Sandra Drinking Piss

Sandra Drinking Piss

I couldn’t resist I found some more pictures of Sandra she is just so cute and sexy that i must post them. How nice would it be to find here in your toilet ready to drink piss oh well we can all dream. Or should I say I can dream .
Enjoy Sandra Drinking Piss

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Posted on 06.30.07
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Office Pee Party

Office Piss Party

See The Piss Party

I thought today we should have some more piss videos from Yellow Stories
I find these videos very hot and worth the time to watch. This time it’s The Office Pee Party
“Fun in the office goes to a whole new level, as these friends relieve some tension by shooting their golden streams all over each other. As word gets around that there’s a pee party, and everyone’s invited, and everyone shares in each other’s wetness.“ There are 4 Movie Pages
Enjoy The Office Pee Party Movies

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Posted on 06.29.07
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Sandra Pissed On

Sandra Pissed On

This is nice the sweet Sandra from Athens Girls is pissed on in the bath. It is a lovely golden piss stream too. Even after getting sprayed in the hot yellow piss she has a cheeky smile so you can tell she really enjoyed her goldenshower
Enjoy Sandra Being Pissed On

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Posted on 06.28.07
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Blonde Piss Taker

Blonde Piss Taker

While relaxing on the couch, the blonde chick laps up her man’s hot piss before giving him a taste of his own medicine as he lies beneath her. She then sucks his dick and straddles him to enjoy some more of his golden stream on her shaven pussy and mouth again
Enjoy These Blonde Pissing Movies

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Posted on 06.27.07
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Pissing Asians

Pee Asian

Some more Asian piss. We all I hope like Asian pee and this time round there are panty and skirt peeing and a couple of Asians squatting too. Peeing Asians really are a different style than regular pissing pictures.
Enjoy The Pee Asians

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Posted on 06.27.07
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A Piss Story Part 2

Here is the continuation of the story that I posted a few days ago enjoy

When the Saturday came around, I was a bundle of excitement as the evening in the pub wore on, and I had butterflies running riot in my tummy as I thought about what might be going to happen later that evening.

At last everything was cleared up, and Sally and I were free. Her boyfriend had sent a cab, and we piled into it and it took us to his flat some three miles away.

Her boyfriend was in his late twenties, I should say, quite a good-looking man, if you liked men that was, and rather quiet. Somehow he didn’t seem the sort of person I’d imagined. They seemed to be in no hurry. We sat around in the lounge for a while, drinking, and then when they had exchanged one of those private jokes that other people aren’t supposed to understand, Sally suggested that we go upstairs.

Her boyfriend, John, didn’t come with us. Sally explained that he’d be up later. She showed me into a bedroom and followed me in. She started to undress, so I followed suit and when we were both quite naked she indicated the bed. Before I lay down on it she stripped back the candlewick bedspread. Underneath was a rubber sheet, a dark russet red and obviously quite new as it still had a shine on it more or less all over.

Sally coaxed me down onto it. The chill shocked me at first, the rubber striking cold against my back, but then Sally was nuzzling eagerly down by my pussy and her nimble tongue warmed me to the point where I forgot about the chill. As a matter of fact I began to quite like the smooth, silky feel of the sheet as Sally’s efforts between my thighs stimulated me into a slow, sensuous movement which rubbed my bottom sibilantly against the cool rubber as I began to worm from side to side.

And then she stopped. Gasping softly as I lay spread-eagled on the bed, I watched as she went to the door and called out to John.

“Ready,” she said. “She’s warmed up nicely.”

She turned to grin at me over her shoulder as she spoke. I pouted rather childishly. I wasn’t altogether sure I liked being talked about as if my feelings were of no account, and I said so.

“But that’s just the point,” she said. “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? For us to have fun with.”

I objected, but the butterflies fluttered in my tummy again and a shiver tracing a path down my spine told me that I liked the idea, whether I admitted it or not. Sally didn’t seem to be fooled, she simply came back to the bed and knelt either side of my head, looking down at me with an expression that told me just what my position was going to be that night. A mixture of panic and delighted excitement gripped me, and as she lowered herself smilingly down upon me, my lips kissed obediently at her thighs, and then brushed against the coarse hair of her pussy before the warm, sweet-smelling moisture of her labial lips caressed mine. I worked my tongue rapidly and as expertly as I could, and I felt her begin to move her weight around over me.

The door opened, and though I couldn’t see him, I felt John’s weight as he got onto the bed with us. His hands pushed insistently at my thighs, and Sally reached down and tweaked my nipples between her fingers.

“Open up darling,” she cooed, “John’s got something for you.”

The hot, solid thrust deep inside my defenseless quim left little room for doubt as to what it was. And then, with John’s rock-hard prick plunging methodically in and out, Sally’s movements, as she wriggled around with me striving to keep my tongue in the right place, became slowly more animated, and her excitement began to transmit itself to me. I felt myself beginning to squirm violently, and the great fat cock kept shoving arrogantly deep into my wet cunt in time with my movements until I was panting with pleasure, my breathless gasps half-stifled by Sally’s moist and agitated wriggles as I licked frenziedly deep into her vagina.

John’s voice came to me as if from far away.

“She’s coming,” he said.

Sally grunted, and then, lifting herself away from my eager tongue, she knelt up until she was poised some twelve inches above my face. For the first time I could look down and see John busy between my thighs. His cock slipped out for an instant, and I was shocked by the size of it before it disappeared from sight as he plunged it determinedly back into me.

Sally hovered above me. I saw her lips part in a smile, and then the warm, pungent piss began first to seep from her cunt, and as she thrust the soft folds aside with her hands, stretching herself wide open, the delicate patter of pee became a steady hissing stream, hot and seemingly steaming almost as it gushed full flood down onto my neck, my tits, my upturned face. Her smiling enjoyment of it, the feel of her pee splashing without inhibition all over the top of my naked body, before pressing her cunt once more to my lips. I had little choice but to swallow the golden fluid that was still spilling from her in a gentle stream. The sharp, salty taste was, at the moment, the most delicious I had ever tasted. John’s redoubled plunging and pumping up inside me combined with these other sensations to embroil my emotions. In a turmoil of sheer sexual bliss that was quite unlike any other sensation I had ever experienced before I came to a screaming climax just as Sally’s stream of pee dried up and she lifted away from my face.

With my climax ebbing, I opened my eyes to. see the dark, looming shape of Sally descending again. She sat fully astride me, riding me furiously as she groped for her own sexual release. And I, with the taste and smell of her fresh urine a sharp tang in my nose and mouth, did my best to prod her up to the heights she was so frantically trying to scale.

John, striving manfully still as he continued to fuck me solidly and unrelentingly, kindled the beginnings of another orgasm deep inside me, and I reached down to where his prick was slipping in between the slippery lips of my cunt and I pulled myself open, pleading mutely for something that I’d never actually realised I needed before. John beat me to it, his prick jumping and jerking inside me as it pulsed like a live thing and jetted his hot, thick spunk into my grasping pussy.

He subsided between my legs as Sally reached her orgasm at last, and she screwed herself down onto my tongue, gasping as she wrung the last vestige of pleasure out of her climax.

Sally toppled off me, and lay breathless on the rubber sheet beside me. I was left wriggling in frustration, so near and yet so far, and then, like salvation coming at the last moment, I felt John’s rough chin rasping between my thighs and his mouth teasing deliciously at my throbbing clitty. He edged me back towards my second orgasm, and then, as I felt him pull away and I opened my eyes, Sally’s electric touch took over, and she frigged me with her fingers while John rose up onto his knees, his fat, half-hard prick dangling weightily in front of him. He took his tool into his hands, and then, as he aimed it with a caressing motion of his fingers, the first warm, gentle rain began first to spatter down onto my belly, and then to course powerfully out from the solitary eye of his prick, the stream flooding up over my breasts and splashing with a warm and tantalising lightness around my nipples and up under my chin. He thrust the monster toward my mouth, which, amazing myself, I opened willingly, sucking and swallowing his piss as if his prick was a monster straw. At the same time I felt my own bladder explode into Sally’s hand as she fingered my soaking cunt.

So ecstatic was my climax as Sally masturbated me right up to and through it, that I seemed to float away, the beautiful odor of his pee tingling in my nostrils, and coming back to reality was one of those long-delayed affairs where you feel that you’re never going to make a landfall, that you’re going to float on a sea of pleasure for an eternity.

I came down at last, feeling utterly shattered. John had left us, Sally was mopping herself down with a towel. I lay wallowing in the lovely swimmy feeling of the piss as it sloshed around underneath my body on the rubber. Sally smiled, though doubtfully, as if wondering what my reaction to my own abandoned behaviour was going to be. I smiled back and said the only words that seemed even remotely adequate.

“That,” I whispered, “was absolutely divine!”

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Pissing In The Sun

Outdoor Pissing

I know I have posted a few sets of Rebekah from Needapee but what can I say she really is a hot pissing amateur. This is a really nice set of her pissing in the sun. It is a shame that she has done more videos than photos. The last time I counted there are 76 hot piss movies from her inside Needapee Click Here to preview them. Unfortunately she only has around 20 photosets. But I guess pissing videos are always better than photos! If you want to preview her piss videos Click Here
Enjoy these piss photos From Needapee

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Posted on 06.25.07
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