Wetting In Her Dress And Pantyhose

Real wetting alice wetting in her skirt

I have always loved the old school Giga wetting series, I just loved seeing ladies desperate to pee in there business suites looking so cute as they got more and more desperate until they would lose control of their bladder and pee. Well these pictures from a real wetting Audrey’s wetting site movie remind me in a way of the old Giga movies here we have Alice and she has just got home from work and she really is desperate to pee, female desperation signs are flashing she has her hands trying to stop her bladder from flowing she is shacking a little and fidgeting a lot can she hold on till she makes it to the toilet? No poor Alice just couldn’t hold on to her desperate bladder and now we see her hot pee as it flows in streams down her leg’s wonderful.

See these real wetting pictures here

More Wetting From Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 01.31.09
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Female Desperation And Wetting Her Jeans

Desperate To Pee

I never have been a great fan of jeans wetting but these jeans wetting pictures are just hot here we have Claire from wetting her panties the panty peeing experts but in this case jeans wetting poor Clair looks so desperate to pee I love the first picture both hands between her crotch trying to hold her bulging bladder so none of her pee will escape she really does look so hot desperate to pee female desperation like this is great.

Pissed In Her Jeans

Clair tries to hold on but her bladder becomes more and more desperate until pee starts to run through her jeans and down her legs she has made a big puddle at her feet. She really looks sexy bent over and we can see the pee marks where her jeans ave been filled with piss on sexy jeans wetting model all it is missing I think is seeing her bent over with her jeans around her ankles and pissed in panties on show

Wetting her panties has done it again see theses jeans peeing pictures here

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wetting her panties

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Posted on 01.27.09
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Piss Hunters Caught Her pissing

pisshunters pissing

This sexy redhead really is oblivious that she is being watched while she is peeing. These voyeur peeing photos from Pisshunters are from one of the many voyeur peeing movies that are available from the voyeur peeing masters piss hunters. I love this movie as she has a look around to see if any on is looking how she could not see the camera about to watch her pee I don’t know but we get to see her peeing in nature in all her glory once again in a Pisshunter movie we don’t get to see her wipe so im still convinced there are lots of chicks who have been pissing outdoors that have damp crotches panties that have to soak up the last drops of pee I guess I will never know but I will keep on watching Pisshunter peeing movies and make my own judgements

Enjoy piss hunter pissing pictures here

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Posted on 01.24.09
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Desperation And Pissing Lesbian Story

Another Pissing Story I Came across

She was outside washing her car as I pulled into the driveway. Julie looked great no matter what she wore, and today her strong thighs were encased in shiny light blue spandex, a loose T-shirt covering her full breasts. As I turned the car off, she leaned in the open window. “Hi babe” she smiled, and kissed me – as she did, I saw her nostrils flare at the faint scent of pee and pussy that surrounded me. “Ohhhhhh” Julie said, “what have you been up to my little piss slut?” I slid out of the seat grinning and she followed me just inside the garage door, dragging the hose, dripping water, right along with her. She pushed me up against the workbench and leaned close. “Tell me babe, were you naughty today?” she murmured in my ear. Her hands rubbed the front of my thighs as she pushed her hips against mine. Her hands wandered up my thighs, finding no panties and my pussy wet and open. Her thigh slid between mine and she pushed my skirt up and pressed against my mons as she continued to explore and talk to me “Tell me baby, what did you do that got you so hot, were you playing our piss games?” I rubbed my slit against her spandex-clad thigh as I smiled and melted into her mouth. “Tell me sweet thing, hurry now before I fuck you right here” Julie said. With her thigh against me, her mouth so close to mine, I sighed “Oh Julie, I was so bad today, so naughty. I wanted to play, so when I got up this morning I decided to see how far I could tease myself.” Her mouth continued to wander over my face and neck and she moved her hand to my slit, finding my clit hard and poking out of my lips. She slid one finger lazily up my slit, just lingering a second on my clit, and urged to me continue. I had one hand on my taut nipple and the other on her ass to push her thigh tighter into me as I told her my story: “I woke up just after you went to work honey, and I had just finished such a sexy dream. I made a pot of coffee and did some work at the computer, but couldn’t concentrate because I was so hot. I went in our room and sat on the side of the bed and jerked off but it wasn’t enough. I decided to tease myself for a while. I felt my bladder filling from all the coffee, so I quickly showered and dressed I put on some white cotton panties, and my denim jumper over a white tee shirt, and slid my feet into sandals as I grabbed my car keys and headed for the park. I was so full already, I didn’t know how long I could hold out, but I was also very aroused and enjoying that pressure. The ride to the park was longer than usual, and when I saw the construction zone, I knew I was in trouble.” Julie pressed harder into me as I reached under her thigh and found her slit all tight and bulging and covered in spandex, and slid my fingers around that curve just a bit. “ The traffic was backed up for about a half mile, and I could see the entrance to the park just off the highway, just out of reach. I put my hand between my legs to keep from spurting into my panties before I could get to the park, and found myself squirming against my hand as the pressure of my bladder made me more desperate. I pressed against my clit to distract myself, and it got so hard so fast, I couldn’t help but pull and rub it a bit, even pinching it when the spasms got intense. By the time I reached the park entrance and moved my foot to push in the clutch, I was ready to explode, and at that minute I felt a spurt cross my clit and into my panties. The hot pee almost made me come right there and I was dripping pussy juice and pee as I turned into a parking spot. Getting out of the car was a mistake, as I stood up I knew I could not walk without pissing my panties even more, so I spread my legs and squatted just for a second, hoping no one would see. Even as I squatted, a big hot gush came straight out of my pee hole, and I felt it make big bulge in my panties for a second before I saw it spatter forward onto the ground. I squeezed as hard as I could, so hard I almost got dizzy, and managed to stop. As I walked towards the deserted play area, I knew that I had to hurry or I would just gush right there and waste it all.”

Julie’s fingers were now in my pussy and I was sinking onto her hand as I talked. Her hips pushed forward into me as her first and middle finger found my gspot – her secret weapon – all she has to do is rub that spot for a few minutes and she knows I will squirt into her hand and all over my legs. Her thumb was pressed on my clit, making it bulge under the pressure of her insistent hand. I moved my hand from her slit and slid into the front of her spandex leggings, finding no panties and her wet pussy, with the lips all swollen and parted already. I slid my first finger against her clit and my middle one against her pee hole and just fluttered them a little, making her moan. Her voice got huskier and huskier as she whispered “Go on baby, finish your story for me, hurry”. I responded with a moan of my own and continued: “I walked to the play area and sat on one end of the teeter-totter, so that my pussy was pressed against the warm board and my knees were up high. I rolled my hips forward to increase the pressure on my clit and held myself right there for a few minutes. The clit pressure was almost as intense as the pressure of my bladder, and I let a little more go. I was so full, just aching to let it all out, but I let just enough until I heard the hiss and then stopped again. Getting up, I saw the wet imprint of my pussy on the seat, and the stream of pee that had run down into the sand, making little balls of wet sand. I walked over to where there were some trees, and pulled my soaked panties off and wiped
myself with them, tossing them into the bushes.”

Julie was moving against my hand now, and I felt her squirt a little pee as my finger continued to work her pee hole, moaning as she did it. Her pee hole is very sensitive and she loves to have it played with. I like to hold her open with one hand and tease it with my fingernail till she lets a long hot squirt go. She has great muscles and an intense stream. Sometimes I have her stand in front of me and do that herself – hold her pussy open and let squirts go – very slowly of course, until she loses control and pisses all over the floor. “Hurry baby”, she urged, as I slid onto her cunt, “hurry”. Another spurt hit my fingers and I rubbed the hot pee around her clit. She squeezed my fingers very hard to hold back her pee. I loved to see her piss in those spandex leggings, see the light blue material turn dark and cling even more to her pussy lips. I was close to coming myself now, and her finger on my swollen g-spot was pressing hard and I knew that the gush of come would not wait much longer. We both slid to a squat, hand still inside the others cunts. Her spandex was soaked at the crotch, and my pussy was so open and so hot I could feel my juices dripping onto the cement floor. I reached deeper into Julie, going for her g-spot (I have that secret weapon of my own) and she gasped as I hit it with my first finger. “What’s wrong babe, feel good?” I said. She could only nod as I continued to massage that hard little olive. My bladder was very full again as she held her fingers still in my pussy, concentrating now on her own pressure and trying to hold back. I moved back a little so that her hand slid out of me, and gently pushed her to her knees. “Kneel for me lover” I whispered, “I want to be deep in you”. I pulled my jumper off over my head as Julie pulled her spandex off and pushed it under her knees to pad the floor a bit. Her sweet full ass was turned
to me, as I knelt behind her, one leg between her spread knees, so that I could rub my clit on her ass cheek. I reached down and spread my lips for maximum friction against her, and with my other hand, pulled her pussy hair and lips fora few seconds, making her lips open even more. Her hips were rolling as I slid two fingers, then three, inside her tight cunt and she was whimpering. She was dripping down my wrist. Her hand slid between her legs and touched my hand for a moment, pressing it into her pussy before she started rubbing her clit and her pee hole in big round circles as I fucked her. Julie was groaning and moving as I went even deeper into her cunt, her cunt making sucking noises as I moved my fingers in and out. Her bladder was as full as mine, I could feel it, round and a bit knobby, when I pressed downward. Each time I did that, Julie groaned deeper in her throat and her pussy would clench with the effort of holding her piss back. Her hand was frantic now on her clit and pee hole, but she was holding off, just like I love her to. I was grinding my clit against her ass and thigh, and felt my bladder about to burst. The flashes of heat inside my belly were incredible, and my bladder was spasming with the effort. I couldn’t hold back my piss any more. I groaned as I felt a little spurt, and then another one, and I ground my clit against Julie as hard as I could. I started to piss so hard that it sprayed around her leg, and as I started to come, I could see the spray hit the concrete floor, glowing in the afternoon sunlight coming in the garage window. I arched my back hard, so that only my lips and clit were touching her. Julie gasped as she felt me soak her legs and ass and she bucked hard against my hand, begging me for her release. I slid one finger out and pushed her hand aside to rub her pee hole. She was moaning and talking all the while” oh babe, right there, it burns right there, oh I can’t, please, I gotta pee, oh, oh Karen, ahhhh” and I felt her start to come as she started to piss in my hand. As she lost control, I roared, coming and spraying piss all over both of us. Julie screamed “ ohhhhh yessssssyessss now, please baby fuck me harder please -NOW ohhhhhh” as her piss flew in all directions and her g-spot let go with a gush of girl come. My hand was moving so fast inside her it was a blur, and all I could see was her golden pee spraying on my hand, the floor and all over her spandex leggings. As her climax faded, I slowly slid my hand out of her and sank back, drained, onto my knees. She remained kneeling in front of me, her cunt gaping and dripping piss and girl come, panting and moaning softly, the hem of her T-shirt soaked where she had pissed all over it. I reached out to stroke her the back of her legs, softly. “Good baby?” I asked. All she could do is nod her head again. I stood and came around to the front of her. I knelt in front of her, inches from her face. She looked up at me, her face wet with sweat, and a puddle on the floor between her legs. “I have more for you” I said, as I reached down, spread my lips with one hand and rubbed my clit hard and fast with the other. I was ready to explode literally in seconds, as Julie reached out and slid her fingers inside me. That was all it took as I came again, shaking and moaning and screaming and gushing all over her hand. We collapsed on the ground, into a puddle of pee and come, holding each other, smiling and kissing and nuzzling. I felt Julie’s thigh cover mine as she snuggled her crotch into me, and a wave of heat exploded in my belly as she sighed and let her bladder empty against me for the last time. A few minutes passed, and the cold wet cement got very uncomfortable, and we struggled to our feet. Julie looked at me, smiled that smile that melts my heart as well as my pussy and said: “So babe, want to finish that story for me?”

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Janessa From Ineed2pee Desperate To Pee

Janessa Desperate To Pee

Ineed2pee the female desperation experts have given us this wonderful set of female desperation and overall peeing photos this is what ineed2pee says about these female desperation and wetting pictures. The story goes, Poor Janessa! We went up on the garage roof to clean up the moss & leaves but the ladder fell down and she’s too scared of heights to attempt to jump down! To top it off the neighbours are all out in their yards and can see her dilemma! She tries her best to look “not desperate” but it’s quickly a losing battle.

Janessa Peeing In Pants

These are really sexy female desperation pictures from a movie that is available at ineed2pee Janessa is a great female desperation model at ineed2pee and in this female desperation movie she really is desperate to pee she is trying so hard to hold on she has her hands in the crotch pushing and also the little shakes of desperation. Female desperation doesn’t get much better than this an then after all her struggling her bulging bladder beats her and the pee starts to come flowing out and she soaks her white overalls its just great and the mess she makes is wonderful
See These Female Desperation Photos Here

See this female desperation movie and many others at ineed2pee click here

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Glass Table Peeing From Rebekah Dee

glass table peeing

I Know this is a repost from 2 years ago but I saw it again and well it is so wonderful. Its not every day we get to watch a sexy lady peeing over us on a glass table and this peeing movie from Rebekah Dee really does capture it all. From the start you know this pee movie will be something special and it doesn’t disappoint I love how we see the first jet of pee hit the glass and then the ripples follow. What has to be best is when we look directly up at her peeing vagina the pee really is firing out with strength and this view is something special. Rebekah Dee really is a brilliant peeing model and this video of her pissing pussy in such detail has to be one of the best things I have seen in a long time even when she has finished peeing and we are looking up at her wet pussy through the puddle of pee that is on the table its just great

See Rebekah Dee pissing on a glass table by clicking here

Visit Needapee and see more Rebekah Dee peeing movies click here

Visit Needapee Now

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Real Wetting Alice Pees In Her Shorts

real wetting alice peeing in shorts

Now this is one very sexy female desperation and shorts peeing movie from real wetting (Audrey’s Wetting Site), unfortunately I don’t have the actual video but the next best thing female desperation and shorts peeing pictures. these really are great photos of real wetting Alice the look of the pee and it is flowing through the blue shorts is great and Alice has climbed up onto a play set so when she lets go of her hot pee it really does splash down. Real wetting or Audrey’s wetting Site as it is also called really does know there wetting and to have Alice who is so sexy peeing her shorts is wonderful. Real wetting Alice is so risky too out in public and desperate wetting I am surprised that she hasn’t been caught yet imagine walking and seeing Alice desperate on the swing set and then all of a sudden she releases her bladder as she cant hold on any longer …

See These Real Wetting Pictures Here

See More Of real wetting

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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