Skintight Jeans Peeing and Others

From Ineed2pee we have 3 picture sets of female desperation and wetting. The first Ineed2pee picture set stars the lovely Cheyenne Jewel. Written about this from Ineed2pee “Today she is working behind the desk at a dentist’s office. It’s so busy the day before Christmas & they’re short staffed so she can’t go for a break. Cheyenne’s got a very full bursting bladder & she’s trying to keep her VERY real PEE desperation under wraps from the clients. She pulls her jeans up tightly into her crotch & tries to hide the pee-pee dance. When she turns around to file something you see a big wet spot on her tight jeans already! She actually leaked some pee before she was supposed to! Then the floodgates open & she loses all bladder control into her skin tight denim!! There’s hissing & loud splashing onto the carpet, its a real piss gusher in her jeans. Afterwards she talks about how badly she really actually had to pee, how much she drank earlier and what a big gusher she produced. Then she shows off her pissy wet soaking panties” a great Ineed2pee female desperation movie and pictures. See her peeing in her skin tight jeans here

The next set of pictures we have stars Chloe, the last set of Chloe had her in her hooters uniform desperate and peeing in Jeans Leggings And Uniform Peeing From Ineed2pee. She is doing yoga in this set and she really wants to finish the work out, her bladder is bursting but there are only a couple of poses to go she is holding on and on and you can see her getting more and more desperate to pee. She grabs her crotch to hold on and starts the pee pee dance, she is so desperate and starts to leak pee in her leggings and has no choice to jump on the bench and pee over the sink. This is a great female desperation movie Chloe really loses control and then after peeing takes her top off and we see her topless in her pissed in panties. See Chloe peeing in her yoga outfit here

The last Ineed2pee picture set stars Star, Star is in a full matching cheerleading uniform, complete with the matching socks and the cute yellow panties that Tia Ling has wet before awhile back now! She’s double crossing her legs & doing a little sit-down pee pee dance she is just so desperate. She rushes to the toilet but her piss is leaking out & it’s a LOT! It’s splashing so loudly into the bowl as she sighs and makes noises of relief! See Star peeing in her cheerleader’s uniform here.

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Posted on 12.29.12
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HD Wetting Lesbian Peeing

Merry Christmas to all, for today from HD Wetting we have some great lesbian peeing action. We start off with a jeans peeing and lesbian make out movie from my favorite couple from HD Wetting Mikki and Sammy. In the past we have had some great HD Wetting movies with these two, check out Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting, Sammy Tickled Till She Pees, Lesbian Panty Peeing From HD Wetting, and Panty Peeing Movies From HD Wetting. In today’s movie we have Mikki taking a shower, Sammy comes in to the bathroom  and asks to join Sammy. Mikki tells her to pee in her pants and she can. Mikki stands there and starts to pee in her jeans her pee runs down her leg and soaks into the denim, one whole leg is soaked and glistening in pee, she ends up standing in her pee puddle too. Sammy is not finished with Mikki yet and makes her get in the shower in her peed in jeans. Once in the show Sammy starts to strip Mikki of her soaked clothes until she is naked and then they starts to make out. This really is hot they look so great together and really do get into it; it’s a shame that they both seem to have finished peeing at HD Wetting for the time being. See Mikki Peeing In Her Jeans Here

To follow on from Sammy and Mikki we have Sosha and Alisha, I just love how these two are together, Alisha started off shy but no more and Sosha really does have a great time in her peeing movies. In these HD Wetting pictures Sosha is on the toilet when Alisha comes in to the bathroom in her tight denim shorts and sits on Sosha’s lap and starts to kiss her. They are getting hot and heavy and then Alisha starts to pee in her shorts while still sitting on Sosha. Her pee runs through her shorts and onto Sosha as it trickles into the toilet. Alisha peeing in her shorts on Sosha only seems to make them hotter and the kick up the tempo of there make out. See Alisha peeing in her shorts here.

The last HD Wetting picture set stars Sosha and Alisha again. Sosha gets into the bath fully clothed and Alisha joins her. Sosha’s top goes a little see through and then they strip each other of there soaked clothes. We get to see Sosha’s wonderful breasts and then after they are both naked. Alisha stands up and pees on Sosha we get a great shot of Alisha’s pussy as it is peeing on what seems to be us but it is really Sosha, this is a hot bath peeing movie and the pictured don’t really do it justice. See Alisha peeing on Sosha here

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Posted on 12.25.12
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Outdoor Voyeur Peeing Movie

From Pisshunters we have this voyeur peeing movie. Two friends walk into this piss spot, one squats down straight away and this is the one we focus in on. I’m impressed how quickly her got her jeans and panties down she must be desperate to pee. She is squatting and the piss stream has started she has a shaved pussy and we are getting a great view from the Pisshunters hidden camera.

She is squatting with a good pee stream spraying out this really is a great angle for the piss hunters camera while she is peeing we get her friend briefly squatting down in front of the camera but then she is gone. She keeps pissing and then she gives a tissue to her friend there are going to be no piss drops in the panties for these too.

This is one long piss her bladder must have been so full, she is still pissing and every time it looks like her pee stream has finished she gives another push and it starts again. This really is a great Pisshunter movie. As she is pissing and is talking away and looking so relaxed in comparison to others we have watched on the Pisshunters hidden camera. She finishes peeing in the dirt pulls up her panties and jeans, joins her friend and leaves the piss spot.

See The Outdoor Voyeur Peeing Movie

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 12.22.12
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Faye Topless Peeing In Her Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have the lovely Faye. I really do love watching when she is peeing in her pants and panties and today we have her topless in panties. She starts off sitting on the couch hiding her small breasts but in no time she stands up and we get a wonderful view of her breasts and grey panties. We have had some great picture sets with Faye in the past if you have missed them check out Faye X Skirt And Panty Peeing and Jeans And Panty Peeing With Faye X. Today she is standing in her panties looking all so sexy she places her hand in the crotch of her panties and starts to pee.

Fay has her hand over her crotch and she starts to pee. She is knicker wetting and holding her crotch at the same time you can see her yellow pee as it is running through the fabric of her panties and is soaking her hand the warmth she is feeling must be wonderful. She keeps peeing and her panties are getting more and more soaked. Her pee is splashing from her hand and panties and soaking her legs I do love a great messy panty pee.

Faye finishes peeing in her panties and then pulls her piss soaked panties tight over her pissy wet panties. What a great panty peeing. She then gets on the floor beside her pee puddle, you can see how yellow her piss was and we are also getting a great view of her breasts. There is something so sexy about topless panty peeing  and just look at her piss soaked panties clinging to her pussy. Faye stands up and takes her piss soaked panties off and then stands there naked showing her wet knickers. Another great Wettingherpanties photo set.

See Faye Knicker Wetting Here

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Posted on 12.18.12
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Sara Peeing In Her Pants

From Real Wetting we have Sara. She is in the park and playing on a swing in her blue pants. We have had Sara playing on a swing before in Sara Peeing In Her Jeans From Real Wetting, there must be something about her and swings. Today she is on the swing in her blue pants she looks like she is having a great time and you can even male out her full bladder. She stands up and turns around and starts to pee in her pants.

Sara is standing in the park and peeing in her pants. She starts off peeing slowly and you can see the first pee drips and then as she starts to pee more and more and her pants go dark blue. They are getting more and more soaked in pee and they are going shiny and are sticking to her legs. They have a similar look as jeans and they are being peed in. Her pee is soaking her pants and running into her shoes this really is a great pants pee.

Sara has soaked her pants in pee she stands there and you can see the piss wet fabric shimming it is clinging tightly to her legs and she looks so happy. She sits down on the swing in her piss soaked pants and starts to swing. What a sight pissed in pants and swinging in public. Real wetting really is one of the best wetting websites out there.

See Sara Peeing In Her Pants

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.14.12
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Peeing Movies From Wet And Pissy

From Wet and Pissy we have these 3 great peeing movies. The first movie stars Gina Divine. She is sitting on the chair in her shorts and panties. She pulls her shorts down and is in her panties, they are tight against her crotch and then she starts to play with her pussy and pull her panties tight against it. She starts to rub herself harder, starting to pee in her panties at the same time. Her pee explodes into her panties and there is a lovely dark piss patch as she is peeing in her panties the pee is making a great piss puddle in her seat. She finishes peeing in panties and starts to play with her pissy pussy again. A hot panty peeing movie from Wet And Pissy. See Gina Divine peeing in her panties here.

The next peeing movie we have stars Cynthia. She is sitting on a chair and spreads her shaved pussy. There is a glass on the table, she starts to pee and is aiming for the glass her pussy is spraying her pee and you can see her pee hole as it is expanded. Cynthia keeps on peeing and the glass is getting more and more full. She finishes peeing, picks up the glass full of her piss she starts to rub her pissy wet pussy and then tastes her piss. Watch Cynthia pissing in the glass.

The last peeing movie from Wet And Pissy stars Grace. Grace is one hot lady, she is sitting on the chair rubbing her breasts and then her shaved pussy. She opens her legs and shows her shaved vagina and then starts to pee in a bowl. Wet and Pissy really so have some wonderful peeing models I just love seeing their peeing antics. Grace starts to rub her smooth pussy and then starts peeing, her pee shoots out and for you lovers of yellow pee there is a yellow tinge to it. She is peeing and is rubbing her pussy at the same time, her hand is soaked and so is her skirt that she is sitting in. She finishes peeing and wow what a lovely wet pussy. Watch Grace peeing here.

Visit Wet And Pissy Click Here

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Posted on 12.10.12
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Peeing In A Maxi Pad

From Hd Wetting we have something a little different. Haydee is going to pee in a maxi pad under her shorts. We have had the very sexy Haydee before in Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting Today she is in the great outdoors. She tells us what she is going to do and pulls her shorts and panties down, we get a shot of her pussy and then she attaches a pad to her knickers and pulls them and her shorts back up. She has a bulge in her shorts from the maxi pad and then she starts to pee. I just love her hand movements as she is peeing in the pad i have seen it in another HD Wetting movie starring her and it is so sweet. She pees in the maxi pad and finally her pee explodes into her shorts, there is not as much as would have been expected as the pad has soaked it all up. She undoes her peed in shorts and pulls out the pad it is yellow and full of pee she then pulls up her piss soaked knickers, wet shorts and walks off. It is a great HD Wetting movie with the very sexy Haydee. See Haydee peeing in a pad here.

To follow on from Haydee peeing in her shorts I noticed that HD Wetting has another new peeing model. They really are increasing their lineup which is great especially as all the new models are hot. Alisha the newest HD Wetting model is in her jeans and tied to a ladder with her legs spread. Sosha is there and is really enjoying Alisha’s predicament i wonder if after Sosha was bound to the chair and forced to pee in her panties in HD Wetting Peeing Photos it is now time to get her revenge on another. She starts to tickle Alisha and Alisha gets more and more desperate to pee. She is laughing so hard and Sosha won’t stop she cant hold it I she is peeing in her jeans while being tickled. Alisha is peeing in her jeans and as the pee spreads around her denim covered crotch and rind down her legs she looks happy she even ends up standing in her pee puddle in bare feet. See Alisha peeing in her jeans here.

The last peeing pictures we have from HD Wetting star Sosha and Alisha again. They are making out in the kitchen and really going for it. Just look at how sexy Alisha looks in her tight mini skirt and Sosha is in her jeans kissing her. As Sosha is kissing her she starts to pee in her jeans, you can see her pee flowing down her leg and it is making the denim dark. She finishes peeing in her jeans Alisha looks at the mess Sosha has made and then goes back to kissing Sosha. A really hot lesbian kissing and jeans wetting. See Sosha peeing in her jeans here.

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 12.06.12
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