Alice And Candi From Ineed2pee Peeing Their Pants

Ineed2pee Water Trick

This is a lovely ineed2pee movie there is pants peeing while Alice is sleeping. Alice has to be one of the best female desperation and wetting models that ineed2pee has if you have missed it here is one hot female desperation movie with Alice Click Here Alice’s female desperation scenes are so hot but this ineed2pee movie has her tricked and she pisses in her pants and wow she is not happy poor Candi is desperate to pee and before she can release her bulging bladder Alice starts tickling here and being so desperate the pee spurts through her pants and they both end up in very wet pants and panties

peeing in her pants while sleeping

This is what was written about this pants and panty pissing movie ineed2pee movie
Candi thought it would be funny to put Alice’s hand in water to see if she would pee her pants & surely enough the rumours are true! Alice is so mad that she pissed herself that she starts tickling Candi mercilessly until she can’t hold on and pees her pants & panty too! See some photos from this sexy ineed2pee movie Here

wet piss patch in her pants

Pants Pissing and Female Desperation Wetting Ineed2pee Movie Watch Here

See More Of Alice And Candi At Ineed2pee Click Here


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Alice From Real Wetting Pissing In Her Tights

alice desperate to pee

This is hot Alice is lovely and tights pissing has to be one of my favourite things I just love seeing the wet pee patch in them and knowing that they are so thin that when you touch their wert tights you can also feel the skin underneath These peeing pictures come from the real wetting movie called Alice wets her tights urinating all over the place

Piss flowing through her tights

Alice was hanging her towels to dry and she never realized how desperate she was until the piss started gushing out urinating all over herself pissing on the floor. I think these photos are great she has such a nice bum and being soaked in piss makes it better I haven’t seen this desperation and wetting movie but it looks so hot the look of piss flooding through her tights looks so sexy

tights soaked in piss

>>See the female desperation and pissing pics here <<

See more of Alice at real wetting clicking here

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Black Chick Penny Pissing In Her Panties

To follow on from this post Black Chick Squirting Piss. I was lucky enough to receive these three panty pissing photos from Penny. Panty pissing has to be one of my favourite things and it is so rare to see a black chick pissing in them so to receive these three photos is wonderful I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I have such a pleasure to be able to share them and thank you Penny for providing them

Penny Pissing In Panties

penny peeing in her panties 2

Penny peeing in her panties 3

Click the thumbs to see the bigger image and enjoy Penny pissing in her shorts

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The Return of Chuffy! At Needapee

Chuffy pissing in her shorts

Looks like Chuffy is back at Needapee and has done some shorts peeing photos I really did enjoy Chuffy last year here is what I posted then It looks like Rebekaha Dee enjoyed Chuffy’s last time too this is what she has written I am pleased to bring you the return of Chuffy! She was a firm favourite last summer with her cheeky sense of humour and her cute little body so I was ‘chuffed’ to bits that she agreed to do more photos for us at Needapee. We decided to check out the local sports ground on a day when we knew there wouldn’t be too much going on. She brought along her favourite little denim shorts and just slipped them to the side whilst she peed on a set of steps leading up to the ground. Of course in shorts that tight there was only one thing that was going to happen….yes she made a wet patch on her crotch and in denim it showed up a treat!

Chuffy pissing in her shorts

Of course with the sun at its hottest it doesn’t take too long for them to dry but Chuffy at her cheeky best changed into another teeny tiny pair of shorts right there in the car park and I snapped off a couple of cheeky photos of her doing it for you!

Chuffy Pissing In Her Shorts

See the pics of Chuffy at needapee and lets not forget that Needapee has a Live Pee Cam

Visit Needapee Now

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Janessa Desperate In The Park To Pee Part2

Following on from the last ineed2pee post with Janessa desperate to pee in the park
If you missed the first part you can SEE IT HERE we continue with this female desperation movie

Desperate To Pee In Her Jeans

She started walking towards the bushes quickly “maybe I’ll just pee in the bushes, this is too uncomfortable” She went into the bushes a bit to find a spot to peel off her tight denim but all of a sudden she squealed and leapt out of the bushes!” there’s someone right over there!” I looked & there was an apartment complex past the bushes. She took a few steps over to the left and stopped suddenly, dropping her purse on the grass. Her eyes grew wide with horror and surprise as she bent over slightly and grabbed her crotch. I looked down and I could see the crotch seams of her jeans turn a dark blue as the hot piss poured right through her underwear and through her jeans. “oh my god, I’m peeing my jeans! I can’t stop!” She spread her legs a bit and the look of horror turned to disbelief & embarrassment fast as she stuck frozen completely emptying her bursting bladder into her tight denim.

Pissing In Her Jeans In The Park

She started giggling uncontrollably, probably from the embarrassment of losing control & wetting herself in front of a friend and in public view. “I can’t believe I did this, I still have to walk home in soaking wet jeans!” She turned around to grab her purse and saw that her butt was completely wet! The pee has soaked up her butt and down her right leg, making it so obvious to anyone a block away that she couldn’t hold it! She hid her embarrassment by giggling and laughing about it; I didn’t want to make her feel worse by commenting so I happily trailed behind her as she walked, checking out her beautiful pee soaked butt…

Pissed In Jeans


You can see more hot female desperation and jeans pissing at ineed2pee don’t forget too that the desperation movies have much better quality than this in the ineed2pee member’s area.

What are you waiting for check out Ineed2pee Now


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Farm Girl Loves Piss

Farm Girl Loves Piss1

From yellow stories comes this hot piss movie its called farm girl loves piss
The story goes the buxom farm girl begins by sucking off the farmhand and gets a shot of piss all over her tits. More farmhands join in, and now she has three cocks to work over and get flooded in their piss streams. She gets her pussy pounded and drenched in piss.

Farm Girtl Loves More Piss

Enjoy These Pissing Videos From Yellow Stories Just click The Pictures

See More From YellowStories Click Here

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Bald Pussy Pissing From Pisshunters

ald Pussy Pissing

Pisshunters doesn’t get much better than this how good is the secret view of this chick pissing. This has to be one of the best isshunters shoot that I have seen; this chick has been caught with her bald pussy on show while she is pissing. I think it is dam impressible how close the Pisshunter camera person got. I wish I could see the voyeur pissing movie of this these caught pissing photos from Pisshunters are only the screen shots so this voyeur piss movie will bee in the members area. It looks this time that she may wipe her pussy when she has finished pissing we have seen so often when we see these pisshunter moves or pissing pictures from piss hunters that they don’t wipe there must be all these chicks that are so desperate to pee that they have leaked piss into their panties to then piss in public only to get caught by the camera to pull their damp panties back up so they have a warm damp piss patch on their pussy.

Enjoy these voyeur Pisshunters photos by clicking here

You can see more from Pisshunters by clicking here

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