Pisshunters Pissing Movie Peeing By The River

Pisshunters Pissing Movie peeing By The River

Here we have a great Pisshunters pissing movie and this time we get to see two chicks pissing together its a pity we don’t see them arrive and then pull down there pants and panties before releasing there hot piss streams but they do seem very happy to just squat there thinking no one can see them. Their piss streams are great and the movie at Pisshunters is bigger and better quality than this. I would love to know where the Pisshunters camera person is as these pissing pussy shots are really great front on showing the hot piss streams. I love in this Pisshunters movie that they don’t even look like they are shaking off their wet pissy pussys when they have finisher peeing. They just pull up there panties they stand in their panties a second before pulling up their jeans is this to allow the panties to soak up all the pee we will never know

Pissing by the river from Pisshunters
See the movie click here

More from Pisshunters click here

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Posted on 04.29.09
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Peeing In Panties Set From Wetting Her Panties

Pissing In her Knickers

We continue with these Wettingherpanties girls panty peeing outdoors you can see the other peeing posts with these wetting her panties

Pissing Panties Outdoors From Wetting Her Panties

Pissing Panties Outdoors From Wettingherpanties

In these photos we have the final panty pissing lovely powder blue panties getting soaked in hot piss I just love how lovely they look they nearly have gone see through. I don’t think it gets better with panty peeing than when the panties go see through. There is something so intimate in seeing the wet pee patch in the crotch of the panties and then getting to see the peeing pussy underneath as the pee glistens over the fabric. These last panty peeing photos from the knicker wetting set end with wet pissed in panties thrown on the ground I wonder if they just left there pissed in panties there imagine if you were going for a walk and you came across 4 pairs of peed in panties wow how great would that be

Pissing Outdoors

Enjoy These Panty Peeing Photos
Click Here

Wetting Her Panties Click Here To See More Of This Panty Peeing Mega Site

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Posted on 04.25.09
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Female Desperation From Audrey’s Wetting Site Aka Real Wetting

Audrey Desperate To Pee

Here we have a female desperation and wetting gallery of screen grabs from a very sexy female desperation and wetting movie from Audrey’s wetting site. this is what Audrey from real wetting or as it is also called Audrey’s Wetting Site wrote “I started doing my homework and I had almost finished when the piss started running down my ass and the chair. I stood up to get to the bathroom but it was too late I was already pissing at full force in my jeans. Pee was running down the back of my legs wetting the inside of my jeans and finally ending up on the floor and on my socks.”

Pissing In Her Jeans

I think this female desperation and jeans wetting movie is just wonderful Audrey is so desperate and she squirms and struggles to hold on till she has finished her homework she uses all the tricks to hold on to her bladder but to no avail and she pees on her seat through her jeans. This is what you want from a real female desperation and wetting movie and real wetting, Audrey’s wetting site have some truly wonderful female desperation movie

Enjoy the female desperation and jeans wetting pictures click here

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Posted on 04.22.09
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Rebekah Dee Pissing On A Bridge Pictures

Pissing On A Bridge

These pictures are from one of Rebekah Dee’s sexy desperation and pissing movies. I really do think Rebekah Dee loves the exhibitionist peeing she seems to find really public places to pull aside her panties and let her piss flow. Here she is on a motorway bridge with cars wizzing buy what could better. Rebekah Dee from Needapee wrote this about this wonderful pissing movie “I’m trying to cross a busy road and I’m not having a great deal of luck. The frustration and sound of vehicles whizzing by is making tense and nervous and that’s not good when a girl needs to pee. I find a footbridge to cross the road and it looks as if I am quite well sheltered from the passing cars beneath. You know the rest, I pull my panties to the side and let is flow – what relief!”

This really is a great Pissing movie and the piss puddle she leaves is so nice against the white

Enjoy Rebekah Dee Pissing On A Bridge Pictures

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Posted on 04.19.09
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Spandex Legging Peeing From Ineed2pee Candi

Candi Desperate To Pee

Candi from ineed2pee is my favourite female desperation and wetting model and I am so happy that she keeps returning to do her wonderful female desperation dancing and panty peeing

Pissing In Spandex Leggings

Here we have the lovely Candi she is sitting on the sofa and desperate to pee, She is watching a movie and thinks that she can hold on till the movie finishes. Candi gets more and more desperate to pee until she just cant hold on any longer she gets up to run to the bath room but to her shame she starts to lose control and her pee flows into her tight spandex leggings. I just love the look of the shiny leggings that are dripping with Candi’s warm pee poor desperate Candi pissing in her spandex leggings.

You can see the set of photos By Clicking Here

Download This Female Desperation Movie Of Candi At Ineed2pee Click Here

Download The Movie

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Posted on 04.16.09
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Real Wetting Alice Female Desperation And Wetting

Alice Peeing in Her Shorts

Real wetting Alice female desperation and wetting her denim shorts I never can get enough of real wetting Alice from Audrey’s wetting site there is something so sweet and innocent about her and of course she is beautiful oh and she wets her pants. I just love wetting ladies and real wetting specialises in it. There are so many wetting videos at real wetting. I guess this wetting site takes over from snuppa wetting site that was at norskwetting im not to sure as I was never a member of snuppas site just a guess, back to female desperation Alice poor Alice is walking through the woods in her denim shorts and she really needs to pee she is grabbing her crotch to try and stop her bladder from exploding hot pee into her shorts she tries so hard to hold on to her bulging bladder but she cant and instead of thinking she will nip into the bushes and have a squat she just squats down and releases her bulging bladder throng her denimn shorts. I just wonder if female desperation and wetting Alice walked all the way home with her lovely pee patch in her jeans oh imagine

Enjoy Alice Female Desperation And Wetting Her Denim Shorts Pictures
Click Here

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Posted on 04.13.09
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Pissing Panties Outdoors From Wettingherpanties

To continue on with the wetting panties pictures that we had in this post Pissing Panties Outdoors

Pissing In Her White Panties

Two more of the girls are peeing in their panties and it looks like they had big full bladders. I really do like the photos where we see the wet panties over their bums and see the pee flowing out the sides and down their legs there is something special about pissed in panties and pee running down the legs. Wetting her panties as lots of these and it really is great to see, I of course do love seeing ladies peeing in their panties topless but unfortunately in these knicker wetting photos from wetting here panties we don’t get that panty peeing pleasure but if you want to see topless panty peeing you must look at this post Pissing Panties With The Tits Out

Purple Panty Pissing

Wetting her panties has us covered with what we want how sexy are these panty peeing photos the look of purple panties with a dark pee stain in the crotch the peeing is just starting and its wonderful

See These Panty Peeing Outdoor Photos Just Click Here

Wetting Her Panties Click Here

Wetting Her Panties Click Here Now

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Posted on 04.11.09
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Pissing Movies From Pissing.com

Well pissing doesn’t get better than this. In my opinion pissing.com just seems to be getting better and better and here we have two pages of pissing movies and peeing pictures from pissing.com

Pissing Panties In The Classroom

The page has a wonderful pissing movie in a class room one poor student needs to go to the bathroom but isn’t allowed so she ends up pissing in her panties at her desk after that it is a wonderful display of lesbian pissing, lovely pussies spurting hot pee brilliant

Pissing Pussy


Eating Pissing Pussy

The second pissing movie from pissing. com really needs no explanation its called Puppy Girl Calico pissing herself and taught a lesson and it really is a dirty but hot pissing movie well worth watching

Pissing In Dogs Bowl

See these Pissing.com Movies Here
Movie 1 Movie 2

Visit pissing.com Click Here

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Posted on 04.09.09
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Pissing Panties Outdoors From Wetting Her Panties

pissing panties

From wetting her panties we have some really wonderful panty peeing pictures. This is part of a set of outdoor group panty peeing and wow I just love the last picture. Panties are just so soaked in piss and look at how they are encasing her wonderful pussy there is something that is sexy about seeing wet pissed in panties that are still dripping hot pee. They will still be warm and when you feel then the pee will just run into your hand wetting her panties does have some great panty peeing pictures and of course wonderful panty peeing and desperation movies and lets not forget the live web can now that is great

Pissed In Wet Panties

See these wonderful panty peeing photos
Click Here

Wetting Her Panties Live Webcam

See all The Panty Peeing Movies At Wetting Her Panties

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Posted on 04.07.09
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Female Desperation Story And Needapee Chesney

Today i have some pictures of Chesney desperate to pee from needapee there is a long story from Rebekah Dee which i cam across to it is about her desperation drive

I had a stressful day in traffic last week collecting something from Central London. Somebody somewhere decided it would be a good idea to close one of the tunnels going under the Thames on a Sunday morning which meant that there were cars more or less gridlocked all trying to find their way south of the river. Unfortunately i was one of them and i was shoved right up against the steering wheel because i had a large cupboard in the back of my car! A 45 minute journey took me about 4 hours as i tried to go home 4 different ways…every other car seemed to be trying the same thing though so i ended up just following the traffic around. GRRRR As i am sure you can imagine, 4 hours cooped up in a car in the slowest moving (or not) traffic was not fun and my bladder was in danger of bursting. All i could think about was how bad it would be of me to pee into my handbag in the car! I was seriously considering wetting the seat and dealing with the consequences later but i think i may well have had to find a new boyfriend! I had no way of stopping as it was all red route so when i finally came across a small petrol station i dashed in hoping they would take pity on me.

Of course they didn’t, they just told me that there was no toilet and sorry! GRRR by now i was so angry i stomped out and made my way to the back of the little shop. Spying some bins and a little space i pulled my jeans down and relieved myself there and then. I am not kidding when i tell you i was peeing for around 2 minutes….it just wouldn’t stop coming! I just kept trying to will myself to stop as i was so afraid that i was starting to push my luck and would get caught. I could see motorists filling up the forecourt but luckily unless they looked my way i remained hidden behind the shop. There were some houses overlooking the bins but i didn’t bother to check if anyone was looking out….i just didn’t care by that stage!

I wish I had my videocamera on me because i want you all to know i am NOT exaggerating my desperation! Unfortunately i wasn’t expecting to be holed up in the car so long and so i didn’t bother taking it. I was also on my own so it may hve been tricky trying to film without drawing attention to myself! Anyway i thought you may appreciate my little desperation dilemma!
Visit Needapee Now

Back to Chesney. Rebekah Dee had written this about the video of these female desperation pictures. Chesney has never peed on camera before but she was willing to try for me and being ever the helpful one, i suggested she read a book to take her mind off of the camera. We hid behind the door with the camera and waited for her to start fidgeting. It wasn’t long before her wriggling became more animated and she stood up to use the loo…of course we followed!

Female Desperation Movie

female desperation movie 2

female desperation 3

Unfortunately i have some more punishment to dish out because my cameraman somehow missed the actual pee (which she did standing over the toilet) by not pressing record. So for now you will have to enjoy her desperation and the teasing tinkle of her first drops in the toilet bowl until i can get Chesney back again to do some more. Sorry for the tease (it wasn’t deliberate – honest!) but if you like desperation then this is the vid for you!

Ready To Piss

To see The Needapee Female Desperation Movie

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Posted on 04.04.09
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