A Lesbian Pee Story

I came across This story the other day and thought some would enjoy it

Dear Denise

You asked me about my preferences for the strange and unusual. As you know, while I enjoy sex with men, sex with women can be much more satisfying. I believe that this is because it is something illict or forbidden. I would like to tell you about my preferences for what is called watersports. No, young niece, I do not refer to water skiing or swimming. I refer to the fascination with urine. The drinking of urine, the act of being urinated on or urinating on another. This, I believe, is a much misunderstood fetish. For many, it is erotic and sensual to lick another’s genitals, and drink his or her cum. Most feel that there is nothing inherently wrong with anal sex, or anal play. So, if we are already willing to consume bodily fluids, why not something as pure and intimate as pee? I must say, that there is nothing like the taste of a virgin’s urine (male or female). I have had both. It is interesting to view the progression from pure and virginal to forbidden and erotic. That transition is erotic in itself. Today, I shall relate to you my first experiences with watersports.

It was with my first female love, Michelle. We had been seeing each other for a few years during college. We experimented, we fucked, we ate each other, we played with each other’s ass, we had a threesome with a guy, and we had begun experimentation with S/M. I had already begun experimentation with pee. I often stood in the shower and let the urine flow down my legs. I had tasted my own urine, and splashed it over myself. At one point, I even laid down in the tub with my legs over my head, and let it flow over my torso. It was during a particularly hot and heavy love making session that we began to experiment with golden showers together. By this time we had already moved in together, and had a whole apartment to ourselves. I remember that we had just finished the preliminaries of kissing and fondling.

“Well, you had better eat me out soon Angela.” Michelle said, “Or I might just have to work on myself.” Michelle had a funny way of threatening me. I didn’t mind in the least watching her masturbate, I enjoyed watching her expressions. But tonight I wanted to be in on it. “You don’t need to ask me twice.” I proclaimed, licking my lips in anticipation. Michelle was always tasty. Her genital secretions smelled musky, but she always tasted sweet. “I can’t wait to taste you tonight.” Michelle got on her knees and pushed her ass into the air with her elbows on the bed. A knees to chest position. She liked to be eaten from behind. She really got off on having her ass cheeks spread wide to my face. It was very intimate. I began to kiss the backs of her legs and her buttocks. I could feel her pubic hair tickle my face as I brushed by her vulva. I could smell her cum. Her labia was red and enlarged, and her clit was clearly visible through her slit. I could see slick wetness seeping from her vagina.

I tentatively tickled her crack with my tongue. She moaned softly, her head arching back in anticipation. I swiftly pushed my tongue into her cunt. It slid in easily. I licked the ridges of the opening. Then I slid my tongue up the crack to her clit. It was a hardened kernel by now. I nibbled on it gently, and Michelle began to squirm even more. With my tongue in her cunt, my nose was directly over her asshole. It was clean, but it smelled musky and heavy. I reached up to tickle the rim of her ass. Michelle loved ass play. “Oh God yes, Angela…” She moaned as I licked her vulva and tickled her ass. I could tell that she was getting more worked up. I slid my finger into her cunt as I licked her clit. I reached back toward her pubic bone, to try and find her G- spot. She moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, I began to taste something else. I realized that Michelle had accidentally let out a little squirt of pee, perhaps from my hand work in her cunt. The taste was something very different. Michelle was embarrassed, “God, I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it!” I told her not to worry about it. I said, “Do you have any left for me?” We had never talked about golden showers, but we were always willing to try anything. Michelle looked at me closely, “Yes, lots… you want it?” “Hmmm…Yes, but not here on the bed.” I suggested that we move to the bathtub where we could be messy, and not have to clean up later.

I laid down in the tub. I was very hot by now and I played with myself as I laid waiting for Michelle. She climbed into the tub with her feet at my hips. She looked down at me, “Are you ready?” She asked. “Give it to me.” I pleaded. I wanted to feel her fluids pouring over my body. Michelle concentrated for a moment, the she reached down and pulled apart her labia. She made a slight squatting movement and began to pee. I could clearly see her opening as urine began to pour out. The first stream of it hit me on my lower stomach. It was surprisingly hot. The smell was strong, but not unpleasant.

Michelle moved so that her pee was falling directly on my pussy. I pulled my legs up so that the pee hit me directly on my cunt. It was so warm. It ran down to my asshole, and down my crack, pooling beneath me. Suddenly Michelle grimaced, and the stream was somewhat raggedly cut off. “Do you want a drink?” She asked. I nodded and begged her for it, “Oh yes, piss in my mouth.” Michelle carefully squatted down to my face. Her cunt was still dripping with urine. I opened my mouth against her pussy. The taste of pee was very strong. But very hot! Michelle released herself with a grunt. I felt warm piss flowing into my mouth. It came out surprisingly fast. I let the pee pool in my mouth. I savored it. It began to run out my mouth and onto my neck and into my hair. Finally, as the stream began to peter out, I took a big gulp of the hot liquid. It slid down my throat, warm and pungent. I felt filled and satisfied. I kept working my mouth against her cunt. I licked her from her clit to her ass, lapping up the extra pee from her. When I was satisfied that she was clean, I looked up at her, and asked, “So, are you thirsty Michelle?” But Denise, That is another story. Love, Angela

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Posted on 08.31.07
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Caught Peeing On Video


Squatting outside to piss

Vagina pissing

This chick is caught releasing her pee stream in this video from Pisshunters. She must have been desperate to pee outdoors like this but it is great to know the Pisshunter cameras are out and about to catch voyeur pissing action like this. Its a pity there was not another hidden camera to film her vagina as the piss came out. Oh well…..
Enjoy This Pisshunters Video

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Posted on 08.29.07
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CheatingXXXwife Drinking Piss

stocking piss

Well I have said before how I love cheatingxxxwife Wendy and I came across another hot set of photos. Here she is pissing in her stockings and catching the piss in a bowl only for her then to drink down the piss. Cheatingxxxwife you really are a dirty extreme wife
Enjoy CheatingXXXwife Drinking Piss

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Posted on 08.28.07
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Pissed In Pants From Ineed2pee

pissing pants

This a hot set with white pants flooded in hot piss. this is the background to the story from ineed2pee and these photos continue on where the story leaves off.
The girls are hanging out in Michelle’s backyard talking about how Mandy won a free spa certificate at their work today. They girls want to share the free certificate since they’re such good friends but Michelle has a great idea that they should have a pee holding contest to see who gets it, since they both obviously need to pee so badly. Well, the contest starts and Michelle’s bladder is so full she can’t hold it anymore!! The rain falling hard doesn’t help the girls either. You can see streams of hot pee streaming straight through Michelle’s skin tight jeans and splashing all over the ground below!

Wet Camel Toe
I have never seen a site do pee holding contests, female desperation, knickers wetting, spandex peeing and pants peeing as well as Ineed2pee the models are really desperate to pee and the seem to start wetting uncontrollably many times. Take a look at the sample movie by clicking here to see what Ineed2pee Is all about.
Enjoy The Pissed In Pants From Ineed2pee

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Posted on 08.27.07
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Zoliboy Movies

piss movies

From Zoilboy these movies are hot. In the first one the chick has a catheter up her vagina and there is the great close-up of the pisshole .in the second one there is lots of peeing action and then the model undertakes some hot hard sex
Enjoy These 2 Zoliboy Movies 1 & 2

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Posted on 08.26.07
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Pissing Off The Table

pissing vagina

This is from Page3girlspeeing there is no desperation here, this chick is quite happy to let her piss squirt out. I love how her pussy is smooth and she shamelessly spreads wide to piss but look at the mess she’s making the piss is running all over her vagina and running down to her ass crack. I’m sure some out there would like to lick the piss off her pussy or get a golden shower from her. Personally i just like looking at how messy he pussy is with the piss running all over it I love the look of a pissy wet pussy
Enjoy The Pissing Off The Table

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Posted on 08.25.07
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CheatingXXXwife Wendy Pissing


Wendy from cheatingxxxwife has always been one of my favorite peeing stars. This movie reinforces this for me. Her she is in fishnet stockings giving her partners cock a goldenshower only for her to piss on his chest too. I love seeing her vagina spread as the piss comes out. Wendy from cheatingxxxwife is great as you can tell she is getting off with what she is doing
Enjoy CheatingXXXwife Wendy Pissing

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Posted on 08.24.07
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Female Desperation Pictures

Needapee Desperation
The look on female’s faces when they are desperate to pee is great and these desperation photos are nothing different. From Needapee, Rebekah is out for a walk and desperate to pee. True female desperation where the hand is jammed into the crotch with the legs crossed to stop and pee trickling out. Look at poor Rebekah so desperate the hand in crotch legs crossed but look at her face she is in agony to pee. Desperation can only last so long and in Rebekah’s case it was a losing battle as we can see with her damp knickers pulled to the side and the Piss streaming out Rebekah does female desperation well and at her site Needapee she has lots of videos which have desperation scenes and hot pissing Visit Needapee by clicking here
Enjoy The Female Desperation Pictures

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Posted on 08.22.07
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Pisshunters Piss Photos

Pisshunters chick caught
Another hottie from pisshunters that is caught peeing . I really love to see these photos, unsuspecting ladies caught pissing in all sorts of places, I have seen some of the Pisshunters pissing videos and they are also wonderful. This time the piss stream is very visible as she is being what I would say is brazen and is pissing in the open. I really enjoyed these piss photos she has such a nice piss stream. It’s a pity we couldn’t see here face as she pissed though.
Enjoy The Pisshunters Piss Photos

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Posted on 08.21.07
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InfocusGirls Peeing

Hot Brunette Peeing

Sexy Blonde Peeing

Here are two hotties peeing from in focus girls. The first one is great and im surprised from the filming angle that the camera didn’t get pissed squirted all over it. Such pretty ladies peeing for us
Enjoy The InfocusGirls Peeing 1 & 2

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Posted on 08.20.07
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