Beatrice Peeing In Her Jeans

From Real Wetting We have the wonderful Beatrice. We have had this hottie peeing for us before in Pantyhose and Dress Pissing Real Wetting, Peeing In Pantyhose From Real Wetting and Peeing In Her Panties From Real Wetting. Today she is in her jeans and is outdoors cleaning up the garden. She is desperate to pee and keeps on stopping what she is doing and grabbing her crotch. She presses her legs together trying to hold her pee in. I do love seeing her this desperate to pee.

Beatrice is so desperate to pee she has been holding on so long and as she is standing her bladder refuses to hold on any longer and she starts to lose control. We start seeing a few little drips of pee soak into the fabric of her jeans and then the floodgates open and she really lets out a flood of piss.

She is pissing in her jeans and she has pee running down her legs soaking into her shoes and splashing in the grass. This is a super desperate jeans wetting and for a small girl she has a massive bladder. When she finally stops pissing she is soaked, she has piss fully soaking her jeans and then when she pulls her jeans down we get to see her pissy panties too. A super female desperation and jeans wetting from Real Wetting

See Beatrice Desperate & Pissing Here

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Posted on 06.28.16
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Carmel Coxxx Pissing in Knickers

From Wetting Her Panties we have the wonderful Carmel Coxxx. Carmel Coxxx is in yellow panties and a lose top with no bra underneath. She is in her bedroom and desperate to pee, she is grabbing her crotch and as she does her small breasts are jiggling around. She grabs her crotch again and then squats down on the floor. Her yellow panties are tightly encasing her pussy

She is squatting on the ground and she lets the first drips of pee flow. As the piss soaks into her panties she rubs her crotch. Her pee patch is slowly growing and she really is enjoying herself as she pees in her panties and rubs her pissy panties again.

She is now soaking her yellow panties in piss. The piss is exploding out and we can just make out her pissy pussy. She keeps on pissing and then when she finishes she spreads her legs wide and rubs her breasts. She is wonderfully turned on after pissing in her panties. The outline of her pussy is showing and she looks so content sitting in her piss puddle. A wonderful panty pissing from Wetting Her Panties

See Carmel Coxxx Panty pissing here

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Posted on 06.24.16
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Alisha Desperate And Peeing Her Jeans

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Alisha. She walks into the laundry and starts to so some work. She has closed the door and as she has finished putting the dryer on she goes to leave and finds that the doors are locked. She is dressed in jeans and she should be happy that they are not to tight pressing into her bladder. She tries the doors again but they are still locked, she starts to fidget with desperation.

Alisha sits on the floor and holds her crotch, she is getting more and more desperate to pee. Her feet start to fidget and then she gets back up. She is getting more and more uncomfortable. She grabs her crotch again and starts to do the pee pee dance. Just look how hard she is holding her crotch it is as if she is trying to push her pee back up

Alisha is to desperate and as she grabs her crotch she loses control and starts to pee in her jeans the pee patch grows and it soaks into the denim. She manages to stop the flow and she is now holding on as best as she can. There is another wave of pain and her bladder releases and she starts to pee hard. Her jeans are now getting soaked and we can see the lovely pee rivers as they flow down her legs. She keeps peeing in her jeans and a lovely big pool of piss grows at her feet. Now empty she pulls off her piss soaked jeans and we get to see her pissy pussy. A great female desperation and wetting movie from HD Wetting

See Alisha Desperate and Peeing Here

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Posted on 06.20.16
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Hot Lesbians Peeing Together

From Vipissy we have this great lesbian peeing movie starring Lexi Dona and Francys Belle. We have had some great piss movies from Lexi Donna in the past and if you have missed them check out Pissing Lesbian Threesome Vipissy a wonderful pissing threesome and Santa Gets A Golden Surprise. Today she is with Francys and we starts off as they are dressed in denim shorts and tight white tops. They start to make out and are kissing and rubbing each other and then the piss fun starts.

Francys Belle is on the couch lying down and Lexi Dona now stripped out of her shorts starts to piss on her. The white top that Francys is wearing is getting soaked and so are her shorts, she strips off her piss soaked shorts and drinks the drips and then the fun really starts. They strip naked and kiss and piss their bodies are just glistening in warm pee

They keep on playing and out comes a dildo and they start to make each other cum and then they piss some more. They really are having a great lesbian piss party they have another piss together and then they fill glasses with their golden fluid and gulp it down. A wonderful and wet lesbian piss party.

See The Lesbian Piss Movie Click Here

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Posted on 06.16.16
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Peeing In Skin Tight Jeans

From Ineed2pee we have the wonderful Chloe Carter. We have had this hottie once before in Ineed2pee Female Desperation & Pants Peeing Today she is in skin tight jeans and very desperate to pee. She has drunk so much water that her bladder is nearly exploding but being Ineed2pee we know that she is going to have to hold on a little longer. She grabs her crotch and holds on till she just can’t cope any longer, she turns around and starts to pee in her jeans.

The story from Ineed2pee about this scene goes like this “I really am the 2nd person/studio to shoot the lovely amateur Chloe Carter on video, for real. She didn’t do super well for my other fetish stuff that involved a lot of talking but she killed it when it comes to looking sexy & peeing her pants. I mean this wetting was pretty epic with the amount of pee she was holding in and it got all over everything! She does need a little bit of prompting to talk but part of that is due to shyness. Hopefully she comes back to Vegas eventually!”

Chloe has started to pee in her skin tight jeans, she has piss streaming down her legs and her bum is getting the wonderful shinny denim look. I do love seeing denim being pissed in it looks so sexy when it is soaked. She keeps on peeing it is soaking her shoes and overflowing  out all over the floor. When she finishes peeing she has left a big wet pee puddle and she is soaked. She sits down in her piss soaked jeans and spreads her legs what a great shot of her wet jeans. A super sexy female desperation and wetting withe Chloe Carter from Ineed2pee

See Chloe Carter Desperate And Peeing Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.12.16
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Peeing In Vintage Panties

From Real Wetting we have the lovely Debbie desperate and in vintage panties. We have had this hottie previously in Debbie Peeing In Her Panties Bound And Peeing In Panties Debbie Pissing In Denim Shorts and Debbie Pissing In Her Jeans. Today she is in white vintage panties and pantyhose and of course is desperate to pee. She is cleaning the house and trying to hold on as long as she can. She is dusting away when she has to bend down and hold her crotch. She is getting to the point of no return.

She is holding her crotch through her vintage panties and is doing a great job holding on. She starts to clean again but has to stop her bladder is bulging and it is telling her she is to desperate. She is to full and as she is standing there she starts to pee. Her piss explodes out of her panties and cascades down hr legs.

Debbie is pissing in her panties and they are getting soaked. She has piss flowing down her legs and we can see the lovely drips in her pantyhose. She keeps on peeing and I bet she is enjoying the wonderful warmth as her piss flows down her legs and pools at her feet. She finishes pissing in her panties and they are still dripping as she pulls them down to show us her piss soaked pantyhose and we can see that she is not wearing any panties. A wonderful female desperation and panty wetting from Real Wetting

See Debbie Peeing In Her Vintage Panties Here

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Posted on 06.08.16
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Asian Spread Wide And Pissing

From Piss Japan we have some more school girl pissing. If you have missed out on some of the previous posts check out Asians Playing With Piss Asians Outdoors And Pissing and Japanese Panty Peeing. Today we are out in the playground with two lovely ladies. They are having a chat as we spy on them with the voyeur piss camera. We change angles and they both take their panties off they are about to have some kinky piss fun.

One of the Japanese ladies sits on the bench with her legs spread wide showing her hairy pussy. She is leaning against her friend and then her friend pulls her back a little more, her pussy is now in a perfect view of the camera.

She is spread wide and with her friend egging her on she starts to pee. Her pee explodes out of her pussy in a wonderful arch. The light glistens against the warm drops as they splash on her floor. Her hairy pussy is even getting little pee drips in the hair. Imagine walking through the park and seeing this Asian piss sprinkler what a great sight it would be

See The Outdoor Asian Pee Play

Visit Piss Japan Click Here

Filed under: Asian Pissing and Caught Pissing and Hairy Pussy Pissing and Japanese Pissing and Movies and Outdoor Pissing and Pee Asian and Peeing and Pissing and Pissing Movies and Pissing Outdoor and PissJapanTv and Voyeur Peeing
Posted on 06.04.16
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Kacie Peeing In Her Skirt

From Wetting Her Panties we have the lovely Kacie. We have had some great female desperation and wetting scenes with this hottie in the past check out Kacie Female Desperation And Jeans Pee Kacie Peeing In Her Jeans Pissing In Her Denim Shorts and Kacie From Wetting Her Panties Knicker Wetting. Today she is in a skirt, tight top and sitting down. Her top is a little see through and we can make out her lovely breasts and nipples.

She is sitting down with a full bladder, she places her hand between her crotch and starts to pee. The first pee drips show as they start to trickle into her skirt. She pees a little harder and her piss patch is growing bigger she is such a sexy lady pissing in her skirt with her see through top on.

Kacie keeps on pissing and as she does she lifts her skirt and we can see the piss flowing through her panties, just look at the lovely red they are as the piss is exploding through them. This is one great panty piss she has pee splashing onto the floor and looks so content. When Kacie finishes pissing in her panties and skirt she stands up and we get to see her piss soaked panties and the lovely pissy camel toe that she has.

See Kacie Peeing In Her Skirt & Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 06.01.16
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