Pissed In Jeans From Ineed2pee

Here we have some wonderful pissed in jeans from female desperation central ineed2pee. Louise is wetting in her jeans. Poor Louise is locked out and very very desperate to pee in her tight jeans. Not only is the female desperation in this movie so sexy Louise is too so it is a double whammy. A sexy girl in tight jeans wetting i don’t know if it can get better or should I say wetter than this

Louise Wet Her Jeans

Here is what is written at female desperation central ineed2pe about this female desperation and jeans pissing movie.
“Classic locked out scenario with lots of pee pee dancing, crossed legs, a cute blonde girl and very very tight form fitting jeans! Can you ask for anything more? Oh, and a beautiful sunny Florida day! I actually filmed this scene a couple of years ago and thought I had lost it forever since I couldn’t find the original mini DV tape it was on. But I had just misplaced it so here it is for you! There have been a couple of older videos with Louise in the past, one of her locked out on a balcony and wetting her jeans and one in a jean mini skirt and wetting her panties. Enjoy!”

She Peed In Her Jeans

I do love seeing Louise desperate and peeing not as much as ineed2pee Candi if you missed it you can see a female desperation and spandex leggings wetting movie with Candi HERE. Louise has only stared at ineed2pee a couple of times before but hopefully in the future we will see more of her female desperation dance.
See these jeans peeing Pictures Here

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Rebekah Dee From Needapee Pissing Outdoors

Here we have the very sexy Rebekah Dee from Needapee pissing in public. this really is a great sneaky pee video from Needapee.  The whole movie goes for 6.35 but what we have here is the sneaky pissing in public part.

Rebekah Dee Desperate To Pee

Rebekah is desperate doing this and she looks so sexy in her shorts I would have loved her to piss in them but that is not this movie. The way Needapee Rebekah waits and looks so nervous as she is desperate but wanting no one to see here spraying her piss when she sneakily gets her shorts off and then slips her panties to the side. Here pink pussy is ready to sprat the piss I do wonder if anyone saw her in this sneaky pissing scene. Needapee and Rebekah Dee have had some wonderful sneaky pissing scenes and while this is not as sneaky as the arsenal stadium pissing or the train piss this is a great sneaky pee move and I just love watching Rebekah Dee pissing

Needapee Desperation In Public

See this Needapee pissing movie from Rebekah Dee Here

Visit Needapee Here

Have you been a member of Needapee? Or do you want to know what you will get? Check out sites4pee; write about your experience of the Needapee website if you have been a member.  Or read a review of Needapee
Sites4Pee Needapee Review Here

Sites For Pee

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Solo And Lesbian Pissing Story

Emma set herself up a spot about halfway down to the shore from the back of the beach, lying her towel out carefully to get as little sand as possible on top of it. Out of her bag she took a large bottle of mineral water and a middle-factor sun cream. Wriggling out of her shorts, she kneeled on her towel and began to apply the cream, starting with her shoulders. She slowly massaged the milky liquor along her left arm, across the top of her chest and down the other side. Reaching behind her, she pulled on the lace keeping her pert breasts hidden, and slipped off her bikini top, exposing her curves to the world. She took up more of the sun cream and rubbed it on carefully, one breast at a time, making them glisten in the afternoon sun. She was well aware that her action would attract some attention, and got some thrill from her little exhibition knowing others would too. After she finished polishing her boobs, she slipped them back inside the bikini cups and re-tied the lace, much to the chagrin of some of the nearby beach patrons.

After working the cream into her long legs, and across her face, she lay back, her curves shining from the cream, and let her tan build for an hour or so, periodically taking large mouthfuls of water from her bottle, and dreaming naughty thoughts about the people she’d been watching earlier.

Startled, she awoke from a short nap with the familiar urge to pee, noticing that she’d drank the whole bottle of water while slaking her thirst. From the tightness in her stomach and her recent rediscovered passion for the piss, she came to a quick conclusion that she would pee right here on the beach somehow. She’d done it privately before, and the incredible feeling she had got must be multiplied when the naughtiness is applied in public she though.

“Why the heck not?” she muttered to herself as her eyes searched the sands for an idea. She felt pissing in the sea was a bit of a cop-out as it’s not exactly wetting herself since she’d already be in the water. Half the excitement came from seeing herself pee she remembered.

She crossed her legs involuntarily as she wriggled slightly on her towel. She spotted public bathroom and changing facilities about 100 feet away, thrown together from corrugated steel and tarpaulin. About as non-private as you can get without standing in the middle of the beach. Surrounded by so many people, she didn’t feel confident enough to go on her beach towel but the changing area, somewhere where so many people will ultimately pass through would do.

She picked herself up from the sand, slipped on her shorts and quickly moved into one of the open-topped cubicles. The walls of the cubicles were barely high enough to keep adjacent occupants from looking her right in the eye, and the bottoms of the walls were open so that crouching on the tiled floor one could see the feet of those next-door. A small wooden bench sat on the back wall of each cubicle. Emma decided to to sit on the bench and pee right through her shorts and bikini bottoms. She brought her feet up onto the bench so she could get a good view of her front and felt herself relax as she had done six years ago in her bedroom.

Within moments, she felt her piss streaming into her red bikini bottoms, being quickly absorbed by the padded material, warming her pussy delightfully. She checked that the flimsy lock on her door was bolted across before slipping her hand into her shorts and panties to feel the piss cascading over her fingers. Her tan shorts began to dampen and the dark wet patch spread out around her shaved pussy and outlined her butt before it could no longer absorb the piss. Emma heard her pee spilling out of her shorts, covering the bench and splashing onto the ceramic below her making her even hornier as she plunged two fingers deep inside her still peeing pussy and began masturbating furiously. Meanwhile she took her other hand and reached into her bikini top rubbing, squeezing and massaging her firm tits one by one. Her pee flow began to fade but she kept grinding her hands inside her until she began to shudder all over, cumming hard and fast. Her sex juices squirted out, mixing with the dampness already clinging to her crotch. She stifled herself enough so as not to scream out loud with pleasure and attract attention from the adjacent cubicles. Breathing heavily, she leaned against the wall for a few moments more before regaining her composure.

She put her feet back onto the piss covered tiles with a splash and slipped out of her blatantly soaked shorts to reveal her bikini bottoms, now dark and shiny with her toilet. The last few errant drops of pee fell from her crotch and ran down her leg as she set herself up to leave. No one would question wet pants at the beach and they would dry pretty quickly in the heat outside. She looked at the mess she made as the puddle of urine began to run into the adjacent cubicle she noticed with a naughty smile. She left and, curiously, in behind her went both of girls she had spotted standing in the water chatting to each other a while ago. Though she thought nothing of the chance encounter, it did give her pleasure in wondering if anyone would realise what had happened in there that day, wondering how they would react and if they would be as turned on by it as she was.

After her exhilarating afternoon at the beach, Emma went back to her hotel room and pretty much instantly fell down on the bed and slept, content for a few hours.

Around 6pm she woke up, immensely hungry so she decided to explore the restaurants of the little town she was staying in. Still a bit sandy from the beach, with her shoulder length brunette hair dried out from the salt water, the slim brunette thought it wise to shower first.

The bathroom was ensuite to the bedroom, with a toilet and sink on the right hand wall and a shower-bath combo along the left, pretty standard as bathrooms go. She stepped out of her sandals and shorts, the faint aroma of piss still on them from earlier in the day. She stood in front of the body length mirror beside the sink and untied her bikini top and dropped it to the floor revealing her pert C-cups and puffy pink nipples, now accentuated by a faint tan line. Admiring her own figure she ran her hands down to her hips and untied the skimpy red bottoms that fell and joined the top half of the bikini on the floor. Emma slowly moved her hands across her flat stomach and traced a line down to her bald pussy. Smiling at herself, proud of her amazing body, she quickly turned and gave her firm buttocks a playful slap before jumping into the shower.

Ten minutes later she grabbed a towel from above the loo, stepped out of the shower and dried herself down delicately. The orange light from the growing sunset swept through the hotel room through the large glass window and door that led out onto the balcony. Discarding the towel to the towel rack she stepped naked across the hotel room to her still packed suitcase, thinking to herself how unfortunate it is that no one would see her little exhibition way up on the fourth floor.

She pulled out a pair of black high-cut lacy panties and slid them up her firm thighs to cover her modesty, before putting on a matching bra that pushed her breasts snugly together. Over that she buttoned up a well fitted white blouse, unbuttoned just far enough to reveal her cleavage. She stepped into a black, pleated skirt, the bottom of which sat a couple of inches above her knees and pulled it up to her waist and slipped on a pair of black open toe sandals to complete the outfit. A touch of make-up to her naturally pretty face, her handbag packed with the essentials and she was out the door.

The night began to close in as she made her way to the center of the town, little lights came on and the orange sun began to give way for a deep blue night sky. She decided on a small intimate looking restaurant for dinner, and ordered the paella and a bottle of red wine. Half way through her meal she noticed a couple of girls sitting at the table across the room, talking into their menus, glancing her way and giggling every now and again. Emma’s face flushed red as she realized it was the same two girls that had entered to beach changing cubicle after her this afternoon, right after she’d unleashed a torrent of piss into her bikini and onto the floor. She immediately knew what they must be talking about and she stared quickly down at her meal, her face getting redder by the second.

“Oh God, what the hell was I thinking?” she thought to herself, “Why there? Why in a public place? It was great at the time but…”

Her thoughts were cut short however, as she became aware that the taller girl of the two, her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, and her large breasts threatening pop a button and burst right out of the black shirt she was wearing, standing right over her table.

“Hi, I’m Alice,” she said, “My friend over there is Becky.”

“Emma.” she nervously replied.

“Forgive us for being so forward, but there’s no quicker way to get the results we want. We know what you did on the beach; no one looks that satisfied from simply ‘changing’ even if you did come out wearing the same clothes as you went in with. Frankly, we’re angry.”

Emma winced as a pang of shame rose up from inside her. A chair shuffled and Becky with her flowing brunette hair, petit figure and slightly childish face was standing next to Alice. She put her arm on Emma’s shoulder.

“Relax, we’re angry that you got there before us!” Becky said laughing, her smile wide with open honesty.

Emma had never been as relieved as she was now in her life, and took a deep breath, “Fuck me,” she said now smiling too, “I thought I was about to get a lynching…Jesus!”

Becky watched Emma’s bosom rise and fall with each gasp of air and gave her a pat on the back before leaning in closer and whispering,

“Listen, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, wait for us outside when you’re finished. Or finish the bottle of wine, you’ll need it.”

Before Emma could reply the girls were already heading back to their table. They didn’t look over again for the remainder of Emma’s meal (and wine).

Before long, Emma found herself standing outside, the cooling night air blowing around her skirt.

“What the hell am I doing?” she thought, “Am I really going to take up these strangers on their offer – whatever it is – right now? Maybe I should just go.”

But before she could move, Alice’s soft voice called out to her from the restaurant doorway.

“Hey, we’re glad to see you still here. Hope you weren’t waiting long.”

“Oh, no problem.” Emma said nervously.

“Relax,” Becky reassured her, “we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this. Come on!”

The two girls led Emma out of the town center, back towards the beach, where they took off their shoes and carried them.

“It’s up here, we’re almost there.” Alice said, pointing to a large rock formation, part of the lower cliffs making up the walls of the bay area. As they made their way across the gentle rocky slope, Emma noticed that the air was completely still. They seemed to be in their own pocket of secrecy now, far from the street lights behind them. Around a large boulder, the girls stood at the entrance to a small weather-worn cave about 5 feet by 3 foot.

“It’s in here,” Alice said, ducking under the rocky over hang.

The inside of the cave had been hollowed out by someone it seemed, as a small room was carved into the rock itself, with moonlight pouring through a large square vent in the ‘roof’. The girls entered, carefully stepping across the cold, smooth rocks on the floor. Emma immediately smelled the aroma of old piss on the draft, and her pussy began to moisten slightly as she realized what was going on.

“You like to piss?” Becky said bluntly, “Naked or clothed?”

“Clothed…I like the naughtiness of it mainly.” Emma replied sheepishly.

“Great! Let’s get down to it then…oh, how do you feel about other girls, sexwise?”

“I’m straight,” Emma replied, “but I’m pretty open…I’m curious I guess” she added with a wry smile.

“Excellent.” Alice purred as she made her way across the little room towards the back wall.

Alice was wearing a tight black shirt, with a pink lacy bra keeping her F cups at bay inside. She wore black bicycle shorts underneath a black tennis skirt. She was tall and of average build, not fat, but not as slim as Emma and Becky. She slipped her shorts off to reveal a pair of pink cotton panties and sat her curvy butt down on the cold floor, not bothering to clear her skirt out from underneath her. She unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra from underneath, her breasts hanging freely, her dark nipples standing erect, betraying her state of mind.

Emma stared eagerly and after a brief pause was rewarded. Alice let out a quiet whimper and a dark spot appeared on her panties as the thin cotton absorbed the piss that spilled freely into them. The spot became a larger and larger patch that ran down past her pussy and towards her ass, where her skirt had no doubt begun to soak up the piss as well. Alice began to gasp as one hand absently fondled her breast and the other moved down to her crotch and began to rub the wet material into her pussy, allowing the stream to momentarily spill out and pool on the floor. Emma was amazed, her own panties getting damp simply from how turned on she was.

Her eyes were turned away from the spectacle as Becky turned her by the shoulders to face her straight on, and with no hesitation embraced her in a deep, passionate kiss. Becky’s hands started unbuttoning Emma’s blouse, their lips not parting once. Emma, fully absorbed in the experience now reached around behind Becky and firmly grasped her arse, pulling her in closer. Alice was now finishing her piss as the stream got weaker. She stopped fingering herself briefly to discard the panties to the corner of the room before pissing the rest of her bladder out over the floor and the back of the skirt she was sitting on. She continued fingering herself, sitting in a puddle of her own piss until she came hard, squirting more juices over the floor, her ecstatic screams echoing through the small cave complex.

Emma broke off the kiss and unzipped the back of Becky’s short yellow summer dress. Becky shrugged off the shoulder straps and it fell to the floor. She stepped out of the dress to reveal that she wore no bra, her firm B cups with little pink nipples stood naked in the moonlight, and on her legs she wore a white cotton thong. Emma needed no more encouragement as she took off her unbuttoned blouse and kicked off her black skirt, revealing the matching black lace set to Becky.

“Very nice!” Becky said, “Lie down Emma, you’ll like this.”

Emma complied and lay on her back and Becky climbed on top of her, straddling her across the belly. Becky smiled and arched her body backwards as she began her piss. It didn’t take long to turn the white cotton thong into a wet yellow stained thong as the piss streamed through the soaked fabric. Emma’s stomach quivered involuntarily as Becky’s warm piss ran into the middle of her stomach and began falling over the sides of her body, while running backwards and getting Emma’s panties wet too in the process.

Becky stood up mid-stream, and slid her panties to one side, showering Emma’s whole body in piss now. The warm liquid soaked through the material of the bra and splashed all over her round tits, before Becky stepped back and focused her stream onto Emma’s crotch, stimulating her sensitive clitoris, even through the sodden black lace. Alice was still sitting in her pool of piss, the pee washed around her naked buttocks, with her soaked skirt now tossed into the corner too. Wearing only her unbuttoned shirt she watched the golden shower. She began fingering herself again, her free hand washing her spent piss from the pool on the floor over her wet thighs. Emma shuddered all over but before she could reach inside her panties and bring herself off, Becky was now lying on top of her, reaching to undo Emma’s bra strap.

Her naked breasts now free, Becky sucked each one tenderly, tasting herself, before tracing a trail down Emma’s body with the tip of her tongue. As she moved down, she paused briefly to remove Emma’s damp panties. She pulled them down to the knee before moving back up and thrusting her tongue inside Emma’s sensitive pussy lips. This was about the limit of what Emma could stand, she was going to come very soon, and her screams mixed the sound of Alice’s second orgasm gave that fact away. Out of her mind with pleasure, Emma’s hips began to buck wildly as Becky removed her face from Emma’s cunt, and slid two – then three – fingers inside. Emma threw her hips in the air again and squirted her orgasm all over Becky’s thighs and exposed pussy. Becky quickly came right behind Emma, as a briefly satisfied and now naked Alice took over and stuck her tongue deep inside her friend’s pussy over and over until she climaxed.

A good ten minutes later, each damp girl began to regain a sense of composure.

“Fuck me!” Emma said excitedly, still dripping a little from Becky’s piss, “That was amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever came like that before!”

Becky pulled a small hand towel out from her handbag and threw it to Emma, “We told you it’d be worth it,” she smiled, “now dry yourself as much as you need, you don’t want to catch cold.”

Alice picked up her soaked skirt and pulled it back on, leaving the mess of wet panties in the corner. “I’m glad I don’t have far to walk in this mess.” Alice chuckled, then she paused and looked again at Emma who was now pulling on her still dry skirt and blouse.

“What?” The brunette said as she wiped her round breasts with the towel.

“You didn’t get to wet yourself.” Alice said, with a touch of sincerity in her voice, “What a shame.”

“Oh…you’re right. Well…” Emma paused. Then she exclaimed, “I’ve got it!”

She hurriedly pulled off her skirt and blouse again and rush over to Alice’s wet pink panties in the corner of the little room. With a grin, she picked them up and carried them back over to her own panties and Becky’s little wet thong.

Becky, now wearing her dry summer dress again, albeit naked underneath, realized what Emma was planning and smiled at her new friend.

Emma picked up the thong and pulled it up over her naked legs, its cold wet material simply made her hornier. Next she chose to put on her own wet pants, soaked through by Becky’s shower, and over those she put the dark pink cotton of Alice’s wet panties. Then she surprised both Alice and Becky by heading back outside, naked except for the three pairs of soaked underwear, her breasts bouncing with her strides.

She climbed up to the top of the entrance to the cave and swung her legs over the doorway. Alice and Becky stood outside and stared at about eye level to Emma’s crotch as the bottle of wine caught up to her and she began to rewet the panties.

“It’s so warm!” she said to them. The material still soaked up some of the pee, shining under the light of the moon before it trickled out from between her legs and cascaded over the entrance of the cave like a small yellow waterfall. With each rub of her pussy, she pushed more liquid out and it fell in splashes and gushes over the rocky path. The other two girls could only stare in awe at Emma as she finished up. She took off the panties all at once, stood up naked, towering over the other two and rinsed the panties out over her tits. The piss ran down her toned figure and washed over her bald pussy, which gave her more pleasant tingles.

“That felt amazing,” she remarked as she took back the hand towel and dried herself as well as she could. She slipped all the wet underwear in her handbag, with a smile and thanked the two girls with more deep passionate kisses on the way back to their hotels. Trading mobile numbers, they each went to shower and rest from what had been an unexpectedly brilliant night for all. They would meet tomorrow at Becky’s hotel pool for drinks…to start.

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Wet In Public Skirt And Panty Peeing

How hot is this skirt and panty peeing movie from wet in public i know the last post I made was wetinpublic too but this new public wetting site is great and after the jeans peeing in public movie I found this hot skirt and panty peeing movie This is only a section and the actual quality is a lot better but wow.

Skirt Wetting In Public

I just love seeing panty peeing in public and when the pee makes here white skirt a little see through that is just great. The guy that walks past here as she is wetting in her panties must have had a good look she stops peeing rather quickly but I bet he saw that she was peeing in her panties and skirt. I just love how she holds up her wet skirt to show her damp panties they have a lovely pee stain in the crotch its great. Wet in public a public wetting site just great

Public Panty Peeing

See This movie Click here

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Sites4pee Click Here Now

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Wetting Her Jeans From Wet In Public

Wetting Jeans In public

Here we have a public jeans wetting movie from a new website wetinpublic. Wet In Public focuses on public wettings. In this wetinpublic movie we have Tanya she is in the street in her jeans and desperate to pee she needs to find a toilet but there are none around. She is on the pavement and all of a sudden stops her hand goes between her legs and her pee starts to flow into her jeans. Jeans peeing in public wonderful and she is pants peeing in a busy street as she is peeing in her jeans cars are driving, by poor thing how embarrassing. Look at the big pee patch in her jeans everyone will know she has wet her jeans there is no hiding that. This movie in some ways reminds me of the old Japanese Giga movies where Japanese chicks would pee there pants in the street. Now we have wetinpublic where European women are peeing there pants in the street

wetinpublic jeans wetting

See this Wetinpublic Movie Here

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Click here

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Natalie Wetting The Bed Wearing Jean

Pissing In Her Bed

We haven’t had much bedwetting on piss blog so I found these bedwetting photos from real wetting. What makes bedwetting photos great is that she is wetting her jeans and the bed. There is something so sexy about bedwetting and these photos from a real wetting movie are wonderful. Natalie is a newer addition at real wetting and here she is having an afternoon nap in her jeans. She is sleeping away and the pee starts to flow into her jeans and starts to make a puddle in the bed she rolls over and her bottom is soaked in pee and she cant stop the pee keeps flowing she really has made a mess of herself and the bed

Wetting Her Bed

See These Bed Wetting Photos Click Here

More From Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.15.09
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Bouncing Breasts And Desperate To Pee Movie From Pisshunters

desperation from pisshunters

Here we have a lovely hidden voyeur pissing movie from Pisshunters I just love the tits on this desperate pisser as she walks in, her breasts are bouncing around and she looks like she is also holding her crotch I bet she is quite desperate. When she drops her pants and squats the piss starts to flow straight away I wonder if she has leaked pee into her panties, it looks like it is a powerful stream and it is sad her breasts dont fall out of her top as she is about to piss. I love seeing chicks peeing with their breasts showing. I find it amazing that she didn’t squirt pee into her jeans and panties at the end the speed that she gets up it looks like pee is still flowing from her pussy and she really does make a mess of herself getting up it is as if some one was coming and she didn’t want them to see her piss dripping pussy

Caught pissing by pisshunters

Enjoy This Pisshunter Movie Click Here

Pisshunters See More Click Here

Filed under: Caught Pissing and Desperation and Movies and Outdoor Pissing and Peeing and PissHunters and Pissing and Pissing Movies and Pissing Videos and Voyeur Peeing
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