Wet And Pissy Pissing Pictures

Wet and Pissy brings us three great picture sets of hot peeing ladies. We start off with Maggy. The story from Wet And Pissy goes like this “Sexy brunette Maggy is in the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her tight body. She teases as she lets is slip under her perky tits and once fully naked, she teases her trimmed pussy and stretches her pussy lips wide. Gaping them even wider apart, Maggy fires a stream of piss into a padding pool which has been strategically placed in the bathroom along with a ride-on inflatable sex toy! This horny brunette shows her blowjob skills before pissing on her toy and sliding her pussy onto the long shaft. Once she is finished, she bends over and pees again in the pool before using a pink toy on her tight ass and rolling around in puddles of her golden pee. Now soaking wet, Maggie pisses into a glass and drinks up her own juices!” See Maggy Pissing Here.

Next up we have Milana.”Cute blonde Milana poses in a tight tank top and leggings and once she starts to strip, she pees through the crotch of her leggings, making them soaking wet. This naughty blonde also lets another stream of piss spray onto the floor. She slides off her wet pants and squeezes her nectar over her body before moving onto a jelly dildo that she uses to pleasure herself. She gets so turned on with her pussy play that she pisses again and then teases herself with a pussy pump. Milana catches her piss in the tube and tastes it, before licking up the droplets of pee from the wooden table below.” See Milana Peeing Here

Last up we have the lovely Ria “Gorgeous brunette Ria looks very innocent but this beauty has always wanted to try out piss play! Dressed in a cute little outfit and spiked sandals, Ria starts to undress and reveals her extremely perky nipples. Gaping her pussy, she pisses over herself and into the air before bending over and releasing another stream. This cutie dives into her pee puddle and licks up her golden juices. Now completely naked, Ria aims her next stream into a wine glass and pours it over her body while tasting it. Finishing herself off with an anal toy, she squeezes another golden stream from her hole and lets us zoom in close to capture it on film!” See Ria Peeing Here

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Wet And Pissy Shorts And Pussy Pissing

From Wet and Pissy we have three more peeing movies. The first movie is a shorts peeing with Bailey. This is one of the hottest shorts pissing movies that I have seen in a long time. Bailey is in her tight shorts and we focus on her crotch. One of her pussy lips is nearly popping out she starts peeing and as her piss explodes through the denim it starts running down her leg this really is a wonderful sight. As she is peeing Bailey starts to rub the wet denim she really has soaked her shorts in pee and her leg is shiny too. She turns around and pulls down her shorts and shows her pissy wet vagina. She was wearing no underwear in this movie and this is the only downfall to the hot shorts wetting. She finishes off by rubbing her pissy wet pussy. See Baileys peeing movie here.

The next Wet and Pissy movie that we have is another shorts peeing movie starring Avril Sun. She is in her tight shorts and you can see that her bladder is bulging. She starts playing with her nipples till they are hard and rubs her breasts. She then starts to rub her crotch through her denim shorts. As she is rubbing herself she starts to pee. She is peeing in her shorts and piss is splashing down her legs and soaking into the denim, she stops, turns around and starts peeing again. This time her pee explodes out running down her legs and soaking her socks, she rubs the tight pissed in denim encasing her crotch she really does seem to be enjoying feeling herself through her pissed in shorts. See Avril Sun’s shorts peeing movie here.

The last Wet and Pissy movie we have stars Gitti. She is in her stockings with her knickers pulled to the side playing with her pussy. She stops stands and then pulls her knickers down and sits back on the chair and starts to play with her pussy again. She lifts her leg and starts pissing. Her piss stream starts off so powerful and it is splashing everywhere. We zoom in on her pussy and see her pee hole and then she starts to finger herself again. See Gitti’s peeing movie click here.

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Wet And Pissy Peeing Movies

From Wet And Pissy we have some more peeing movies. The first peeing movie we has stars the lovely Foxy Amber she really is one hot read head and we join the action as she is squeezing her piss soaked panties over her body soaking herself in her piss. She squeezes all the pee out of her panties and starts to rub her pussy, just look at her full pussy lips they would be great to suck. She has a orgasm and then stands up and holds her pussy wide open. You can see how full her bladder is and then she starts to pee. She is peeing and the camera zooms in and you can see her pee hole as it opens and closes as her pee sprays out. Not content with standing and pissing she then leans back and pees more. A great Wet and Pissy Peeing Movies, see Foxy Amber peeing here.

The next Wet and Pissy Movie stars Gaby. We join the action as she is playing with a dildo, she pushes it in and out and then starts to pee as she still has the dildo in her. She is really having a great time and as she pees she starts to pump her pussy more and more, her pussy is soaked in pee. She finishes peeing but doesn’t stop playing with her dildo and really goes for it pushing it deeper and deeper. She finishes herself off and then gets a towel and wipes up all her piss of the floor. See the peeing movie with Gaby here.

The last Wet And Pissy movie we have stars Diana. Diana starts off sucking a plastic cock she really is a beautiful blond. She finishes with the plastic cock and she is ready to show us some golden fun, she leans back with her legs open and starts to rub her pussy she plays with her lips and then starts to finger herself. Diana opens her pussy wide and starts to pee what a lovely pee arch she has and once again you can make out her pee hole as she is peeing. What a great Wet And Pissy movie to finish off with, you can see it Diana peeing here.

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Wet and Pissy Peeing Movies

From Wet And Pissy we have three great pissing movies. Following on from the last ones these can be streamed and are longer. The first movie stars Angel Piaff, Angel Piaff is the type of girl you can go to when you want to experience pure pleasure. And you don’t have to feel guilty because no one would blame you for giving this hot and sexy girl a good fuck. Guys just can’t resist her sensual appeal as she opens her legs wide to shoot piss from her pussy. So if you want to have a quick sexually charged affair, then don’t wait. What you will love the most about her is the slim and sexy body that she has. It makes her really wet when she climbs out of her clothes to show it off. But she gets a lot wetter when squirting pee onto the floor while rubbing her pussy hole. See Angel peeing here.

The next Wet and Pissy peeing movie stars Eileen, If you like having a little fun with the innocent looking types who have an open mind and are willing to explore new types of action, then maybe you should have a look at Eileen. That way you can find out if she has what you have been looking for. She just might be exactly what you require. Her black hair make Eileen look both dangerous and seductively sexy at the same time. Even though she looks like the sexy girl that you tend to see every day and would love to fuck, she is no ordinary neighborhood whore. She loves spreading her pussy open wide for a piss. You can see her get her pussy warm and wet while sitting in a puddle of her own urine before taking a taste of the salty substance. See Eileen peeing here.

The last wet and pissy peeing movie has Jessica.  If you are horny right now and don’t have a girl around to satisfy your need, then you don’t have to worry. All that you need can be found her with just a few quick seconds. In fact, after you get a good look at Jessica, you might begin to think that it’s better that you are alone. That is why she is waiting with legs spread and prepared to shoot out watery piss like a fountain. She is willing to invite anyone in. That way you can have enough privacy to explore all the things that you really want to do when you have a woman ready and willing to engage in a little fun. She loves the taste of warm piss and licks up her own urine after streaming it out on a table top or floor. Just look and see for yourself what she is willing to do to make you hard. See Jessica peeing here.

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Wet And Pissy Movies

Today we have some pissing movies from a new peeing website Wet And Pissy. The first movie has a lovely redhead, she is on her knees in panties feeling her pussy, she starts to pee in her panties and rubs herself. You can make out her pussy lips as her panties get wet. This is a great position to be watching knicker wetting. She finishes panty peeing and moves on to the couch where she is playing with a dildo. Not content with just the dildo she starts to pee as she is pumping her pussy she really does a wonderful pee and soaks everything such a sexy read head she even sucks the pissy wet dildo when she finishes. See the movie Here

The second wet and pissy movie has a very sexy blonde Alannis she is in shorts and a top she really does look wonderful as she undoes her crop top and then takes down her shorts. We join the movie action where she has squatted down and she is holding her pussy she opens. She starts to piss and she is spraying her hand and the floor what a mess she is making and she is pissing, there is even pee running down her bum. She finishes pissing and then sits in the chair and plays with her pussy. The last movie has her sitting on the plastic chair nude and peeing she pees and her pee puddle gets bigger and bigger. She is sitting in her warm puddle with her pussy lips open, just wonderful. See Alannis’s pissing movie Here

The last Wet And Pissy movie stars Liz she is in her underwear and has a bottle. Liz starts to piss and soaks her panties and fills up her bottle, just look at the mess she is making as she is pissing in her panties her pee is running down her legs and into her stockings she really is one messy panty pissing hottie. She finishes peeing and then sits down she has her bottle of pee and squirts it onto her cloths she is one wet and pissy mess and look how much she is enjoying soaking herself. She is dripping in pee this really is just wonderful. See Liz panty peeing Here

See Movie 1, 2, 3,

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