Needapee Outdoors Desperate And Peeing

Rebekah Dee Desperate To Pee

Rebekah Dee doesn’t get much better than this. Here she is outdoors and desperate to pee, this time we get the pleasure of high quality pictures as we watch her getting more and more desperate to pee until she finally cant hold her pee any longer and it comes spraying out. I just live how Rebekah Dee loves desperation before she pees it is so sexy but in these Needapee photos of Rebekah Dee peeing what is more sexy is how the piss is running down her bum she really is making a big pissy mess of pee its just lovely and I do love the last picture as she is squatting standing and releasing her hot warm pee. It would be so great to be walking around the rocks and stumble upon the lovely Rebekah Dee as she was peeing like this you couldn’t ask for more

Needapee Peeing Outdoors

Here is what Rebekah Dee from Needapee has written about this Another stunning back-drop and another pee! There I was rambling along, taking in another breathtaking vista (and perving on the naked sunbathers below!) when I was struck with an urge to pee. I perform an impressive arc of piss that jets through the air, almost soaking my photographer. When finished I depart but forget to check whether my skirt is tucked in my panties!

Enjoy these outdoor peeing pictures from Rebekah Dee click here

Visit Needapee Now

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Posted on 12.31.08
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Real Wetting Alice Peeing Her Pants Outdoors

Alice Peeing Her Pants

Here we have Alice from Real Wetting or as they also call it Audrey’s Wetting Site outdoors. Real Wetting Alice really does love wetting and she looks so sexy as she released here golden liquid into her pants. These Real Wetting photos have her desperate in her white pants she does look so sexy with her hands jammed into her crotch as she tries to hold her pee in, being Real Wetting we know she is going to wet her pants and she does. Real Wetting Alice really soaks them and I love how white pants go see through when they get wet. We can see the faint outline of a g-string through he soaked in piss pants so sexy. This is the small sentence Real Wetting has said about the wetting movie After gathering fruits from a tree she starts urinating in her white, cute, pants. You can see all the piss gushing out of her pussy, wetting the back of her pants and arse.
Enjoy Alice Wetting Her Pants Click Here

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Posted on 12.28.08
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Merry Christmas From Piss Blog

Wetting Her Panties-peeing

Here we have two very sexy Santa’s from wetting her panties Tammy And Mia they look so sexy and I wish it was Wetting her panties Christmas every day of the year in these hot wetting her panties pictures the two sexy Santa’s are desperate and peeing their panties on the carpet. It doesn’t get much better than this for Christmas and I hope you enjoy these panty peeing Christmas photos from wetting her panties

If you haven’t checked out the mega wetting site that is Wetting Her Panties you really do need to there are hundreds of photos and so many movies to watch its just unbelievable. Wetting her panties is just wonderful See It All Here

See The Sexy Santa Pictures Click Here

wetting her panties

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Posted on 12.25.08
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Ineed2pee Alice Female Desperation Movie

Here we have the lovely Alice from ineed2pee as we all know Alice is a great female desperation and wetting chick she can hold her bladder so long and it is great to watch her at ineed2pee getting more and more desperate to pee. I don’t think there is a ineed2pee honey that can hold her piss and longer than Alice if I am wrong let me know.
Alice Desperate To Pee

Here is how the story of this female desperation and wetting movie goes. Alice is a delivery girl on her last call & she really needs to pee badly! She’s crossing her legs tightly, bending over and trying her best to keep all her pent up pee inside but the dude is taking so long! She ends up pissing her tight jeans in front of the customer and he makes her clean it up!

Alice Peeing In Her Jeans

It really is a hot female desperation movie from ineed2pee and how great would it be to get a delivery and find you are also getting a desperate lady who is showing all the signs of female desperation and then get the pleasure of watching her wetting her jeans just lovely female desperation and jeans peeing

Enjoy Alice Desperate And Wetting In This Ineed2pee Movie Click Here


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Posted on 12.22.08
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Hidden Peeing From Pisshunters

Here we have some really hot caught peeing pictures from, Pisshunters the voyeur peeing masters. This chick is so hot and in HD video how she cant see the camera filming her pee I don’t know but im glad we can watch her peeing while she doesn’t know. There is something about voyeur peeing that is so sexy. When we watch it is all so natural we are watching her pee in the natural way not shy as she lets her stream of piss go just how she usually does it and that’s what makes Pisshunters the voyeur peeing masters such a great piss site it is all voyeur peeing in all sorts of situations they don’t know we are watching them peeing.
Pisshunters Caught Peeing

Enjoy these caught peeing photos from Pisshunters


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Posted on 12.19.08
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Rebekah Dee Peeing On The Tennis Court

Here we have the lovely Rebekah Dee from Needapee suffering some female desperation until she decides that she cant hols her bladder any longer and ends up lifting up her tennis skirt and moving her panties to the side. Rebekah Dee then lets loose with her powerful piss stream. Rebekah Dee has to be one of my favourite pissing models she is just so sexy and seems to love holding her pee till she gets so desperate. I just love how risky she is in these situations and i am amazed that she hasn’t been caught yet
Rebekah Dee Peeing

This is what the lovely Rebekah Dee has written about these tennis court peeing photos The Tennis practice pee went down so well that I thought I’d return to the court for some more pee fun. After a couple of gruelling sets I barely make it off court in time. I have to be careful as there I a nosey neighbour peaking at me so I squat by the net post and let out a pee that leaves a naughty steaming puddle. Physical workouts certainly seem to make for great and long peeing!
You can see these Tennis Caught Peeing photos Here

Visit Needapee Click Here

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Posted on 12.15.08
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Tights Pissing From Wetting Her Panties

I just love tights pissing and these photos from Wetting Her Panties are just great. Here we have the lovle Lolly Badcock desperate to pee in her tight and panties she looks so lovely crouched down trying to hold her golden urine in. Alas she cant hold her bladder any longer and the pee starts to run into her panties and through her tights. This is a wonderful set of peeing in tights photos and its is a shame there are not more tight peeing sets around the internet. Wetting Her Panties has more and you can see them by visiting the biggest panty peeing web site Wetting Her Panties Click Here

Pissing In Her Tights

There is not much more to say about these lovely tights peeing photos from Wetting Her Panties except it doesn’t get better than this and these enjoy Lolly Badcock wetting her tights from Wetting Her Panties

Tights peeing photos Click Here

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Posted on 12.11.08
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Ivy Female Desperation And Shorts Wetting

You know by now I am sure that I love female desperation and in my opinion that ineed2pee is the best site for what seems to turn into real female desperation on camera. Here is a trailer with Ivy, Ivy is desperate to pee in the lift she is in here short shorts and really needs to pee she gets back to her room but is unable to get in the bathroom so being so desperate she climbs on the sink and pees through her shorts and the shorts are like a towel so the pee just gets soaked up lovely

Ivy Desperate To Pee

What I love about this ineed2pee female desperation movie is that ivy sounds so desperate to pee she really does need top go and she gets that wonderful panic sound in her voice this is what makes the ineed2pee female desperation scenes so good

Ivy Peeing In Her Shorts

Check this Ivy desperate trailer here and see and hear the female desperation

Ivy Desperate And peeing Shorts movie


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Posted on 12.07.08
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Pee Sex (Watersports) Training Manual

I found this watersports (Pee Sex) Manual and thought some may enjoy

Watersports is a slang term for the practice of passing bladder fluid in order to enhance sexual intimacy, or in other words, erotic peeing. The medical term for this is urolagnia or urophilia. This manual is not about that. Other posts appear in which total strangers meet and go off to some private location to pee on each other. This manual is not about that either. What it is about is the sharing of something intimate and personal between individuals who are emotionally bonded and trust each other, and who seek to deepen their bond and their trust with this special token of their love. Coverage will span the mildest to the most intimate practices.

How long has it been since you peed in the shower or bath? I’ll bet for most of you reading, it’s been less than a month, and for most of the rest of you, less than six months. For some it is as regular a part of bathing as soaping the washcloth. And why did you do it? Couldn’t hold it till you got out? Unlikely. You did it because it felt good. It feels good just to relax and without the worry of finding a suitable receptical or undoing clothing just to close your eyes feel that little tingle passing through your lovemaking flesh.

And there’s no mess to clean. And admit this also, at least to yourself. Sometime — probably more than once — when you’ve been standing waist deep in the ocean or a lake, or even a swimming pool, haven’t you enjoyed the warmth of your own fluids seeping through your swimsuit? Learning to amplify and share the excitement connected such simple joys in spite of cultural taboos against them, overcoming our baseless beliefs in those taboos, and adopting practical methods for engaging our lovers in this joy — that is what this manual is about.

This manual in full can be found HERE
The Watersports (Pee Sex) Training Manual

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Ineed2pee Female Desperation & Jeans Peeing

Pissed In Jeans

Now this would be a sexy situation to walk into one chick as pissed in her jeans and made a big mess and her friend is in her tights watching the pee flow. This is a great set of female desperation and jeans peeing pictures from ineed2pee here we have her desperate to pee in the car she has to hold on but she really really needs to have a pee. She makes it out of the car with out leaking from her bladder but as she is trying to find a place to pee her desperation gets to great and she loses control of her bulging bladder the pee runs down her legs and makes a big piss puddle at her feet

Pissed In Her Jeans

What I find so sexy is her friend is watching her desperation and jeans peeing in what looks like fascination its lovely but what we don’t see here in these jeans peeing pictures but we do on the ineed2pee female desperation and wetting movie her friend follows on and pees her tights too just wonderful

see the desperation and wetting picture set click here


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