Pissing Story With a Work Couple

A pissing story I came across

When work finished that Friday, a group of us from the office went to the bar at the base of our building, as we did on most Friday evenings. I was particularly looking forward to this get-together as I knew that Emily, the girl who had started with us that week, would be coming along. I had been attracted to Emily the moment my boss brought her over to my desk to introduce her. She was a slim, small-breasted girl in her early twenties, with brown eyes and brown hair dyed red which she usually wore in pigtails. I liked the clothes she wore, tight T-shirts, pleated skirts that gave her a girlish look. From the couple of brief conversations I’d managed to have with her, I knew she had a sense of humour and pretty good taste in movies, so I was keen to find out more.

About six of us crammed into a booth in the bar, and began going over the week’s events and gossip. Emily was, unfortunately, sitting at the other end to me, but as a few people left I was able to manoeuvre myself next to her. She was drinking beer — I think that’s always a good sign with a girl — and she told me how she had moved here from the country a year ago, and this job was the best she’d had (before it, she had been a waitress).

After an hour, we were the only ones of our party left, and I was delighted to see she was in no hurry to leave. I bought another couple of beers for us, and asked her about her family. The more I looked at her, the more attractive she seemed. She was wearing a red T-shirt, a very short black skirt, knee-high black stockings and red patent leather shoes.

Emily was telling me some story about her father, who was a dairy farmer, but I’m afraid I wasn’t listening. I was looking at her face and then, without thinking about it, said, “You’re really cute, you know?” I guess it was a pretty lame thing to say, but it had the desired effect. She put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me quickly on the mouth. I put my arms around her slim little body, and kissed her properly, sliding my tongue between her lips, and she kissed me just as passionately back.

We must have been locked together like that for a good five minutes, and then she whispered the magic words, “You want to come back to my flat?” I needed no persuading. We left the bar and caught a taxi. We resumed kissing in the back of it, and I managed to get my hand under her T-shirt and feel one small, firm breast through soft cotton bra she was wearing.

Arriving at the flat, Emily led me straight into the bedroom. She lay on her back on the bed, and I lay next to her, kissing her face and running one hand over her body. I pushed her T-shirt up, then her bra, and kissed her tits, which had pale pink nipples. She sat up and pulled the T-shirt and bra off, them pulled her shoes off and tossed them on the floor. I took my shoes off too, then my shirt. Emily climbed on top of me, and I slipped my hand under her skirt and found that the crotch of her panties was wet, and rubbed her cunt through it. She was fumbling with my belt, so I undid it and got my pants off. Emily grabbed hold of my cock and, sliding off me, knelt on the bed and began to suck it, while I continued to play with her pussy, which I was delighted to find was shaved smooth.

She lay on her back again and I pulled her panties down and began to lick her hairless cunt. I pushed her legs back so her bum was raised off the bed, and licked along her slit and down to her arsehole, which I tongued thoroughly. Then, spreading her legs, I pushed my cock into her and fucked her.

It had all happened so fast — it had only been about half an hour since I told her she was cute in the bar — that I think we were both a bit shocked. Afterwards, we lay next to each other for a while, not saying anything. Then she sat up and said, “I need to pee.” She looked at me with a curious expression on her face and said slightly hesitantly, “Do you want to watch me?”

“Ah, yeah,” I said, a little surprised. “Sure.”

I thought she would go into the bathroom, but instead she reached down and brought out from under the bed a green plastic dish. Standing up, she placed this on the floor and squatted over it with her legs apart.

Now I must confess I’ve always found the sight of women pissing erotic, and I used to enjoying watching one of my more uninhibited previous girlfriends doing it, so the idea of Emily doing this was a turn-on for me. I slipped off the bed and lay on the floor in front of her, putting my face close to her cunt to get a good view. I heard her sigh, and saw her body stiffen, and then a little squirt came out of her pee-hole, followed by a thick stream of golden pee which splashed into the dish. It was a lovely sight, and I breathed in the smell of it, and grabbed hold of my cock, which was rapidly hardening, and stroked it.

The stream gradually ceased, leaving her pussy glistening and little drops of urine running down her crinkled cunt lips. It was an entrancing sight and — I couldn’t help myself — I pressed my face to her pussy and began to lick it, getting the taste of her piss, strong and acrid but not unpleasant.

I stopped and looked up at her and she was smiling mischievously. “You liked that,” she said.

“Yes,” I said, my face wet with her piss.

“I have some more.”

I didn’t even think about it. “In my mouth,” I said. “Do it in my mouth.”

I lay there with my face over the dish and my mouth open, taking in the sight of her cunt lips open and her pale pink insides. I watched the little dot of her pee-hole, the flesh around it palpitating slightly, and then a little pee spurted out which landed on my chin. I repositioned myself hurriedly and the next spurt went into my mouth, and then my mouth was being flooded by it. I was overcome by how hot it was, and the strange taste of it, like nothing I had ever tasted before. I began to swallow it, struggling to keep up. I wanted to swallow all of it.

The stream ceased. I gulped the last of it down and sank onto the floor for a moment, overwhelmed. I had been wanking myself the whole time and was hard again. Then I sat up. Emily was still squatting on the floor, and I pushed her gently onto her back. She spread her legs wide and I got on top of her, pushed my prick into her still-sopping cunt.

The dish, about half full of yellow pee, was on the carpet by her head. With the weight of my body on my right hand I dipped the fingers of my left hand into it, and then put them to her lips. She licked the piss off them greedily, going “Mmmm.” The sight was too much for me and I came.

Withdrawing, I sank down on top of her, and kissed her mouth, which tasted of piss.

“That was nice,” she said. “I just love people watching me pee. Did you like it?”


“You’ve tasted my pee, now I should taste yours. Can you piss for me?” she asked, reaching out and touching my dick.

As I’d been drinking beer, this wasn’t going to be a problem, or so I thought. “If you want,” I said.

“Stand up,” she said. She knelt in front of me, took hold of my cock in both hands and kissed it. “Go on, piss for me. On my face and in my mouth. I want to be your toilet, your piss slut. Go on. Give me that lovely piss.”

Her green eyes looked up at me pleading, rubbing her face against my cock and balls, then opening her mouth. I tried to piss, but I couldn’t, though my bladder was full. It just felt so strange to be doing this.

Concentrating, I finally managed to piss a little bit. It splashed on Emily’s nose and dripped down onto her mouth. “Mmmm, yum,” she said, licking her lips.

Then all of a sudden it came. She was holding my dick and pointed it at her open mouth, and a thick stream of yellow piss went into her mouth, quickly filling it. She drank it down greedily but couldn’t keep up and it began to drip down her chin and onto her tits. The she picked up the dish and held it under my cock so the last of my pee went into it. Smiling sweetly, she raised the dish to her lips and drank some of the piss from it — hers mixed with mine.

“That was great,” she said finally. “Come on, we’d better get cleaned up.” She led me into the bathroom and we had a shower together, toweled each other dry, then got back into bed. She fell asleep in my arms, and I was soon asleep as well.

That night my head was full of confused but happy dreams of urination. When I woke, the clock on the bedside table told me it was ten o’clock and I panicked momentarily, thinking I should be at work, then remembered it was Saturday. Emily was lying with her back to me and I put my arm around her slender body and kissed her on the cheek. She woke and stretched, then rolled around to face me and kissed me on the mouth.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Good,” she said. “Did you have fun last night?”

“I did. It was…interesting.”

She smiled. “So, you don’t mind my little kink?”

“Not at all.”

She slipped off the bed and walked over to a bookshelf and, after rummaging around in it for a while, came back with a small magazine which she handed to me. It was called ‘Pee-Scene’. It had a colour photograph of a very pretty young blonde girl standing against a fence. With one hand she was lifting up her skirt, with the other pulling down her red panties, and a great shower of golden piss was bursting from her pussy.

Intrigued I began to flick through the magazine, which was full of pissing pictures and stories. “Here,” said Emily impatiently, taking it off me, opening it to a particular page and handing it back.

I found myself looking at a photo spread of Emily. In the first, she was sitting on a bench in a park or garden, wearing a black top and tartan skirt. She had her legs spread, and the crotch of her pale blue panties was wet with piss so that you could clearly make out her pussy lips through the material. The next shot showed her on all fours on some grass, her backside to the camera and her panties all wet. The final photo occupied a whole page. It showed her sitting on, or rather squatting above, a toilet. She wore a black bra but nothing else. Her pussy was shaved, and a stream of piss was squirting from it into the toilet bowl. In all three photos she was smiling happily.

There was a brief interview accompanying the photos, which I read.

“What can I say?” cute 23-year-old Emily told us. “I’m a pissy girl! I’ve always been prone to accidents — even laughing too hard can get me going — but lately I’ve been wetting myself a lot on purpose. I love the feel of wet panties against my cunt, and piss running down my legs. I’ve been pissing a lot in public too. Sometimes I wear a pair of black jeans, so it’s not so obvious, but other times I’ve worn a skirt. I love watching people’s reactions. Sometimes they look so shocked, but others, especially guys, they laugh and think it’s great. I’m quite an exhibitionist too, but you probably guessed that. Luckily I have a boyfriend who’s into this too. We like to piss on each other when we fuck, and he says I have the nicest pee he’s ever tasted.”

I looked up from the magazine. “Wow,” was all I could say. Emily grinned at me.

“You, ah, really do that? Piss in public, I mean.”

“Yep.” She took the magazine back and looked at her photos. “They’ve got a website too. There’s some photos of me on that as well.”

“And who’s this boyfriend?”

“Oh, he was my boyfriend before last, actually. My last boyfriend, he wasn’t into pee at all. That’s one of the reasons I dropped him.”

“Well, you can piss in front of me whenever you like. I love watching it.”

I was sitting on the bed next to her with part of the sheet over my lap. Seeing the magazine and Emily’s shameless pictures had got me hard, and I pulled the sheet off me and showed her my cock. “In fact, you can do it now if you want.”

“You bet,” she said, grabbing hold of my hand and leading me into the bathroom. “You want me to do it in the toilet?”

“No,” I said. “I want you to piss on me.” I took a towel off the rack and laid it out on the tiled floor, and sat on it. Emily sat on the edge of the toilet set and began to play with her pussy, stroking her clit and pulling the lips open, as I lay on the towel, wanking myself.

“Do it now?” I said. “Piss on my cock.”

She stood up, still rubbing herself, then squatted over me so her cunt was a few inches above my prick, which I held stiffly in one hand. A few drops of pee spattered on my cock and belly — again I was surprised at the warmth of it — then she let herself go and the piss splashed down on me as I wanked myself furiously. It felt wonderful and I came.

Finishing off, Emily knelt beside me. “Hmm, I think you liked that,” she said, running her fingers over my sopping cock and balls, then leaning forward to lick the sperm and piss from them. When she had finished she said “I think it’s my turn”. I stood up and she took my place on the wet towel, spreading her legs wide. Slipping her fingers into her cunt, she opened it right up and I aimed a stream of piss at it, filling it, then trained the stream onto her face and tits. She loved it.

Piss play became a regular part of our lovemaking. Sometimes we would begin by pissing on each other. Other times, after we fucked, I would keep my cock in her pussy and pee into it. I had soon become used to the strong taste of her piss, and began to crave it. I would get her to piss into the dish and we’d use it in our sex play. One of my favourite things to do was to sprinkle it on her, on her face or tits or arse, and lick it off.

Emily had a lovely little round arse with a neat pinkish-brown anus, and I was pleased when I found out she was quite into anal sex. I would get her to kneel on the bed with her arse up, dip my hand in the dish, the spread the pee over her arsehole and pussy lips. I’ve always loved licking girl’s arseholes, it just seems such a dirty thing to do, and licking a pee-drenched hole makes it seem even dirtier. Emily liked it when I stuck my fingers into her arse, and this sort of play usually ended with me grabbing some lube from her bedside table, rubbing it into her anus and giving her a good arse-fucking. Another kink of Emily’s was she liked having her hair pulled, and as I was fucking her arse I’d reach forward and grab her hair, which as I mentioned was usually on pigtails, and pull her head back. After I came, if I had any piss in me, I’d pee into her bowels. When I pulled out, I loved to see it spilling out of the swollen hole, all mixed with my sperm.

And let’s not forget Emily’s fondness for peeing in public. The weekend after we first got together we went shopping, then went into a bar for a few drinks. We sat in the beer garden out the back, which had six or seven table in it, with umbrellas over them, three of which had people sitting at them.

Emily drained her second glass of beer, put it on the table, and said, “Mmm, think I gotta pee. I don’t know where the toilet is though.”

“You could ask someone,” I said.

“Yeah, I suppose, but I gotta pee pretty bad. I don’t know whether I’ve got time.”

“I see. That’s a problem.”

Emily stood up. She was wearing a white shirt and a pleated blue skirt and looking gorgeous as usual, and she stood there for a while, leaning against the green plastic chair and surveying the garden. It was a warm, sunny day, and the other people in there were chatting away.

“Oh, no, I can’t hold on any longer,” she said softly, A circle of darker blue appeared at the front of her skirt and gradually widened. As the pee began to trickle down and splash onto the concrete, I wanted to turn around to see if anyone else had noticed, but to be honest I would have been a bit embarrassed if I’d caught anyone’s eye. Emily was a lot braver than me.

When she had finished, she sat down again. “Did anyone see you?” I asked.

“Don’t think so,” she said. “Oh, that’s better.” She said, swaying from side to side slightly as she ground her wet crotch and bum against the seat of the chair. When I went to get us another drink I saw the puddle she had left under the table, with little rivulets streaking away from it across the ground.

A couple of drinks later, Emily repeated the performance. When she sat down again, she leant across from me and said, “Ooh, I think that waiter saw me.”

“Perhaps we’d better go,” I said.

“Mmm, yeah, let’s go home.” She grabbed my hand and we left through the back of the garden . We walked up to the main street then headed for her flat, which was about fifteen minutes walk away. Emily’s skirt was soaked at the front and back, and I saw that a few people noticed it. About halfway there, we were standing at a crossing waiting for the light to change when Emily said, “I don’t believe it — I’ve gotta pee again!”

If I had any remaining doubts about Emily being shameless, they were dispelled now, for she started to piss right there. A young guy with a ponytail standing right next to us looked down and saw the piss splashing on the pavement. He said “Whoa!” and stepped back a few paces. A middle-aged woman saw it too and looked disgusted. Then the lights changed and Emily, giggling, ran across the road, piss still dripping from her, with me trying to catch up. We ran the rest of the way.

Emily was laughing as she unlocked her front door. “I can’t believe you did that!” I said.

“Did you see the look on that guy’s face?” she said.

I grabbed hold of her and started to kiss her, and reaching under her skirt grabbed hold of wet crotch. “You dirty thing,” I said. “Get on the floor, on all fours.”

She did as she was told, and I flipped her skirt up onto her back, revealing her panties — pink with black polka dots and soaked through. Pressed my face against her arse, I breathed in the heady smell of her urine, then licked and sucked at the pissy material.

Unzipping my jeans and I got my cock out and rubbed it against the damp panties until I was hard, then pulled the gusset aside and slipped it into her cunt. The wet material was rough against my cock as I fucked her, and the image of Emily pissing in the street was in my mind. I reached forward and got hold of her hair at the back and pulled it hard, and she was moaning and, unable to hold back any longer, I shot my load inside her.

We collapsed onto the floor — we were still in the hallway — and lay for a while face to face, and I kissed her. “You’re amazing,” I said. I meant it, and I knew this was only the beginning of our pissing adventures.

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Hidden Toilet Cam From Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have this hidden toilet cam. She enters and the first thing she does is gets her toilet paper ready, bunches it up and then takes down her jeans. I do love the hidden toilet cam movies I didn’t in the beginning but now I do who would think chicks would do all the weird things when they are alone in the toilet and this Pisshunters movie is no different. She is holding her toilet paper and then pulls down her pants we get a great view of her bottom and then she bends over and her pussy is on show.

She is bent over and we get a great view of her pussy as she starts to pee she has a great piss stream and the angel we get to watch it is good, she doesn’t have a piss flow that breaks it is one solid stream. She finishes peeing and pushes out the last few drops she uses the toilet paper she had grabbed before to wipe her pussy. She has something else in her hand though and I think it is more toilet paper but at this point I’m not to sure.

She turns around and we get a lovely shot of her shaved pussy, she gets more toilet paper and gives herself another wipe she really does seem focused on making sure she is dry. It’s not to often the chicks in these Piss Hunters movies go to this much effort to wipe themselves some don’t even bother. She grabs more toilet paper and wipes again looking at the paper she then wipes the piss she has sprayed on the seat. What she is holding must be a pad and I bet she has just got her period so that is why she is wiping so much but I’m not to sure. She pulls up her panties and jeans and she is ready. Another interesting hidden toilet cam movie from Pisshunters

Watch The Hidden Toilet Cam Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Antonia Peeing In Her Denim Skirt

From Real Wetting comes another set of Antonia if you have missed the previous ones you can see them here and here. This time she is in pantyhose and wearing a denim skirt she is on the computer and needs to pee we know by now that Antonia loves wetting so she is in no hurry to jump up and go to the toilet she is enjoying the feeling of her bulging bladder. She has her legs crossed holding her pee in and keeps on with what she is doing getting more and more desperate to pee.

Antonia finally can’t hold her bulging bladder any longer she is just to full but today for some fun she decides that she will just stand up and starts to pee in her skirt and when she starts she really can’t stop pee explodes into her pantyhose and runs down her legs this really is one great pantyhose pee just look at the rivers of pee shining on her pantyhose. Her skirt is soaked and she loves the feeling of the wet denim she just keeps grabbing her wet skirt.

She has peed in her pantyhose and denim skirt and she is standing in her pee puddle. Just look at her stocking covered feet they are soaked she really has made a great mess of herself. She really must love this wet feeling instead of walking off to the bathroom she goes back to her computer and sits down she really is one messy girl sitting in her piss soaked pantyhose and showing her wet crotch. Another great Real Wetting set of pictures

Watch Antonia Peeing In Her Denim Skirt

Visit Real Wetting

See More Of real wetting

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Female Desperation With Tabitha

From Ineed2pee comes this great female desperation movie staring Tabitha. I posted a couple of photos of the movie in the Tabitha Pissing In Her Panties And Pantyhose From Ineed2pee as it was just so hot, now we have the movie. In this Ineed2pee movie Tabitha gets so desperate before losing control, if you are a female desperation lover this is one for you. We start off with Tabitha in her hotel room she is already desperate to pee Watching her with her see through top on makes the desperation all the better too. She starts telling us a female desperation story all the time she has her legs crosses and is getting more and more desperate by the second.

Tabitha really is desperate to pee she has the female desperation chills already and has to constantly cross her legs to stop herself peeing in her panties and pantyhose. Her denim skirt is so short that every time she bends over we get a great view of her panties and pantyhose. Her desperation just keeps getting more and more she even loses control and a little trickle of pee comes out. The female desperation is getting more and more and its time for her to go to the bathroom to relieve her bulging bladder. As she is going to the bathroom she starts to lose control and there seems that there is no stopping her desperate bladder.

She makes it to the bathroom and is so desperate to pee, what may have been a easy challenge is now turning to the point where she is losing control, she lifts her skirt up and gets into the bath. Looking at her panties and pantyhose you can see that she already has soaked her elf her female desperation was just to much and her bulging bladder could not cope. Whenever the female desperation chills come along you know it is going to be good and this Ineed2pee movie does not disappoint. She gets into the bath and starts to pee in her panties and pantyhose what a mess but what a sight too Tabitha’s showing her breasts peeing in her pantyhose and panties what more could you ask for a truly great ineed2pee female desperation and wetting movie.

Watch The Female Desperation With Tabitha Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Pantyhose And Panty Peeing With Fay X

Here we have Fay X from Wetting Her Panties. She is in a skirt with pantyhose and panties on and if you look closely it also seems that she is not wearing a bra. She really does look sexy her skirt has been pulled up and she is sitting on the floor showing her panties and pantyhose. We have had Fay X panty peeing  at Piss Blog before  If you have missed the knicker wetting  posts you can see them in Knicker Wetting Movie With Fay X and Fay X Pissing In Her Panties. Back to these wetting her panties pictures she is in her pantyhose and looking like she is having a great time.

Fay X stands up and starts to pee in her panties and pantyhose. It looks so hot with her skirt hitched up and she is just peeing freely, the sounds of her piss splashing on the floor must be great and the puddle of pee at her feet is just getting bigger and bigger. We then get to see her crotch and she is soaked, her panties are dripping piss and her pantyhose are helping her soak herself. I am a bit sad that we don’t get the rivers of pee running down her legs. She then grabs her crotch to feel her soaked panties and pantyhose while she is still peeing that really much feel so wonderful the warmth and wetness of her pee soaked pantyhose and panties.

She finishes peeing in her pantyhose and panties and they are soaked she sits down spreads her legs wide to show the great big piss patch she has made and what a wonderful sight it is. She then stands up and pulls down her pissed in pantyhose and we get to see her sopping panties. Her pee soaked are also giving her a camel toe what a great sight piss soaked panties clinging to her pussy.  I do love a good pantyhose peeing, there is something so sexy seeing the pee running town the fine fabric. This is a great set of panty peeing and pantyhose wetting pictures and Fay X really is a wonderful wetting model from Wetting Her Panties

See Fay X Peeing Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Skirt And Tights Pissing From Wet in Public

From Wet In Public we have this great public wetting movie. Two chicks that we have seen before in Friends Shorts Pissing In The Park are in desperate need to pee as we now know they love peeing in public too. They look in quite a hurry especially the one with glasses and as soon as she is against the wall she squats down and starts peeing in her skirt she really must have been busting as she is peeing so quickly. She has a lovely river flowing through her skirt and splashing on the ground.

While the chick with glassed is peeing in her skirt her friend is waiting her turn, this brunette is so sexy the look on her face when she is squatting is just wonderful. She seems to be more of a shy public pisser. In a previous Wet In Public post Peeing Her Pants In Public you can see how shy she is especially when she is peeing in her pants by herself at least here she has a friend to pee in her tights with.

She has squatted down and started to pee in her tights and what a great sight it is, the skirt peeing was ok but this is great you can really see her dark pee patch. She is fully soaking herself and even when she has finished peeing in her tights she keeps on dripping it’s just wonderful. What a great sight it would be if you just happened to walk around the corner to see this tights and skirt peeing it would be just wonderful especially seeing the brunette in her piss soaked tights. Another great movie from Wet In Public

Watch the Skirt And Tights Pissing Movie Here

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Rebekah Dee Peeing In The Sun

Here we have Rebekah Dee from Needapee. She is in the sun getting a tan topless but she really needs to pee you can see how desperate she is, just look at her hand jammed in her crotch. Rebekah Dee always looks so sexy when she is desperate she really does seem to love that wonderful desperation feel. She lies back and gets herself ready to pee I love how she is still holding her crotch I’m betting its damp already. She moves her bikini to the side and opens her pussy she is ready to pee in the sun.

She has pulled her bikini to the side and has opened her pink pussy ready to pee. She starts peeing and the first squirt splashes on her leg I bet that felt wonderful for her, all warm and wet. I do love watching Rebekah Dee peeing like this, seeing her pee arch is just lovely and I bet some of you would like to get a nice warm mouthful too. If you love her pee arch and missed Sneaky Beach Peeing With Rebekah Dee that is one movie worth watching, see it here. Rebekah Dee finishes peeing and we are left with the lovely sight of her pissy wet pussy all juicy and waiting.

Rebekah Dee has written this about the movie “”Once I’m comfortably settled in my sun lounger I don’t want to move. I like my drinks to be brought to me and I only get up if I REALLY have to. So when I wanted to pee it wasn’t just for pleasure that I took a pee exactly where I lay. Reclined in my lounger, I pull my panties to the side and create a pretty golden arch that glistens in the midday sun! Another wonderful peeing movie with Rebekah Dee from Needapee. This movie is reduced quality than what you get at Needapee the original size is 1280 x 720 and the full length is 7 mins. Download the full version Here

Watch Rebekah Dee Peeing In The Sun

Visit Needapee Here

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Pissing In The Lift Story

For the pissing story lovers, here is another piss story I came across

Emma stepped into the lift just as the doors were closing behind her. She noticed just one other person in the lift as the doors came together and the lift jerked into action. Not someone she recognised, but people in her apartment block always had visitors around so it was nothing unusual. The lift was all mirrored inside so she checked him out briefly as the lift made its slow ascent to the 14th floor. Quite a striking man, very well dressed in a pinstripe black business suit, clearly tailored to fit his broad shouldered frame. Chiseled, brooding features, just a hint of stubble and short cropped hair. She averted her gaze when he glanced up and caught her eye.

God she needed to use the toilet, she thought to herself as the lift passed the second floor, she knew a second bottle of mineral water over lunch was a bad idea. She should have gone in the cafe, but since it was only a short walk from home she’d figured she could hold on.

She took the time to sort her hair in the mirrored door, the walk home had mussed it up somewhat. she sorted her fringe out and ruffled her short red bob to make it more presentable. She was in the process of reaching into her bag for lip gloss when the lift shuddered and came to an abrupt halt between the fifth and sixth floors.

‘Huh?’ She muttered, noticing the silence of the stranger. Suddenly the lights cut off. ‘Shit’ she exclaimed. The lift did this all the time. One of the most expensive apartment blocks in the City with quite possibly the most unreliable lifts. The backup lights quickly kicked into action, considerably duller than the regular lights, but light nonetheless. Checking the mirror she noticed the apparent coolness of the stranger, he appeared completely unfazed by the whole experience. ‘Happens all the time’, she said in an attempt to break the uneasy silence that inevitably descended in the enclosed space. The only acknowledgement received was a brief flicker of a smile, just the corners of his mouth. His green eyes pierced her to the and she felt an involuntary shiver course down her spine as she forced herself to look away. She decided to apply her lip gloss anyway, the lift would no doubt resume in a couple of minutes, there was always a handyman on site for such events.

Ten minutes had passed. Emma felt the dull ache in her bladder telling her she really needed to wee. It had never taken this long before. Where was the handyman to kick-start the lift? Why today of all days. Her palms were sweating in the growing humidity and she felt beads of sweat trickle down her chest between her tiny breasts. Why had she decided to wear a tight polo neck shirt today? It clung to her body, her jeans felt uncomfortable and she also noticed beads of perspiration forming on her temples.

The stranger had still not spoken, still stood there, seemingly unfazed by the situation and not at all flustered. Fuck this, she thought, as she picked up the emergency telephone, lazy bastard was probably sleeping downstairs.

It was answered on the fifteenth ring… Fifteenth! What the fuck are they up to, she thought.

‘We’re stuck in the lift, little help please?’ Emma spoke immediately down the phone, not in a mood anymore for small talk.

‘Lady, you’re gonna be stuck in the lift for a while.’ Came the response.

‘What? What are you…’ She began in response, but was cut off.

‘Power’s gone down throughout the city. We got people stuck in all four of the lift shafts, people stuck in the revolving doors, generator power’s not enough to get to everyone. How many in the lift?’

‘Just two,’ Emma replied, unconsciously crossing her legs out of desperation for a wee. ‘Myself and another gentleman.’

‘Both able bodied?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘Then you’re not a priority I’m afraid missy. Hang tight and we’ll get you out of there as soon as possible, but brace yourself for at least an hour. If you have fluids, drink them, stay hydrated.’

‘…’ Emma couldn’t even think of a response to that.

‘Gotta go, we’ve got seven people trapped in another lift, but near enough to a door to hoist them out.’ And with that, he was gone.

Emma turned, exasperated to the man, ‘I guess you heard that.’ The only acknowledgement received was a slight nod. Needing to take her mind off of her bladder predicament Emma removed her shoes and sat on the floor in the corner of the lift, closed her eyes and tried to force herself to sleep to pass a bit of time…

… The water cascaded all around her, behind the falls it was so serene, the light came shining through the curtain of water which fell powerfully and relentlessly onto the rocks, the whoosh deafening to her. She stepped up naked to the falls, the cool, damp rock felt heavenly on her bare feet, as she stepped into the fall she felt its power, it enveloped her, its power became her power, she felt a throbbing deep in the pit of her stomach. All she needed to do was release the flow and her power would be realised. She parted her pink, wet lips with her fingers and prepared to release her power…

… Emma woke with a start, realising she was about to let herself go there and then. It took all of her force to clamp down on her bladder. Without even thinking where she was she clamped her hands between her legs and sat up gasping. Oh God oh God oh God! She thought to herself as she managed, just managed, to stop from weeing herself in the lift. She looked up, straight into the eyes of the stranger, he was watching her. He knew what was happening here. She flushed a deep crimson colour, the pressure in her bladder momentarily forgotten. She realised how much she was sweating. Her clothes clung to her, the back of her neck was sodden.

‘Let it go.’ At first she thought she mist be hallucinating. His voice sounded thick and husky, his green eyes bored into her soul.

‘Huh’ She managed to respond.

‘Take down your jeans…’ He spoke slowly, deliberately, ‘and piss.’

Emma gasped out loud at his use of the word and the tone in which this stranger had spoken to her, almost involuntarily she felt a dribble between her legs and had to clamp down hard to prevent it from coming. ‘Wh… what?’ She replied.

‘You heard me. You piss in your jeans or piss out of them. But either way, you’re going to piss in this lift.’ God he’s so handsome, Emma thought randomly, his eyes mesmerised her as she reluctantly stood to her feet. Her belly felt swollen with pressure and the slightest movement hurt.

‘B…but the lift might start soon.’

‘It won’t. You’re going to take off your jeans and piss in your pants.’ The way he said ‘piss’… so forcefully, dragging out the ‘ssssss’ at the end was almost enough to tip her over the edge. Her head swam, the heat was driving her wild. she needed to relieve her bladder, and now.

‘Don’t watch.’ She begged as she hesitantly unbuckled her jeans and let them fall to the floor at her bare feet. she stepped out of them and crouched with trepidation, her red cotton panties the only thing hiding her neatly trimmed red haired mound from view.

‘I’m watching. Look at me as you piss’ He spoke with such authority in his voice that she had no choice but to succumb to his wish. She stared deep into his green eyes as she squatted and parted her legs, feeling her sex radiate heat from deep within.

‘I… I can’t go.’ She whispered.

‘Yes you can’ he replied. ‘Piss for me. Piss now’

And then it came. With such force that she had to fall back and rest her weight on the side of the lift. her eyes closed she let out a groan as her vaginal muscles finally caved to pressure and the dam burst forth. First with a hesitant trickle, then with a torrent that soaked her panties within seconds. Her hot, clear piss ran in rivers down her parted thighs and sprayed out through the material of her underwear. She flushed deep with the shame of it all, but God, oh God did it feel so good.

‘Pull your panties to the side’ Came a deep, husky voice directly above her.

She obeyed without question, revealing her tight little pussy as she continued to spray her piss all over the floor of the lift, for what seemed like forever she streamed her fluid onto the floor, aware of heavy breathing directly above her but afraid to open her eyes for what she might see.

Eventually, and I mean eventually, when the lift floor was covered with hot, sticky piss and the atmosphere within the lift was so sexually charged that it would make a nun literally explode, Emma’s flow slowed to a trickle, the trickle faded to a dribble and then the piss ended. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

‘Open your eyes’ Emma looked up to see the stranger looming over her, she had to cock her head to the side to look into his face, for his huge, throbbing shaft twitched mere centimetres from her face, his right hand wrapped tightly round it as he masturbated over her. ‘Suck my cock.’ She looked with a question in her eyes. His eyes told her to do as he said. She opened her pretty little mouth as he pushed the head in, precum coating her lips and tongue. ‘That’s a good girl. Play with your pussy for me, show me how much you liked pissing everywhere.’ His dirty talking drove her wild. As she rubbed a finger against her clit she felt that she was indeed dripping with lust as well as piss. She let out a soft moan as she began to masturbate for this devilish stranger.

‘No fancy stuff now. I want you to fuck yourself for me.’ He spoke as he forced his throbbing member to the back of her throat, making her gag. She slid two fingers inside herself and began to fuck herself with reckless abandon, not considering anything right now other than their mutual pleasure. She was coming within seconds, a second stream of fluid gushing forth from within as she sucked his cock in earnest, working the shaft with her hands. She knew she could suck a mean cock and she felt in the mood to give the blowjob of her life.

She squatted in a pool of her own piss and frigged herself to countless orgasms as her handsome stranger fucked her face, all the while whispering dirty little things to her, telling her how naughty she was for pissing in a lift and sucking a stranger’s cock. And she fucking loved it. She loved the depravity and longed for the stranger to hoist her onto his hips and slam that rock hard cock deep inside of her pussy. She wanted him to claw at her tiny little nubbins of tits as he pounded her with reckless abandon. She wanted him to bend her over and spank her pert little bottom as he rammed her from behind, his balls slapping against her clit.

He told her all the things he wanted to do to her while she deepthroated his cock in the lift. All the while getting closer and closer to his own orgasm. he grabbed handfuls of her deep red hair and forced her to look into his eyes as he neared climax. She came violently as she drowned in his eyes and then suddenly it hit with the force of a champagne bottle being uncorked. His hot, salty fluid shot right to the back of her throat as she was forced to pull his throbbing member from her mouth. He blasted his seed all over her face, in her hair, her eyes and nose. All the while she squirted her own cum and more piss onto the already covered floor.

She collapsed, breathlessly against the wall, her bum actually splashing some of the fluid that had pooled there. Suddenly she felt very tired and in desperate need of sleep. Against her will she slumped backwards and fell into a deep sleep…

… The lift door opening awoke her. ‘What?’ she exclaimed as she was roused from her sleep… had it all been a dream? No. A quick scan around her told her it was all very, very real. She looked up just in time to see the handsome stranger exiting the lift, his eyes told her everything she already knew, a devilish smile playing subtly on his lips as he exited the lift at the thirteenth floor. The door swooshing shut behind her as the lift continued on its ascent to her floor. Please let no-one be there, she thought to herself, panicked now at the prospect of being caught without any pants on, covered in piss and cum, by one of her neighbours. Thankfully the floor was deserted when the lift stopped at her floor and she fled to her door, shakily unlocking it and slamming it shut behind her. She collapsed against the door… What had just happened to her?

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Pisshunters Hidden Toilet Cam Video

Here we have another great Pisshunters hidden piss cam. I don’t think we have has a Pisshunters hidden cam movie from this location before. She walks in and seems a little desperate she is squeezing her legs together as she is trying to get her skirt and tights down. The picture quality is not great in this one but the view does make up for it. She gets her clothes off and squats down she starts peeing straight away the hidden cam picture quality may be bad but the view of her pussy is great.

She squats right over the camera we get such a great view of her pussy pissing. It starts off slowly and then really does start to gush. This is a great set up for the Piss Hunter’s hidden cam we get the true voyeur experience as we are watching this pussy pissing. She keeps on pissing and then pulls her thigh a little maybe she wants to open her pussy wide for the hidden camera lol.

She finishes pissing and lets the last few drops of pee to drip out she is not going to wipe she is going to let her panties soak up any piss that is still there. Maybe she thinks that as she is shaved there will be no damp patches in her panties. She pulls up her thick pantyhose and skirt nd off she goes unaware that we have been watching her pissing pussy on the Pisshunters hidden camera. Another great hidden toilet cam movie from Pisshunters.

Watch the Pisshunters Hidden Toilet Cam Movie

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Dee Peeing In Shorts And Pantyhose

Here we have Dee from Real Wetting she has been sent on a job by her boss down to the storage area. She is desperate to pee but thinks she can drop off the documents and get back to the office. She though finds she has been given the wrong keys. This is not a place that there is a toilet and she is getting more and more desperate to pee. Her tight shorts and pantyhose can’t be helping her desperation either; I bet they are pushing into her bladder making her fidget in the female desperation dance. She doesn’t want to squat in the ally as someone will see her peeing. She keeps on holding wondering what to do till her desperation overwhelms her and she releases a little trickle of pee into her pantyhose.

Dee was just to desperate to pee that she couldn’t hold on she has released a little dribble of pee and it has run down her leg the tell tale sign that she is going to lose control and pee in her shorts and pantyhose. She is to desperate and the firsts trickle has turned into more, her bladder is giving in and she is peeing in her shorts and pantyhose it starts off slowly but is soon a great big flood of pee soaking her shorts and pantyhose.

She can’t stop peeing in her shorts and the river of pee is running down her pantyhose and soaking into her shoes she really is going to be laughed at when she gets back to the office she has wet herself from desperation her piss soaked  pantyhose and shorts are ruined and when she walks her shoes will be squelching. I do love it when we get to Dee desperate and peeing she always looks so sexy and makes such a great mess. I love the last shot of her walking off with the pee lines in her pantyhose. What great real wetting pictures.

See Dee Peeing In Shorts And Pantyhose Here

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