Dee Pissing In Her Jeans In The Bed

Dee Coming home drunk

From Real Wetting we have the wonderful Dee. There is something so sexy about Dee pissing, she seems to love being soaked in piss and she has such a big bladder too. If you have missed some of her wonderful wettings check out Dee Peeing In Her Shorts, Waitress Desperate And Pissing Herself, Dee Peeing In Lycra Pants, and Dee Female Desperation In Leggings Today she is in her jeans and has just got home. She is drunk and tired and when she makes it to the bedroom she collapses on the bed. She is so drunk that she doesn’t feel the pressure in her bladder and as she is lying there she lets out a little pee.

Pissing In Her Jeans On The Bed

Dee is drunk and on the bed, she has started to pee herself and there is a little pee patch growing in her jeans. She moves a little and a big gush of piss shoots out soaking her jeans until they are shining in piss. She manages to stop the flow and then it starts again. A lovely wet wave of piss hits her wet denim crotch again. It is a wonderful sight.

Drunk on bed in piss soaked panties

Dee is on the bed in her piss soaked jeans, she has figured out that she has peed herself and has a big wet piss patch beneath her. She starts to pull her jeans off and then pulls her piss soaked pantyhose down with them. As she is pulling her jeans off we get to see her piss soaked panties clinging to her crotch, she has a very pissy pussy. She pull her jeans off and then in her piss soaked panties goes to sleep A super sexy jeans wetting in bed

See Dee Peeing Her Jeans Here

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Posted on 08.03.17
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Alisha Pants Pissing In the Bed

From HD Wetting we have the sexy Alisha once again. The last wetting we had with her she was in bed and peeing in her panties before playing with her pissy pussy you can see it here in Pissing Panties And Masturbating. She really does seem to love sitting in a puddle of pee and masturbating and today to continue we have her in her pyjamas on the bed and very desperate to pee. She is sitting and holding her crotch, I bet she is getting more and more turned on the more desperate she gets. She jambs her hand harder into her crotch but she can’t hold on and starts to pee.

Alisha is peeing in her pyjamas in bed. How she is sitting her crotch is getting wet and then her pee puddle grows it is really soaking into the pyjama fabric. As she pees more she is creating a lovely warm pool of piss around her. She keeps on peeing and her pyjamas are getting more and more soaked.

Alisha has soaked her pyjamas and she kneels up to show us how wet they are, they are soaked and sagging. She strips the soaked pants of and we get to see her peed in pink panties too but that is not all, she is so horny now she strips her piss soaked panties off and with her wet pissy pussy on full show she masturbates till she is cumming. A wonderful wetting and masturbation scene from HD Wetting

See Alisha Peeing Her Pyjamas Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 05.26.17
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Debbie Peeing In Her Satin Pyjamas

From Real Wetting we have the wonderful Debbie. It has been a while since we have had this lovely wetter but today she is back with a great satin pyjamas peeing. If you have missed some of her previous wetting endeavours check out Debbie Pissing In Denim ShortsBound And Peeing In PantiesDebbie Pissing In Her Jeans and Debbie Peeing In Her Panties. We join Debbie today asleep. She has lovely satin pyjamas bottoms and a cotton top on. She is sleeping and looking so sweet and innocent, she starts to stir and opens her eyes she really needs to pee.

Debbie has just woken up and realises that she needs to pee. She stands up and instantly grabs her crotch trying to hold on. She still has a knee on the bed and as she is like this she starts to lose control and pee into her pyjamas. As she is peeing into her pyjamas the satin is soaking it up and the fabric is going dark purple. She starts to pee more and the stream is turning into a great big gusher, there is piss spraying everywhere. She is soaking her bed her legs and her feet are even getting warm and wet in piss. This is a great pyjama piss

Her piss stream starts to slow and as she finishes pissing herself she bends forward and we get the most wonderful sight of her satin pyjamas soaked in piss. The fabric is grabbing her legs, she pulls her pants down and we then get to see her piss soaked panties. She takes her piss soaked pants off and then lies down in her piss puddle still in her wet panties. A wonderful pyjama pissing from Real Wetting

See Debbie Peeing Her Pyjamas Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.24.17
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Japanese Ladies Peeing In The bed

From Piss Japan we have a great Japanese bed wetting. There is something so sexy watching as a chick falls asleep and pees in the bed. We starts off today with two Japanese ladies playing around while having a sleep over they go to bed fall asleep together they look so sexy and relaxed

We watch and find one of the ladies starts to pee in her shorts sleeping. There is pee flowing through the fabric and soaking into the mattress when she finishes peeing in the bed she is one pissy mess.

She wakes up and realises that she has peed in the bed. She looks at her shorts and then gets up trying not to disturb her sleeping friend. She gets out of bed and we can see the pee soaked mattress, she tries to clean up her piss mess but as she is doing so her friend wakes and bust her for peeing in the bed

See The Japanese Bed Wetting Here

Visit Piss Japan Click Here

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Posted on 08.22.16
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Female Desperation And Wetting From Ineed2pee

Today we have three female desperation and wetting sets from Ineed2pee. We starts off with Miss Jasmine the story from Ineed2pee goes like this “I had the pleasure of shooting with Miss Jasmine again when she rolled into Vegas for a family trip! She’s a very busty & sexy MILF who has a nice bladder capacity & who doesn’t overact either. She is tied up & interrogated but she sticks to her claims that she doesn’t know anything. Her bladder is getting fuller & fuller & she already needs to pee so badly! Her hands & feet are bound so she can’t even grab her crotch or try to stop the flow and a huge gusher of hot pee comes out through her skintight jeggings! She’s wetting herself uncontrollably in big waves now, the yellow liquid soaking the nice chair seats & all over the carpet below. She even gets some pee on her nice leather boots too! Great behind the scenes where she peels off her pissy soaked pants & shows her sexy lacy underwear.” I is a great female desperation and wetting from this hottie once again. See Miss Jasmine Here.

Next up we have Kenna Valentina wetting the bed. The ineed2pee story goes “It’s been quite a while since a good bedwetting scene, for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a hit & miss with the fans & the models too. Sometimes the girls have a hard time peeing in the lying down position, even if they need to pee real badly, but you don’t know it until you are shooting the scene & trying. Then, when they do pee, sometimes it just pools around their butt area & doesn’t really show up well as it’s coming out. IE. you can’t see the stream of pee shooting out, so it’s only when they stand up you can see the damage. It almost seems like a wasted pee at that point. So Kenna & I decided to give it a shot today & it worked out really nicely! Lots of natural sunlight is important in a bedwetting shoot, as well as thin pants to show the pee coming out nicely. Hope you enjoy it & the lovely sexy Kenna! I wished Kenna lived closer to me but she’s all the way in Tampa so I only get to connect with her once a year. Why are all the cutest models on the east coast?” See Kenna bedwetting Here

Last up we have Envii a little hottie. The story goes “Envii is totally brand new to this so you won’t be seeing her on any other wetting site! She is a lovely young Mediterranean PERSIAN girl with light brown skin. She’s outside enjoying the sun, wearing a very tight spandex lycra one piece swimsuit & has a very full bladder already. She’s squirming & trying to hold her pee while telling you of her desperation. She’s crossing her legs & doing the pee pee dance while sitting on the patio chair. She gets up & gives you a nice squirming shot of her holding herself before sitting down & wetting her swimsuit a bit onto the chair! IT’s a nice sized leak! She stands up & starts wetting her swimsuit since she can’t hold it any longer! It’s streaming out her tight spandex crotch & down the back of her bare legs.” See the photos here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 10.01.14
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Lesbian Panty Peeing on The Bed

We have had some great Lesbian peeing from HD Wetting and today it gets even better. Staring everyone’s favorite Sosha with Alisha and Carly. If you have missed some of the great lesbian wettings from HD Wetting in the past check out Cheerleader Panty Pissing And Outdoor Peeing, Sexy Lesbian Peeing From HD Wetting, Lesbian Peeing With Sammy And Mikki, Bed Wetting Movie And Lesbian Peeing and HD Wetting Lesbian Peeing. Today Sosha is on the bed in her panties with a full bladder Alisha and Carly are also in their panties and topless. They start to tickle Sosha, she squirms around and then as she is being tickled her bladder gives way and pee explodes into her panties.

Sosha is lying on the bed topless and peeing in her panties you can see that she has a pee fountain pushing through her panties as she peeing so hard. She keeps on peeing her panties and the pee puddle is getting bigger and bigger under her. This is wonderful sight her panties are shining with piss and her piss puddle is huge I do love it when we get a full soaking. She finishes peeing and while lying there Alisha and Carly kneel over here and pee through there panties onto her. Sosha is getting even more soaked in piss.

Carly and Alisha finish peeing on Sosha and now that she is soaked in pee the great lesbian action starts. Alisha starts to suck Sosha’s breasts while Carly goes to work on her piss soaked pussy, she is licking and fingering Sosha till she cums while still lying in her puddle of pee. This is what I was hoping for when I saw that there were now three peeing models at HD Wetting some great threesome lesbian peeing action. I can’t wait for the next time we have a wonderful wet make out session from HD Wetting.

See Sosha Peeing Panties And Cumming

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 02.07.14
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Alisha Peeing In The Bed

From HD Wetting we have a wonderful hand in the water bed wetting. We have had the pictures from this peeing movie before in Bed Wetting And Peeing from HD wetting, the great thing today is that we have the movie. We start off with Sosha talking to the camera telling us what she is about to do. She lists off how many times that Alisha has made her wet herself and this is the revenge. There is something great watching these two as they play around they always have so much fun. Sosha fills a bowl of water and then sneaks into Alisha’s room she is asleep on the bed in a top and panties.

Alisha has her hand placed in the water and we watch. Alisha sleeps peacefully and then the water does its trick and she starts to pee in her panties, this is great, her panties get the first damp patch and then as she keeps peeing in her panties the puddle grows and it starts to soak not just her panties the mattress too. You can hear the pee trickling out as she is peeing it is a wonderful sound. She finishes peeing in her panties and there is a lovely wet puddle and still she is sleeping.

Alisha has peed in the bed and now Sosha wakes Alisha. Alisha finds that she has peed in the bed and soaked her panties, she really doesn’t look happy as she gets up. As she gets up we get to see the full extent of her piss soaked bed. A nice bed wetting from HD Wetting.

See Alisha Peeing In the Bed Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 08.02.13
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Female Desperation movies Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have three female desperation and wetting movies. Ineed2pee really are the masters of female desperation it is so often that the lovely ladies are not acting and there are times that they lose control when the camera is not ready. The female owner of Ineed2pee really does know her stuff. To starts off today we have Tia Ling. She is in her denim skirt and of course desperate to pee. The story from Ineed2pee goes like this. “You’re walking back to your off strip hotel after partying with the lovely Tia Ling and really, you both should have gone to the bathrooms before leaving… or else stop drinking so much cheap beer! She is already dying for the toilets and you’re still a block from the hotel. There’s too many cars on the highway and streets so she’s feeling self-conscious about her bladder desperation. Back at the doors, she tries the key card but for some reason the side door is malfunctioning. So we need to walk over to the front desk to get a new key card…argh!! Will she make it to the lobby toilets…? When she finally loses control it’s a HUGE wet gusher that just starts cascading down from under her sexy jean skirt! It splashes all over her feet and shoes… oops a car just went by as she’s pissing herself, how embarrassing!” It is a super sexy female desperation and wetting and with Tia Ling well wow. She has done other wetting movies at Ineed2pee she hasn’t been around for a while but it would be wonderful to see her desperate again. See Tia Ling desperate to pee here.

Next Up we have a teen Kelli she is very sexy and very desperate. This was written about the movie “You might’ve noticed that this scene is a little bit shorter than the others. That’s because (and I’m sure you’ll be VERY pleased to know) that Kelli was so desperate to pee and she really COULD NOT hold it until the end of the “shoot”. We were trying for at least 8 good minutes of desperation but as soon as she stumbled into the stairways she really couldn’t hold on any longer, as you can tell from the huge gushing of pee and the loud splashing!! So the video wasn’t as long as I’d it to be but at least it was 100% real. There’s even a short behind the scenes bit at the very end where we’re racing down the hallway back to the room & she’s giggling like mad because we have to pass a bunch of people. She’s trying to hide the HUGE wet spot on her bum and front with her hands, making it even more comical.” A hot female desperation movie. See Kelli desperate to pee here.

Last up we have Moana & Gummi it is a fun bed wetting from Ineed2pee. They haven’t had many lately and that is a shame as seeing a good bedwetting is always hot. The story from Ineed2pee goes like this “Moana & I are so disappointed that Gummi is already passed out and it’s so early in the evening!! I mean we’re supposed to be having a girls only trip with lots of partying and clubbing. Moana thought it’d be a hilarious idea if she tested out the “hand in warm water” trick on Gummi and see’s if she wets the bed. She fills up the ice bucket and we chat while we’re waiting for the wetness…. All of a sudden there’s pee streaming out of her tight blue cotton pants!! It’s going up her ass crack and streaming out onto the bed with force; I guess she had a really full bladder! She wakes up and sees that she pissed the bed and her pants everywhere and starts crying. Gummi is so upset that her friends did this to her so Moana feels bad and admits that she has to pee now as well, but instead of using the toilet she’s going to pee her red shorts and panties to make Gummi feel better. She does a short pee pee dance before completely soaking herself as her friend watches.” Watch Gummi peeing in her bed here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here


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Posted on 07.23.13
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Bed Shorts And Pantyhose Peeing

From Real Wetting we have three great peeing sets. Real Wetting is one of the best wetting websites out there. Their models are lovely and they truly seems to enjoy peeing themselves. We have had some great posts here and if you have missed them check out these Real Wetting movies. Dee Female Desperation And Peeing, Bed Wetting Movie With Alice and Female Desperation And Wetting With Alice. Today we start with a bed wetting staring Dee. I do love seeing a great bed wetting they seem to be getting more and more rare. If you love bed wetting like me check out the Bed Wetting category. Dee is in bed asleep in her tight red panties they are so tight that you can make out her pissy lips. As she is sleeping she rolls over onto her back, she opens her legs wide and while she is sleeping starts to pee in her bed. She is peeing in her bed her panties are glistening as her pee is flooding out, the sheets are getting a great big pee puddle too she is soaked. Just look at her piss soaked panties they look good enough to suck and the pee puddle beneath her is wonderful. See finishes peeing in her bed and rolls over and we get to see her piss soaked bottom too. A very sexy bed wetting from Real Wetting. See Dee wetting the bed here.

Next up from Real Wetting we have Valerie. This is the first time that we have had Valerie at PissBlog she is relativity new to Real Wetting but she is one sexy wetter. Today she is in her shorts and working at her desk she is in her pantyhose with tight shorts over the top. Sitting as she types she is getting more and more desperate to pee she puts her hand into her crotch trying to hold on but she can’t. She is to desperate to pee and instead of jumping up and running to the toilet she opens her legs and starts to pee in her shorts. She is pissing in her shorts and her pee is splashing on the ground. The pee patch is getting bigger and bigger and her chair is soaked too. She stands up and we get to see her piss soaked bottom. This is on hot shorts peeing from Valerie. See Valerie peeing in her shorts here.

Last up from Real Wetting we have Sara. Sara is a great Real Wetting model and we have had some wonderful sets from her in the past. Check out Sara Peeing In Her Pants, Sara Peeing In Her Dress & Pantyhose and Sara Peeing In Her Jeans From Real Wetting.Today she is outdoors in a dress and pantyhose she is walking down the path and then stops and starts to pee in her pantyhose. There is something great about seeing Sara peeing herself she is a natural and once again she is showing this. She is peeing in her pantyhose and dress and rubbing her encased legs, she must be loving the warmth of her pee and the freedom she is getting. She finishes peeing in her pantyhose and keeps walking till she finds a spot to take off her piss soaked shoes and then her pissy pantyhose she tosses them aside puts on her piss soaked shoes again and walks off. See Sara peeing her pantyhose here.

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.24.13
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Bed Wetting Lesbians And Jeans Peeing

From HD Wetting we have a lesbian bed wetting movie to start off, we have had some great bed wetting movies from HD Wetting in the past, if you have missed them check out Peeing In Her Bed while Playing, Bed Wetting Friends, and Bed Wetting Movie And Lesbian Peeing.  Sosha is sleeping in the bed, Mary Jane joins her and starts kissing Sosha to wake her up. They start to make out and are both getting so excited. Sosha needs to pee and starts to pee in her panties over Mary Jane her warm pee is covering Mary Jane’s belly and then running into the quilt. This makes them more and more horny and with Mary Jane wet with piss Mary Jane starts to lick Sosha, this is great she is licking Sosha and I bet there is warm piss on Sosha’s body too. They keep kissing and then Mary Jane pulls Sosha’s pissed in panties down and we get to see her wet pussy, a great HD Wetting movie with bed wetting. See Sosha being peed on in bed here.

Next up we have some jeans peeing pictures. Sosha is desperate to pee she goes into the bathroom and undoes her top button but when she tries to pull down the zipper it is stuck. She is to desperate for this she needs to pee now, she struggles trying to force it down but it won’t budge she is getting more and more desperate, she can’t hold much longer she keeps on struggling. Her  bladder is to full and can’t hold on any longer and she starts to pee in her jeans. her pee runs down her legs and puddles on the floor soaking her feet too, a great jeans wetting from HD Wetting. See Sosha peeing in her jeans here.

Last from HD Wetting  we have some more bed wetting, this time it is Sosha and Alisha. Alisha enters the bedroom with Sosha sleeping and starts to kiss Sosha, Sosha wakes up and starts to join in but her bladder is bursting she needs to pee Alisha doesn’t care and keep on kissing Sosha while also pressing on her bladder. Sosha gets more and more desperate and as she lies on her back starts to pee in her panties and into the bed, she finishes peeing in her panties and then Alisha gets on her and keeps on kissing her. See the bed wetting pictures here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 02.14.13
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