Hairy Pussy Pissing

Hairy Pussy Pissing

This picture set is from kinky housewife she hasn’t shaved her pussy for week. Here she is playing with dildos and then spraying here hot piss. Kinkyhousewife is a new pissing site and it really does look like it is to turn into one hot pee site. there are a couple of more posts including a movie set which you can see by visiting the Knikyhousewife category
Enjoy The Hairy Pussy Pissing

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Posted on 11.29.07
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Busted Pissing Outdoors

Another Set from pisshunters. We cant see her face as she pees but what a good catch from pisshunters. Peeing in public seems to be more common or maybe the voyeur pee masters are getting better and better at catching the chicks pissing in public. Desperation seems to be a problem now days, less toilets. I love seeing the desperate to pee look when chicks are queuing for the toilet and one has to wonder if this was her problem and female desperation got to her and she ended up pissing in public good on pisshunters

Pisshunters Pissing

Enjoy Busted Pissing Outdoors

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Posted on 11.27.07
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Wendy From Cheatingxxxwife

Wendy drinkinh her pee

As you must know by now I really do enjoy Wendy from cheatingxxxwife she is one extreme piss model and her website cheatingxxxwife has some great videos of her pissing, drinking piss and some other extreme antics that you can see by visiting cheatingxxxwife. This set has cheatingxxxwife Wendy filling a drink bottle up with her hot pee and then she proceeds to drink her urine check out her expression as she is doing this she is loving it. This is not fake cheatingxxxwife Wendy is one piss loving amateur. It would be interesting to see her out in the street drinking her yellow piss down . This set of pee pictures comes from one of the many videos cheatingxxxwife has, this is why the pee pictures are not that clear. you can see the full video at cheatingxxxwife by clicking here.
Enjoy Wendy From Cheatingxxxwife Piss Drinking

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Posted on 11.24.07
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Female Desperation In Jeans

Desperate To Pee

After yesterdays desperation wetting I thought I would post this female desperation set from ineed2pee. True female desperation is what ineed2pee is all about. This set is hot the pee flows through her jeans and onto the floor. Here blue panties are soaked in pee too. Panty pee and wet jeans are just some of the scenes that are hot at ineed2pee. If you haven’t seen any female desperation, public pissing, panty pee, from I need to pee Click Here to see one hot trailer video that shows what ineed2pee is all about. It has Female desperation real wetting and all that makes ineed2pee great. I just love female desperation and seeing how desperate to pee the models become I hope you enjoy this set Of female desperation in jeans See it by clicking here

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Posted on 11.22.07
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Female Desperation From Audrey

Desperate to pee and peeing in her jeans. Audrey from realwetting (Audrey’s Wetting Site) has just updated her desperation site with a really hot female desperation movie. She floods her jeans with hot piss and does she piss she fully soaks her tight jeans with pee.
peeing in her jeansjeans wet with piss

She wrote this about this desperation movie “I was coming home from a Saturday at the office, I held my piss the whole day so when I got back home I barely managed to take my shoes off and just pissed myself right there, wetting my jeans. This clip is one of my favorites. Jeans wetting must be the best thing ever. I get so excited wearing skin tight jeans sometimes, I just let go and piss myself.” CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE
desperation jeans peeingpeeing action

This jeans peeing movie is wonderful and is available over at Audrey’s Wetting Site. Check it out now and support a real amateur making her own desperation movies

See More Of Audry Peeing

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Posted on 11.21.07
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Female Desperation Story

I found this story with some Female Desperation and Panty Peeing

Anne and I were walking home from the club we always go to. It was a warm night in late September. I was feeling a little bit drunk…I used to drink a lot back then. I said: “Girl, I sure have to pee as soon as we get home!” Anne replied: “Yeah me too!” We walked for a while, talking about nothing. I started walking faster as we got closer to my home. I had to go really bad. After a few more minutes, we reached my front door and I went looking for my keys in my pockets. Anne noticed how hasty I was. “What is it honey? You have to go bad?” she teased me. “YES!!” I replied. I was really bursting by then. She moved up close behind me and started softly tickling my waist. I couldn’t believe she was tickling me! She knew I am ticklish. I yelled at her: “Dont do that!” But she started tickling harder. I started to piss my panties. I wanted to cut it off but I just started peeing harder instead. By the time I could stop the pee gushing out of my body, my jeans were all soaked. We went inside. The fabric of my jeans was all warm and wet, sticking to my thighs. I like that feeling, but I also felt really emberrassed at the time and I took my jeans off. I wanted to fully undress and take a shower. But then I saw Anne going into my bathroom. My heart started to beat faster at the idea of getting even with her. I ran over to her and took her by the hand. I pulled her away from the bathroom, into the kitchen. I pushed her down on the floor, my hands on her shoulders and my knees on both sides of her waist. She yelled: “Let me go! I gotta pee!” I just smiled. I saw panic in her eyes and that really turned me on. I took one hand of her shoulder and pulled up her skirt…pulling it up all the way over her panties. I started firmly rubbing over her belly, then over her panties. I cupped her crotch in my hand and squeezed. She kept screaming that she couldn’t hold it any longer. And I kept rythmically squeezing. I felt some hot pee gush into her panties…over my hand. But she stopped peeing right away. She couldn’t squat while lying on her back. I put my hand back on her shoulder, leaned forward, kissed her forehead. I felt my bladder was still half full. I was way too excited to stop…I wanted more… needed more! I closed my eyes. Pictured a toilet. I pressured. I started pissing in my panties. Wetting her skirt and panties under me. I kept pissing until I was empty. And she was soaked. I rolled off her. Anne stood up to run to the bathroom, but she really couldn’t hold it in anymore. As soon as she got on her feet, her piss came gushing out. She decided to squat on me instead. She stood over me, her piss bursting out of her body, gushing from under her skirt, falling on my tits. My sweater got soaked and I felt the hot pee running over my boobs. When she was done, I told her to undress and take a shower. I cleaned the kitchen floor and threw all our clothes in the washer. Then I joined her in the shower. I looked her in the eye. She looked back, emberrassed. She said she was sorry for getting my pants wet in the first place. I blushed. I told her that I actually liked it. Apologized for getting her clothes wet too instead of just letting her go to the bathroom. She admitted that she had been turned on at the front door, watching me while I had to pee so bad. That she had tickled me out of sexual excitement. I walked up to her and took her in my arms. Kissed her ear. Told her that I didn’t blame her for anything. Asked her if she blamed me. She didn’t. We haven’t had wetsex ever since. Anne and I don’t have sex at all. I’m engaged to a guy now. All that remains is a real naughty memory that we share. Nobody else knows about it. And my fiance can only guess why I like wetsex so much.

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Posted on 11.19.07
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Pictures From Kinky House Wife

Kinky Wife

I know I only posted the video from the new site kinkyhousewife a couple of days ago but I found this set of photos and had to share them. Anisha is in the bathroom with her legs spread wide and she is spraying a great stream of piss. She must have been desperate to pee as there is a lot of piss spraying out. Look how wet with piss her pussy becomes I really do love the look of a pussy soaked in piss and here she is the piss is dripping off her. It is as if she has been sprayed in piss by someone else but no it seems to be all her doing. She is really going to become a piss star if she keeps going like this. You can see more of her at her site Kinky housewife she has some free videos there too but I hope that I will be able to post some more pissing movies of her as she is one hot piss model

Enjoy The Kinkyhousewife Pictures

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Posted on 11.18.07
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Piss Hunter Voyeur Pissing

Piss Hunters Pissing

I have seen a couple of videos from Pisshunters of this room. The pictures don’t do justice to it. I have a feeling this pee set from Pisshunters is also filmed in the same place as this post was. it must get a lot of use as a female toilet. I saw a video filmed in this same place of two chicks dropping their pants and peeing puddles why they had a conservation as they sprayed their hot piss in what i would call public. Its a pity I have not seen the voyeur video of these pee pictures. I think it is lovely when a chick is in stockings and peeing it makes then look so much more sexy, as they slowly pull them down with their panties to squat and release there piss. I do think it is better if they are desperate to pee and start squirting piss into their panties and stockings. Seeing the glisten of piss in peed in stockings knowing that the poor lady was so desperate to pee that she started dripping piss. This set of pictures from Pisshunters is nice and she looks really sweet as she watches her piss flowing on to the ground

Enjoy The Piss Hunter Voyeur Pissing

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Posted on 11.17.07
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Asian Lady Peeing From Pee Asian

Pissing Asian

I love seeing Asians peeing there is something so sexy looking at the piss as it sprays through their hairy vagina’s. They always look so sweet an innocent as they are peeing. Usually There are lots of outdoor peeing shots. How hot is this peeing Asian from Peeasian. She has great breasts a nice trimmed vagina and a lovely pee stream its a pity there are only two shots of her peeing vagina but the other photos are nice as there is the anticipation that the pee will start to flow. I am sad that there is very little Asian panty peeing. A knicker wetting Asian would be lovely.

Enjoy this Asian Lady Peeing From Pee Asian

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Posted on 11.16.07
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Kinky Housewife Movie

Pissing In Jeans

A brand new site in the style of cheatingxxxwife. Meet Anisha It really does look like her site Kinky Housewife has some hot stuff. Anisha really is a hot amateur this is the first time she has been on the net and here she has her own site. In this video we see here posing then pissing in her panties and jeans. Check out the big wet patch in her jeans that is wonderful. It ends up with her jeans off and a nice shot of her pissing pussy till she puts her pissed in panties back on

Pissing pussy

See The video Here

Kinkyhousewife looks like it is going to be a great website
Check It Out Click Here Now

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Posted on 11.15.07
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