Mae Jeans And Panty Peeing

From Wetting Her Panties we have Mae. She is in her jeans and topless doesn’t she look sweet with her puffy breasts? I do love seeing a chick peeing in jeans and panties while she has her tits out. Mae is holding her jeans and needs to pee she really looks so lovely who would think the next think that she would be to do would be to starts to pee in her jeans. We see the first damp spot appear and then she is fully soaking them you can see the lovely warm river flowing down her denim covered legs what a wet mess she is making.

Mae from Wetting Her Panties has peed in her jeans till they are soaked she undoes the button and starts to pull the piss soaked fabric down. It is now we get to see her lovely tight panties soaked in warm pee. Her wet pussy looks so lovely encased so tightly in her panties. What a lovely, sight Mae is topless and standing in peed in panties.

Knicker wetting after jeans peeing what more can you ask for and here we have Mae in her tight knickers peeing again. This really is wonderful panty peeing her panties are soaked clinging to her crotch and you can just make out her pink pussy though the soaked fabric. She keeps peeing in her panties and her pee is running down her legs until it reaches her feet. She is now standing in her piss puddle. Panty peeing at its best from wetting her panties. Mae topless and wetting her knickers she looks like she is having a great time. I hope you enjoy this jeans and panty peeing as much as I do.

See Mae Jeans And Panty Peeing

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 04.29.11
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Natalie Peeing In Pantyhose And Her Skirt

From Real Wetting we have Natalie, she is in the waiting room and desperate to pee she really doesn’t want to miss her appointment so she can’t run off and have a pee. She sits down but her skirt is pressing into her bladder making her more and more desperate. I bet her pantyhose are also digging into her bladder making her more and more desperate to pee. She stands up thinking that this will relieve here desperate bladder but it only makes matters worse.

Natalie is desperate to pee she has stood up and now she really needs to pee even more. There is no stopping her bulging bladder it gives in and her pee starts to flow out. The first gushes soaks her pantyhose and splashes on the floor. How embarrassing for Natalie she is peeing in her pantyhose and skirt in the waiting room she, is lucky that no one else is there to see her shame in peeing herself.

What has started as small pee has now turned into something so much more. Pee gushes from her desperate bladder now it has turned into a full on wetting she is soaking her pantyhose with pee and even peeing in her skirt. Her pantyhose are so wet with her piss that they are glistening, what a mess. she doesn’t know what to do she finally finishes peeing and then sits down in her piss soaked skirt and pantyhose, she has peed in her shoes too she takes her shoe off and empties it she is going to make lots of squelching sounds when she walks home.

See Natalie Peeing In Pantyhose And Skirt

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.26.11
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Outdoors Pissing With Rebekah Dee

From Needapee we have these outdoor pissing pictures with Rebekah Dee. I do love it when Rebekah Dee is out in public and peeing we have had a few great sets here at Piss Blog not to mention the great sneaky peeing movies. If you have missed any you can always check out the Needapee category that has movies and pictures with Rebekah Dee and her friends. In these outdoor peeing pictures Rebekah Dee is on the wall desperate to pee she sits down and gets her shorts off and then opens her legs and lets flow with her lovely golden stream.

Rebekah Dee has written this about the pictures at Needapee “Spring has finally sprung and we are well on our way to summertime – yay! No more winter wear and much more flesh flashing opportunities are on their way! Whilst I was away last week making arrangements for my summer stint in Ibiza, I took full advantage of the beautiful spring day on my way to the airport and took these naughty shots of me sneaking a pee on the roadside. I had to keep stopping because of all the cars and just as I finished a few pedestrians wandered past! I pulled my jumper down so they couldn’t see I was naked from the waist down and waited for them to pass before cheekily pulling my shorts back up and continuing on my merry way. It certainly put a spring in my step to think that they very nearly caught me with my pants down! Check out the beautiful colours in these shots, the green grass no doubt helped by my little ’sprinkling’!”

Rebekah Dee really is a great pisser and she is just so sexy I love these close up shots of her pissing the piss stream looks so sexy and you can even see her piss hole. I do wish the site would have more photo,. don’t get me wrong I love the Needapee movies but there is something great about pissing pictures too. Yet another wonderful piss from Rebekah Dee.

See The Outdoor Peeing Pictures Here

Visit Needapee Click Here

Visit Needapee Now

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Posted on 04.23.11
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Female Desperation And Pants Peeing At The Bus Stop

Caroline Pierce from Ineed2pee is at the bus stop and is so desperate to pee and wearing pants that are clinging tightly to her. She really is desperate she has been waiting and waiting for the buss to come and now is regretting that she didn’t got to the bathroom before she left the shops. She sits down and starts to cross her legs this is s sure sign that she is getting more and more desperate. Poor Caroline Pierce so desperate to pee with her legs crossed tightly she is even grabbing the seat trying to hold on. This is great female desperation from Ineded2pee.

Caroline Pierce Is so desperate to pee she is doing everything to hold on but it is a losing battle she stands up and you can see that she has the female desperation chills, she can’t last much longer and then she loses control of her bulging bladder she is flooding her pants in pee and making such a mess sitting down in shame she fully releases and soaks herself in pee.

Caroline Pierce has such a mess of herself, she was just to desperate and has peed in her pants and she has a big pee stain as she is sitting by the bus stop, how embarrassing. I bet cars driving past know what she has done there is no mistaking the river of pee that is on the ground. Another great Ineed2pee female desperation and wetting movie they really are the female desperation masters.

See The Ineed2pee Pictures Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 04.20.11
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Pisshunters Hidden Camera Pee

From Pisshunters we have another hidden camera peeing. I do love the hidden camera pee from Pisshunters there is something so great to be a voyeur watching chicks pee. We are back to the piss hunter’s voyeur location where we had the Blonde Caught Pissing On Camera.  This time it is still a blonde but this one is thin and has long hair. She walks into camera shot and seems in a bit of a hurry to get her pants down. I do wish that we could gets some more Piss Hunter voyeur peeing movies where the chick is just so desperate like we had in Desperation & Voyeur Pissing From Pisshunters she really was desperate to pee.

The blonde chick has her pants down and is pissing in the dirt she looks so lovely and has positioned herself for the Pisshunters camera so well too. She has such a strong stream and it looks golden as it is splashing into the dirt. Look at how focused she is she may be trying hard to not fall back and land in the bushes like the last blonde did. She keeps peeing and it is a pity we don’t get a good pussy shot. The next Pisshunters movie we have I will try to get a hidden toilet cam one so we get some good pissing pussy close-ups.

She has finished pissing and stands up holding her trouser legs she doesn’t want them to get soaked in piss but I bet trying this she still has a wet pussy, she hasn’t had time to shake it dry. She then pulls up her panties and you can see a camel toe, there is no pad her pussy must be smooth I guess less chance of damp panties. Up come the pants and off she goes another great voyeur peeing movie.

Watch The Pisshunters Hidden Camera Pee

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 04.17.11
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Peeing In Her Shorts On A Park Bench

From Wet In Public We have this great park bench shorts peeing. She is sitting on the park bench in her white shorts she really is lovely and her shorts are so tight against the pussy. She has opened her legs and we get to see the first wonderful drops of pee as it explodes into her shorts. I do love Wet In Public there is always something so sexy watching a hot lady peeing in public., with Wet In Public we get the added bonus that they are peeing in public in their clothes.

This Wet In Public hottie is peeing in her shorts on the park bench and with every second her shorts are getting more and more soaked. She keeps peeing the fabric grabs her pussy tighter and tighter. She can’t be wearing panties under her shorts and that is a small shame. She keeps on peeing and the sound of her piss splashing on the ground must be wonderful, just look at her piss soaked crotch that really does look so inviting. Just imagine the wonderful warm feeling she must be having and if you got to touch it, it would be so wet and soft. Another wonderful Wet In Public peeing movie.

Watch The Shorts Peeing Movie Here

Visit Wet In Public Here

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Posted on 04.14.11
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Dee From Real Wetting Peeing In Her Jeans

Here we have Dee from Real Wetting she is in the bathroom and struggling to get her jeans off. She is desperate to pee and really needs to get that button undone ore she is going to end up peeing inn her jeans she keeps struggling and struggling but it is to late an she feels the first warm drops of pee flowing into her jeans.

Now Dee has started to pee in her jeans she can’t stop, her pee stain is just getting bigger and bigger her jeans are getting so soaked in pee and being so light in color the pee stain really does stand out. She keeps on peeing in her jeans and you can see her yellow pee running over her feet she is going to have lovely warm feet standing in her pee puddle.

Dee finishes peeing in her jeans and now what is a piss soaked girl to do? She gets into the bath tub there is some water and she wets her jeans so they are now fully soaked with a mix of pee and water this really is sexy. Dee has peed in her jeans and now she has fully soaked herself with water just wonderful.

See Dee Peeing In Her Jeans

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.11.11
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Jeans And Panty Peeing With Faye X

From Wetting Her Panties we have these great jeans and panty peeing pictures with the lovely Faye X. Faye X is drinking scotch and getting more and more drunk she is having a great time and is not noticing that she really needs to pee she keeps drinking and then sits on the floor. Faye X is so sexy and I do love her wetting antics at Wetting Her Panties if you missed Pantyhose And Panty Peeing With Fay X and love seeing pantyhose and panty peeing you should check it out.

In these Wetting Her Panties photos Faye X is drunk and kneeling on the floor in her jeans and then she starts to pee in her jeans, just a small gush to start with but when she sits back and opens her legs you can see her big pee patch. The light jeans really do show the pee so well. She has started peeing in her jeans and now can’t stop, pee explodes into her jeans and its running out onto the floor she ends up sitting in her pee puddle. It must be so warm and she really doesn’t seem to mind that she is fully soaking herself in pee.

Faye X has pissed in her jeans and sat in it she then takes down her jeans and feels her wet panties. She really looks like she is having a great time now but she still needs to pee. She stands up and starts to pee in her panties till they are dripping, she really is enjoying herself she is even holding her crotch while she is panty peeing. Faye X finishes peeing and pulls down her piss soaked panties to show us her smooth piss soaked pussy. A great jeans and panty peeing from Wetting Her Panties

See Faye X Peeing In Jeans And Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 04.08.11
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Kadie Peeing In Her Pants

From Ineed2pee we have these pants peeing pictures with Kadie. Kadie is in an interview and desperate to pee she has been holding and holding and she is just so desperate, she has been fidgeting and shaking in pure desperation. She thinks she can hold on till the interview is over she keeps holding and holding and you can see all the signs of female desperation. She thinks she has made it but it is to late and she starts to pee in her pants.

This is what is written at Ineed2pee about this female desperation and pants peeing “It’s the sexy blonde Kadie and you are interviewing her for a event planning position for your shopping mall. Of course even as she comes in & shakes your hands you can see she is visibly desperate but trying her best to hide it and put on a smile. You start asking questions & she’s having a hard time concentrating on it, crossing her legs and doing the pee pee dance underneath the table. You start asking questions slower, secretly enjoying the desperation immensely. After the interview is only 1/2 over, she asks to be excused, I guess, because the bladder pressure was too great, but Kadie doesn’t get 2 steps away from the desk before she stops dead in her tracks and looks down in horror as her pee is quickly spreading from her crotch all the way down her pants! How utterly embarrassing to be wetting herself helplessly in front of the interviewer!!!”

She is peeing in her blue pants from desperation and they are going see-through this really is a great pants peeing but how embarrassing for her, she has pee in her pants till they are see-through soaked the floor and her sandals. She really does look sexy in her pissed in pants though and then when she pulls them down and we get to see her pissed in panties and a little piss cameltoe. I do love it when pants go see-through from peeing to see the thin piss soaked fabric and then the pink of the skin and outline of damp panties it’s just great

See Kadie Peeing In Her Pants Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 04.05.11
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Pissing At The Beach From Needapee

We have haven’t had a post of Rebekah Dee from Needapee for a while so here we have some great photos of her at the beach and peeing. She really is one sexy model and I do love how she seems to love peeing everywhere. If you missed her beach peeing movie you must see it in the Sneaky Beach Peeing With Rebekah Dee post. In these peeing pictures from Rebekah Dee she is walking down the stairs to the beach she looks so desperate and sexy just look at her holding her bikini covered crotch. She keeps walking down the stairs and then sits down and pulls her bikini across exposing her lovely pussy.

Rebekah Dee from Needapee has written this about these peeing at the beach pictures” Oh I do like to pee beside the seaside public pee and living and working in Spain during the summer I get plenty of opportunity!  Many of the beaches and coves in Ibiza are pretty quiet and don’t have toilet facilities anyway so it’s the perfect excuse for me to indulge in some naughty al fresco peeing (like I need an excuse!)  I was actually shooting photographs by the sea on this day and the sea was a little rough and crashing up and over the little jetty I was sitting on. Whether it was the sound of the water or the fact that I was sitting on a wet jetty I don’t know but I felt the sudden urge to relieve my bladder and told the cameraman to keep shooting whilst I carried on with my business.  There wasn’t anyone around at least not within walking distance although a few nudist sunbathers on the opposite side of the cove may have wondered what was going on if they happened to be looking in my direction and squinting very hard!  So with no one to offend and the sea was on hand to wash away any evidence…..this is what happened:” Im not sure the relevance but it added it anyway.

Rebekah Dee pulls off one leg of her bikini leans back and starts to pee and what a lovely stream it is it has a wonderful yellow color to it and as she is peeing she then takes her bikini to off so we can get the spectacular view of her peeing while fully naked. Rebekah Dee must be enjoying this even her nipples are hard. Just imagine ho great it would have been to be walking down these steps right at this moment she is pissing and naked. She finishes of peeing and then walks back up the path naked. A wonderful set of peeing pictures from Rebekah Dee of Needapee

See The Beach Peeing Photos Here

Visit Needapee Click Here

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Posted on 04.02.11
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