Outdoor Knicker Wetting With Charlotte

From Wetting Her Panties we have another set from the very sexy Charlotte. We last had her in Charlotte Peeing in Her Panties today she is in the same location but in a short skirt and a blue top. She really does look just as sexy as last time if not more. She grabs her crotch and then rubs her fingers around before pushing them into her pussy. You can make out her pussy lips through her knickers. She holds on a little longer and then starts to pee in her knickers.

Charlotte is knicker wetting outdoors, her panties are going dark where the warm piss is soaking into the cotton. There is a great pee stream flooding through her knickers and splashing on the ground, she has even started to get some warm pee running down her legs. She turns around and keeps peeing, we get a great shot of her knickers tight between her butt cheeks and a wonderful view as her pee is running down her inner thigh. Imagine the wonderful warmth to touch her panty covered crotch as she is peeing.

Charlotte finishes peeing in her knickers, she turns back around and we get to see the piss patch in her crotch. She grabs her piss soaked panties and squeezes them her pee runs through her fingers and drips on the ground, she has soaked them nicely. She stand and pulls her piss soaked knickers down and it is now that we get a glimpse of her pissy pussy, her panties have a soaked crotch and her cute vagina will be all damp too. What a sexy knicker wetter Charlotte she is and it really does seem that she enjoys peeing in her knickers.

See Charlotte Peeing In Her Knickers Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 12.28.13
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Panty Peeing While Masturbating

From HD Wetting we have Alisha. Alisha is one great peeing model from HD Wetting I do love seeing her desperate and peeing. Today there is no desperation she is in bed in panties and a t-shirt she starts to talk to the camera and rub herself. She is getting more and more turned on and then she starts to pee in her panties. Her piss flows into her panties and then runs down behind her soaking the bed and her bottom. The piss stain doesn’t show up to well in her panties but she is turned on lying in a piss puddle.

Alisha finishes peeing in her panties and then starts to masturbate harder she really is loving her pissy panties she pulls them tight against her crotch and then puts her hand in and starts to rub her wet pussy. Look at the ecstasy on her face as she is masturbating in a pissed in bed. She is even rubbing her pissy wet hands all over her breasts such a sexy panty pee masturbation. See Alisha peeing in her panties here.

After watching Alisha masturbating and peeing I thought of Mikki. I really do miss seeing her on the HD Wetting website she was such a naturel wetter. I looked through the posts we have had here and found her bikini peeing movie which I have re converted to the new player. I just love this movie she is just so sweet and sexy as she lets loose her pee into her panties. See Mikki peeing in her Bikini Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.24.13
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Dee Peeing In Lycra Pants

From Real Wetting we have the lovely Dee. We have had some great posts with Dee from Real Wetting in the past. Check out Dee Female Desperation In Leggings, Dee From Real Wetting Peeing In Her Jeans, Dee Peeing In Shorts And Pantyhose and Purple Pantyhose Peeing From Real Wetting. Today she is in her lycra pants without panties on. She is studying for an exam and getting more and more desperate. She jambs her hand into her crotch and cross her legs tightly she is about to explode.

Dee can’t hold on she is just to desperate to pee. She stands up and with her hand holding her crotch starts to pee. Her lycra pants look so lovely as they are tightly encasing her and as she starts to pee in them her pee starts to splash on the floor and run down the inside of her legs making a great dark patch. What a great sight lycra, pants going a little see through and Dee has no panties on as she is peeing.

Dee keeps peeing, she turns around as her piss is splashing on the ground and we get to see her bottom with her wonderful pee as it is running down her legs. Just look at the pee rivers this is so sexy. She turns back around and her piss soaked leggings are giving her a wonderful pissy camel toe, imagine how wonderful it would feel to run you hand over her piss soaked crotch. A super sexy leggings pee from Real Wetting.

See Dee Peeing In Her Lycra Leggings

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.20.13
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Kimberly Marvel Peeing In Her Shorts

From Ineed2pee we have the lovely Kimberly Marvel We have had some pictures with her before you can see them in the posts tagged ineed2pee Kimberly Today she is in her shorts and desperate to pee, you can see that the waistband is cutting into her bladder and she is even getting a camel toe. She keeps grabbing her bladder she is going to explode soon.

Kimberly Marvel is to desperate to pee she can’t hold on and she starts to pee in her shorts. The light cotton goes dark as her pee soaks into it. Her pee flows down and splashes on the floor this is on big shorts pee, she is soaking everything. She keeps on peeing and her shorts are nearly going see through what a great pee.

She finishes peeing in her shorts and takes them down so we can see her piss soaked panties, they are wonderful, wet and clinging to her pussy. Her piss soaked knickers are so wet that they are nearly see through. A great shorts peeing from the female desperation masters Ineed2pee.

See Kimberly Marvel Peeing Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 12.16.13
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Wet And Pissy Hairy Pussy Pissing

From Wet and Pissy we have the very sexy Beth. This is the first time that we have had her here but this is her second pissing movie with Wet And Pissy. It is not often that we get a hairy pussy pissing but it is always nice to see.  In the past Wet And Pissy have brought us some great pissing movies and wonderful peeing pictures. If you have missed them check out Whitney Conroy Making A Piss Movie, In Maids Uniform Pissing On The Floor and Kattie Gold Pissing From Wet and Pissy. Today we start off with Beth fully clothed and looking so sexy she is talking to the camera telling us she is going to pee.

At Wet and pissy this is written about the piss movie “Beth returns in a very explosive update. Her sexy little red dress and stockings are only a distraction for what is soon to follow. Revealing a natural hairy look, subtlety is not her intention here. The magic truly begins as she leans onto the sofa with one hand, and her body hovers in the air to pee. The view is spectacular as she teeters herself over the container while sustaining her stream. Throughout the scene, Beth positions herself like a pro, showing off her sexy legs and remarkable peeing ability. Going as far as some pee enemas, she still has it in her for the explosive finale.”

This is a great Wet and Pissy peeing movie not only does she have a lovely hairy pussy that catches pee drips and with her piss soaked hair and pee enema she really is one sexy pissing lady. Let’s hope that we get even more of Beth from Wet and Pissy.

See Beth Peeing Here

Visit Wet and Pissy Click Here

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Posted on 12.12.13
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Charlotte Peeing In Her Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have the very sexy Charlotte. We have had her peeing in her pants before in Peeing in Her Blue Jeans today she is in a blue dress and outside. She looks a little shy as she is rubbing her bulging her bladder but wow does she look sexy. She starts to grab her crotch and does a little desperation bounce and then she lifts her dress up and we get to see her panties and bulging belly.

Charlotte is desperate to pee and she seems to be enjoying rubbing her bladder and her crotch, she lifts her dress up higher and we get a great shot of her crotch tightly encased in her panties and then we get a explosion of piss into her panties. Her pee instantly makes the crotch of her panties dark and her piss flows out and splashes on the ground, she was desperate to pee.

Charlotte is peeing in her panties outside, the fabric is going dark and she has pee drips running down her legs. She stops the flow of pee and then turns around to show her bottom and her piss soaked panties gripping her crotch and then she starts to pee again. It must have been so hard for her to have stopped the flow. She keeps on peeing in her panties and has pee running down her legs she really is a pissy mess. She turns back around and her piss soaked panties are gripping her pussy. She pulls her soaked knickers down and then squeezes the pee out. A wonderful Wetting Her Panties knicker wetting.

See Charlotte Peeing Her Knickers Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 12.09.13
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Vipissy Lesbian Pee Movie

Vipissy is a new pissing site that launched recently it is from the creators of Wet And Pissy. It is not just solo hotties peeing it is hot lesbians and couples pissing. Today we have a trailer called Hot News. This is sexy I do love seeing a good lesbian peeing movie.

The write up for this lesbian movie from Vipissy goes like this “You will not see this latest breaking news on TV, only here at ViPissy. News anchor Lena is about to go live on air when one of her staff members, Uma in crotch-less stockings stands over her and begins releasing a huge stream of hot piss on her. What a way to start a show! It doesn’t take long for Lena to get into the spirit and she invites Uma to eat her snatch. While Uma’s busy licking pussy, Lena stars releasing a massive amount of urine from her piss hole. Umas face gets soaked in the golden liquid and she seems to love to drink it all up. The game is on as these two hot blondes emerge into more pussy eating and piss wash until they are both satisfied. They use any and all objects they can find, including balloons to fulfill their pissing fantasies on each other.”

It’s looking like a wonderful pissing site full of many golden delights. Let me know if you want more or you are a member and what you think.

Watch The Lesbian Peeing Movie

Visit Vipissy Click Here

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Posted on 12.06.13
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Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have the lovely Alisha, Sosha and Haydee peeing in there jeans. HD wetting is getting risky with their jeans peeing movies with Sosha. In the last post Outdoor Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting we had Sosha peeing on a street, today we start with her once again peeing on a street but it is much busier and exposed. Sosha is on the street she walks across the road and stands in front of the coffee shop and then pees in her jeans. We can see her piss start to soak into her jeans and spread across her crotch till it starts to run down her legs the denim is soaked in piss and Sosha is exposed to all. She finishes peeing in her jeans and then walks back across the road. I do love a good public jeans peeing. On a side note to these pictures HD Wetting has a new model Carly and watching her first movie where she talks about her pee fetish it seems that she and Sosha are intimate together off camera and have been having some hot pee fun. I hope that we get some great lesbian peeing with them both. See Sosha Peeing In Her Jeans Here

Next up we have Alisha. Alisha is in her jeans and talking to the camera she stands and starts to pee. She really is soaking he jeans and her pee is flooding sown her denim encased legs. Her crotch has the best pee stain in it too. She finishes peeing in her jeans and pulls down her piss soaked jeans we even get to see her wet pissy pussy in this shoot. See Alisha Peeing In Jeans Here

Last up we have Haydee. We have had this super sexy jeans peeing movie with Haydee before but after seeing the two previous jeans wettings I really couldn’t resist to post this again, in my opinion it is one of the best pants peeing movies that HD Wetting has. There is something so great in how nervous she is and then when she starts peeing her jeans it is a full on piss and they are soaked. Watching her run back to the car she is looking so cute and sexy. Enjoy Haydee peeing in her jeans here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.03.13
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