Desperate Peeing By The Road

Pissing By The Road

Female Desperation makes people pee in all sorts of places and here are some pee pictures of this desperate to pee lady. She has a squat by the side of the road and pisses in the dirt. This is from Public Nude Sluts. If she was not desperate to pee would she have done this or was it that female desperation got her so in need for a pee that she could not hold her bladder any more and had to dive out of the car and release her bulging bladder

Enjoy The Desperate Peeing By The Road

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Posted on 10.30.07
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Female Desperation In The Snow

Desperation In The Snow

Female desperation is great but real female desperation is better. This pissing picture set from ineed2pee has Adana so desperate in the snow that she pees in her pants. It actually looks like she has enjoyed it and it is nice. Her hot piss must have warmed her up and she would have made melted patches in the snow. How good do her pissed in panties look against the snow. A hot desperation scene that was produced by the female desperation masters Ineed2pee. What was written about this Female desperation scene at ineed2pee is this Here we have the lovely Adana, who has been holding it on her ATV trip in the snow! Going over the bumps jiggles her already overflowing bladder but she thinks she can hold on for a few more minutes before it all pours out. What a relief when her bladder finally can’t take it anymore! Whew… now she can sit back & inspect her pissy soaked cotton panties and pants on the

Enjoy The Female Desperation In The Snow

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Posted on 10.28.07
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Harley Pissing In Her Panties

How nice is this Harley from Wetting Her Panties. She has to be one of the cutest chicks peeing their panties. This really does look like a sneaky panty pee she is just loving this too. I think she likes the feeling of desperation but really gets of with the feeling of her panties getting warm with the hot pee as it flows through the fabric. Damp pissed in knickers are so nice
Just click the pictures to see the bigger image

harley-pissing-in-her-knickers-001.jpg harley-pissing-in-her-knickers-002.jpg
harley-pissing-in-her-knickers-003.jpg harley-pissing-in-her-knickers-004.jpg
harley-pissing-in-her-knickers-005.jpg harley-pissing-in-her-knickers-006.jpg

To See more from Wetting Her Panties Just Click Here

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Posted on 10.26.07
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Ineed2pee Back Up And Running

Well you have to feel sorry for the owner of Ineed2pee it seems that her server got hacked and all the information was wiped. She has spent the whole day getting it back and running for Us Female Desperation Fans. With out Ineed2pee I don’t know what I and all the other pee desperation and panty pissing fans would do. As I have said before this has to be one of the best sites for pee desperation fans. I thought in celebration that i would repost my favorite ineed2pee movie.

Alice Pissing In Her Swimsuit

Its of Alice pissing in her swimsuit , she totally loses control and the sound as the piss hitting the grass is great. If you missed it you can see it by clicking here.

Despreation wetting from ineed2pee

If you also missed the preview movie of lots of pissing scenes that are available in the members area Click Here to watch it

Pissing In Her Spandex Pants

But my other favorite is the spandex piss. Talk about desperate Poor Michele really does lose it and there is the fleeting chance that her breast may pop out in her desperate struggle to get her spandex tights off. Her breast doesn’t pop out but it is a close call but before long she loses the battle against her desperate bladder
If you missed it Click Here

Sorry for all the people who have seen these desperation movies from ineed2pee before but all I can say is dam its good ineed2pee is back up and running and worth a re-run of these movies.

Click Her To Visit Ineed2pe

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Posted on 10.24.07
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Hot Blonde Pissing In Park

Pissing Exposed In The Park

WOW how hot is this blonde chick pissing in the park. This picture set is a hot one from Public Nude Sluts. Outdoor in public, pissing is one thing, but a hot blonde chick pissing. The amount of pee when she releases her bladder is astounding I reckon she must have been very desperate to pee. With people around and exposed in the park like this I would have thought she would have been shy about peeing but she looks so happy when she squirts her piss into the ground. Maybe this is because she was so desperate to pee female desperation can make chicks piss anywhere. It would be interesting to know if this was a sneaky pee or if anyone saw here. Public nude sluts has some great pissing in public sets

Enjoy this Hot Blonde Pissing In The Park

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Posted on 10.22.07
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Shy Public Panty Peeing

Shy Girl About To Pee

Meet Beatrix it would seem that she was only a one time model at Needapee. She is pissing in her rainbow panties on top of a bridge. This is a really hot video she is so shy but when she lets go her pee comes flooding out . She must have been desperate it is a shame she was not so desperate to pee that she was dribbling pee. I love seeing female desperation where the lady cannot hold her piss any longer and it starts to dribble out and slowly make the panties damp.
The movie I posted here of Tiffany so desperate has no panties but is one of my favorites in how desperate to pee she was those who haven’t seen it yet you can by Clicking Here

Rainbow Panty Pee

But back to these panty peeing pictures. The quality is not good as they have been taken from the hot pee movie this is what has been written about this peeing video at needapee

“Beatrix took to public peeing like a duck to water. When she emailed me out of the blue requesting to wet in public I knew she’d be great! I lead her to a train bridge where she hitches her skirt up and pee her panties. There is a fair gust of wind which means she also wets her socks. The wind also proves a problem as you’ll see when she tries to discard her wet undies!”

Shy Peeing Action

She is a really hot pee model and the panty peeing is just great, its is a shame there are not more shy peeing movies of her to stand lift her skirt and release her pee outdoors is just so wonderful

Enjoy the Shy Public Peeing Pictures
You Can See the video At Needapee

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Posted on 10.20.07
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Pisshunters Voyeur Pissing

Another peeing lady caught on film by the masters of the voyeur peeing Pisshunters . These are taken from a video that is available at the Pisshunters website. This is not a sneaky peeing set. It would seem that it may be a toilet or she is trying to fill the hole with piss. It would be nice to see the video to see how desperate she was to pee before she released. I saw one video from Pisshunters and the lady was so desperate to pee, she could hardly get her pants down it time. It reminded me of some of the female desperation scenes from that hot desperation site ineed2pee.


Enjoy the Pisshunters Voyeur Pissing

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Posted on 10.19.07
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Panty Peeing In Public

Pissing In Skirt and panties

Sorry Just two pictures for today but…
This really does it for me Here is the lovely Sheila from Ineed2pee she was really desperate to pee looking for a toilet to piss in unfortunately she was just so desperate to pee that she pissed in her blue panties. Female desperation always makes life good and here we have the lovely Sheila squatting with her legs open panties on and she is peeing. The pee is running into her skit and into her bum but the look on her face is one of pure relief that she has been able to release her bursting bladder. it also looks like she may cry from the embarrassment of pissing in her panties in public.

Looks Like A Pissed In Diaper Under Her Wet Panties

What I love about the second photo is that she has wet blue panties on and we know its from her warm pee but it also gives the impression that she is wearing a thin diaper that she has pissed in. This is no sneaky pee movie this is public panty peeing and it is great. I just wish there was some public diaper pissing too.
You can see this movie at Ineed2pee

Enjoy The Public Panty Pissing

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Posted on 10.16.07
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The Lovely Rebekah from Needapee

Here we have this peeing hottie outdoors riding her bike and desperate to pee. As we have seen in some of her peeing movies she is really a great pisser. She just loves the pee gushing out of her vagina and also she is into clothes wetting its pissing in her shorts or knicker wetting Rebekah loves it .

Desperate to pee

Back to these couple of photos she is on her bike and desperate out in nature that is nothing better than to just pee well that is exactly what happens how nice is her pink pussy with pee squirting out. I just love the dribbles of pee that are running towards her bum.


A lot of the pee must have run to her bum as look how wet her panties are they have a lovely dark patch of pee. Looks like Rebekah is going to keep them on too what a way to ride home in some wet pissy panties

Pissed In Knickers
Here is what Rebekah Dee wrote about that day
“The combination of some grueling exercise and warm weather makes for one absolute certainty – that once I take break I’m gonna need to pee. Just one problem though, I’m in the middle of nowhere. Still sat astride my bike I cock a leg open, pull my panties to the side and enjoy the sensation as I lose control of my pee. The result is a very messy and a soaked pair of panties!”

Enjoy Rebekah from Needapee peeing
You can see more of her Clicking Here

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Posted on 10.14.07
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Panty Pissing From Wetting Her Panties

Desperate Peeing Photo

This is some hot panty pissing from wetting her pants. Unfortunately I have found only two photos but the first one is hot. The pee is just flowing out of her pussy into her panties. It looks like she is trying to stop the pee coming out. Desperate pee is great and the camera shot for this pee is so clear you can see the pee drips. Wettingherpanties does have some good stuff. I love this second photo peed in panties. On her legs you can still see the pee drips I wish we had a pee video for this I am guessing her vagina gushed the piss till she soaked her pink panties and the warm pee ran down her legs like a river. I guess she ended standing in a pee puddle.
Wet Pissed In Pink Panties

Enjoy The Panty Peeing Photos
Visit Wetting Her Panties

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Posted on 10.11.07
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