Diaper Pissing Story


I came across this pissing story in my travels I hope you enjoy it….

At the age of twenty, I went to visit a friend, Jenny, who was at college. She had a lovely two-bed roomed flat close to the university and I was really looking forward to my weekend away. Little did I know that the weekend’s discoveries would change my life.

During the first day of my stay, Jenny and I played squash. During the game I could not help but notice that when Jenny bent over to take a low shot in front of me her short tennis skirt rode up slightly to reveal her knickers. Her bottom seemed a little plumper than I remembered from school days and her frilly tennis knickers with their pink nylon fabric seemed almost like baby pants! I thought it best not to comment and we finished the game, waiting until we returned to the flat that evening to change.

That evening we settled down to a good old chat and inevitably ended up drinking far too much. I barely remembered going to bed, but in the middle of the night woke up in a half sleep wanting a pee. My next recollection was the following morning when I gradually woke to realise Jenny was standing by my bed with a cup of tea. As I moved to murmur good morning to Jenny I realised that the bed was soaked beneath me. My face reddened as I confessed, ‘I’m so sorry, but I think I’ve ruined your bed, I must have had an accident during the night.’

Pulling back the bedclothes, the bed was extremely wet, but Jenny did not seem too concerned, saying, ‘You’ve not changed your old habits, then,’ referring to the accidents I used to have as a teenager. Jenny continued, ‘I must admit that I wondered if you still suffered with little accidents so I took the precaution of putting a plastic cover on the mattress.’ As she said this, she drew back the wet sheet to reveal a large white towelling square and the waterproof sheet beneath I had to confess to Jenny that my intermittent incontinence had become more common recently. in fact, it had got to the stage where I was now wetting my knickers during the day on occasions. We chatted for some time and eventually I summoned up the courage to tell Jenny the truth, saying, ‘Actually, I think the problem is that I enjoy my wetting.’

While we had been talking in the bedroom, Jenny’s dressing gown had fallen open. As I happened to look down, I could clearly see the vee of her crotch and you can imagine my surprise when I saw the clear plastic of her incontinence pants. There were drop-lets of moisture on the inside and what looked like thick towelling knickers within which were obviously wet with her pee. Noticing my rather obvious stare Jenny said, ‘Yes it’s true. I have a similar problem, too.’ There was rather a lot of embarrassment and I decided to beat a hasty retreat to the bathroom to get showered.

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As I walked across the hall to the bedroom to get dressed, Jenny emerged from her room, saying, ‘Look, I know you may be embarrassed but there’s no need. I’ve left you some things out on your bed that you might like to try.’ My heart leaped into my mouth with excitement and apprehension at the same time. Neatly laid out on the bed were a pair of thick terry towelling knickers and a pair of transparent waterproof pants. I could feel my pussy moisten as I lay on the bed and pulled on the towelling knickers.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, I slipped one foot and then the other into the plastic panties, pulling them up and smoothing them over my curving buttocks and taking care to ensure that the towelling was tucked in around the legs. It was at this stage that I realised that I had been yearning for the security and comfort offered by returning to baby pants, where if I did need a pee in public I would not get into trouble.

During the day that followed, neither of us referred to the events of the morning, As for myself, I found that whilst I was ashamed of my growing need for the protection of plastic knickers I was also excited at the thought of someone finding out what lay beneath my skirt. I still felt too embarrassed to question Jenny about her knicker-wetting problem.

That night, I went to the loo for a pee. Pulling down my plastic panties, I realised that my pants were soaked in urine. It was time to go to bed and Jenny cheerfully commented, ‘I don’t think it would be wise to risk you wetting the bed again tonight. Would you mind awfully if we took some precautions?’

As I followed her to my bedroom she said, ‘I’ve made the bed up with the waterproof mattress cover again, but you will be more comfortable if you wear these.’ Jenny went to a drawer and pulled out a large terry towelling nappy, two large safety pins and another pair of the transparent plastic pants. Spellbound by what was happening, I obeyed Jenny’s instructions. She watched as I self-consciously lifted the hem of my dress, revealing my transparent plastic knickers. As Jenny looked at my crotch she could clearly see the darker area of the white towelling knickers soaked with my piss. ‘My word, you have been a naughty girl,’ remarked Jenny. ‘Let me help you finish undressing.’

I lay on the bed and Jenny skilfully unclipped my lacy half-cup bra. My nipples betrayed the excitement that was beginning to make my pussy ache with desire as Jenny slid my saturated incontinence panties down my legs. I am sure that she gasped a little as she saw my almost hairless cunt for the first time, the outer lips engorged and open with desire. She folded the nappy into a triangle and asked me to raise my bottom, slipping it under me and neatly pinning it in place at the front. My mind was racing, but I decided to let her continue. Jenny smiled at me in an almost maternal fashion as she unfolded the plastic panties, obviously enjoying the process of my regression to baby-hood. With me now dressed, Jenny concluded, ‘Your waterproof pants and nappy should keep you comfortable until morning. Why don’t you come through to my room in a few minutes and we’ll have a nightcap?’

A few minutes later, I wandered self-consciously into Jenny’s room with a bottle of cider and two glasses, feeling aware of the bulge of my nappy under the tee-shirt I wore at night. Jenny was sitting up in bed, finishing the remains of the lager we had had earlier. She smiled, saying, ‘Come on. Don’t be embarrassed. Come and sit here with me.’

After a few more drinks we both began to relax, but I could not help fidgeting when I realised I desperately needed to pee but did not know how to refasten the nappy Jenny had dressed me in earlier. I had to confess to her,’ Jenny, I’m so desperate for a pee, I think it may be too late!’ She replied with a growing passion in her voice, ‘It’s okay. Just relax and pee in your nappy. That’s why you’re wearing it.’ I had no choice and, with my cheeks blushing, I started to pee into my nappy, whilst sitting on Jenny’s duvet on her bed. The stream of urine gushed for almost half a minute, flooding around my sopping pussy and around my buttocks. Jenny was staring at my exposed PVC panty crotch, watching as my pee flooded into my incontinence knickers; my nappy being unable to cope with the volume. As I moved, small spurts of pee escaped from the elasticised leg bands of my plastic knickers, soaking the duvet. To my astonishment, Jenny smiled at me, ‘You’re all right. I have a PVC cover on it, and my mattress, too. ‘Saying this, she pushed back the duvet. She looked absolutely fantastic wearing a transparent sheer white baby-doll nightie pushed upwards by her firm, full tits. It scarcely concealed Jenny’s secret of her underwear – a terry towelling nappy and plastic panties identical to the ones she had dressed me in. Sitting next to her, I watched as Jenny dimmed the light and lay back on the bed saying, ‘I thought you might be a little surprised when you found out my secret passion for babywear.’

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We kissed deeply, our tongues darting in and out and on to each other’s swollen nipples. My hands roamed over Jenny’s curving plastic-covered bottom. Sitting up facing each other, she extended her finger and hooked it around the leg elastic of my baby pants. The remaining build-up of pee in my panty crotch flooded out on to the mattress and soaked into the towel which covered the waterproof sheet beneath. I almost came on the spot with the excitement of not caring if you wet on the bed or duvet coupled with the effect Jenny’s finger was having as it worked in and out of my hole and flicked my clit.

Jenny’s sheer nightie was beginning to stick to her as the bed became wetter, and this seemed to excite her even more. Jenny then knelt up on the bed in front of me, and as she sucked on my hardened nipples I could hear a gushing sound. She straightened up, slowly raising the front of her baby-doll, saying, ‘What a filthy girl I am. I’m pissing in my knickers.’ Her waterproof pants were distended between her legs where her pee continued to flood through her nappy. Having soaked the thick terry towelling to capacity, and now collecting in the transparent crotch of her baby pants. I could not resist running my hand over the sheer smooth PVC which felt hot from Jenny’s urine as it sloshed about. Like a cat that had just got the cream, she grinned wickedly, and lowered her bottom on to the bed. As I watched, her piss-filled plastic bulged as the liquid was put under pressure, but Jenny just lay back on to the pillows. Her pee flooded on to the sheet and duvet out of the waistband of her incontinence panties. Jenny turned to reach into the bedside drawer, her gossamer nightie now soaked in pee; producing a beautifully-sculpted double-ended dildo, she started to pull down the front of my baby pants. I knew I needed fucking, my hand sliding inside my saturated nappy and rubbing at my hungry cunt.

Jenny got me to kneel up again in front of her, now with the duvet beneath my knees for comfort. She unpinned both sides of my nappy and let it drop, slowly resting the plastic cock against my opening pussy lips and then pushing it home. It was at this stage that I had my first orgasm of the evening. As Jenny continued to fuck me I said to her, ‘I’m sorry, Jenny, I need to pee again.’ She replied, ‘Just does it!’ Kneeling astride me, she slid the dildo in and out of my cunt and I relaxed my bladder. My pee spurted out in a stream, bouncing noisily off the front of her waterproof panties. She pulled down the front of her knickers so that the hot jet of my urine added to the saturation of her own nappy. Whilst my bulging bladder was still discharging, she slid between my open legs. With her mouth open she licked at my quivering cunt, bringing me to another climax. Her face, hair and baby-doll nightie were saturated with my pee and love juice.

It was clear that neither of us could contain ourselves any longer. Jenny drew forward beneath me and pulled her plastic pants and nappy to one side. With an almighty gasp, she pushed the end of the dildo up her cunt and pulled me down on to the other end. That night, we lost count of our orgasms, but I shall certainly never forget my first experience of wearing nappies as an adult.

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Panty Peeing From Wetting Her Panties

Pissing In Her Panties

Panty peeing is great and I just love the look of a wet panty that is gripping the pussy lips after pee has run through the panties. These knicker wetting photos are from wetting her panties and wet her panties does she. Panty peeing and pissed in clothes is what wettingherpanties is all about and they do seem to find some hot panty peeing models. These photos are no exception and after she has pissed into her panties and has a lovely pee cameltoe. She pulls the panties half way down do we van see here smooth vagina and than she releases her golden pee into the crotch of her already wet panty. This is not all she then pulls here pissed in panties back up and shows the big piss stain on her cute ass.

Pissed In Her Panties

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Pissing In The Snow From Need A Pee

needapee pissing in snow

How hot is this set of pissing pictures from the lovely Rebekaha Dee over at needapee (need a pee) here she is outdoors in winter with snow all around her. What does she do well? She has a big piss she really can spray it and look at the reach here piss spray can get. Rebekah really seems to love pissing and that makes Needapee such a great pissing website. These pissing pictures have the added benefit hat there are close up pissing pussy shots and you can see that there are drips of piss that are running down to her bum crack. The steam from her hot piss is lovely, imagine the great smell the piss steam will be making. I have to say she really is a dirty lady too she has pulled her panties aside and pissed and then she just puts her panties back. You can see that her panties are wet with piss but we already know she likes panty pee so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she wants her panties wet with piss this time.

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Female desperation & Jeans Pissing Movie

Female Desperation And Wetting

I do love a good jeans wetting and this female desperation and jeans pissing movies from ineed2pee is pretty good it has two lovely ladies locked out and desperate to pee of course the hop around in the true female desperation movements until its to late one was so desperate to pee that she pisses in her jeans. She does piss a lot too it really is like a river of piss she really must have been desperate to pee and her bladder must have been bludging. I really do like seeing female desperation and then the explosion of piss when it’s all to late. What is nice about this jeans pissing movie is that we get to see their pissed in panties. Panty pee and pissed in jeans what more could you ask fore
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Alya At UK Flashers


We have had Alya here before when she was doing here public pissing at needapee here
But this is even more risky public pissing while a train goes by. I think Ayla is so sexy and I wish I had seen more of her pissing antics but here she is out in a field by the railway tracks and naked under her coat. She releases here hot pee stream in the grass. It really is hot how she loves the public pissing and I have always likes seeing a chick piss in the grass there is something so natural about it when the squat down and release their hot piss
enjoy this picture set from UK Flashers. Alya pissing in nature

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Russian Lesbians Pissing Outdoors

russian lesbians pissing outdoors

How hot are these two Russian lesbians from pissing outdoors. That they are lesbians is great but what is even better is that they are lesbian that drink each others piss. They look so innocent and then they strip lick and piss on each other. Pissing Outdoors does have some great sets and I do love seeing lesbians pissing on each other. I hope that you enjoy these lesbians as they piss on each other

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Female Desperation Movie From Wettingherpanties

wettingherpanties desperation movie

Unfortunately these are only the screen caps of this female desperation and pants pissing from Mandy Moore here she is outdoors and suffering with female desperation she really is desperate to pee and I guess there is the choice to go and pee on the ground or hold on and hope the feeling of desperation to pee will go away. Well the poor thing her female desperation gets to much and she starts to pee in her pants and she does piss quite a lot. Wet pissed in pants well who can ask for more well I can and we get it as we see her showing her blue peed in panties as well. Wetting her panties does have some great pissing action
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