Public Jeans And Leggings Wetting

From Wet In Public we have three great public wetting movies. The first Wet In Public movie stars Kate we have had her before in Three Wet In Public Movies and Wet In Public Peeing Movies. Today she is in the street in her leopard print leggings. She is walking down the street and is desperate to pee she really does look like she enjoys doing these movies. She walks in to a park and has her hand in her crotch she is desperate to pee, she stops and then starts to pee her pee is flowing down her legs and splashing on the ground and she has a big pee stain on her bottom. She finishes peeing in her leggings and starts to walk off she is such a natural public wetter and just look at her lovely pee soaked leggings as she is walking. See Kate peeing in her leggings here.

The Next Wet In Public Movie we have is a jeans peeing. She is in her jeans and walking around she needs to pee but there are no toilets around. This lady from Wet In Public looks so shy she is not a great public pisser. She walks around and she is getting more and more desperate to pee there are just too many people around for her to relive herself though. She finds a playground and she needs to go bad she stands with her bottom towards us and starts to pee in her jeans she really is trying to hide so no one can see her peeing in her jeans in public. See the public jeans peeing movie here.

The last Wet In Public movie stars a red head in red tights, she is in the park and needs to pee she goes over to the toilets but finds them locked. She hobbles over to a wall stands so no one can see her and starts to pee in her tights. As she is peeing we can see her panties underneath and as her pee flows through them it is running down her legs and must be soaking into her boots too. It is a lovely flood of pee and there are people behind her that don’t know that she is peeing herself. She finishes peeing in her tights and walks away with no one the wiser a great sneaky public wetting. See the tights peeing movie here.

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Posted on 02.25.13
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Female Desperation Movies From Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have some great female desperation movies. We start off with Lily Anna she is in a job interview and desperate to pee. She is sitting in the seat and you can see she is desperate she is bouncing a little and crossing and uncrossing her legs. The longer she sits there answering questing the more desperate to pee that she is becoming she crosses and uncrosses her legs and is bouncing. She is about to explode. She sits in the chair and she is to desperate to move, she starts to pee in her pants. How embarrassing she is peeing her pants in a job interview if only she had gone to the bathroom before the interview. Watch Lily Anne desperate here.

The next Ineed2pee female desperation movie is also a interview situation. This stars Gummi. She is in a short dress and sitting in her interview, she has her hands between her legs and is looking very uncomfortable her bladder is full and she has nowhere to go. Sitting like she is, is also putting lots of extra pressure on her bladder. She is getting more and more desperate and has no choice to stand to relieve a little pressure she sits again but its is to much she has to stand and as she does pee starts to trickle down her legs. Poor Gummi she is peeing in her short dress and panties from desperation. See Gummi Desperate and peeing here.

The last Ineed2pee female desperation movie stars Ryan the story goes “Ryan and her sexy girlfriends are coming home and Ryan is driving, when she feels an urge within her bladder. Her friends tease her and try to make drip drop water sounds but Ryan focuses all her mind on resisting the urge to pee. How embarrassing it would be not only to pee in front of her friends, but while driving and in her own car! Finally she has no choice but to pull over, jump outside and pee right there; she doesn’t quite make it and wet piss streams down her favorite skirt and bare legs. She removes her soaked panties and pass it to her friends, they don’t look really happy. “It is a great female desperation movie from the female desperation masters. Watch Ryan Desperate and peeing here.

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Richie Peeing In Her Shorts

From Wet and Pissy we have this great shorts pissing movie starring Richie. We have had some great Wet And Pissy movies in the past. If you have missed them you can check out the shorts peeing ones in Wet And Pissy Shorts And Pussy Pissing and  Peeing Movies From Wet And Pissy. Today Richie is standing in her tight shorts and is rubbing her pussy through the denim. As she is rubbing her pussy  she lets out a little spurt and rubs herself harder she really is getting in to this just look at how much she is enjoying it.

She has started to pee in her shorts, what was a little spurt of pee is now a flood, her piss is exploding through her shorts and splashing on the ground. As she is peeing she is rubbing her piss soaked crotch and her pee is flowing all over her hands. She keeps on peeing and her shorts are getting more and more soaked just look at the mess her legs are, they soaked in her pee and her soaks are wet too.

She finishes peeing in her shorts and sits in her piss puddle, her shorts are dark and shining she starts to rub her empty bladder and then rubs her breasts she is one pissy wet lady. She takes off her top and then unbuttons her piss soaked shorts to show us her wet pussy and we get a great shot of her socks soaked in pee too. A great shorts peeing movie from Wet And Pissy.

See Richie Peeing In Her Shorts

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Bed Wetting Lesbians And Jeans Peeing

From HD Wetting we have a lesbian bed wetting movie to start off, we have had some great bed wetting movies from HD Wetting in the past, if you have missed them check out Peeing In Her Bed while Playing, Bed Wetting Friends, and Bed Wetting Movie And Lesbian Peeing.  Sosha is sleeping in the bed, Mary Jane joins her and starts kissing Sosha to wake her up. They start to make out and are both getting so excited. Sosha needs to pee and starts to pee in her panties over Mary Jane her warm pee is covering Mary Jane’s belly and then running into the quilt. This makes them more and more horny and with Mary Jane wet with piss Mary Jane starts to lick Sosha, this is great she is licking Sosha and I bet there is warm piss on Sosha’s body too. They keep kissing and then Mary Jane pulls Sosha’s pissed in panties down and we get to see her wet pussy, a great HD Wetting movie with bed wetting. See Sosha being peed on in bed here.

Next up we have some jeans peeing pictures. Sosha is desperate to pee she goes into the bathroom and undoes her top button but when she tries to pull down the zipper it is stuck. She is to desperate for this she needs to pee now, she struggles trying to force it down but it won’t budge she is getting more and more desperate, she can’t hold much longer she keeps on struggling. Her  bladder is to full and can’t hold on any longer and she starts to pee in her jeans. her pee runs down her legs and puddles on the floor soaking her feet too, a great jeans wetting from HD Wetting. See Sosha peeing in her jeans here.

Last from HD Wetting  we have some more bed wetting, this time it is Sosha and Alisha. Alisha enters the bedroom with Sosha sleeping and starts to kiss Sosha, Sosha wakes up and starts to join in but her bladder is bursting she needs to pee Alisha doesn’t care and keep on kissing Sosha while also pressing on her bladder. Sosha gets more and more desperate and as she lies on her back starts to pee in her panties and into the bed, she finishes peeing in her panties and then Alisha gets on her and keeps on kissing her. See the bed wetting pictures here.

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Natalie Peeing In Her Leotards

From Real Wetting we have the lovely Natalie, We have had some great peeing picture sets with her and if you have missed them check out, Peeing In Her Jeans While Sitting, Natalie Peeing In Her Leggings, and Natalie Peeing In Her Jeans. Today she is in leotards and is doing a yoga workout she spreads her legs and then reaches for the sky but she quickly drops her hands to her crotch, she is to desperate for this and every time she has to raise her hands she gets closer and closer to losing control of her bladder.

Alice is doing a yoga workout but her bladder has other ideas she has her hands jammed into her crotch trying to hold on and then it happens, a little spurt of pee explodes into her leggings. Her leggings are white and you can see the little trickle as the pee starts to run down the inside of her leg. Her bladder has given in, she was just to desperate to pee and now the little trickle is turning into a river. Her pee is running down her white leggings and splashing on the floor you can even see that her feet are getting soaked as she is standing in her pee puddle.

Natalie is peeing in her leotards, her piss is splashing on the ground and pooling at her feet, her spandex legging s are going see through and she keeps peeing, what a mess poor Natalie is making and her pee puddle at her feet just grows. I do love seeing the trickles of pee as they rundown the legs and seeing her feet encased in spandex and so soaked that they are see through is just so hot. A great Real Wetting with Natalie.

See Natalie Peeing In Her Leotard

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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