Ineed2pee Jeans And Leggings Peeing

From Ineed2pee we have two great female desperation and jeans and spandex leggings peeing sets. We start off with Kenna she in her spandex leggingss and desperate to pee. Kenna has been driving around and is squirming in desperation she gets the driver to stop and bursts out of her car her bladder aching with desperation she can’t find a place to pee and starts to pee in her spandex leggings. A great Ineed2pee female desperation shoot. This was written about it at Ineed2pee “There’s nothing better than seeing a curvy sexy lady squirming in your car & then losing bladder control in her hot pink skintight spandex leggings. Great cameltoe panties at the end when she peels off the pissy soaking wet leggings after sitting in them on the ride back too! The spandex definitely shows off her curvaceous butt as the dark streaks come streaming out”

The next female desperation set from Ineed2pee we have stars Caroline Pierce. She is in her tight jeans and desperate to pee. we have Caroline Pierce from Ineed2pee on piss blog and I think she does some great jeans wettings. If you have missed it check out Female Desperation And Jeans Wetting.

In this female desperation set from Ineed2pee Caroline Pierce is holding on just for us. I just love this she is holding on and on until you can see that she is so desperate to pee she gets the female desperation shakes. She just can’t hold on any longer and then she is peeing in her jeans and really soaking them. This is on great female desperation and jeans wetting. This is what has been written about the female desperation and jean peeing at Ineed2pee “Caroline Pierce is going to hold on for as long as she can & piss her tight blue jeans just for you. They’re super tight in all the right places & they’re the high rise type as well! She talks about how badly she needs to go & wiggles her curvy hips for you. Then after the big pissy flood, you get a nice closeup of her soaking peed panties”

See Kenna Desperate And Peeing In Her Tights Here

See Caroline Peeing In Her Jeans From Desperation Here

Visit Ineed2pee Click Here


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Natalie Peeing In Her Skirt From Desperation

From Real Wetting we have Natalie. Natalie is one great female desperation and wetting model there is something so sexy watching her squirm with desperation. Here she is in the hall way she is desperate to pee she has her hand in her crotch trying to hold on. From previous movies she really can never hold on that long when she gets desperate she gets desperate and loses control quickly.

Natalie is getting more and more desperate to pee she just can’t hold on and her pee starts to flow down her legs and pantyhose just look at the lovely shimmer it is making I do love seeing pantyhose getting wet with pee.

Natalie really is soaking her pantyhose and skirt in pee she must be loving the lovely warmth as she keeps on peeing and jambs her hand in her crotch I wonder if she is giving her pussy a rub while she is peeing in her skirt and pantyhose. she finishes peeing and what a pissy mess she is her skirt is soaked her pantyhose are covered in pee and she has to empty her shoe. A great Real Wetting set

See Natalie Peeing In Her Skirt

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Panty Peeing Topless

From Wetting Her Panties we have Courtney. She is in her panties and nothing else I do love seeing topless panty peeing its great seeing the exposed breasts and the panties on. Courtney is standing there you can see her full bladder and her panties look so sexy encasing her pussy she twists around and starts to pee in her panties.

Courtney is peeing in her panties she looks so sexy with a damp patch of pee in her panties and her breasts on show. It would be so great to be there watching as she is peeing in her panties the sounds as her pee splashed on the floor would have been wonderful. She keeps peeing till she is empty her panties are nice and soaked and her feet must be lovely and warm.

Courtney has peed in her panties and now she is pulling them tight over her pussy they nearly have gone see through and you can make out her pussy.  She then pulls them down so we can see her pissy pussy this really is a lovely set of panty peeing pictures from Wetting Her Panties

See Courtney Peeing In Her Panties Here

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Female Desperation Leads to Lesbian Pee Sex

We havent had a pissing story for a while so enjoy

It was 9:30 at night, and Sarah was dead tired after a long day at work. She looked forward to going home, and breaking open a bottle of Chablis and enjoying a nice, hot soak in the tub before bed.

As she sat in an empty subway car, she sipped a bottle of water she bought at the kiosk. The air conditioning in the subway car was out, and it was a warm, 90 degree evening. Perspiration beaded on her forehead, and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. Suddenly, the lights went out and the train jerked to a halt. “Oh, for Christ’s sake!” she thought, taking a long pull of her cold water, “Just what I need, a fucking blackout!” Even in the late evening, the heat was oppressive, and because the train was no longer moving, no fresh air came through the vents, either. “Thank God for the water!” she muttered to herself. She took one more slug and put it in her bag, trying to ration it in case the power was going to be out for a while.

Luckily, the lights came back on, and the train started to move after only 10 minutes, and Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. She only had two more stops to go, and the chilled wine would be hers…all hers! She finished the bottle of water with a contented sigh, letting the cool liquid trickle down her throat.

Her stop was next, and she stood up to get off the train. “Oh, God,” she thought, “I gotta pee!” She steeled herself for the 15 minute walk from the station to her apartment, while damning gravity for making the urine weigh so much in her bladder. She got off the train, and began walking. After a minute, she started to feel better, and relaxed a bit. “I’m gonna make it!” she thought. Unfortunately, her bladder had different plans entirely. Almost as soon as she relaxed her PC muscles, a small trickle of pee seeped from her urethra and moistened the gusset of her cotton panties. She stopped dead in her tracks, exclaiming, “Oh, SHIT!” An old woman sitting on her balcony shook her head disapprovingly. “I can make it!” Sarah told herself firmly, “I HAVE to make it!” She took another step, and more pee came out, further wetting her panties. Sarah was humiliated. Here she was, minutes away from her house, and she was pissing her panties like a baby! She took a deep breath, and started walking faster to her house. She breathed a sigh of relief as no more pee came. She was feeling more and more confident with each step.

A sharp pain wracked her pelvis, as her bladder protested mightily. “I can see my house,” she said to herself, “Home stretch.” Another spasm wracked her bladder, and a squirt of piss shot out of her, soaking her panties and ran down her legs, soaking her pantyhose. “No!” she thought despairingly, as her will dissolved. Seeing nobody around, and trying at this point to just save her skirt from an expensive trip to the dry cleaners, she hiked up her skirt. Before she could get her panties off and squat though, the floodgates opened, and the pee surged forth in a powerful wave. Warmth enveloped her vagina as her panties filled with pee, sending golden rivulets down her legs, and into her shoes. Sarah squealed and spread her legs wider trying to keep any more pee from soaking her shoes. She still had some dignity left, you know! The piss came and came, and Sarah was shocked and somewhat disgusted by the tingling which enveloped her clit. “What the fuck?!?” Sarah thought, “I’m pissing myself, and I’m getting HORNY?”

The flow finally stopped, and Sarah gasped at the small lake she had created in the middle of the sidewalk. Looking around in panic, suddenly realizing that she was standing in the middle of the sidewalk with her skirt hiked up, she ran quickly to her house, and slammed the door behind her when she got in. Sarah kicked off her sodden shoes, and looked at herself in the mirror next to the door. Sweat matted her fine red curls to her forehead, sweat stains were evident in the armpits of her blouse, and her gray skirt was hiked up over her hips. Her panties and hose were a different story. They were completely soaked, so much so that Sarah was able to see her red pubic curls through her panties. She peeled off her panties and hose. As the wet cotton released itself from her hot pussy, she gasped as a shudder of intense pleasure ripped through her body. Unable to control herself, Sarah moved her hand to her wet pussy, seeking her clit. She began rubbing her clit fervently, gasping as pleasure enveloped her. Her other hand opened her blouse, and moved under her 36B bra to stroke her breasts as she rubbed her clitoris. Her breathing came in ragged gasps as an intense orgasm ripped through her body, causing her knees to buckle a bit.

Once she recovered, Sarah finished removing her wet clothes, tossed them in a heap in the corner, (She really didn’t care anymore!) and went to the kitchen. She opened the bottle of wine from the fridge, grabbed a glass, and headed to the bathroom to have her bath. She ran the bath hot, the way she likes it, and slipped inside the water. She drank the wine while contemplating what just happened to her. Sure, she’d heard of golden showers, and the whole urine and desperation fetish, but thought that was just a fetish held by freaks. Was she a freak? She didn’t think so. Maybe it was the 3rd glass of wine, but as she thought about her pissing herself, she found herself getting horny again! She went to grab more wine, but realized she had emptied the whole bottle! “That would explain the light head!” she giggled to herself. She stood up to empty the tub, and a familiar sensation hit her. She had to pee again!

She decided to abandon herself this time to her newly discovered joy. She lay down in the now empty tub, and started to rub her clit slowly. As she did, she also began to let herself pee. The sensation was electric, like nothing she’d ever felt before. On an impulse, she stopped peeing, and brought the hand that had been rubbing her clit to her mouth, and tasted the pee dripping from her fingers. It was salty, but not altogether unpleasant. She moved herself so her bum was touching the end of the bathtub, with her legs riding up the wall. Feeling alive, feeling dirty, but so GOOD, Sarah spread her legs as far as she could. She then opened the delicate labia wide, and began to pee again. The pee trickled down her abdomen at first. Sarah pushed, and a golden arc of piss shot from her pussy and sprinkled down over her firm breasts. Sarah pushed harder, and got what she wanted…a stream shot out and hit her face, and entered her mouth. She swallowed the delicious golden offering, and began rubbing her clit madly while pushing what was left of her pee out. Soon Sarah was moaning in ecstasy, her body glistening with her fragrant nectar. She came hard, and her body shook, but she wanted MORE. She looked over and grabbed the empty wine bottle, and pushed it into her well lubricated pussy. She cried out, the feelings so intense, and began fucking herself with the bottle with reckless abandon. “Oh, FUCK!!!!” she cried out, as an intense orgasm ripped through her. She removed the bottle from herself with a wet sucking sound, and lay there, breathing heavily.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the bathroom door. “Sarah, are you ok?!?”

“Oh shit,” Sarah thought. “How will I EVER explain this to my roommate?”

Sarah began to panic as her roommate, Claire, knocked again on the bathroom door. “Sarah, sweetie, you ok? I heard, umm…noises.”

Staying as still as she could in the piss covered bathtub, she replied, “I’m fine! Really! Just, uh, cut myself shaving. Ouchie!”

“Well…ok,” Claire said, “As long as you’re ok. I’m off to bed. I’m soooo tired. Brunch at Cora’s tomorrow?”

“Sounds good.” Sarah returned, with a silent sigh of relief, “‘Night, Claire.”

“Good night!” came the reply.

Sarah carefully put the wine bottle on the bathroom floor, and stood up carefully in the tub. She looked down to see the last of her pee flow down the drain. “What was I doing?” Sarah thought to herself, turning the shower on to clean herself off. She took a longer than normal shower, because somehow she didn’t feel clean, no matter how much soap she used. She gave up, dried herself off, and went to bed.

The next morning, as planned, Sarah and Claire headed off to brunch at their favorite breakfast nook, Cora’s. They placed their order, and Sarah took a sip of her coffee.

“Damn, they make good coffee here.” Sarah said, “Why are you back, anyways, Claire? I thought you were going to be in New Brunswick with your boyfriend for the week?”

Claire burst into tears, “It’s over between us!” she sobbed, “I fly to fucking New Brunswick to surprise him for his birthday, and what do I walk in to see?” Claire was no longer crying, in fact, an angry flush started to spread across her cheeks. “There he was, in his bedroom, getting a blowjob!”

“No!” Sarah exclaimed, “He was with another woman?! The pig!”

“Even worse,” Claire fumed, “It was my fucking BROTHER!”

“Holy shit!” Sarah exclaimed, turning heads from surrounding tables. “Holy shit,” Sarah said, her voice barely a whisper, “What did you do?”

“What else could I do?” Claire replied, “I kicked my brother in the balls, slapped Chris in the face, and left. That’s why I was home so early, and caught you….shaving.”

Sarah felt her face go red as she tried to assure Claire that’s exactly what happened.

“Puh-lease!” Claire said, “We’ve lived together for 3 years now. If that was you shaving, then you shave a lot when you have guys over, too.”

Sarah was horrified. “Oh c’mon, don’t be so upset!” Claire said. “I masturbate all the time, probably even more now that I’m single!”

“Do we have to have this conversation here?” Sarah pleaded, her face still beet red. “What if someone hears?”

“Fine.” Claire conceded, “We’ll talk later. Listen, let’s going shopping this afternoon, and go clubbing tonight.”

“Sure,” Sarah said, glad to be off the topic of last night, “but let’s just go for drinks. I’m not in the mood for picking up guys tonight, and you shouldn’t either, so soon.”

“Fine, drinks it is! Let’s go shopping for an outfit for tonight.” They exchanged small talk over their meal, and hit the downtown core.

“Holy crap, I’m so drunk!” Claire slurred, walking unsteadily back to the apartment at 3 a.m. with an equally unsteady Sarah beside her.

“Me too!” Sarah exclaimed, and burst into laughter. “That was so mush fun! We gotta do that more often.”

They stumbled down the quiet street, when Claire giggled and exclaimed, “Uh-oh!”

Sarah turned around and saw Claire, standing in the middle of the sidewalk with her legs spread wide, letting loose a torrent of piss. “I guess I got to pee!” Claire said in a low voice.

Sarah watched, half horrified, half amazed, as Claire lifted her skirt. Sarah saw the piss streaming through Claire’s panties, and felt her own pussy get wet. What happened next shocked Sarah. Claire started to moan as she started rubbing her pussy through the wet panties, while she was still pissing! Claire began breathing heavily as she rubbed her pussy through her panties, going faster, with more and more urgency. Sarah watched, and was amazed to find that she was unconsciously rubbing her own pussy, turned on by the whole spectacle. Claire had long finished pissing, but was still rubbing herself at a now furious pace, until Sarah saw an orgasm shudder through Claire’s body.

“Mmmm…much better.” Claire purred, pulling her skirt back down.

Claire walked over to Sarah, placed her wet hand in Sarah’s, and pulled her along towards their place.

Once inside, on the couch, Sarah finally asked, “Claire…What the FUCK was that about?”

“What’s wrong, Sarah?” Claire asked, surprised, “I know you liked it. I saw you rubbing your clit. I saw your wet panties. Besides,” Claire said conspiratorially, “Who do you thing put your wet clothes away last night?”

Sarah realized then that she had indeed left her piss sodden clothes in the front hall, but totally forgot about them when Claire came home.

“That’s right, sugar. I know your little secret. But here’s another one,” Claire murmured, “I like it too.”

Claire then did the unexpected. She leaned forward, and kissed Sarah softly on the lips. Sarah stiffened, unsure of this new and sudden development. But desire took over, and Sarah returned the kiss, softly, and then with more hunger. Sarah opened her mouth, and moved her tongue gently into Claire’s, where their tongues met, flicking slowly, playfully. Claire began to unbutton the blouse that Sarah was wearing, then proceeded to run her hands over Sarah’s breasts, eliciting an exited moan. Sarah began to peel Claire’s one piece dress off, desire speeding her actions. Claire had larger breasts than Sarah, in fact, much larger. Sarah began kissing Claire’s neck, nibbling gently. Sarah then began to move further down, and began kissing Claire’s 38 D breasts. Sarah traced Claire’s pink areola with her tongue, slowly moving towards her hardening nipples. Claire gasped as Sarah took her nipple into her mouth, sucking suddenly hard. As soon as she started, though, she stopped, and moved back up and started kissing Claire’s eager mouth.

Claire took the initiative then, moving her hand down to Sarah’s now soaked panties, and began to softly trace the outline of Sarah’s pussy lips. Sarah moaned in acquiescence and moved her hips with Claire’s hands, wishing she’d rub faster, harder. Sarah reached down and felt Claire’s wet pussy through her panties. She brought he wet hand up to her face and smelled the pungent urine still there from the street. Sarah stuck out her tongue and licked the mixture of piss and pussy juice from her fingers, relishing the tangy flavour.

“You like that?” Claire asked. Sarah moaned her assent. “Then you’ll love this.”

Claire lowered Sarah to the floor, and proceeded to take off her panties, and then straddled her head. Sarah looked up to see Claire’s hairless pussy inches from her face. Sarah’s tongue snaked out, licking the full, wet length of her bald slit. The same taste of piss and pussy juice was there, only stronger. “Here, baby.” Claire said, “Try this.”

A small trickle of urine began to flow from Claire, directly into Sarah’s eager mouth. Sarah began to lick feverishly, flicking her tongue over Claire’s clit, while allowing the golden flood to go down her throat. The stream slowed to mere drips, and Claire began to moan louder and louder, now grinding her pussy on Sarah’s mouth. Sarah began fingering her own pussy while servicing Claire’s, feeling her own orgasm building quickly. Claire cried out, and Sarah felt a rush of hot liquid gush from Claire’s pussy and into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly as she screamed out her own orgasm, the spasms racking her entire body.

Breathless, covered in piss, and sweaty, Claire and Sarah headed up to the shower to clean up. “Did you have fun, Sarah?” Claire asked, with a glint in her eye.

“Oh, God, yes.” Sarah said. “There’s only one problem with us showering now.”

“What’s that?” Claire asked.

“Simple,” Sarah said with an evil grin, “I’ve REALLY got to pee!”

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Jeans Peeing from HD Wetting

From HD Wetting we have these jeans peeing pictures staring Mikki. We have had Miki Peeing here before. The last post we had of her was Bed Wetting Friends and don’t miss Lesbian Panty Peeing From HD Wetting with Mikki. This time Miki is outside a high school she is desperate to pee and being from HD Wetting she will not be looking for a toilet. Mikki always looks like she is having so much fun when she is desperate to pee.

Mikki is desperate to pee standing in her jeans she can’t hold on any longer and she starts to pee. We see the first damp patch in her jeans and then what starts as a small damp patch of pee gets bigger and bigger as she keeps on peeing in her jeans just look at the lovely pee patch in her jeans and when she stops peeing she looks so happy a real wetter who loves peeing in her jeans she even poses for us in her wet piss soaked jeans. Another great set from HD Wetting

See Miki Peeing In Her Jeans Here

Visit HD Wetting Click Here

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Pants Peeing In Public Wet In Public

From Wet In Public we have 3 great jeans and pants peeing movies. The first is a wonderful jeans wetting movie we have see this lovely public wetter in previous wet in Public movies. Here she is in her jeans and desperate to pee she is standing with her legs crossed and starts to pee in her jeans this is great she is pissing so much and her jeans are getting more and more soaked she really must have been full. She finishes peeing in her jeans and look at them she is fully soaked them this is one of the best public jeans peeing movies I have seen who would not notice that she has peed in her jeans?

The second Wet In Public movie has a desperate lady. She has locked herself out and really needs to pee just look at her fidgeting in desperation its great she just can’t hold on and we see the first damp patch in her jeans. This jeans peeing is great as her jeans are so light that when she is peeing in them they go darker and darker. It’s not as good as the last one but still a lovely jeans peeing to watch

The last Wet In Public movie is pants peeing in public. This movie starts the same lady as in the first jeans peeing movie here she is pants and thongs. She is once again desperate to pee and on a street she starts to pee in her pants and is peeing while to people walk by, they must have seen that she is peeing in her pants. She keeps peeing and you can see her pee flowing over her feet she is standing in her pee puddle. Wet In Public really do have some great public jeans and pants peeing movies.

See Movie 1,2,3

Visit Wet In Public Here

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Alice Peeing in Her Dress

From Real Wetting we have Alice, she is in her dress and pantyhose and desperate to pee. I really do love watching Alice struggling with her full bladder she always gets so desperate to pee that she loses control and soaks herself. This set of female desperation and pantyhose peeing pictures are no different. Alice is in the hallway and desperate to pee she has been holding on and on and she is nearly bursting she bends over jambs her hands into her crotch and tries to hold on that little longer

Alice is to desperate she has been holding  on and on and now her bladder is just to full she lets out a little pee and it soaked her pantyhose and dress but she was just to desperate and what starts as a small dribble turns into a river of pee soaking herself.

Her bladder was so full now she is peeing she really is making a lovely wet mess of herself the splashing on the ground would sound so great and she is standing in puddles of her pee. This really is a great real wetting set of pictures I always enjoy watching Alice desperate and peeing in her pantyhose there is something so sexy about here when she is standing in her piss soaked clothes.

See Alice Peeing In Her Dress Here

Visit Real Wetting Click Here

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Knicker Wetting From Wetting Her Panties

From Wettingherpanties we have Adreena she has a top on and panties her panties are nice and tight over her pussy. I have always liked seeing a pair of knickers encasing a pussy like this there the idea of touching the smooth fabric and feeling a soft vagina as well. Adreena is standing there and then she starts to pee in her panties. The first drops that burst through the fabric look great.

Adreena has started peeing in her panties and what started as a small dribble is now turning into a lovely river her panties are getting soaked. She is knicker wetting and her knickers are getting darker and darker this really is great thigh panties and a lovely stream of pee flowing through.

Adreena Is peeing in her panties and her pee is soaking her legs and feet too she is standing in a pee puddle I bet her feet are lovely and warm and she keeps peeing this really is one great knicker wetting from wetting her panties the sounds of her pee splashing on the floor must be great too. Adreena finishes peeing as stands in her panties you can see the soaked fabric and if you look closely you can make out the outline of her piss soaked vagina.

See Adreena Peeing In Her Panties

Visit Wetting Her Panties Click Here

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Posted on 12.03.11
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