Real Wetting Alice Peeing In Her Jeans

From real wetting we have the lovely Alice she is playing around for the camera and looking so sexy. She needs to pee but thinks she can hold on till the shoot is finished but she is just having to much fun and as we know she is a great wetter she just releases her bladder into her jeans this is great jeans wetting. Alice fully soaks them look how the pee is streaming out of her jeans just wonderful from real wetting. Alice then turns around to show her wet crotch and undoes her piss soaked jeans to show her wet panties. Her jeans look so sexy soaked in piss real wetting Alice is just great

See These Jeans Wetting Pictures Here

See The Full Movie At Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 11.27.09
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Tiffany And Needapee Back Together

Well Tiffany is back at Needapee and looking hotter than ever. As you all know I just love Tiffany peeing with Rebekah Dee and I’m so happy that she has returned I hope it is for a while and we get some hot Tiffany and Rebekah Dee desperation movies.

Here are some of the sexy screen caps of the latest Needapee movie with tiffany The story goes The pee adventures with Tiffany continue with this latest episode in which we retire to our sun loungers after a hard day’s walking in the sun. With bladder full to the brim we decide that it’ll be a fun idea to try and fill a plastic container with a hot steamy pee. I’m not sure who contributes the post but between us we manage to deposit around a pint which leads to the burning of just what to do with so much pee?

Now for the wonderful tiffany and Rebekah Dee female desperation movie re run. This first on is just great tiffany sounds so hot and desperate you cant ask for more

The second one has the lovely tiffany encouraging Rebekah Dee to piss out of the car tiffany and Needapee what more can you want

Visit Needapee Click Here

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Posted on 11.24.09
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Pantyhose And Bedwetting From Ineed2pee

The latest ineed2pee update looks so hot, staring Lilyanna And Bella the story goes Since Lilyanna (the cute blond) left the party early and passed out in bed, Bella thought it’d be hilarious if she did the old hand in warm water trick to her friend. Soon enough, all those beers passed through Lilyanna and you can see her piss squirting right through the thin cotton panties and wet the bed as well! When she gets up and sees she wet herself & the sheets she is furious. But she still needs to pee so she rushes to the toilet and squats over it as her bladder empties itself through her panties; she didn’t have time to take them off & they’re already soaking pissy wet anyways. But it’s revenge time and there is no way in hell she is going to let Bella use the toilets to relieve herself and we get to watch her get more and more desperate. Lilyanna even tries to tickle her. All of a sudden you can see streams of PEE flying out through her panties & sheer pantyhose, running all the way down all over her heels and floor. Good times!

Download It Now Click Here

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Posted on 11.21.09
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Hot Lesbian Pissing Story Continued

A continuation from this lesbian pissing story

Ever notice how hard it is to keep a secret? Pretty hard, especially if four people know it, and not just four regular people, but like four college girls. That’s like impossible. But I didn’t know that when I got a little drunk and told three friends of mine, girls who lived in my college dorm that I like playing with pee, and you know, drinking it too.

Anyway, I already told you all about that.

I was just 19 years old, five and a half feet tall, and very pretty. I mean everybody said so and I wasn’t going to argue about it. I liked being pretty as much as the next girl does. I had blonde hair just over and past my shoulders, it used to be brown, but I liked to keep it colored and people said blonde suited me perfectly anyway. I just thought it went pretty good with my green eyes.

I was the right shape too. Like thin, but huggable with a little baby fat maybe, but in all the right places at least. Like my hips and my butt especially. I bet I had my butt pinched ten times a day! I mean some days, you know. I guess it just looked ready for grabbing, judging from all the guys, and girls, who would cop a feel in the middle of a crowd. My ass got mauled sometimes, as if people just couldn’t leave it alone or anything, but I kinda didn’t mind it anyway cause college is like that. And nice firm boobs, nice firm grabbable ones like my butt, and they weren’t big or small, but just right for me. They had really pretty nipples too, puffy pink ones that were nice and fat and kind of long.

So that was me and for awhile my life was kinda like this…

“Hey Pissie.” Carla sat down next to me in the library.She had wavy black hair, soft brown eyes and a beautiful face when she smiled. I’d do anything for Carla when she smiled. Big boobs, like really big and firm, solid and in your face. She loved showing off her tits. She had a couple boyfriends, but she was pretty strict with them, Carla wasn’t a slut or anything, just a tease.

“Hi!” I smiled at her, just whispering cause we were in the campus library, like I said.

“I gotta go.” She leaned over the table. “Come on.”

“What, now?” This was like three days after our little pee party thing, so I was still getting used to it.

“Yeah.” She nodded quickly. “Really bad.” Carla was getting up already so I kind of sighed, sticking my pen in my book to mark my spot and followed her quickly to the women’s bathroom. It didn’t really bother me though, I was just thinking maybe I oughta just do my homework in the bathroom, since I was kinda in there a lot.

“In here…” Carla pushed me into a stall and she was right behind me. Thank goodness there wasn’t anybody else in there. Not that it would have mattered a whole bunch to Carla, or me either, really.

I started pulling off my t-shirt but Carla stopped me.

“No time.” She made a giggling face. “I gotta pee, get down.”

So I just got down on the cold tiles in that bathroom stall, with my back to the toilet bowl, and tilted my head back over the water. I held my hair in my left hand and Carla got on my face quick, straddling me and the toilet sort of reverse from how you’d sit by yourself, and I put my mouth on her shaved pussy and she let her pee go.

The good thing about Carla was that she had excellent bladder control. I mean even when she really had to pee badly, she could control it so that it came out in a nice slow stream. I was swallowing her sweet hot piss, well actually her pee is a little bitter, but still sweet to me…I was swallowing it easily and hardly spilling any. Just a bit was running from the corners of my mouth, down my cheek and to the back of my neck, but it wasn’t a lot at all.

The bad thing about that is that it takes a long time, I mean Carla has like a huge bladder anyway, so when she’s full, she’s really full! So yeah, being there on the floor of the library bathroom for ten minutes was bad, especially since 3 girls came and went during that time. One girl must have turned around as soon as she noticed my butt on the floor and my legs spread wide. I always wore skirts, just cause I like skirts, but also cause it made it easy to rub my little pussy.

Another girl sat down in the stall right beside us and peed and then was quiet for a little while, and then she peed some more and then left finally. I didn’t know what she was dong. She could have been peeking over the top at us though, for all I knew. I had my mouth hard against Carla’s pussy by that time and she was just about done anyway, so I was cleaning her pussy up with my tongue.

The last girl definitely peeked and she went into the stall next to us too, but she was seriously peeking, I could even see her pretty blue eyes, opened really wide when Carla moved out of the way for a second. Carla was rocking her hips and pulling my face against her pussy as she started creaming into my hungry mouth and that other girl knew it. And if that wasn’t obvious enough, Carla likes to talk too.

“Suck my pussy slut…tongue fuck it…piss whore…drink my cum…oh fuck you pissy bitch!”

She’d say stuff like that, loud if she could, but in the library bathroom Carla was just whispering. I knew Carla didn’t mean anything by it, but we both liked it anyway, so maybe she did. Still, that girl watching us could hear everything and it was almost a little embarrassing, which is about as embarrassed as I get. Plus I really didn’t care right then cause I was rubbing my own pussy hard, just through my little blue panties and that was enough. I was seriously staining them with my orgasm.

“Your getting really good.” Carla smiled at me later, washing her hands in the sink while I washed the back of my neck and face with wet paper towels. The girl who’d been watching us had disappeared before we’d come out of the stall.

“Yeah?” I smiled at her reflection.

“Uh-huh.” Carla giggled. “You’re a serious pussy licker now, Pissie. See ya later.”

“Kay. Bye.” I watched Carla go.

And then in the afternoon, sitting in my freshman psych class, Heather tossed me a little note. Well, didn’t toss it. We were in a little lecture hall, with like 40 students and she was a couple rows up and a bunch of chairs over, so she had our classmates pass the note from one to another to me.

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

That was all it said and so I got up, leaving my books cause it was the middle of class and we had thirty more minutes of the professor’s boring lecture. Heather was getting up too, but she was right on the aisle so she was already out the door while I was still excusing myself.

She was cute, way cute and at first she hadn’t been into me drinking her pee at all, but now she was. Or maybe she was just into the cleaning part of it, more than anything else. Heather was smaller than me, with handful breasts and narrow boyish hips and a nice pert little ass. Kind of curly brown hair too, like kinky but long and mostly tied back in a ponytail. Heather had sweet green eyes like mine, except mine were more like bluish green. Heather’s eyes were like emeralds and I liked them a lot.

We went in the nearest bathroom, which was empty and clean. Thank goodness all those bathrooms were clean. That college had really good janitors and…Never mind. I went into a stall without a word and Heather grinned at me. I assumed my natural position, head back over the toilet and Heather put her softly furred pussy right on my mouth. She barely had to pee at all though and grinned without apology as just a bare mouthful of her tangy urine came out.

“Clean me.” Heather giggled and that was what she really wanted. So I licked her pussy nice, but quickly too, because anyone who opened the bathroom door would see me sitting there on the floor, and with Heather’s feet under my shoulders, facing the other direction it was gonna be obvious something was going on. So I ate her out the best I could, and I was getting a lot better at it like Carla said.

I loved sucking Heather’s clit too. Carla had the biggest one of all, that was like sucking my thumb, sorta, which I still did at night. But Heather’s was nice too and the best thing was that when she came, Heather would squirt. Like female ejaculation, you know? She’d spray her cum into my mouth and it was strong and sweet, most girls don’t have sweet cum, it’s more like bitter-sweet, or even sour sometimes, but Heather’s cum was like thin sweet honey. Her body chemistry must have been special that way. I wanted to eat her on toast.

Even so, it took about five minutes or so to bring her off and a girl was coming in, because that’s the kind of luck I have, right when Heather was moaning. She had a hand over her mouth, because even she knows she gets super loud, but you could still hear her. Sounds echo in bathrooms, you know? So this girl walked in and peed like 3 stalls down and the whole time I was sucking cum and swallowing because Heather was cumming so much. I was slurping kind of loud too, probably, because it was so darn yummy I wanted all of it in my tummy…So to speak. And Heather was moaning into her hand and making funny yelping sounds when I tongued her clit good. That other girl, whoever she was, she got an earful of hot lesbian sex that day, believe me.

At least I wasn’t really messy after that one. So it was okay, except I probably really smelled like sex, like Heather’s sex, and my pussy juices too, even though I hadn’t cum. Still, it’s hard washing the smell away in the girl’s bathroom, so people sorta looked at me funny when went back to class and sat down, looking around and just shrugging with a smile.

And then that night we went out to eat, I mean Suzy and me. She’s my third friend and she looks a lot like Carla really, with her black hair and brown eyes, the same height too, like a couple three inches taller than me maybe. But Suzy has boobs like mine, like nice hard B cups instead of Carla’s big C+ tits. I think Carla had D cups, but she swore she wore C cup bras, so she was like in between. None of that’s important though, unless you like boobs like I do. Then it’s pretty cool.

Anyway, Suzy and I liked to eat at this little Thai food place, cause we liked the spicy curry there. Carla and Heather weren’t into hot food though, so they always passed when Suzy and I said we were going. Suzy was sort of almost bisexual too, which was cool. I was a total lesbian, but all my other friends were straight, except they didn’t mind if I gave them head of course. But Suzy had gone down on me, just once, but she’d done it and made me cum good too.

Suzy hadn’t done it since that first time though, and she’d been pretty drunk, so I think it had been sort of an experimental thing for her, which was sorta disappointing. Suzy loved it when I went down her though, especially while she was pissing. Suzy wasn’t so much wanting me to drink her pee, as she wanted me to wear it.

She’d go out of her way to piss all over my face, my boobs, even my pussy sometimes. But Suzy’s favorite was when was tonguing her dark haired little hole and she’d just pee as hard and fast as she could, and then usually cum a few seconds after she stopped. I didn’t have a prayer of drinking all of it then, and I was always completely soaked by the time Suzy was done. But that was what Suzy liked, and you know what she liked even more than that? Doing it to me in public.

So I wasn’t surprised when after we’d eaten she told me she had to pee. Suzy had been holding it for awhile, like knocking her knees together under the table. So we went to the bathroom, or Suzy did while I paid the bill, I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be very welcome at the front register after Suzy was done, and I was right.

As soon as I got in the bathroom, which was a little one and we could lock ourselves in, Suzy was pushing me down. But at least I did get my shirt off this time.

“Open wide Pissie…I want to piss all over you now!” Suzy giggled and then she was doing it. Suzy wasn’t even squatting down either, but just standing there really. She had her pleated blue skirt tucked into the waist, her pink panties down around her knees, and Suzy spread her plump reddish pussy lips with her fingers so that the stream arced through the air like two feet, spattering all over my face. It was cool watching her piss like a boy and she was moving her hips, bending her knees, getting that hot golden shower all over my face and shoulders and tits.

“Ohhh fuck that’s hot…play with it, Pissie…” Suzy was whispering and I did what she wanted.I was rubbing her spicy pungent piss all over my boobs for her, pinching my puffy pink nipples and just taking a shower in Suzy’s piss until she was almost done. I was soaked! My skirt was soaked! I was sitting in a big puddle of urine, my hair dripping with it, and then I cleaned her up.

Suzy put her cunt on my mouth and I drank what she had left and then went to work on her with my tongue while she smiled and whispered how good I was at licking pussy now. She was giggling too, telling me in detail how everyone was going to see me come out of that bathroom covered with her piss. They were gonna see it and smell it, and that was really what was getting Suzy off the most. That and my talented tongue two inches deep in her clasping hot cunt.

I did walk out of there like that too. Just like Suzy said, cause it wasn’t like I had any choice really. But the place was Thai, so most people could only smell the kitchen, I hoped. And it wasn’t brightly lit and at least my t-shirt was dry, or had been until I put it on my wet body. They were out of paper towels in the bathroom, so it sorta sucked not being able to at least wipe my face except with some toilet paper, and that never works, and Suzy wouldn’t let me wash myself either.

It was a short walk back to campus, and to my dorm room after that, but we made it okay, Suzy smiling every step of the way too. She totally got off on people staring at me, wondering why I would be walking around campus totally soaked like that. But they didn’t know it was piss either, so that was good.

And that was pretty much how my life was for awhile. I drank a lot of pee. I did all three girls at least once a day, usually more than that, like three times each mostly. And I probably should have figured out that people were going to know what was going on. It’s hard to keep it a secret when you’re sucking clit in public bathrooms, and coming out dripping with hot fresh girl pee all over your face. Believe me, I know.

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Wetting Her Shorts And Socks In Public

Shorts and socks wetting from wet in public. This wet in public movie is a little different we have a chick in her long denim shorts and knee high socks, she is desperate to pee walking around on what looks like a cold day. I’m betting the coldness will make her need to pee more. She really does look sexy walking down the street and with the knowledge that she will be wetting herself in public it’s even better.

Wetinpublic  wetting movies really do try to be daring and in this Wetinpublic movie it really is quite good, she walks just of the main footpath stands, checks to see if anyone may be watching and then loses control of her bladder. What is interesting and a little disappointing at the same time is that as she is peeing into her shorts it doesn’t seem to be soaking into the fabric so there is no big pee patch in her shorts, the piss is just flowing out of the short legs and soaking her knee high socks and shoes. I am guessing this is a great way to pee in public and no one will notice and your shorts are not soaked in piss

The only giveaway sign that she has peed in public is the pee puddle on the ground and her soaked knee high socks, I love how she runs down the stairs so no one can see her standing there with her pee puddle wet in public have done it again with a great public peeing movie

See this wet in public peeing movie here

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Posted on 11.15.09
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Clair Desperate To Pee And Wetting Her Jeans

I do love a good jeans wetting and this female desperation and jeans wetting movie from wetting her panties is just great. We have had the jeans wetting pictures from this wetting movie before and you can see all the wet jeans photos in this post Clair really is sexy in her jeans and to see here desperate with her hand between her legs holding her wee in and look at the breasts as they bounce when she is fidgeting around.

But then Clair turns around and we get to see her so desperate and then so enjoying it as she is pissing in her jeans she really is a sexy wetting model and to hear her panting I have to wonder if she is so turned on that she is leaking more than piss into here jeans, Clair really is one sexy minx wet jeans panting what more can you ask for with female desperation and jeans wetting

Well it gets even hotter when Clair starts to rub her wet jeans and if you look closely it looks like her nipples are hard I do love it when there are hard nipples as they are wetting themselves. She keeps on rubbing her pussy through her pissed in jeans and then she undoes her jeans and we get to see her soaked panties she really does have a lovely bum and seeing her in her soaked knickers wow this is a great female desperation and jeans wetting from wetting her panties

Watch this wetting her panties movie here

Read a Wettingherpanties Website review here

Visit wetting her panties Click Here

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Voyeur Pissing Movie From Pisshunters

I do love watching chicks squatting outdoors and I just love Pisshunters with all their wonderful spy cam pissing. This voyeur peeing movie from piss hunters is a outdoor one, we watch as a chick walks into camera view drops her jeans and takes a long piss in front of her friends and it is a lovely long piss she really must have been full. No tissues to wipe her pissy vagina either, just the underwear to soak up all the pee drop. From the amount she has pissed I am guessing that her panties are going to have to soak a fair bit of piss drips. voyeur pissing cameras and Pisshunters it doesn’t get much better than this.

Read A Pisshunters website review Here

See this Caught Pissing Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click here

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Posted on 11.09.09
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