come, still felt as randy as hell. Elaine took the hand that I had been wanking with and raised it to her mouth and licked my juices. At the same time she placed her wanking hand to my mouth. Gingerly, I extended my tongue and touched her juice soaked fingers. She tasted delicious, and I immediately wanted to taste her cunt, but did not dare at that point in time.

We walked back to the lake, where I let Elaine apply my lotion, but now I was glad to let her as I lay on my back with my legs apart so she could see every part of my hairy cunt. I resolved to shave my pussy bare so that nothing about me was hidden. I also resolved to piss in front of her, but only when I was full to bursting point, and whilst my wank had  emphasized my need of a piss, I was determined to hold back.

Elaine’s application of the lotion was amazing, she teased my breasts with gentle touches before rubbing in the lotion harder, and she left my pussy till last. When she eventually got down there, I felt gentle touches over my lips, and then she brushed my clit. I squirmed, and trapped her hand between my legs hard against my cunt. I lay back once more and parted my
legs, then I felt a finger slide inside me. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t resisting another woman playing with me, I’m not a lesbian, but what I was experiencing is indescribable. After a minute or two of this, Elaine’s head slowly sank on to my pussy and her finger was removed only to be replaced by a warm, moist, tounge. I began to gasp, and arch my body as her tongue probed between my lips and into my hole. I had been tongue-fucked before by many a man, but nothing to compare with this.

“Just you wait”, I gasped, “I’m gonna suck your cunt dry when you’re finished down there”, hardly believing I had just said such a thing. I had never talked so dirty in my life.

She stopped and said, “No need for me to wait”, and she swung herself around, straddled my face so that her dripping cunt was over my mouth, and she resumed her licking of my cunt. The aroma of her cunt caressed my nostrils and I needed no further bidding to plunge my tongue between her sopping lips. There was a resistance until I slid my tongue along her crack and found her hole, and it slid in. “I wonder if this is what it feels like to a man when he sticks his dick in?” I thought. Elaine tasted delicious. Her hot juices running over my face felt gorgeous.

As we proceeded to lick each other’s cunts out, it seemed more like a race to see who could make the other come first, rather than who would come first. Had it been the latter, then I would have won, for I came with a vengeance, writhing and bucking, and almost throwing Elaine off. I lost my rythm with my tongue on Elaine’s cunt, so she proceeded to finger herself to climax, still straddling my face, while I got over my orgasm. Seeing her finger herself at such close quarters was an education, especially when she came, and the thick creamy  uices flowed out over her fingers.

Elaine rolled off me and we lay on the rug gathering ourselves together for several minutes, our cunts still inches away from each others faces. Then we both went into the lake and washed each other, and then dried each other.

Having done that, we decided we should have lunch, so we went back to the 4WD and sat on the back step eating luch while we discussed the morning’s happenings. Once I admitted that it was Elaine pissing that had got me started, Elaine admitted that in warm weather she gets exceedingly randy, and had set out to shock me by being a pure brazen, filthy, exhibitionist, slut (her own words). She then went on to tell me how pissing had intrigued her after seeing it in a porno video, and how she had privately pissed out of, and in, doors in various positions. She had even laid towels on the floor so she could stand in front of a full-length mirror and watch herself. Until that day, she had never exhibited herself pissing before,
but doing it in front of me had amplified her randiness.

I said that I needed a piss and was going to do it now while she watched, but she said “Not yet, let’s go back down to the lake side and you can do it there.” So off we went back down.

I was really very eager to piss for her so I asked her if she would prefer me standing or squatting. “Kneeling astride me!” was her answer, and once more I stuttered with surprise. What?” I said. “I want you to piss on me.” she said. “Kneel astride me and piss on my tits and finish off on my pussy”, and she lay back on the grass. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes, now come on and do it.”

So I kneeled astride her torso and squeezed, but nothing came out, even though I was very full. I squeezed harder, and a few drips came out and landed on her tummy directly below my cunt. I squeezed even harder, but all I could manage were drips. Elaine was getting impatient and asked what was wrong. I told her I couldn’t manage, and she said I should cease squeezing and relax, and then apply gentle pressure, gradually building up. This I did, and although nothing came out, I neither increased nor relaxed the pressure, and eventally piss  started to trickle out of me onto her stomach. The trickle became a flow, and I moved up her body slightly so that it landed on her tits. When the flow was steady, I applied more pessure and it started to gush, missing her tits, and splashing on her throat. I moved back down her body and splashed my gushing piss over her tits. “Ooh, your hot piss feels lovely on me. Piss on my cunt now”, she ordered.

I manoeuvred into a squat over her cunt, never once ceasing the flow of piss, and feeling my own hot piss run down my thighs as I changed position. I pissed over her cunt with all the force I could muster, aiming for her plump lips and clit. She came, and I finished my piss in my own hands, splashing it all over her.

“Now it’s your turn.” she said as she pushed me onto my back on the grass. She kneeled astride me and once again I had a wonderful view of her beautiful cunt. No sooner had she got into position, piss started to gush from her cunt all over my tits. It felt wonderful, her hot piss splashing on my sensitive nipples and then running over my tits, tickling me as it ran down my stomach and over my sides. She arched backwards slightly and then her piss hit me full in my face. “Drink it,” she laughed, “It tastes marvellous.” I had little choice, as my mouth had been open and some had got in. It didn’t taste as bad as I expected, but the initial saltiness made me splutter. Then she squatted over my cunt, pissing into my pubic hair, and forming bubbles, before directing her full gush on my cunt lips. Then I came, and Elaine finished off her piss by standing up and walking up my body until she stood astride my head to let me catch the last drops in my mouth.

Then she started to wank herself and so did I. The rest of the afternoon was spent wanking; ourselves, each other. I’ve never spent such an enjoyable day, and I’ve never been so sexed up in my life before, nor enjoyed sex so much.

We had one last dip in the lake to wash each other, and after towelling off, we returned to the 4WD. We started to get dressed, and Elaine pulled one more surprise on me. Standing in only her panties, she started to piss. A darker wet patch formed in the crotch and piss started to flow through the gusset. Then she began to walk towards me, still pissing, and her thighs and inside legs glistened with flowing piss. A trail of wet footprints and splashes showed where she had been. She stopped a couple of feet from me and squatted to finish off her piss. Her panties were soaking. Then she rubbed her cunt through her wet panties and brought herself off quickly to a climax.

“That was amazing, why don’t you try it? The feeling of hot wet material clinging to my cunt really sends me wild”, she said. “Besides, I want to see you wet yourself…. I’ve never watched anyone other than myself wet themselves before.”

So I thought “What the hell…”, slipped into my panties and walked a few yards away from Elaine. Then I stood facing her with my legs apart and started pissing. Sure enough, when I felt my hot piss soak into the material and spread over my cunt lips, I got the most amazing sensation. I walked slowly and steadily towards Elaine, and the piss flowed through my panties and down my legs. I cannot adequately describe the sensations I was receiving. Then I squatted a few feet from Elaine. The piss flowed down to my bum, caressing my arsehole, and soaking the material covering my buttocks. When I had finished pissing, I rubbed my cunt through the wet material and came almost immediately. Wow, it was a really amazing wank. I
couldn’t believe it.

Elaine slipped on her short summer skirt and button-up top, leaving her midriff bare, and kept her wet panties on, so I did the same, then we got into the 4WD and drove back to the farmhouse. When she got out, I noticed a wet patch on the seat of her skirt. My heart skipped a beat, and I checked mine, and found it also to be wet. We checked the seat fabric in the 4WD and found that to be damp also. We hoped it would dry out before the 4WD was used again.

That was only the beginning. That weekend with Elaine produced more wet experiences, and has led to me creating my own experiences, and in doing so, finding more pissing companions who are more outrageous than Elaine and I were

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Pissing Sex Story

I was in my office quietly working when I heard a female voice say “Oh shit!”, over the cubicle wall.  My surprise turned to astonishment when I realized the voice belonged to Niki.  She usually said things like “Darn it!”, or “Gee!”, I had never heard her swear.  I had to go and see what the problem was.  I got there about the same time Joan did.  A coffee cup had overturned on Niki’s desk.  The runoff had landed in her lap, causing a dark stain in her khaki skirt that looked liked she had wet herself.  The thought of Niki wetting herself caused my cock to harden, which I hoped nobody would notice. “Are you OK?”, Joan and I asked in unison.  Niki’s face was nearly as red as her short hair, which caused her freckles to really stand out.  “Yeah, the cup’s been on my desk a while, so the coffee isn’t real hot.”, she said.  Joan giggled as she stated the obvious, “It looks like you wet yourself.”  Niki blushed even more as Joan said this.  Joan and I took turns kidding Niki about her foul language, then drifted off, but not before Niki stole a quick glance and my erection.  I thought about how her white hose, brown pumps, khaki skirt, and white cotton blouse with turquoise stripes would look soaked with piss as I went back to my desk.

I heard a knock on my cubicle wall and looked up to see Niki, standing so her wet skirt was hidden.  My hard cock was still obvious, and Niki sneaked a few looks at it as she asked if she could borrow my coat to hide her skirt on the way out.  I readily agreed and Niki said she was ready to leave now. “I know it’s a little early, but I don’t want to sit around in my wet skirt.”, she said.  She waited while I locked up and she put on my coat and buttoned it up.  I escorted her to the parking lot and when we got to her car she removed my coat, giving me a good view of her wet skirt.  My half hard cock got fully erect as I looked at her skirt.  Niki was obviously checking out my cock as she thanked me for letting her use my coat.  “The real reason I left early is that I thought you might like this…”, Niki said.  My heart pounded as Niki spread her legs slightly and stuck her hand into her crotch.  The dark spot in her skirt got shiny again and started to expand as Niki started to pee. My cock was just about tearing a hole in my lightweight cotton dress slacks as the stain made it’s way down the front of Niki’s skirt.  Yellow trails started to appear in her white stockings as piss made its way down her legs. I couldn’t believe Niki was wetting herself in the parking lot!  Niki’s pee reached the hem of her skirt and started dripping off the hem and onto her brown pumps.  The trails of piss in her stockings got wider as she pissed. The yellow flood reached her feet and started to fill her pumps, dripping over the side of her pumps and squishing through the seams. “You like?”, Niki asked coyly.  I forgot where I was and pulled Niki to me. I kissed her deeply as I grabbed her ass with two hands and felt my pants get wet as her skirt rubbed against me.  “I guess you do!”, she said, as she stepped back to break the kiss and my embrace.  She smiled at me and gave my cock a quick feel through the wet front of my pants.  “I’d love to continue this at my place.”, Niki said.  Niki got in the car as I stared at the puddle of piss she’d left on the pavement.  I quickly went around to the passenger side when I remembered where I was and the condition of my pants.  There is a time and a place for everything, and this wasn’t the time nor place for a wet pair of pants!  Niki and I confessed our love of piss soaked clothing to each other as we drove.  I told her she had caused me a real problem at work when I saw her looking like she’d pissed herself.  “I saw that.”, she said, licking her lips slightly.  “You’re lucky I spilled my coffee!”, she continued.  “And how!”, I said, visions of just how Niki would look in about 10 minutes filling my head.

The ride home was having its usual effect on my kidneys and by the time we got to Niki’s I really had to piss.  We went inside and Niki got a bottle of wine and two glasses.  We sat at the kitchen table in our damp clothing and had a few glasses of wine.  “Will you wet  your pants for me?”, Niki asked. Niki led me onto her back porch.  She turned around and stared at my cock as she said “Go for it!”.  I relaxed and let my urine flow.  My gray dress slacks showed a dark circle around the head of my cock that grew slowly.  When the dark stain reached my crotch it proceeded down my thighs and along the inseam of my pants, leaving shiny darkness behind it.  The  stain expanded upward almost reaching my belt loops before Niki knelt in front of me.  I heard and felt her unzip my fly as I felt my shoes and socks fill with warm piss. She pulled my cock through my underwear and fly while I was still peeing, soaking her hand and the arm of her blouse in the process.  My piss arced towards her, splattering all over her breasts.  Her striped blouse started to grow transparent as it stuck to Niki, revealing a lacy white bra.  Before my piss reached her skirt she devoured my cock with her mouth.  Niki kept up with my flow, drinking rapidly as I pissed.  I stopped peeing, but Niki didn’t stop slurping at my cock until I was spurting cum down her throat and over her face and blouse.

I was pretty wet from the waist down and the front of Niki’s blouse and skirt were just as soaked.  I assisted Niki to her feet, then kissed her, making an effort to keep my shirt and tie dry.  I kissed my way down Niki’s chin tasting my piss on the way.  I worked my way down her shoulder to her left breast.  I sucked my own piss off of Niki’s breast,  then moved to her other breast after her nipple hardened.  When both nipples were hard I kissed my way down to the front of her skirt, finally tasting her pee.  I lifted her skirt to find a wet garter belt and stockings and ran my tongue along the top of her stockings and along her thigh, then to her pussy, sucking piss through her lacy white panties.  Niki’s panties bulged as she started to piss.  I lapped at flow, locking my mouth over her pussy as she pissed. I kept up for a while, but Niki increased her flow and I was forced to  let piss run out of my mouth.  I felt my collar getting soaked with Niki’s warm fluid.  Piss was running down the front of tie and over my shoulders as she pushed my face into her crotch.  I felt the front and back of my shirt get wet as I sucked her wet panties into my mouth.  Her warm piss was washing over my belt and down my pants and I chewed on her lacy panties. I came close to orgasm as her piss reached my cock and balls.  I shivered as her piss ran down my back and over the crack of my ass. Niki stopped peeing and I nearly ripped her panties to shreds as I pulled them away from her fragrant pussy.  I could tell the wetness was from more than piss as I spread her labia and kissed her clit.  I fingered her asshole as I steadily licked her clit.  Niki mashed my face into her pussy as she came, coating my face with her juices.  She rinsed my face with a few quick spurts of piss, losing control of her bladder a bit as she came. Niki smiled weakly at me as she dropped to her knees.  She sat down, then laid back on the piss wet outdoor carpet.  I spread her legs and hiked up her skirt, then dropped my pants.  I knelt between her legs, then lowered myself onto her.  Niki guided my cock into  her soaked pussy as I lay down. I didn’t do anything at first, enjoying the feel of my cock as her wet pussy caressed it as well as the feel of her piss soaked body against me.  Niki moved first, grinding her pelvis against me and sighing as my cock fully penetrated her.  She ground up slowly at me and I picked up her rhythm, driving my cock deeply into her at the top of her stroke.  We slowly picked up speed and Niki wrapped her legs around me.  I could feel her heels dig me slightly as we humped ever faster.  I kissed Niki  and squeezed her breasts through her wet blouse as I enjoyed the feel of her piss soaked stockings on my ass and legs.  We found a comfortable speed and drove our bodies together.  I grunted slightly at the bottom of each stroke, and Niki moaned lightly just after wards.  My grunts got louder and Niki’s moans turned to a loud “OHHH YESSSSSS!” as we came.  I almost passed out as Niki’s legs and vagina locked tightly around me.  We laid together quietly for a while as my cock softened and our body fluids mingled.  Niki moaned softly as I let some piss escape my half hard cock, which was still in her vagina. Niki suggested we clean each other off so I got off of her and laid down on the carpet.  Niki got to her knees and straddled me.  She bent over to lick my cock and she lowered her pussy over me.  I licked piss and cum from her pussy, getting it nice and clean as she started to bob up and down over my cock.  I kissed and nibbled around her labia a while then started to lick her clit as she kept bobbing away.  I picked up my pace as I felt my orgasm building.  I exploded into Niki’s mouth, and she tried to suck every drop of my cum up as I gushed away.  I could feel some of cum land in my pubic hair as she swallowed.  Niki looked at me, cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth as she came, dousing my face with her juices.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as Niki let loose with piss.  Niki held my cock and licked her pussy as she peed.  I let loose a few squirts of pee which Niki hungrily lapped up. I stopped peeing way before Niki did.  Niki got off me and looked at me. My face, hair, shirt, and tie were soaked.  Niki played with my nipples through my transparent shirt as she said “Sorry about the tie.”  Niki was pretty wet too.  Her blouse was transparently plastered to her chest, the front of her skirt was soaked from her waist to the hem.  Her stockings and pumps were also drenched with piss.  Niki sat down and spread her legs.  I got to my knees and Niki grabbed my cock with two hands and pulled me to her.  I walked on my knees until my cock was nestled between her breasts.  She slid my cock into her shirt and squeezed it between her breasts.  I started to fuck her breasts, enjoying the feel of her wet bra, blouse and her soft skin against my cock.  It didn’t take long for me to orgasm, gobs of white cum all over her blouse, bra and breasts.  I washed the mess away with a warm piss, resoaking her bra and blouse.  The stream reached her chin and my piss ran down to rewet the front of her skirt.  Niki pushed me away and turned, a trail of piss running along the dry side of her skirt to her ass.  Niki wiggled her ass in front of me as I wet down the ass of her khaki skirt.  When I ran dry, she lifted her skirt up to expose her pussy.  I took her from behind, sliding my cock into her pussy.  Our doggie style fuck lasted a long time since I was pretty tired.  Niki came before I did and she drove her ass at me as I humped her until I had a small orgasm.  We relaxed a while, then stripped off our wet things.  We went inside and cleaned up in the shower, then got all piss covered again in the tub.  Somehow I managed to get hard and we fucked, our naked piss covered bodies grinding together.  I couldn’t cum again but Niki did.  We showered again and headed off to bed.  We snuggled up together and pulled the covers up high, drifting off to a relaxing sleep.

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