Needapee Pissing Pictures

From Needapee we have three sets of outdoor peeing pictures. As you all must know I love seeing Rebekah Dee peeing outdoors.  We have had some great Needapee movies in the past and if you have missed them check out Rebekah Dee Peeing On A Mountain, Needapee Rebekah Dee Pissing On Herselfand Rebekah Dee Peeing In The Sun The first set of pictures for today are peeing by the sea Rebekah Dee wrote this at Needapee “Ahh the summer seems but a distance memory now, especially since the UK is in the grip of bitterly cold snap of weather. So I hope you’ll let me reminisce with this video full of warm golden brown colors of autumn in the Med. Shot in a scenic spot of beauty by the ocean I climb up on to a boulder to offer you the best angle to se me pee into the warm afternoon sun!”

The next set of Needapee peeing pictures is peeing in a ally this was written at Needapee “I’m fond of exploring and rambling in the countryside but one inconvenience is the lack of bathrooms. This does however offer up an opportunity to be at one with nature. A girl quickly learns to take any opportunity that comes her way! On this recent trip I took a chance in an alley between two cottages. My heart was beating furiously as I slipped my pants down, put my knees together and preyed not to be caught!”

The last set we have is peeing by the pool written by Rebekah Dee “So there I was relaxing by the pool, basking naked in the sun, one leg in the pool and without a care in the World. So chilled and relaxed was I that my intention was to let my pee dribble out so that I could bath in a puddle of my warm piss. But then I saw that you were watching me and so I opened my legs so you could perv like the pee pervert that you are as I pissed all over the pools edge – and myself of course!” Such great peeing from Needapee

See Set 1 2 3

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Posted on 11.29.11
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Quick Piss In The Bushes

From Pisshunters we have this short voyeur peeing movie. We have had this Pisshunters location before with Outdoor Voyeur Peeing Movie, Older Blonde Caught Pissing Pisshunters Hidden Camera Pee and Blonde Caught Pissing On Camera. In this voyeur peeing movie from Pisshunters. The lady is in a hurry she walks into shot pulls her jeans and panties down squats and starts pissing right away. she really didn’t need to pee or if she did she must have a small bladder she looks around to see if anyone is watching her and then she has finished she pulls up her panties and jeans and it’s done I think she takes longer doing up her jeans than showing off her pissing pussy

See The Quick Piss In The Bushes Here

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Posted on 11.26.11
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Redhead Peeing In Jeans

From ineed2pee we have Tori She has locked herself out and is desperate to pee she is waiting for someone to help her and open the door she is just so desperate to pee she is sitting in her seat with her legs crossed trying to hold her pee in she is getting more and more desperate by the second if someone doesn’t open the door soon she is going to lose control.

Tori is just to desperate to pee she has been holding on and on but her bladder cant hold on any longer she stands up and starts to pee in her jeans what start as a little dribble turns into a flood she is peeing in her jeans and standing in her pee puddle.

Tori has peed in her jeans and is now standing in her pee puddle she looks so sexy with the piss soaked denim encasing her bottom. Imagine if you were the maintenance man and you arrive now what a great sight would greet you Tori in her piss soaked jeans with a bottom that looks like it needs a good spanking. Another great female desperation and jeans peeing movie from Ineed2pee

See Tori Desperate To Pee Click Here

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Posted on 11.23.11
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Desperate White Pants Peeing

From Real Wetting we have Antonia she is in her white pants and desperate to pee. The pants are nice and tight and putting pressure on her bladder. She is crossing her lags and holding her crotch. I do love female desperation from Real Wetting and Antonia desperate to pee is always lovely.

Antonia is desperate to pee, she has her hand in her crotch holding on she really is trying but her desperation gets to great and she starts to pee in her pants just look as her pee explodes in her pants she is making such a mess and her pee is making rivers as it runs down her legs.

Poor Antonia was just to desperate to pee and is peeing in her pants she is really soaking them, they have the lovely piss glisten to them. She really was full, just look how soaked her pants are. She turns around and is holding her crotch I bet she is loving the feeling of the warm pee. A great female desperation and pants peeing movie from Real Wetting staring Antonia.

See Antonia Desperate And Pants Peeing

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Posted on 11.20.11
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Panty Peeing From Wetting Her Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have a wonderful panty peeing movie. We have had some great wetting movies from Wetting Her Panties in the past if you have missed them check out Panty Peeing With Koko Lee from Wetting Her Panties and Panty Peeing Movie From Wetting Her Panties.Today we have Sky she is sitting on a plastic seat in her yellow panties she looks so lovely and then she starts peeing. The crotch of her panties are clinging to her pussy and as soon as she starts to pee in her panties they stick. Sky really is peeing hard her panties are getting so soaked its great.

Sky is sitting in her chair and peeing in her panties just look at her panties they have nearly gone see-through this really is one hot panty peeing movie. Sky keeps on peeing in her panties and there is so much pee she is sitting in that there is a wave and it splashed so on the ground. She keeps peeing and then she starts to rub her piss soaked panties just look at them yellow soaked and nearly see-through.

Sky really is soaking her panties and it looks like she is having a great time too she keeps on feeling her warm pee flowing through the yellow fabric just think how lovely and warm her crotch would be with her sitting in her pee puddle. I think this is one of f the best panty peeing movies I have seen for a while, it has it all, yellow panties that nearly go see-through a big puddle of pee and a hot lady what more could you want?

See Sky Peeing In Her Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 11.17.11
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Public Pants Peeing from Wet In Public

From Wet In Public we have 3 public pants peeing movies. The first pants peeing movie has a lovely lady in her jeans, she is desperate to pee but looking around there are no toilets. This lady really does look so lovely in her yellow top and tight jeans she stops walking and then starts to pee in her jeans, beside the road. Just look at the lovely pee patch in her jeans she has . She really has soaked her jeans and there are so many cars going by they must all know what she has done. She then finishes peeing i her jeans and starts to walk down the street how embarrassing people are seeing that she has peed in her jeans

The next Wet In Public movie is in the park. This lady is in her tight pants and you can see her bladder is full. She stops walking and starts to pee in her pants this pants peeing is not as good as the jeans peeing movie above but she still makes a big wet piss patch in her pants and when she turns around we get a lovely shot of her piss soaked bottom. She sits down and has her legs open. How great would it be to be walking past and seeing her piss soaked pants encasing her pussy?

The last Wet In Public movie we have is with a chick in a secluded street she is desperate to pee and is walking barefoot she makes it to her friend’s apartment and she really needs to pee. There is no answer at the door and her desperation gets more and more she just can’t hold on and starts to look for a toilet. She is not quick enough and she starts to pee in her pants on the street. This really is a great pants pee she is soaking her legs and also her feet, she has made a great big pee puddle and then quickly walks away leaving little pee foot prints

See Pants Peeing Movie 1 2 3

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Posted on 11.14.11
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Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have Haydee she is in her jeans and ready to pee. We have had Haydee before she was jeans peeing in the HD Wetting Trailer Movie. Haydee is outdoors in her jeans and looking very happy from what i have seen in other HD Wetting movies she loves wetting herself. She strands there in her tight jeans and starts to pee, the first few drips of pee start to flow through the denim. I do love seeing a tight jeans peeing movie.

Haydee Is out doors peeing in her jeans she starts off slow and then really starts to pee she is soaking herself and it is so sexy as she is peeing in her jeans she is touching the wet denim with her hands. This is a great HD Wetting movie Haydee keeps peeing in her jeans and we get to see the puddles of pee she is making her jeans are soaked and so are her feet.

Haydee has soaked her jeans and feet this is great we really are getting a treat Haydee is just so beautiful too and when she finishes peeing and we see her in her tight jeans soaked in pee and her happy face well wow a great HD Wetting movie from HD Wetting.

See Haydee Peeing In Her Jeans Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.11.11
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Pisshunters Hidden Toilet Cam

From Pisshunters we have this great hidden toilet cam movie. This is in the same location as Hidden Toilet Cam Pissing From Pisshunters looking up at a hole. A lady walks over and then squats down she must have untied her bikini to get it down instead of pulling them down. She squats down and we get a good shot of her pussy and like the last Pisshunters movie in this location she has a tampon in too.

She starts pissing quickly I bet she was full and desperate. What a great angle this is. She keeps pissing and her piss stream is so hard just listen to the sound as it is splashing in the hole its great She finishes peeing and then wipes her pussy she doesn’t want a wet pee patch in her bikini she then moves away from the hole. Another great hidden cam movie from Pisshunters the voyeur peeing masters

See The Pisshunters Hidden Cam Movie

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 11.07.11
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Ineed2pee Trailer 23

From Ineed2pee we have this movie trailer that gives a great view of the Ineed2pee website. There is all the female desperation and some great bulging bladders we really do get to see how long they can hold until they are just to desperate to pee and lose control. I love ineed2pee they are the masters of female desperation and I still don’t think another site has come close.

Female desperation and then wetting what more can you want? Ineed2pee has it all pissed in jeans, panty peeing, skirt wetting, leggings pee it really is great we even get sexy pissy camel toes. Ineed2pee the female desperation masters you really can’t go wrong. If you have missed them ineed2pee also has trailer 15 and 14 on their website too.

See The Ineed2pee Trailer 23 Here

Visit Ineed2pee

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Posted on 11.04.11
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