Kayla Peeing In Her Yellow Panties

From Wetting Her Panties we have Kayla. I really do enjoy watching Kayla from Wetting Her Panties as she is desperate and peeing in her panties, she really is one sexy lady. In these Knicker Wetting Pictures from Wetting Her Panties she is standing with her hands in her crotch. It’s a shame she isn’t doing the female desperation dance or even showing the female desperation goose bumps but she still looks like a sexy wetting her panties hottie.

Kayla is desperate to pee she lifts up her dress and she shows us her yellow panties. They really are a perfect pair of panties to be peed in, they are thin and thin panties sometimes go see through after a good panty peeing. She has been holding on long enough and she starts to pee in her knickers. Kayla from wetting her panties is peeing in her yellow panties and they instantly go dark and the fabric soaks her pee up so well.

Kayla is knicker wetting, you can see the lovely river of piss as if is flowing through the thin fabric and the yellow panties are also giving it and extra yellow tinge. Her panties are getting so soaked in pee and as this happens they start clinging tightly to her pussy, she really must love the hot wet cotton clinging to her wet pussy. Kayla then turns around and we get a wonderful shot of her pissed in knickers clinging to her pussy, just imagine how lovely it would be to feel her piss soaked panties and warm pussy. Another great knicker wetting set from the panty peeing masters Wetting Her Panties

See Kayla Peeing In Her Panties Here

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Posted on 02.25.12
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Bound To The Chair And Desperate To Pee

From Real Wetting we have Alice she is in a short skirt and pantyhose and has been bound to the chair. We have had some great stuff from Alice at Real Wetting previously if you have missed them check out Peeing Dressed As A Ballerina,  Female Desperation And Wetting With Alice and Alice Peeing Her Jeans On Purpose. This time poor Alice is so desperate with nowhere to go she has her hands tied behind her and I bet her skirt is pressing into her bladder making her more and more desperate to pee.

Alice is bound and to desperate to pee she just can’t hold on any longer she opens her legs and she starts to pee in her pantyhose. He pee stream starts off slowly, slowly soaking her crotch before it starts to drip on the floor the sound as she is peeing in her pantyhose with her piss splashing on the floor must be great and just look at her lovely wet crotch.

Alice is peeing in her pantyhose from desperation, she is making such a mess and her piss is splashing down on floor. She finishes peeing and we can see her soaked pantyhose and her visible wet panties underneath. She then lifts her legs up and we get a great view of her soaked crotch how lovely would it be to touch her piss soaked pantyhose and feel the warm pee. Her stocking covered feet are even soaked in pee this really is one great female desperation and pantyhose peeing set from Real Wetting

See Alice Desperate To Pee Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 02.21.12
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Rebekah Dee Pissing On The Stairs

From Needapee we have this movie starring Rebekah Dee. It’s been a while since we have had a pissing movie from Needapee the last one we had was Rebekah Dee Peeing In The Sun if you have missed some others check out Rebekah Dee Peeing On A Mountain Sneaky Beach Peeing With Rebekah Dee and my all time favorite Real Female Desperation And Peeing Movie In today’s pissing movie from Needapee Rebekah Dee is at the top of the stairs she pulls down her shorts sits down and pulls her bikini across exposing her pussy this is going to be one lovely piss.

Over at Needapee Rebekah Dee has written this about the movie “Those of you who have followed my pee adventures will be well aware of the fact that hard physical exercise sends my lymphatic system into overdrive. So you’re in for a treat here because I’m ascending the tallest and steepest beach steps I’ve ever had to climb. Once at the top – hot and exhausted, all appears to be clear so I chance upon the opportunity – peeing a hot green stream of pee down the very steps I’ve just climbed!”

Rebekah Dee has pulled her bikini aside and she starts pissing what a lovely piss stream it is watching her pussy pissing is always lovely a hottie that really does love pissing for the camera. She keeps on pissing and then she stops just look at her lovely wet pussy lips I bet some here would love to suck them dry. Rebekah Dee really does have some great pissing movies and there are now 215 at her website.

See Rebekah Dee Pissing On The Stairs Here

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Visit Needapee Now

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Posted on 02.18.12
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Caught Pissing From Pisshunters

From Pisshunters we have this great hidden cam movie. Two chicks are needing to pee they wait till someone leaves this pissing spot and then they pull their pants and lift up their skirt they then squat down. We get a great shot of the blond as she squats down we can see here pussy lips, her cleavage is great too Pisshunters hidden cameras always do find the good angles.

They have squatted down and we are getting a great shot of the blond on the hidden camera. She starts peeing and her pee shoots out soaking both her arse cheeks she keeps pissing and then when she has finishes stands up wipes her shaved pussy and pulls her panties and pantyhose up. She will still have a damp patch even after wiping as there was a lot of piss that hit her skin that was not wiped up.

The redhead keeps on pissing it’s a pity the hidden piss cam from Pisshunters didn’t get a front on shot of her pissing pussy. She finishes and gets up and wipes herself and then I’m not sure what she is doing if she is putting in a tampon or giving her pussy a rub we will never know but another great hidden piss video from Pisshunters.

See The Hidden Cam Pissing Movie Here

Visit Pisshunters Click Here

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Posted on 02.15.12
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Female Desperation And Leggings Pee

From Ineed2pee we have Galas from ineed2pee we have had photos from this female desperation movie that were in Female Desperation And Leggings Peeing this time we have the movie. We join the female desperation action as Galas is at the door desperate to pee she is getting more and more desperate she looks so hot in her spandex leggings with her hand in her crotch holding her pee just look at bottom jiggling around with her desperation.

Ineed2pee had this little story about the behind the scenes of this female desperation story “Funny little behind the scenes tidbit, well actually you can see it in the video if you look closely. Her huge stream of pee that keeps on coming, kind of rivers on the tile and actually runs right into her purse, totally wetting the bottom of it. We didn’t notice until afterwards, that her purse was all wet at the bottom and smells like pee, lol. She didn’t mind though, it would be another excuse to go shopping! But it was pretty funny since she thought she put it far enough away to avoid the stream.”

Galas is just so desperate to pee she cant hold on, her hand has been jamming into her crotch and she has been doing the female desperation dance but nothing that she can do can stop the first trickles of pee from exploding out of her bulging bladder she is peeing in her leggings and what a great sight as her piss runs down her legs making little rivers of pee. This really is one hot female desperation movie from Ineed2pee

See Galas Desperate To Pee Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here

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Posted on 02.10.12
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Peeing Her Pants In The Bath

From Wetting Her Panties we have Jennifer. She is standing in the bath and looks so sweet an shy it really seems that this is the first time that she has peed in her pants don’t know if it is but if not she looks so convincing. She stands there and you can see her bulging bladder and her expression on her face as she is trying to pee in her pants is great.

Jennifer turns around and she starts peeing you can see the stream as it is running down her legs I wonder if she is enjoying peeing in her pants yet. She turns around again and we can see her piss soaked crotch she does look like she is having fun.

Jennifer from Wetting Her Panties started off peeing in her pants slowly but now she is in full flood and looking so lovely the tight pants soaked in pee she must be loving the warmth as the wet fabric clings to her legs. She finishes peeing in her pants and pulls them down to show us her piss soaked panties what a lovely color they are and then she shows us her piss soaked pussy. A great Wetting Her Panties pants peeing set

See Jennifer Peeing In Her Pants Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 02.06.12
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Natalie Peeing In Her Leggings

From Real Wetting we have Natalie she is in her leggings and on the floor desperate to pee. She isn’t going to get up and run to the toilet here she is going to roll around in desperation until she just can’t hold on and then she is going to start to pee. She is getting more and more desperate to pee and then she just can’t hold on any longer and starts to pee in her leggings lying down.

Natalie has started peeing in her leggings and you can see the first damp patch of pee exploding through the fabric. She starts peeing slowly but then she really lets go and piss is flooding through her leggings just look at the great big wet piss patch in her leggings if only they were white they may have gone see-through.

Natalie finishes peeing in her leggings she is still lying on the floor and soaking herself in her piss puddle this really is one great Real Wetting female desperation and tights peeing sets. Natalie then rolls over again and sits in her piss puddle to show her piss soaked leggings. Another wonderful Real Wetting set staring Natalie

See Natalie Peeing In Her Leggings Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Posted on 02.03.12
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