Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have Sammy and Mikki and they both need to go to the toilet. Sammy gets to go in first and closes the door. She is desperate to pee and goes to open the fly of her jeans but it is stuck. We have had some great HD Wetting Movies With Sammy and Mikki such as Lesbian Panty Peeing From HD Wetting and in Panty Peeing Movies From HD Wetting where Mikki is tied up in a chair. Back to today’s female desperation and jeans wetting movie. Sammy is struggling to get her fly undone she really is having a problem and is getting more and more desperate by the second, seeing Sammy in jeans and desperate to pee like this is wonderful.

While Sammy is desperately trying to get her jeans undone Mikki is in the hall waiting for Sammy to finish. She is getting more and more desperate to pee herself. She looks so sexy in this video and she desperately jambs her hand into her crotch trying to hold on. The sight of her pink panties showing is great to. Mikki is getting more and more desperate and she waits, she takes to jumping up and down and her hands are clenched a true sign of female desperation. Just look at her face she does not look happy she really needs to pee badly.

Sammy is still trying to undo her jeans while Mikki, on the other side of the door looks truly uncomfortable. As Sammy is struggling with her jeans we hear pee splashing on the floor, Sammy is peeing in her jeans. The sound of Sammy’s pee as splashes to the floor is wonderful; she has bare feet which are soaking in her pee too. What lovely pissed in jeans from Sammy, you can see the lovely shine of piss when we see her bottom. Mikki is outside the door and too desperate to hold on, she loses control and starts to pee in her jeans. Poor Mikki how embarrassing peeing in her jeans in the hallway just look at the wonderful piss patch that she has made in her jeans, she looks so sexy. A great jeans wetting m movie from HD Wetting. You will notice if you visit HD Wetting they have upgraded their website and you can now see every video that they have on offer. Well worth a visit to check out what they have

See Sammy And Mikki Jeans Peeing Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.27.12
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Public Wetting Movies From Wet In Public

From Wet In Public we have these public wetting movies. The first one we have is a lovely blonde; we had her in the last post from Wet In Public Three Wet In Public Movies she was in the last movie peeing in her jeans. This time she is in blue pants, she is desperate as she walks down the road, she can’t see a toilet and she is getting more and more desperate every step she takes. She stops bends over and starts to pee in her pants. She looks so lovely as she is bent over peeing in her pants. Just look at the lovely puddle of pee she is making at her feet her shoes will be soaked too. She finishes peeing in her pants just look at her piss stain, it is so dark and lovely everyone will know she has pissed her self.

The next Wet In Public movie has a lady walking down the street, she is in red pants and looks a little uncomfortable, she needs to pee. Where will she go there are no toilets around? She stops against a wall and then she starts peeing in her pants in public just look at the dark pee explode around her crotch and the river of piss that is running on the pavement. She finishes peeing and then she is off there is no sticking around she doesn’t want to be seen in her pissed in pants.

The last Wet In Public movie stars a lovely wet in public star that we have before. This time she is in her tight velour pants and looks so sexy. I always love watching this hottie peeing herself in public she is a great public piss girl. She walks into a park and is desperate to pee just look how lovely her crotch looks tightly encased in her velour pants. She walks into the park and then stops and starts to pee in her pants, the piss just floods out and her crotch goes lovely and dark. She walks off and you can see her big piss stain, there is no hanging around today there are just to many people to see here. Another great lot of Wet In Public wetting movies

See movie 1, 2, 3

Visit Wet In Public Click Here

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Posted on 04.23.12
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Rebekah Dee Pissing In The Swamp

From Needapee we have Rebekah Dee in this great peeing movie. We have had the pictures before in Rebekah Dee From Needapee Pissing this time we get the real thing, the pissing movie. She is sitting on the wall and she is desperate to pee we have joined the action after she has taken down her panties and now she is desperate to pee with her hand jammed on her pussy. You can see how tightly she is holding her hand in; it’s as if she is trying to block her piss hole

Rebekah Dee is so desperate to pee I just love it how she holds on till she is so desperate she is exploding. Well actual I just love watching Rebekah Dee peeing in general. If you have missed some of her previous movies check out Rebekah Dee Peeing In The Sun, Rebekah Dee Peeing On A Mountain, Rebekah Dee Pissing From Behind, and one of my favorite Needapee movies Needapee Rebekah Dee Pissing On Herself. She has been holding on and on and now its tiome for her to pee she turns sideways and is ready.

Rebekah Dee is about to pee she has turned so she can pee in the swamp, she is about to start peeing but someone looks over and she has to hold on even longer, I bet this is killing her bladder. She is clear she starts to pee and what a lovely piss spray it has the look of a perfect arch as it shoots out of her pussy and splashes into the water this is great. She finishes the big stream and pees a little more. We can her piss all over her pussy what a lovely sight you can even see her pee hole. I really do love Needapee movies and I bet some of you would take her up on licking her leg dry.

See Rebekah Dee Peeing In A Swamp

Visit Needapee Click Here

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Posted on 04.19.12
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Antonia Peeing Her Panties In The Tree

From Real Wetting we have Antonia we have had a great recent set with her in Antonia Peeing In Her Jean Shorts this time she is still outdoors and in a playful mood she is wearing a short dress with no pantyhose. She is already a little desperate to pee and as she climbs up the tree we get some great up skirt shots of her panties. It’s not that often that we get to see up skirt shots at Real Wetting.

Antonia is up in the tree desperate to pee her bladder is so full and she won’t be able to get down in time before her desperate bladder will explodes and she pees in her panties. She starts to climb down and then it happens her bladder gives way and it was so full just look at her piss stream.  Antonia is peeing in her skirt and panties her pee is running down her legs and splashing on the ground just look at the amount of pee running down her legs.

Antonia is peeing in her panties while up a tree and this is one big panty pee it’s just great she is soaking her panties and her legs she is lucky her skirt is so short that she is not peeing on it but her panties are soaked. Knicker wetting up the tree who would have thought and getting such a great up skirt shot as she is panty peeing is wonderful. If anyone has missed Antonia From Real Wetting Peeing In Her Panties check it out if you like knicker wetting she really soaks her pink panties in pee in that one too.

See Antonia Peeing Her Panties In A Tree Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.14.12
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Faye Peeing In Her Pants Outdoors

From Wetting Her Panties We have Faye outdoors in pants. We have had some great Wetting Her Panties posts in the past staring Faye, If you have missed them check out Faye X Pissing In Her Panties, Faye X Skirt And Panty Peeing and Knicker Wetting Movie With Fay X This time she is outdoors and on the balcony she looks so sexy and playful, just look at all the windows that will be able to see what she is about to do in her pants.

Faye is on the balcony and she starts to pee in her pants the little damp pee patch in her crotch grows and grows as she is peeing. Her pants get the lovely pee stream running down her legs this really is lovely and her pee is even running into her shoes. I bet her feet will be nice and warm now it looks cold out on the balcony where she is peeing in her pants.

Faye finishes peeing in her pants just look how happy she is she really does seem to love pants and panty peeing. All the knicker wetting sets and pants peeing movies with her at Wetting Her Panties have her so happy. She shows off her pee patch in her pants takes off her shoes and pours out the piss. She then pulls down her pissed in pants and we get to see her pee soaked panties too. Just look at her, so happy sowing her pissed in knickers and she has no bra on and you can make out her hardening nipples. How great would it to have been in one of the windows watching as she was peeing in her pants and showing off her piss soaked panties. Another great set of wetting pictures from Wetting Her Panties

See Faye Peeing In Her Pants Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Here

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Posted on 04.11.12
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Female Desperation And Wetting From Ineed2pee

From Ineed2pee we have these three sets of female desperation and wetting pictures. The first Set stars Cheyenne Jewel she is in her pants and so desperate to pee Ineed2pee have written this about the female desperation and pants peeing shoot “Cheyenne is bursting to go in this classic tale of being lockedout of the house in her tight grey slacks. Her breathing quickens as she’s doing the pee pee dance desperately trying to keep her urine off her panties & pants. When she gasps & loses control U can hear her pent up piss hissing out loudly & making a big puddle! Yes, the loud hissing sound is actually natural and not doctored in any way at all. As you can tell she really held it for the entire morning & had a LOT in there that she really pushed out hard. It was echoing as well which made it even louder… so enjoy!” Her soaked pants look great and when we get to see her pissed in panties they look so soggy.

The next set stars Cheyenne Jewel again this time she is in her riding pants and desperate to pee it is a greet set and ineed2pee have written this about it “Cheyenne’s jeans are so tight she had to lie down to zip them up! She’s prepping the horses for an important show & she’s running late. She’s trying her very best to contain her bursting bladder but she starts pissing her skintight jeans outside. There’s so much pee that you can clearly hear it hissing as it soaks her legs & boots. As you can tell by the loud hissing as she’s peeing her jeans that she had a LOT in her to let out at the time!! I hope you liked her jeans; they are her actual favorite riding jeans that she wears during horse competitions but she had gained a few pounds over the holidays so she literally had to lie on the floor, suck in & pull the zipper up really hard to get them on!! They’re the old school non stretch type jeans so they look really nice as they crease under her butt. “

The last ineed2pee set stars Brookelynne Briar and Daisy they are both desperate to pee and what we get is great Ineed2pee have written this about it “Double wetting with sexy Brookelynne Briar who just can’t hold it & wets her panties & pantyhose & Daisy trying not to wet her tight white jeans. Brookelynne tries her best & is so embarrassed when loses bladder control. Daisy barely makes it to the toilets before she gushes loudly into it, just making it before a wetting accident. It’s been a long while since I gave you a “just made it” type scenario & Daisy does just that as she hisses super loudly into the toilets. It’s nice and loud too, echoing in the stall as she sighs a big relief from holding all that pent up pee for so long… What a relief! Brookelynne of course couldn’t hold it outside the bathroom & wets herself in shame… “some great sets from the female desperation masters at Ineed2pee

See Set 1, 2, 3

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 04.08.12
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Sammy Peeing In Her Panties

From HD Wetting we have Sammy she is in a skirt and panties and looking so sexy. We have had her peeing in her jeans previously in Jeans Peeing From HD Wetting. This time she is inside and desperate to pee she is jumping around with her hands in her crotch trying to hold on. I just love watching when chicks are desperate to pee the female desperation is always so sexy. Sammy keeps on holding on she does a twirl I bet she is ready to burst her prior desperate bladder

Sammy is so desperate to pee she can’t hold on much longer just look at her female desperation dance it is wonderful and all the time we ware waiting till she explodes. The next shot has us look up under her skirt looking straight at her panties. She then starts top pee the first drops explode from her panties and splash on the glass. I don’t think that we have had a movie here at PissBlog with this angle before. What a wonderful way to see knicker wetting. Sammy keeps on peeing in her panties and then there is so much pee on the glass that we can’t see her any more.

Sammy has been peeing her panties over glass and now the camera pans up and we get to see her piss running down her legs what a great panty peeing movie her panties will be soaked and her legs are glistening in pee. She turns around and lifts up her skirt just look at her pissed in panties that crotch is so wet the panties were thick and have soaked up so much. Just imagine placing you hand on her piss soaked crotch the warmth would be wonderful and then squeezing you would get such a lovely wetness. Another great HD Wetting panty peeing movie

Watch Sammy Peeing In Her Panties Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 04.04.12
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