Female Desperation With Ineed2pee

Today from Ineed2pee we start off with Whitney Morgan she is standing in the bath tub and desperate to pee. You can see her bulging bladder and as she pulls her pants up we get a wonderful camel toe. She is getting more and more desperate to pee and during all this she is talking to the camera about how desperate she is. She grabs her crotch to hold on but she is just to desperate she cant hold on, her bladder is bursting and then it happens, she she starts to pee. The first drips come out and as they do her tight pants start to go see through, you can see the outline of her panties tight against her crotch. What starts as little drips turns into a flood she is soaking her pants and pee is splashing into the bath tub. The more she pees the more seethrough her pants go. She finishes peeing, turns around and you can see her pissed in panties through the fabric. She pulls down her piss soaked pants to show her blue piss soaked knickers too. A very sexy female desperation and wetting from Ineed2pee. See Whitney desperate and peeing Here

Next up from Ineed2pee we have the very sexy Lucky. Lucky is in her yoga pants and has been jogging, she has to stop as she is so desperate to pee and the jogging was placing to much pressure on her bladder. She starts to look for a place when she can squat, she is getting more and more desperate and then it happens she is just to desperate to hold on and she starts to pee in her yoga pants. The pee is running down her legs and splashing on the ground. She finishes peeing in her yoga pants and she has a great big pee patch in her pants, this is great outdoor yoga pants peeing, she is going to have to walk home soaked in pee. A great wetting from Ineed2pee. See Lucky peeing in her yoga pants Here.

Last up we have the Brookelynne Briar female desperation movie that was posted a while back. I was watching it again and felt it had to go to the top again this is such a sexy female desperation with such a sexy Ineed2pee wetting model. I just love watching as she gets more and more desperate as she shows the gym equipment I keep waiting to see her pee but she manages to just hold on each time it is so erotic. See Brookelynne Briar desperate to pee at the gym Here.

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Posted on 06.28.13
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Bed Shorts And Pantyhose Peeing

From Real Wetting we have three great peeing sets. Real Wetting is one of the best wetting websites out there. Their models are lovely and they truly seems to enjoy peeing themselves. We have had some great posts here and if you have missed them check out these Real Wetting movies. Dee Female Desperation And Peeing, Bed Wetting Movie With Alice and Female Desperation And Wetting With Alice. Today we start with a bed wetting staring Dee. I do love seeing a great bed wetting they seem to be getting more and more rare. If you love bed wetting like me check out the Bed Wetting category. Dee is in bed asleep in her tight red panties they are so tight that you can make out her pissy lips. As she is sleeping she rolls over onto her back, she opens her legs wide and while she is sleeping starts to pee in her bed. She is peeing in her bed her panties are glistening as her pee is flooding out, the sheets are getting a great big pee puddle too she is soaked. Just look at her piss soaked panties they look good enough to suck and the pee puddle beneath her is wonderful. See finishes peeing in her bed and rolls over and we get to see her piss soaked bottom too. A very sexy bed wetting from Real Wetting. See Dee wetting the bed here.

Next up from Real Wetting we have Valerie. This is the first time that we have had Valerie at PissBlog she is relativity new to Real Wetting but she is one sexy wetter. Today she is in her shorts and working at her desk she is in her pantyhose with tight shorts over the top. Sitting as she types she is getting more and more desperate to pee she puts her hand into her crotch trying to hold on but she can’t. She is to desperate to pee and instead of jumping up and running to the toilet she opens her legs and starts to pee in her shorts. She is pissing in her shorts and her pee is splashing on the ground. The pee patch is getting bigger and bigger and her chair is soaked too. She stands up and we get to see her piss soaked bottom. This is on hot shorts peeing from Valerie. See Valerie peeing in her shorts here.

Last up from Real Wetting we have Sara. Sara is a great Real Wetting model and we have had some wonderful sets from her in the past. Check out Sara Peeing In Her Pants, Sara Peeing In Her Dress & Pantyhose and Sara Peeing In Her Jeans From Real Wetting.Today she is outdoors in a dress and pantyhose she is walking down the path and then stops and starts to pee in her pantyhose. There is something great about seeing Sara peeing herself she is a natural and once again she is showing this. She is peeing in her pantyhose and dress and rubbing her encased legs, she must be loving the warmth of her pee and the freedom she is getting. She finishes peeing in her pantyhose and keeps walking till she finds a spot to take off her piss soaked shoes and then her pissy pantyhose she tosses them aside puts on her piss soaked shoes again and walks off. See Sara peeing her pantyhose here.

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Posted on 06.24.13
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Hotties Pissing From Wet And Pissy

From Wet And Pissy we have these wonderful trailer videos. There is something so great about this website the models that they have peeing are just so hot and they cover everything from panty peeing, peeing in jeans all the way through to drinking their own pee while they are cumming. It really is such a dirty peeing site. To start off we have Anita Berlusconi she starts in her shorts and starts to pee the light denim goes dark as her pee explodes through them. It is nice to see light denim shorts being peed in a lot of times we get dark denim and a dark pee patch. She finishes peeing in her shorts and has removed them, she then pees in a glass and as she is pouring her pee over her body rubbing herself she pees more and then sucks some off the floor only to finish off playing with a dildo while soaked in pee. See Anita’s peeing movie here.

Next up from Wet And Pissy we have Dido Angel she is one lovely blonde, she starts off in her white leggings and pees in them, she then pulls down her piss soaked spandex  leggings and pees again and her pee splashes all over the floor. She is not finished with her pee play yet and starts to pee again, she fills a glass with her warm nectar and then rubs her pee all over her body and then pees on herself spraying her pee on her face. She finishes off this peeing movie while taking herself to orgasm sitting in her pee puddle. A Super-hot piss movie see Dido peeing here.

Last up from Wet And Pissy we have  Christy Charming she is one real hottie. She starts off peeing in her red panties and then when she finishes she sucks the pee out and then gets on the ground and rubs her body in warm pee. She fills glasses and a drink bottle with pee and then spreads her pussy to spray her pee again. She even soaks her knee high socks in her warm pee in this Wet and Pissy movie. See Christy peeing here.

Visit Wet And Pissy Click Here

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Posted on 06.19.13
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Voyeur Outdoor Peeing From Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have this lovely outdoor voyeur peeing movie. We have had this location before in Chubby Blonde Caught Pissing and Caught Pissing From Pisshunters. Today we are waiting and watching through the Pisshunters hidden camera, a lady in jeans walks in undoes her jeans and squats down. We don’t have a great front on shot where we can get a clear shot of her pussy in this one which is a shame but we can’t win every time with Pisshunters.

She has squatted down and starts to pee in the dirt her underwear is hanging but we can still see the powerful piss stream as it is splashing in the dirt. She looks very cute as she is squatting and pissing and then she looks like she is trying to open her pussy more to let out the final spurt but as soon as her hand goes between her legs her pee stream seems to stop the first time I watched it I was wondering if she was washing her hand with her pee but no there is no pee on her hand when she brings it out.

She finishes peeing in the dirt and does the bounce to dry off her piss dripping pussy she stands up and then does a couple of bounces and then pulls up her panties this is the only time that we get a shot of her pussy which is a shame but still a nice voyeur pissing movie from Pisshunters.

See The Voyeur Peeing Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 06.15.13
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Lesbian Peeing And Shorts Pissing In The Sand

From HD Wetting we have two great lesbian peeing sets with Sosha and Alisha and then we go to the beach with Alisha and watch as she pees in her shorts. First up we have Hot Tub Oral, Alisha and Sosha are in the hot tub together. Sosha has her top on but has removed her bikini bottoms and this has given Alisha access to lick her pussy. Sosha needs to pee and as Alisha is already turned on she allows Sosha to stand and start to pee. Sosha starts to pee and it splashes on Alisha’s chest her piss is exploding from her pussy and splashing all over Alisha this is hot lesbian peeing from HD Wetting. Sosha finishes peeing on Alisha and then Alisha goes back and dries Sosha pissy pussy with her tongue. See Alisha peed on by Sosha here.

Next up from HD Wetting we have Sosha getting a golden shower. Sosha is nude and tied up on the wooden floor. Alisha stands over her in her panties and starts to pee. She is knickers wetting over Sosha her pee soaks through her panties and splashes on Sosha’s naked body. This is a hot lesbian bondage peeing movie as we get to see Sosha getting wetter and wetter with Alisha’s pee. Sosha is soaked and lying in the lovely warm pee puddle what a sexy wet mess she is. Alisha finishes peeing on Sosha and then unties her rubbing her piss soaked body as she does. A hot lesbian peeing movie see Alisha peeing on Sosha here.

Last up we have Alisha at the beach in tight short shorts. She sits on the sand and starts to pee in her shorts her pee spurts through the fabric and soaks into the sand there is something so hot seeing a chick peeing at the beach. She finishes peeing in her shorts, stands up and we get to see how wet her shorts are, her piss has soaked them and there is sand sticking to her ass. She really does look super-hot with her tight bum encased in pissed in denim all messy with sand. See Alisha peeing in her shorts here.

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Posted on 06.11.13
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Antonia Peeing In Her White Pants

From Real Wetting we have the lovely Antonia. We have had some great female desperation and wetting scenes with her before here at PissBlog. If you have missed them check out Jeans Peeing With Antonia And Sara, Shorts Peeing Photos from Real Wetting, Antonia Peeing In Her Dress and one of my favorites Antonia Peeing In Her Short Dress. Today she is in her white pants and looking ever so sexy, she is walking up some stairs and is desperate to pee. With every step she takes then pressure is getting greater and greater she stops and crouches down trying to hold her pee in she is so desperate.

Antonia is desperate to pee, her white pants are pressing into her bladder and she is getting more and more desperate. She starts to walk up the stairs again and she is hobbling this is so hot she needs to pee so badly. She nearly makes it to the top step she stops but she can’t hold on she bends a little forward and her bladder explodes and she starts to pee in her pants. She is peeing in her pants and still trying to hold it in but she can’t, her pee is running over her hand and splashing on the steps.

Antonia is peeing her pants in public her piss is splashing on the steps and her white pants are going see through as they are getting soaked.  Her pee is running down her legs and into her shoes, she is such a wet pissy mess she is lucky that there is no one to see her peeing her pants. She finishes pissing and her pants are soaked they are clinging to her legs, they are a little see thorough too this really is on hot peeing from Antonia.

See Antonia Peeing In her White Pants Here


Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 06.05.13
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Pants And Panty Peeing From Ineed2pee

Today we have some wonderful female desperation and wetting pictures from the female desperation masters Ineed2pee. We start off with Star we have had one set of pictures with her before in Skintight Jeans Peeing and Others. Today the story goes Star and you are walking home after lunch, Star has drunk to many ice teas and should have gone to the bathroom before leaving the restaurant. she is desperate to pee but thinks she can hold on till she gets home and then it happens, she loses control of her bulging bladder. She is in the park and peeing in her pants, her pee is running down her legs and splashing on the ground this is embarrassing she is in such an open area any can see her as she is pissing herself. She finishes peeing in her pants and as she is still dripping she quickly walks off. a hot public desperation and pants peeing. See Star Desperate and peeing here.

Next up we have Addie Juniper. Addie is locked out of her house she is desperate to pee and has called her mum to come and let her in but her mum will take a while to arrive. She grabs her crotch to try to hold on but she is to desperate and starts to pee in her panties and skirt. Her piss splashes onto the ground wetting her shoes too. The more she pees the tighter her panties cling to her pussy. She finishes peeing in her panties and stands up her pussy is encased in white pissed in panties what a mess she will have to stand and wait in her pissy panties till she can be let in. See Addie Juniper desperate and pissing her panties here.

Last up we have Sinn Sage, the story about this desperation and wetting scene goes like this “As you know, Sinn Sage is a well known pornstarlet who is famous for her G/G scenes & is quite popular in that realm. So she was telling me of how she almost wet herself at the AVN Expo this year. If you have NEVER gone to an AVN Expo, it’s packed & super crazy with fans in there lining up for autographs & photos with their favorite pornstars. Fans stand in long lines to interact with her & from her side of the story… she REALLY had to pee but there was still a long line & she’s such a nice girl that she didn’t want to just leave in the middle of it. So she held it & held it until she felt like “this is it” and then excused herself to run to the bathroom. Of course it’s VERY FULL of people in there, especially in their new spot, the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel now, so she had to push through crowds of people & of course people wanted to stop her for pics & to say hi! She barely made it to the toilets according to her accounts… but in this video update, we’re going to pretend she didn’t make it and had to deal with the fans for another 10 mins” See Sinn desperate and pissing in her pants here.

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 06.01.13
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