Short Piss Story

A Short Piss Story I Found On The Net Enjoy

Damn not now… not now! Freakin’ bladder! Arggghhh!
“Wait,” I gasp, placing my hands on his bare chest, slowing my movements to his thrusts. It feels so good, but I have to pee so bad I’m too distracted to focus on the pleasure. “Wait! Mother Nature’s calling at the worst moment,” I say desperately. “I’ve gotta pee!” “Pee?” Geoff chuckles, slowing his movement. We roll apart. He grunts as his cock slides out of me. “No problem. If you gotta go, ya gotta go!”

Struggling to stand, the breeze off the lake makes me feel how deliciously wet I am. I look around for a place to go, but the ground is rough past the edges of our blanket and there are no bushes nearby. “Just go right here,” Geoff says, sensing my predicament, pointing right beside the our woolly haven. The thought of peeing right in front of him is a bit embarrassing, but I am desperate. “Okay, but don’t look,” I say, stepping off the soft material and squatting. “Why not?” he says with a laugh. “It’s not like I haven’t seen a woman pee before. I think it’s kinda sexy in a way!” Christ, I wish he hadn’t said that. And he’s watching me. For some reason nothing is happening. My eyes gaze at his lovely cock, still rock-hard, glistening, throbbing against his firm belly as he lies on his side, curiously observing me. This moment was supposed to be such bliss, fucking our brains out on this beautiful little beach and now this! I’ve got to concentrate. I close my eyes and push harder. “Having trouble?” Geoff asks casually, waiting for the telltale stream. What the hell is going on? My bladder feels like it’s going to burst! It’s aching in the worst way, but I can’t seem to relax and let go. Stage fright? This is really getting embarrassing. Rather than answer I take a deep breath, exhale and push once more. Nothing! “Dammit!” My verbal curse covers the sound of Geoff moving. His voice is suddenly close. “Maybe I can help,” he says.

I open my eyes to discover him kneeling in front of me, his hand reaching out. Before I can move or speak his fingers glide between the wet lips of my pussy. The shock of his touch there takes my breath away. “What…” my strained voice utters. My instinct is to rise, move away from him, but his other hand holds my shoulder, keeping me in place. “Just relax,” he says, his fingers sliding inside me, massaging gently, making my eyes flutter closed. “Just relax and let it go. Maybe I can loosen things up for you.” Oh my fucking God! His fingers glide in and out, nudge past my clit, knead my taut bladder, causing intense pleasure and pain as they move. I can’t believe he is doing this! Doesn’t he know I have to PEE! The competing sensations are overwhelming. With a loud gasp all the tension suddenly shudders out of me. My bladder lets go! Oh yes, yes, yes! The burst of pee is such heavenly relief! Then with shocking embarrassment I realize Geoff’s fingers are still buried inside me and I am pissing all over his hand. “Cool!” he is all he says, watching my golden liquid spray into his palm and splash onto the ground. He makes no attempt to pull his hand away, continuing to massage and caress me with his fingers instead, ignoring or (ohmigod!) enjoying my squirt!

“Ohhhhhhh…” I sigh, smelling hot urine. There’s no way I can stop the warm river, even if I wanted too. The pleasure of the relief magnifies the pleasure of his touch. There is something so bizarrely intimate about him caressing me while I pee that I almost collapse on the ground. His hand between my legs holds me up, fingers pushing deep. “Ohhhhh…” I sigh again as his other hand slides down onto my breast and his fingertips caress my stiff nipple. The stream finally slows to a trickle, there is a couple of spurts, then it’s over. “Very cool!” He murmurs, swirling a wet fingertip up over my clit. This time the violent shudder of pleasure almost sends me backwards onto my ass. I groan as his strong hands grab my arms and pull me to him.

What follows is forever a blur in my mind. I have never had such a sense of complete surrender to a man! We gave ourselves to each other as completely that day as any two human beings can. Oh yes, we fucked all right! We fucked on that blanket until I had no energy left in me! We fucked more than once and came more than once… together, me and then him, him and then me… floating off into a Nirvana that I wished would never end.

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Posted on 09.30.08
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Wetting Her Pants From Real Wetting

Alice Desperate To Pee

Alice from real wetting is just so sexy and I love it when she gets so desperate to pee her female desperation actions are just wonderful; and she has such a large bladder when she gets so desperate she cant hold on any longer her piss floods out its just superb

Flooding Her Pants In Piss

This female desperation and pants pissing movie from Alice that is available from real wetting has it all female desperation and then she floods her yellow pants in hot pee it’s just superb you can see desperation and wetting pics of this lovely peeing movie by clicking here

Pissed In Pants

This was written about this wetting movie at Realwetting or as it is also called Audrey’s Wetting Site Every day Alice has to cross a huge park to get home. Today she lost control of her full bladder as she was crossing the park. You can really see the piss gushing out of her pants filling the space between her pussy and ass. She confessed that this clip made her really really horny and she started masturbating as soon as she got home. Real wetting, Audrey’s wetting site make some great female desperation and wetting clips and this is just great

See more photos from the female desperation and wetting video by clicking here

See more from Real Wetting Click here

See More Of Audry Peeing

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Wettingherpanties Female Desperation And Shorts Pissing Pictures

This wetting her panty set of wetting pictures is just great Harmony is just so cute and looking at her sitting there desperate to pee is lovely I do love it when she releases her desperate bladder you can see she has been holding her pee for a while as the piss stream starts slowly as it soaks into her shorts and then splashes on the ground she really is producing a lovely piss stream through her shorts.

Harmony peeing in her shorts

I love this photo she is on her knees with her piss soaked shorts still on and then she starts peeing again till her crotch stars to glisten with her hot pee. It has to be one of the best shorts wetting photos I have seen this pose makes me want to pull her sopping pissed in shorts to the side so I can see her piss soaked panties.

Harmony in her pissed in panties

What is great with this set of wetting her panties videos is that Harmony even has a wet pissy camel toe it looks so sexy as it pulls up her wet pussy its just great and we can miss the lovely pissed in panties in the last photo the pee has made them so dark and wet its lovely the only thing its missing is the drips of piss bit we cant have everything

Wetting her panties have done it again
See these wetting her panty pictures click here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Desperate Pissing Outdoors From Pisshunters

This piss hunters movie is great a bit of female desperation and voyeur pissing check out the chick she is desperate to pee and you can see that she is a little uncomfortable trying to get her pants down se looks like she may loose it and pee in her pants. We can see how desperate she is as when she gets her pants down she releases a squirt of piss straight away

Desperate To Pee From Pisshunters

We have seen this voyeur piss place before in this Pisshunter video titled Desperation & Voyeur Pissing From Pisshunters if you missed Desperation & Voyeur Pissing From Pisshunters you can see the post and video by CLICKING HERE. Its a pity in this voyeur pissing movie that we don’t see her pissing pussy but we can see the piss stream and it is great

Squat Peeing From Pisshunters

I do love Pisshunter pissing videos as once again we can see that she hasn’t wiped she just pulls up her panties and jeans no wiping her pussy and i am guessing that she was desperate she probably has a damp patch in her panties she was lucky that as she was so desperate that she didn’t piss in her jeans.

Pulling Up Her Panties

See this short but great voyeur pissing video from Pisshunters just click here

You can see this movie and hundreds of others at Pisshunters Just click Her to visit the biggest and best voyeur pissing web site on the net Pisshunters Click Here


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Pissing In The Bed Movie From Ineed2pee

Here is a short trailer of Tia wetting the bed not female desperation just sexy bed wetting As the story goes Poor Tia she is sleeping but her friends decide to play a prank on her, they put her hand in a bowl with cold water hoping she will wet herself. After a few minutes she pees all over the bed!

Tia Pissing In Bed

Wet Pissed In Bed

I love seeing chicks pissing in the bed there is something so sexy to watch as they lie there and a big pool of piss slowly surrounds them as they release there bladder

Enjoy Tia Wetting The Bed
See The Bed Wetting Movie Click Here

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Posted on 09.16.08
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Chuffy From Needapee Pissing On Car

chuffy needs to pee

To follow on from the return of Chuffy she now has a new movie at Needapee here she is outdoors and pissing on Rebekah Dee’s car. The last time we saw this car here was the Rebekah Dee Pissing From Car Movie you can see this post and the peeing movie HERE

Chuffy Despereate To Pee

It seems that Chuffy didn’t like how dirty the car was so she climbs on the car and sprays her hot piss all over the windscreen. Chuffy looks desperate before she pisses too I do love the desperate to pee action from Needapee if you can remember my favourite video Real Female Desperation Peeing Movie there really is some great female desperation action over at Needapee if you missed this real female desperation movie you can see it HERE

Chuffy Ready To Pee

Back to Chuffy she is just so cute and i love haw she has her hands jammed in her crotch holding her pee in it does look like the same denim shorts that she pissed in in the last post I wonder if they dries and she kept them on HOT.

Chuffy Sprays Her Piss

Chuffy then climbs on the car and pees on the car such a lovely spray. Rebekah Dee posted this about this pissing movie. Chuffy was disgusted at the dirt on the car and decided to give it a little rinse of her own. She power pee’d so hard she ended up giving the car bonnet a rinse instead of th window. I thought it was a great video and am keen to do one of my own… out for it! I cant wait till Rebekah Dee does this it will be hot.

Visit Needapee Click Here

Visit Needapee Now

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Voyeur Peeing Piss Hunter Pictures

Caught Pissing

Voyeur pissing is just brilliant and Pisshunters have to be the masters of the voyeur pissing how there camera people gets such close shots of unsuspecting chicks as they piss. Seeing real people caught in the piss act brilliant. Here we have some lovely pictures from Pisshunters they have been taken from one of there high quality voyeur pissing movies.
Pulling Her Pants Up After Pissing

This set of Pisshunter photos is small but at the Pisshunters website you can see the full movie. I love the quality its is so high on this video but what I love about this style of voyeur pissing is the rawness it looks so natural there is no air brushing or editing she really lets go of her piss stream and then pulls up her pants with out wiping her wet pussy. Lets hope her pussy is not to wet with piss or she will have a big wet piss stain in her Jeans

See These Piss Hunter Pictures
Click Here

Visit The Pisshunters Website HERE


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Skirt And Panty Peeing From Wetting Her Panties

About To Pee In Her Panties

I do love seeing a chick in a skirt pissing in her panties and these pissing panty photos from wetting her panties are hot look at her with her panties showing about to pee in her panties and then the small dark spot of pee starting to flow through the fabric I have always loved seeing light coloured panties getting peed in and when the piss starts to flow the fabric has such a stark contrast. She really soaked these panties in hot piss and having her skirt still on is wonderful check out the pee flowing down her legs they really are getting soaked and the panties are just dripping piss but the best photo from this wetting her panties is when she pulls her skirt back over her panties look at the big piss patch in the skirt its great and her face has a look of pleasure it looks like she loves pissing her panties wettingherpanties has done it again

Wet Pissed In Skirt

See The Panty Peeing Pictures Here

Visit Wettingherpanties And Check Out The Live Panty Wetting Cam

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Lesbian Slave Pissing

exy Lesbian Slave Pisses

From House Of Taboo come this lovely picture set I found this pissing set with a mistress forcing her slave to pee in a bowl. Looks like the slaves piss misses the bowel so she is then forced to wipe up her hot piss. She is lucky that her mistress did not make her lick her piss up like as dog. House Of Taboo seems to have some lovely pissing pictures and videos but this has to be one of my favourite pissing sets I have seen I a long time. A mistress and her lesbian slave is just so sexy and she is such a hot pissing slave I would love to see this hot pissing set as a pee movie

Slave Made To Pee

See the Slave pissing Photos click Here

See More At House Of Taboo Click Here

House Of Taboo

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